The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

a record year in brussels: brand owners are using smart labels to ensure product authenticity and value, while improving productivity and the customer experience.

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This year, at the six big clubs of LabelexpoEurope 201 1 in Brussels, full of energy and enthusiasm, this is the most popular change after the economic struggle and uncertainty.
Although the loss of the label industry is not as good as other industries, converters and suppliers have retained their judgment in the weeks leading up to the exhibition, hoping to gain a positive label Expo experience while expressing caution.
But they don\'t have to worry.
The industry plans to expand its technical base, from printing machines to tablets, from software to slitting machines, and I\'m buying everything. [
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According to the organizers of the exhibition, this year, a total of 28,636 spectators from 18 countries participated in the exhibition.
An increase of 18.
More than 6% 2009.
Attracted 550 exhibitors (
Up from 544 in 2009)
Was the biggest event in history.
Exhibitors should display new equipment and materials at each trade show.
The European laboratory Expo, which began on the 28 th, was introduced by Avery Dennison and Gallus to the thinstream process, a method of cutting the film using a cold temperature with 12 micro-release liners,
From there, there is a digital combination of new printing machines, more versatile molds, better performance inks, exquisite inspection systems, talented substrates, custom adhesives and technologies.
Four days later, dozens of exhibitors reported at the end of the show that they collected strong leads, commitments and sales at the show site.
Throughout the venue, placards of a large number of equipment were placed with the words \"for sale\", always a good sign.
Upm raflatac chief: demand is shifting, in the keynote speech by Labelcxpo Europe, Vanhanen, president of UPM Raflatac, introduced the most recent one commissioned by the company
Adhesive label demand in Western Europe and North America will continue to grow at a slower pace than in the previous 10 years, while demand in emerging markets in particular will increase.
\"Self-consumption in developed markets in Europe and North America
Labels will grow with the growth of packaged products. Self-
From the label method, the adhesive label will occupy a slightly market share.
Therefore, the growth rate of the industry is likely to remain at 1-
2% per year
At the food and beverage end will enjoy the highest growth rate
Part of using self-penetration
\"The adhesive label is quite low,\" Vanhanen said . \".
On a global scale
Adhesive label will be in 4-
5% per year
Vanhanen said 80% of this growth will come from emerging markets.
This also reflects the shift of global economic forces to countries in Asia and Latin America.
He stressed that the labeling industry must strive to find new business opportunities, especially in developed markets.
\"Growth will not automatically turn into a secondary curve.
The industry needs to continue to develop solutions for more professional applications. The self-
\"Adhesive labels are the most common labeling method and all participants in the value chain need to continue to promote and develop products that take advantage of their strengths,\" Vanhanen continued . \".
Another challenge that the industry needs to address is sustained raw material inflation.
\"Consumer growth in emerging markets will continue to drive up raw material prices over the next decade, even if there may be some brief respite when the economy is uncertain.
The best way to deal with inflation is for subsidiaries and printers to develop and commercialize thinner and better fitfor-
Objective material structure and rapid utilization
\"Development of recycling opportunities,\" Vanhanerii stressed . \".
2011 label industry global awards some of the leading companies and individuals in the label industry are recognized at the European label fair for their outstanding contribution to the industry, as the winners of this year\'s label Industry Global Awards have been unveiled
The award is held in the event Lounge in Brussels for 550 viewers to celebrate and commend those who promote best practices in the label industry.
The owner group of Helmut Xingnong, general manager Shreena, collected R.
Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by dendennison.
Under the leadership of Helmut Schreiner, Schreiner Group is a global provider of feature labels and has become a world
Leading innovators to develop new applications in areas including luminous labels, printed electronics, RFID and anti-electronic tags
Counterfeit Technology
Label Industry Innovation Award-
Sponsored by Label & Narrow Web, 1-
Tags and labels and NarroWebTech and--
A novel presented to Brazil.
