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A long term solution to defective vision lies

by:Top-In     2020-06-15
The objective of performing a Lasik eye surgery is to provide a lasting solution to vision defects which are often improved through temporary aid from contact lenses and glasses. Before progressing with this treatment, your eyes are thoroughly examined to determine the status of their health, existing defects and the difference in power. This screening test is necessary and favourable results are desirable for an ophthalmologist to give a nod to the surgery. Upon successful completion of this stage, you are required to reserve a time slot for your surgery. During the Lasik procedure, a surgeon will apply a few drops of numbing solution to your eyes so that you experience no pain in the entire process. Post this, you are asked to lie beneath a machine and positioned in a way that your eyes are placed accurately below the target of the laser light. A special instrument called the retainer is put on the eye to be operated for it to remain open. At this point, the surgeon will mark your cornea to create the right flap or thin film. This flap is placed on the cornea and laser particles are shot from the machine which is pre-programmed in accordance with the specifications of your eye. Normally, the surgery lasts for not more than five minutes. After the Lasik eye surgery has been performed, you may be asked to rest for a while and leave for home on the same day. In case you opt for a similar treatment in the second eye, a surgeon would proceed immediately or ask you to come back in a week. The effects of Lasik are varied. It is possible for some people to experience quick results, while others may have to wait for weeks as their vision improves gradually. People are asked to avoid straining their eyes after Lasik and advised against rubbing them. There are a few complications that may occur after performing a Lasik eye surgery. For a few people Lasik may not work at all and make their vision defects severe. It is also possible that one may encounter problems with the night vision. But these risks are rare in terms of occurrence and to prevent them, ophthalmologists take strong measures during examination to make sure that a person is fit for Lasik.
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