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$1 archery target!!: 5 steps (with pictures)

by:Top-In     2020-07-26
For almost anyone, no matter where you live, here is a simple and effective archery target!
Keep in mind that this target is only for field shooting.
In addition, please shoot responsibly! ! !
You would think that people don\'t have to say something like this, but common sense is not so common, do you know?
Here are the goals you need: 1-Burlap bag.
I found mine at a feed shop. Atwoods)2-Binding.
I was going to use the paracord guts but I couldn\'t find the needle big enough so I used the thin spec line 3-Shrink wrap.
You need a lot of stuff, I used 65 (ish)
A gallon of garbage bags. 4-
Cardboard and painting (optional).
I cut some rings from the cardboard to make the target, then spray it onto the bag, cut your Bulleye design from the cardboard, and spray it onto the bag.
I sprayed it before I filled the bag so it looked clean and kept the right shape.
Bags full of shrink packs are filled with simple farmers!
Try to make it even and full and make sure to fill it up like crazy!
It doesn\'t look like you need a lot, but it can hold a lot of shrink packs.
Mold and strategically fill the package as you go so that the bag is not cluttered.
You can tuck into the shrink wrap without tearing the bag, and the more effective it will be.
It\'s time to sew the bag.
I doubled the linen so that I could put up with more abuse.
I tried to separate the stitching about 2 inch apart but it all depends on you.
After stitching the bag, you can knock and mold your bag to make it beautiful.
Look, you\'re done!
It took me about 10 minutes to fill and stitch the bag, and before filling I left it alone for about 3 hours to dry the paint.
I shot a picture of Mathews Black Max 2 around 58.
60 pounds, I shot 28 and 30 inch arrows at the same time (
The cheapest is almost the same.
I love aluminum because they can be fixed if you miss the arrows: p)
The Arrow did not penetrate the back of the bag, but I should pack a little more. There you go!
I hope you enjoy the atmosphere and happiness here.
More importantly, safety)shooting! ! !
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