A long memorial
Novelprint is a mature supplier or converter that has demonstrated innovation over a period of time due to its excellent customer service and long term
The history of science
Technology behind label manufacturing.
EskoArtwork wins in the label industry award winning category, which aims to highlight the technological advances made in the previous year.
Faced with fierce competition from Belgium and duster, both countries were highly praised by the judges.
Winners hi)
Flexo version 2 is judged based on its degree of innovation, environmental efficiency 3tld sustainability, and the actual and economic impact on its service delivery. [
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Best European converter of the Year-
Sponsored by Flint Group
Was awarded the Kolibri tag.
The company\'s reputation for innovation and excellence in sales and product development has made it one of the leading self-brands in the Netherlands
Label printer. [
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Alphasonics UCS won the green prize as its 1000 Trojan PartsWasher.
The company is considered to be the greenest.
Friendly Products in Labelexpo Europe 20i.
At the exhibition site, the 3m industrial adhesive and tape Department has obtained UIrecognition for product safety and identification solutions, the solution combines the core range of UL-approved 3m label stock materials with five inkjet label printers and ink systems.
The high durability and high quality printing ability of UV ink is very important for label converters, which usually need to provide product certification labels, as a label and power tool for consumer electronics, cellular communications, garden equipment, in all cases, the label identification system must be durable during the life cycle of the product.
The 3m is also equipped with a new durable resin ribbon of 92904.
It is resistant to organic solvents such as acetone.
Ketone (MEK). andtoluene.
Although many product identification labels affected by harsh environments are usually pre-defined
The 3m durable resin ribbon 92904 is printed and then laminated by theconverter, combined with the recommended d3 M label inventory to provide the required durability without lamination.
AB Graphic International presents the latest developments in the itsOmega and Vectra series label conversion and finishing lines with a focus on rapid work changes, reduced waste and non-Stop production.
Two versions of the company\'s Omega Digicon 2 label conversion line are running non-
Stop the operation using a semi-automatic turret harvester to eliminate additional finishing.
Demonstrated a model with off-
Line turret rewinding, allowing the machine to slow down when the finished roller is terminated;
The second feature is the automatic glue on Nordisk.
The new Omega ATR inspection rewinding machine is equipped with a turret rewinding machine that allows the operator to keep the non-stop finishing. Featuringnew-
With software upgrades, the Digicon Sabre Xtreme laser cutter features uninterrupted digital chip conversion and variable data capabilities.
Systemon display is characterized by the application of cold foil through inkjet technology, the application of adhesive without the use of printing plates.
US-based acpo Ltd.
Show your route.
Wound polyester and polypropylene laminated film with transparent and matte surfaces, easyrelease, FDA compliant, light lighting, removable adhesive, thermaltransfer printable, UK approved and UV shielded.
Professional projects include laminate materials designed for digital printers, fine lamination, shape/label reinforcement narrow width rollers and paint masks.
Advanced visual technologyAVT)
Amir Decker, director of global marketing, said he enjoyed one of the best labelexpo events.
During the show, we negotiated sales of 25 systems, equivalent to a business worth about $2 million, and received a lot of inquiries since opening the door, which we intend to translate into more
\"The company offers a full range of quality assurance, process control, and color control solutions for printing machines and re-engraving machines.
The most popular attractions are PrintVision/Helios II 1 (H)
There is a percentage checking platform for complete workflow solutions.
The latest innovative solutions include automatic online detection of Braille, which works in parallel with printing detection to detect every failure of Braille points on pharmaceutical labels.
Color Measurement and Control Solutions are demonstrated by Microcolor/Mercury remote ink control and theIAcal inline Deltali color measurement for narrow net offset, ensuring the color during the print run
Other highlights include work verification of the original PDF, as well as 100% verification of barcode and variable data codes and numbers.
Acti launched by Ahlstrotn-
V, a new generation of silicone coated release paper released at the European laboratory Expo. Aeti-
According to Ahlstrom, V will enable manufacturers of silicone and PSA materials to increase manufacturing speed and capacity, save catalyst and energy costs, and improve product reliability.
