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3D Lens Digital Sleeking Toner Film/ Transfer Toner Foil 3D Pattern

3D Lens Digital Sleeking toner film/ transfer toner foil 3D pattern 

The sleeking foil is most special transfer the image to the digital toners on the paper surfaces. After doing the sleeking foil, there can have different designs.

The sleeking can be in spot locations or full coverage. The sleeking film can be used up to 3~4 times.

Product Detail: 

Pattern: D Lens(3D-T), 

Ps: we also produce other 3D pattern : 30mic Water Cube (3D-S), 3D 1.8 30mic 3, 3D 20mic Hexagon(3D-LB), 3D 20mic Magic Mirro(3D-MM), 20mic Wany glass(HB), 20mic  Rosy Clouds(HC)

Thickness: 30mic 

Transparency: transparent

Material: PET 

Regular width: 320mm, 640mm, 960mm and 1280mm

Regular length: 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m. 

Paper core: 1inch, 3inch 


1) Optical effects on the digital prints;

2) Personal design with easy operation;

3) Sleeking the Digital prints without mould;

4) Improve the UV coating and hot stamping efficiency;

How to use? 

1.Do printing by a toner digital printer,

2.Transfer the foil on the printer paper.  


Packaging & delivery

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Nansha

packaging: one roll one carton for 3 inch paper core(length above 1000m), and then in pallet. 

Lead time: 15days for 20GP container, 18 days for 40 GP container 

We also sell this laminator now!

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