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Released By Helen Pow: EDT 11: 53 on August 5, 2013 | update: EDT 12: 55 on August 5, 2013, a beauty queen in Utah was arrested for hurting her family-
A bomb containing toxic toilet cleaner was built in a house in the South Salt Lake County community.
Kendra McKenzie Gill, who was crowned Miss Riverton on June and is preparing to attend the Miss Utah pageant, was detained by three friends --
John Patrick Rehe, Anna Mary Smith and Bryce Christopher Stoneon Saturday.
Police charged four 18-year-
Old people who make equipment
Use water bottles and toilet cleaners filled with aluminum foil
At least two houses were abandoned in Riverton, including Stone\'s former residence. girlfriend.
The Joint Fire Authority Captain Clint Mecham told KUTV that they threw them on the property and the people.
\"It\'s not just a teen prank.
Residents began to call the authorities around 10: 50. m.
On Friday, after seeing teenagers throwing bombs from their cars, they heard a loud explosion.
When investigators arrived at the scene, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported, they found four plastic bottles containing aluminum foil remnants and chemicals.
The water bottle was detonated on a road and a lane.
Witnesses to the police said they saw the darkness.
There was a concave colored, gray or black vehicle in front of the cruise next to the house, where someone threw four bombs, which caused the explosion.
Subsequently, police received reports that further explosions had occurred in the second family in the area, and witnesses reported that a similar car and its passengers had abandoned the device.
Witnesses said the car was similar to a stone driver, which was later discovered in front of a teenager\'s residence.
Stone claims that he and his friends have been using fireworks to \"prank \".
He was arrested, allegedly in connection with Jill, Smith and Rehe.
According to the Tribune, investigators found a box of remnants of water bottles with labels and sizes matching the fragments at the scene of the explosion.
A roll of aluminum foil and toilet cleaner was also found in the car.
Four teenagers, including the beauty queen, have admitted buying bombs.
Make supplies at Wal-Mart and make them before throwing the equipment at two Riverton addresses.
Police said the explosion did not cause damage to any of the families and no one was injured.
But Mecham said it could be worse.
They are very mean and annoying.
He said, therefore, as long as the chemicals arrive on someone, they will cause harm to someone, not to mention fragments of shrapnel damage.
They can easily cause serious injuries or even death.
He added in the Tribune that the case is being taken very seriously.
Mecham said that any time you are dealing with explosives and combustion devices, these are felony charges.
In fact, there are multiple (detonations)
Make it all extremely serious.
Four people were still held in Salt Lake City prison on Sunday afternoon and bail was not confirmed.
Every teenager faces 10 charges of exploding a burning device.
First class felony.
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