This technique converts inert carrier paper into active participants in the silicone and anchoring process.
Acti with the Ottoman-
V release paper, iilicone curing faster, less catalyst required (platinum)
The company says silicone anchors are more robust and durable.
\"This new technology is the result of years of research focused on the operational challenges of our customers.
Daniele Borlatto, executive vice president of Labeland processing, said.
The result is highly innovative: It will enable our customers to significantly increase the productivity of their silicone coatersand to reduce the total cost of ownership of their products.
Our customers will fully unlock the potential of their devices, gain flexibility, and improve their process efficiency in a way they never thought about.
\"With its iTech Axxis digital label system, Allen mehraph has attracted a large audience, a desktop printing and conversion system that includes anEpson commercial inkjet printers.
Printers usually print about 4 feet air conditioners per minute.
The finishing system is designed to run independently and is not aligned with the printer and can run at 8 to 10 feet per minute.
Finishing Unit laminated material, digital cutting, stripping matrix, slit and wind into finished roll.
The shaping is done by the blade.
Allen reinraph also launched a new product, the iTech Centra HS high-speed digital finishing system, which is four times as fast as the original model.
Centra\'s goal is to print a converter for labels on a digital printing machine.
Finishing Systems include lamination, shape cutting, removal of the substrate, and cutting in onepass.
It can convert printed materials from any digital or analog platform up to 1,250 feet in length (381 meters)
Up to 14 \"wide (356 mm). Netherlands-
Based on anilgroup of company, the manufacturer of aniox roll, whose patent inherits the traditional surface of the six-cell anil network: gene transfer technology (GTT).
\"The label and the narrow net printer are fascinated by the revolutionary quality and power ofGTT.
Ken Ralton, vice president of sales at Apex, said.
Our dedicated label roll-UniFli-GTT--
The ability to reduce the inventory of the mesh roller, combine printing on fewer ink stations, and obtain predictable results at a higher speed.
\"Metwith Apex, a manufacturer of ink, tablets, printing machines and mounting tape, has developed packaging that enables printers to shoot high-definition flexi versions in a cost-effective manner.
API foil presents a new collection of its metal foil and holographic decoration products, HoloNique.
Launched in January, HoloNiquc is a highly influential, customized holographic design product that can be combined with the customer\'s own design to provide customized, low
Security level and product enhancements.
According to the company, the model was produced in a few days and the cost was greatly reduced.
The API also demonstrates the benefits of its new double embossed mahine.
Using this machine, according to the API, has enabled the company to increase productivity to meet the growing demand in the rainbow/Super diffuser foil pattern market. Polyart WGA 70.
Designed for cold glue cuttingand-
Arjobex introduces stacked labels on glass, plastic, or metal containers.
Its cavitatcd HDPH film and absorbent coating.
Polyart has a close connection and feel with smooth premium roll paper.
The company says its fast distribution and fast drying time on the bottling line make it an ideal plastic solution for wet glue labels.
Arjobex also launched Polyart Digital for HP Indigo presse, which features a high-quality matte surface and has obtained what HP uses on the Indigo WS4000 and WS6000 series presses
Polyart LRU, which replaces PVC in outdoor applications, can now be used for labels that require weathering resistance.
The chemical composition of LKU has developed to be able to withstand the degradation effects of UV and moisture.
Polyart ML is a new generation of high performance
Mold for UV and traditional printing process.
The delay demonstrates improved pick-up and placement performance, label-free drop-off, crease-free, and no-water bubble performance. [
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Ashland Performance Materials launched a new product portfolio for narrow-net printers at the show.
Based on cold synthesis
Sealed adhesive for flexo food packaging can be used as an overall coating or pattern.
It seals BOPP, white OPP, metal OPP, polyester and other substrates suitable for food packaging.
It is also released from the release
A processed movie or projector.
