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10 uses for empty cereal boxes

by:Top-In     2020-08-08
With this creative place, you always have something to read when you have breakfast.
To make a meal mat, you will need two clear plastic contact paper, a cereal box, photos and stickers.
First, cut the sides of the cereal box so you can flatten the box.
Then, draw a pattern for your position with a pen or pencil.
To ensure that you are able to completely seal the edge of the mat, draw a pattern that is 1 inch shorter in length and width than the contact paper.
Then, cut off your mat and start decorating.
Try to use flat decorations such as photos, stickers or thin ribbons ---
Objects glued to the top may be highlighted by contact paper.
Now that your meal mat is fully decorated, you can apply for contact paper.
Because the meal mat is larger than the bookmark we discussed earlier, the airbag will be easier to form when you apply the contact paper.
One way to counter these pesky bubbles is to place your meal mat on a flat surface and use the edge of the ruler to slowly press the contact paper from one side to the other, one at a time.
Want to use personal-
The size of the cereal box? No problem.
About six mini cereal boxes, you can design a meal mat similar to a patchwork quilt.
Start with a building paper about 1 inch shorter in length and width than your contact paper.
One at a time, cut off the front panel of the box and stick it on paper.
After all the boxes are glued, cut off any excess material hanging on the edge of the building paper.
Then, carefully apply a contact paper on the front and back sides of the mat.
After sealing the mat, trim the extra contact paper and leave a slight border on the edge of the pad.
If you cut too close to the edge of the cardboard, the contact paper will pull open.
To clean the mat, wipe with a damp soap cloth, but do not immerse yourself in the water.
Soaking between plastic layers can lead to water penetration.
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