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Makeup and skin care are often considered strong points for women.
Men are rarely addicted to makeup and skin care.
Many men do care about their skin, but makeup is really strange to most men.
It doesn\'t make sense to treat makeup and skin care as different topics;
After all, makeup works only if the skin is healthy.
So, how do you exercise makeup and skin care together?
Here are some tips for makeup and skin care: 1.
Usually skin care is to be considered, whether you buy makeup products or really apply them to your skin after purchase.
So you buy cosmetics and skin care products, not just cosmetics.
Check the ingredients to see if it contains something you might be allergic.
Also, check if it contains high concentrations of chemicals that can hurt your skin. 2.
Makeup and skin care are also tested before using the product.
So apply cosmetics on a small piece of skin. g.
Check how your skin reacts to it. three.
Track the due date of makeup products, do not use after the due date.
In fact, some products (e. g.
Products based on vitamin C)
If improperly stored, it will be severely damaged before the due date. 4.
Cleaning is an important part of makeup and skin care procedures.
Grinding your eyes
Use pads frequently and always keep all makeup equipment clean.
You can determine the date of one equipment overhaul every month.
As part of cleaning, your makeup and skin care procedures should also include keeping your hair clean at any time. 5.
Nail care is another important aspect of makeup and skin care.
Use high quality nail polish and keep your nails clean at all times.
Once you have cleaned and polished your nails, you should rub them with skin oil on the edge of your nails. 6.
If you have a deep
Fix the eyes and you should use a liquid eye mask instead of a pencil eye mask.
This will prevent dirty on the deep edge of your eyes --lid. 7.
If you have a skin disease, e. g.
Acne, you don\'t need to use heavy or chemical makeup.
If you are not sure about the cosmetics you can use when you have acne or other skin diseases, please consult your dermatologist.
Never try to squeeze pimples.
Keep in mind that makeup and skin care should not conflict with each other. 8.
Use gentle makeup (
Instead of washing it off). 9.
Another important makeup and skin care procedure is the following Golden rule: don\'t sleep with makeup.
When using deodorant, make sure to keep the recommended distance between the nozzle and the skin (
As mentioned on deodorant packaging).
So makeup and skin care should usually go hand in hand.
Don\'t try to treat makeup and skin care differently.
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