Comply with the Food and Drug Administration\'s regulations on food packaging.
Other new adhesive technologies of Ashland are low UV Curing
Migration varnish and laminated adhesive.
Instantaneous UV curing related to these products is based on stable
With near-
Zero volatile organic compounds
This product is specially designed for flexo printing, but it is also suitable for other application methods, including concave printing and multi-printing.
Roller coating equipment. [
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Atlantic Zeiser has developed its integrated Digiline Web 300 to meet a range of printing needs presented at LabelexpoEurope, Delta I and Gamma 70 P.
One of the benefits of these systems is that the actual application is limited only by the customer\'s needs.
Ralf Hipp, vice president of digital systems at Digitzeisers commented: \"to successfully produce high-quality prints and ensure the happiness of customers, printers need to be able to quickly adapt to changing needs while providing security
With our modular solution, we can meet the various requirements of tax labels, lottery tickets, event tickets and labels.
\"Comparable to the general printing technology with a print width of 300mm, resolution of up to 600 dpi, maximum speed of up to 150 m/m, the digiline Web system consists of modular continuous feeding units, digital inkjet printers, curing technology, and controller units.
It has an automatic splicing station that can detect, Mark and splice printing errors during production and continue printing work seamlessly.
Its modularity ensures cost efficiency in printing, coding, serialization, and personalizing;
Even with late customization, just-in-Time production.
A new cutting technology called very Dennison ThinStream allows cutting labels with a 12 micron lining, which is the lowest half on the market at the moment.
ThinStream technology also eliminates diestrikes, one of the industry\'s major quality companies.
Thonicam\'s patented technology has been licensed by Gallus Group, which, according to Avery Dennison, has created the cold mold unit of the wound tissue to complete this advanced personalized technology until the emergence of a fine stream, cutting with a wire clamp below 23 microns is almost impossible.
Traditional kiss
When cutting, the mold can pass through the connector, which can cause operational and quality problems during conversion and distribution.
During the cold mold process, peel the face block from the liner before cutting.
Then the facial material suddenly cools down-22[degrees]
C or lower, then cut with solid or flexible rotarydie.
Then reorganize the material in a few milliseconds.
The artometrics mold was used when the lab showed ThinStream, and the development of the technology was supported by the mold manufacturer.
\"Liner is the top item on our innovation agenda,\" said Don Nolan, vice president of Avery Denison label and packaging materials group.
\"We want to combine our extensive material manufacturing expertise with technology to enable us and our customers to further improve labeling performance while reducing line waste and providing environmental and cost-effective.
ThinStream has proven that collaboration in key industry areas places Avery Dennisonand our partners at the center of a new round of innovation in the label and packaging industry.
The AzTech conversion system, combined with Erhardt Leimcrs NYSCAN 100, demonstrates its ISR series slit and rewindsystem
The cent printing inspection system detects any gaps and automatically places the defective material precisely on the rework stage.
The bsr2x dual rewind system with AzTech has been verified and the electronic tension system demonstrates the ability to cut and process films that are not supported by 1 and all standard substrates.
The netbeans series unwind and RW Series rewind modules are also shown, and they can work with each other or independently with existing devices.
AzTech also shows the mobile rolling handling trolley for its rolling running series.
Baumer introduced its intermittent coating system and digital Braille printing.
The Hot Melt Adhesive coating was displayed with the push of abutton, and the most diverse patterns were generated on the spot.
The foundation of the coating head is patent HP-50B electro-
The pneumatic gun, which features an pneumatic valve integrated into the head.
The airline obtained through this action allows for a faster clock and a compact design that allows for installation in a tight space.
The Xdot brailleprint system has four print heads on the running web.
Operate on an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface. [
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Cartes reported success in European Labelexpo, with a large audience at the booth and several sales of equipment.
The company has launched a thelaser50rf sub ecu with 350 W power supply and radio frequency control.
The HS CombiLaser configuration also features laser cutting, UV finish paint, Corona and primer, silkscrcen, hot tamping, stamping, lamination and holographic applications.
