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Liberation means different things to different women.
For quite a few people, getting basic things like padded cloth can be very liberating.
A recent study by market research firm ACNielsen on \"health protection: the right to health for Every Woman\" shows some shocking statistics.
The survey found that women in India could not afford sanitary napkins.
The survey also found that among Indian girls aged 12 to 18, 23 dropped out of school due to menstruation
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With this in mind, the students and faculty of the Carmel Hill College startup group established a sanitary pad manufacturing unit at the college in 2010 as a community development project.
But they don\'t know that their product \"care plus\" will help change the lives of hundreds of girls. An all-
A female team of students, teachers and two employees of the unit began to manufacture sanitary pads using pulp, glue, paper and polyethylene film.
As part of the initiative, Geeta Suresh, a faculty member for family Science, said the team was faced with the initial hiccups.
\"We are not even sure if the students who produce this product will use it.
There is so much competition and so much brand, so we are having trouble marketing our products, \"she said. But Ms.
Mr. sulesh noted that members wanted to make a product affordable to the poor.
Therefore, after several campaigns, members and a non-member
Government organizations that sell their products.
In addition, these young entrepreneurs have established contacts with three government schools in utalali, kanakura Road and Blackpool to provide free sanitary napkins.
From 2010,
The women\'s team made more than 10,000 bags.
Sit in the small room that makes the mat, Suganya M. , a B. Com.
The student said: \"After seeing the impact of the product on the lives of hundreds of girls, we want to ensure that the project continues.
She called it \"not just a project,\" and she said: \"We were shocked when several girls skipped school 63 days a year when they came to menstruation.
When we started distributing laptops at school, we found their attendance increased.
Another student, Meghana D. S.
They say they produce at least 500 packs a month.
\"There are many women in the country who do not use sanitary napkins.
As a result, they don\'t go out when they come to menstruation.
\"Each pack of \'Care plus \'contains eight pads at a cost of Rs.
20, is thereprofit and no-loss basis.
\"The money earned from the company is used to buy raw materials for the next set of products . \"
\"Only women can help other women lead a life of liberation,\" Suresh added.
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