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A normal movie lasts about 90 minutes or more,

by:Top-In     2020-06-14
If you are the first time to shoot a movie, you can choose a cute short film or a short comedy. Everyone loves funny things, and your cute short film may be favored by a great number of people. Following are some good as well as cute topics for cute films, and you can get inspirations or choose one topic for your short video. You can choose some comical evens that happened in your everyday life. In fact, there are many funny things in our daily life. Observe people around you and watch how people complete their everyday tasks. When you shoot the short film, you can exaggerate these everyday tasks so as to get comic effect. For example, you can portray a person who tries to get to sleep, but wakened each time by different things, from a barking dog to the phone rings. Sure, you can add more interesting things and ideas in your short video. Do brainstorming with your friends or family, and more people can give you more interesting ideas. Shoot a short movie of your pet. If you raise a cute pet, you can record its everyday life and catch some of its cute moments. You cannot only shoot your desired short movie but also record precious memories that you spend with the lovely pet. The pet can be a dog, a cat, a bird or a little pig. Create different scenarios and put your pet in these scenes to record its reactions. For instance, you can put the dog in the water and record how it tries to swim to the land. Besides cute pets, you can shoot little babies. Babies are taking adventures every day, so it is very interesting to shoot cute babies. You can shoot your baby learning different languages or playing games. Make sure the baby is doing something and may bring the audience pleasures. The short movie is also a good gift for your babies when they grow up.
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