Customers pursuing Cartes machinery during the show include Femaprint, Lenzlinger, Neo-
Color, romantic industry and modern industry. [
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Germ presents the latest electronic work ticket for digital printing.
With the help of the Fsko art automation engine, Germ can now find the HP Indigo WS6000 news console directly on the HP booth. co-end system;
From web 4 tags to media.
At Xeikoubooth.
Germ shows the electronic work ticket on the front end of the X800.
Both systems show the bacterial intelligent combination of narrow network labels in \"lanes.
* \"In the digital printing workshop, Germ works with eskoartwork to demonstrate that automation in MIS and prepress allows for more orders running shorter lengths.
Codimag presents the new VIVA 340 press with Aniflo printing unit.
The VIVA 340 and viva420 are now equipped with or without a key mesh roller offset device.
Both printing machines are up and running at the show.
So far, AniHo technology has sold 15 printing machines.
The company said that customers are interested in the implementation of the color management system and the multi-color process system.
Since there is no ink key conerol or roller setting and there is no ink/water balance, the Aniflo unit otters can install a repeatable printing system.
Codimag also works with Toray, which has a \"waterless corner\" on the stand, and Toray is a supplier of waterless glue plates.
Various applications of waterlessoffset are presented, including plastic cards, newspaper printing, commercial and safe printing.
The color logic processing metal color system enables the printer to print processing metal special colors and special effects consistently and reliably using existing equipment and printing workflows.
Color log image files can be created using all major graphic design software.
The color logic design suite CD includes ready color trays and plug-ins for mainstream applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and QuarkXpress.
The CSAT Model 50 m digital inkjet label printing machine was announced by the manufacturer at a speed of 600 per minute as \"the fastest UV killer color printer\" on his market \".
\"Presented in the digital Hall of the European Labelexpo, the CSAT press is presented at a resolution of 600x600 dpi and 4-
Reach the gray scale level of the optical resolution of 1,800 dpi.
Natalie Gilbert, president of CSAT American, said this accuracy is critical for drug labels that require small fonts and barcodes.
Print with a press with Kyocem ink jet head, using UVLEI)
Curing of thermal print material, can be used as aroll-to-
It runs on a variety of paper, plastic and foil.
\"Speed is the advantage of cs. \" said Gilbert.
\"And the interface with the conversion device. \" The CSAT 6(H)
Label Printing with [price tag]euro]350,000.
Delta Industrial Services demonstrated an integrated online network conversion and packaging system on site at its booth.
The system demonstrates a wide range of processes such as the location of the island, tightening diet, visual inspection and hot sealing filling. Inaddition.
Delta offers online digital print finishing and laser cutting.
The company provides conversion systems for a variety of complex medical, pharmaceutical, labeling, and safety;
RFID, packaging, cosmetics.
Delta Industrial Services is an engineering-intensive custom equipment manufacturer that covers a range of processes, including digital printing, multi-
Laminated products, precision printing, RFID, metal label, flexo printing, holographic label, semi-
Rotary printing, thermal printing, bar code printing, flexible printing, laser printing. DigiFlex.
An Israeli manufacturer of computer plate making Systems launched the Flcxojetl724 inkjet CtP system for Mexographic and convex versions during the European laboratory Expo.
Inkjet CtP nozzle DigiFlexBi-
Patent for components-
Create a mask for pending ink on any flexo simulation board.
The company said it focused on addressing the market\'s demand for affordable and efficient computer plate-making systems, producing high-quality flexo and convex versions for label and label printers.
DigiFlex and its distributor Jet Europe announced that Reklam Speeiaaldruk, the therland and Labelor in Belgium purchased the Flexojet 1724 system. The new FV-
The company said the DMS series represents an advance in the technology of rotating hot stamping systems.
FV-design of mold shaft with interchange
The series allows the converter to be converted to existing non-stamped dies, as well as various special Dies, bases and core shafts. The FV-
The series allows for more Tool selection and applications.
