The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

106 years of coated films: from gift wrap to solar panels.

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In 106 of its operation, Madico
Mass in Woburn.
I have to re-invent myself many times.
However, as a leader in coating and lamination technology, there is a constant that has been in the lead.
The company took Hy on 1903-
Released in the Syl manufacturing industry, quality.
Making a leather postcard and then adding a gift package and ribbon making, the in1935 became the first vacuum metal device in North America to make a gift package.
In the 1950 s, with the advent of plastic films, Hy-
Syl began to synthesize clear substrates.
By the age of 60, Hy-
For energy saving, Syl developed the first known transparent reflective window film.
Chrome imitation is another emerging market for metal films. By1968, Hy-
Syl had to expand, and a new company called Madico was formed to focus on solar-controlled window films. Madico\'s UV-
Protective film in front of the times, until the 70-year-old oil embargo, energy conservation has become the center of the stage, has attracted a lot of attention. Van Leer N. V.
In the Netherlands, Madico\'s UV is impressive.
They acquired the company and intend to expand globally.
But once the embargo is over, energy conservation is out of date, and Van Le has lost interest in his plans to expand in Madico.
Madico\'s manager acquired the company in 1983 and sold it to a Japanese company merged with Lintec Corp. in 1991. in Japan.
Madico has proven to be a great fit for Lintec, which is also very powerful in photovoltaic films and is expanding Madico\'s technology in Japan.
Madico now has coating and lamination production in Woburn, Lake Wall, Michigan.
And two factories in Japan.
At the same time, Madico continues to invent new coating and Lamination Technologies for durable goods, including resistance
Scratch protective film;
Films that prevent electronic hacking;
And photovoltaic--
Mainly sheets.
The back panel of the solar panel can provide up to 25-
Solar panels are protected from the annual protection of UV and moisture.
Madiko\'s biggest coup
Paper development is its early recognition that the solar panel industry will face a serious shortage of Tedlar. oriented PVF (
Polyethylene fluorine)
Sheet, has been the standard for photovoltaic backplanes for 30 years.
Biax Tedlar is typically marked on both sides of the BOPET film, and this structure is called TPT.
The first Madico and others later introduced the back panel using less Tedlar.
Madico won the DuPont prenckett Award in 2007 for back-to-back
Tedlar, BOPET and patent light-
The reflection layer of EVA increases the power of the solar cell to 5%.
At the end of 2007, madico launched a Protekt back panel that does not use any Tedlar.
For UVprotection, there is one to be taken after Protekt-
The outside of Meiguang perfluoroalkylvinylether is dispersed to three
Laminated materials for Eva, PET and weather-resistant coatings--for about one-
The third cost of standard Tedlar-PET-
Tedlar sheets. [
Slightly] Illustrations
\"So far, 80% of the world\'s solar panel manufacturers have completed the certification of protein backplates,\" said Robert Connelly, president of Madico . \".
Last year, Madico launched a thin-
Thin film solar applications. It\'s a four-
Laminated material of 50 layers
Micron aluminum foil and PVF, PET and EVA film.
It has a higher moisture resistance and durability than the sputtering film.
The key to the speed at which Madico Commercializes New inventions is the scalable pilot product in Woburn, which copies all Madico production processes and can be applied in any order. By Jan H.
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