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1. When giving your dog a bath you can help protect

by:Top-In     2020-07-25
2. Most dogs do not need to be bathed more than once a month. Regularly brushing your dog will help to keep the coat and skin clean and healthy between baths. 3. Corn Starch has several uses in grooming. It can make a great ear powder for loosening ear hair, making it easier to grip and pluck. It is also good to apply to the coat while brushing. It will help in brushing though the hair and absorbs excess oils. Corn Starch can also be used in a pinch to stop bleeding if a nail is clipped to close to the quick. It is a great product to keep on hand in the home and salon. 4. Witch Hazel is great for cleaning sensitive ears and around eyes. 5. Keeping the sanitary areas clipped clean on your dog will help with foul odors. Many pet odors are caused by urine and feces that soil the hair around the sanitary areas. 6. Mats are painful. They can cause great discomfort when matted to the skin. These should be removed with electric clippers preferably by a professional groomer. 7. Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog. 8. Filing or Dremmeling the nails is more comfortable then traditional nail clippers. If using a Dremmel type file do not use for more than 3 seconds before switching nails. Doing this will eliminate uncomfortable heating of the nail. You can go back over the nails as many times as needed but never for more than 3 seconds at a time. 9. The skin on a dog's ear is thin and can tear easily. Use care when brushing your dogs ears. 10. When towel drying your dog don't rub. Instead, use the towel to squeeze the excess water out of the coat. Your dog will dry much faster this way. 11. When testing the temperature of bath water use your wrist not your hand. Your hands are more desensitized to heat. What may be fine on your hand could be too hot for your dog. Using your wrist will give you a better idea of how the water will feel to your dog. 12. It is never to early to start introducing a grooming routine to your puppy. 13. A green tip for the pet owner. If you have clipped or cut hair off of your pet don't throw it in the trash. Instead, simply through it outside. Many birds use pet hair in their nest. 14. When dropping your dog off at the groomer don't get them excited with long goodbyes. It will make your groomers job much harder. The less excited you are about dropping them off the more calm your pet will be. 15. If your groomer does a good job on your dog. Tip them, they work very hard to please their clients and it is nice when clients show that they appreciate it. You tip your hairdresser and you should also tip your groomer.
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