Also new is the forming sleeve mold and core shaft system for ordinary repeated hot foil stamping, adopting the hot/cold technology of dms.
The high-performance FormsFoiler system meets or exceeds the higher operating speed, control and accuracy of typical solid brass tools, but the mold is lighter, easier to handle and less costly to purchase and transport. [
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Domino presents two techniques for delivering fast and efficient personalized and mid-and short-term printing of digital labels: k600i monochrome high resolution modular print strips that can be integrated into existing presses or hardcover lines, can also be used as a standard for rolling solutions, as well as the next generation N600i four color 13 \"(333 mm)
Web UV inkjet digital label printing machine.
These two systems combine Domino\'s I-
Technology Intelligence Technology, based on UV curing inkjet technology, printing the printing resolution of 75 m dpi at 50 to 600 per minute.
Domino\'s first product, K600iis, moves from a single inkjet print head installed remotely to a system that covers the entire network with a single digital inkjet module.
Provides quality output comparable to pre-comparable
The printing speed of K600i is twice that of most high resolution digital systems.
The N600i digital labeling machine works up to 75 m/m, providing a high 600 dpi local print resolution and four grayscale levels.
DuPont Packaging Graphics has announced a global agreement to sell a range of print adapters and adapters manufactured by inometa for di imaging to the market.
As part of the DuPont Cerrell round printing workflow.
The Inomota compression adapter is specially designed to optimize the final performance of the Cyrel circular thin casing and the CyrelFAST circular thin casing, and provides excellent register accuracy, from operation to operation, with low dot gain, excellent print quality.
Made of precision fiberglass, they are designed to be sturdy and smooth with minimal running speedout.
The adapter has a rubber block and bayonet locking system with excellent handling and long life, and has a variety of standard sizes.
Tan 150 8C digital inkjet printer for Durst photok.
Debut at Labelexpo Europe 2009, with its high quality production, 4 TT m/m printing speed continues to receive attention at the 201 1 Exhibition (157 fpm)
And the ability of ics inkjet paint;
The maximum length of the short trip is 6.
5 inch, with variable ink drop size and brightness grayscale technology, the apparent resolution of more than 1,000 dpi can be provided.
Duster\'s patent
The one-way UV inkjet \'I\' echnoiogy has standard CMYK plus white as well as orange and violec, so a 90% Pantone color range is provided depending on the substrate used.
Tau can be equipped with a digital varnish printing module for digital point varnish applications, producing different gloss levels at a time through a fluid while printing labels.
KIP software.
Powered by fskoartwork. has built-
Ensure high image quality and consistency in substrate calibration and color management. The new FL-
Edale\'s 350 in Labelexpo, Europe, is a versatile flexo label, film and bill printing machine designed with existing Edale customers and using servo technology to provide pre-regiscer, auto-
Register and print lengtii controls features.
It uses the Edalcs Pit Stop color change system, enabling the operator to complete the full color change of 30 seconds per printing station in less than I minutes.
The Prercgister system locates the print column in the register before using any substrate;
Servo technology realizes the accurate control of printing conversion; auto-
Sign up for isstandard.
Job storage allows production settings to be stored and called in the future.
The ink and impression \"strike\" feature allows the printing station to be set up with minimal material waste.
The new EFI Jetrion 4900 is the latest product of the company\'s new generation of UV digital inkjet printers, launched at the European laboratory Expo.
The system combines five.
Color inkjet printing, online laser finishing of label converter.
This printing machine is available at force 625,000 in Europe.
Spend $875 in the United States.
000/kefr Jetrion 4900 is a solid industrial printing machine that is perfect for label converters to transfer high-cost, medium-and short-term running jobs from printing files directly to finished rolls to digital systems
Sean Sculley, vice president and general manager of EFI Jetrion, said.
\"It produces the highest quality labels, saves costs and goes straight to the bottom line, which is necessary in today\'s business environment where lean manufacturing and efficiency are needed to compete.
\"The finishing system features a double laser with the Italian SEI laser conversion, providing functions such as diet, slitting and backlight on a wide range of substrates.
4900 will be in Integrated Products Inc. , Knoxville. TN, USA.
I just reported a job with a million label with 25 different SKUs.
Brian Rhoadcs, vice president of integrated product operations, said.
\"How many settings will we do to get this done from start to finish? One.
EFI\'s Jetrion 4900 brings real savings, high quality labels and peace of mind to our customers.
Epson launched SurePress L-4033A, a short-
Rundigital labelpress is designed to work with fast turnaround, low volume and multiple version labels.
Epson digital label printing machine printed on a series of ofoffthe-
Up to 330mm wide and up to 5 m/m (16. 4 fpm)
Easily integrate into the existing digital workflow.
SurePress uses Epson\'s micropiezo inkjet technology to provide precise drip formation and placement, providing a smooth gradient, color quality and clear detail for barcode readability, small size and lines.
New use of media-developed six-color, water-
Based on pigment ink.
Epson is working with industry partners to provide control, performance and results in all aspects of digital label production, from color management to substrate and finished product options. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
Web guidance and inspection system manufacturer Erhardt lebih introduces its Elpad live sensor and graphical interface on its web guidance system, which enables line scan views of color line guides to manage web stability
For web path consistency, the graphical interface displays line scans of colored lines in real time.
The unit can be set to make web adjustments automatically and manually.
Also, it can change as the button is pressed to sense the web edge.
In terms of inspection, E. L. Introduced a new tubeli-
Web lighting during online scanning--
This is LED based.
\"The light on the network is more uniform;
Jim Wright, business development manager for North American inspection systems, said.
\"In our Nyscan system, we are starting to use high-intensity focused light, but this does not work on foil or metallized substrates.
This makes it easier to check the shiny surface.
\"A complete web image was verified with PDF to assess the absence or presence of a print defect.
The company now offers a Nyscan system that controls two cameras through the same PC for a wider network, doubling the resolution of images taken.
Taking a central position in the extensive product introduction of EskoArtwork in European Labelexpo is the company\'s latest progress in digital flexo technology, including HI)
Flexo and digital FlexoSuite.
\"We are seeing a major trend in the industry\'s industrialisation and digitization of the label industry, a trend that continues to grow rapidly through our technological advances,\" said carsten Knudsen, CEO of eskoArtwork: \"We are proud to be one of the leading parties in this evolution. \".
First version of HI)
The flexoenenabled label printer is supported to obtain clearer images, smoke and a larger color range; new HI)Flexo 2.
0 further improves the rendering effect, providing excellent print quality throughout the tone range, including highlights from gradient to zero, stable intermediate tones
Solid color tone and higher ink density.
In addition, the development of creating plane vertices generates sharperdefinition for excellent image results.
Latest version of Web ccnter, web-
Manage pre-based platform
Production Approval and project life cycle including 31)
A viewer that enables users to upload, view, and execute full document approval cycles for 3D files (
Collada Colladaand compressed files).
Tag converters can now use web center as an online media, share 3D models with customers, make immediate changes to artwork and get approval quickly and efficiently.
ETI Converting described Labelexpo Europe 20i as the best product since the company was founded.
The equipment order was placed and the company promised that more than 100 \"serious clues\" had been received \".
\"ETI demonstrates two of its latest innovations, miniliner and Linerless technologies.
Unlined technology is an environmental solution for the release of padded waste and a cheap alternative to the traditional PSA structure that requires the release of the liner.
Miniliner converts 12 micron PET or BOPP using traditional molds.
The FT is the flagship Cohcsio press, from raw materials to finished products, demonstrated at a speed of 150 metersper minutes: silicone and adhesive applications, printing, lamination and stripping.
This is what Cohesio is.
ETI has factories in more than 35 countries.
EXCOM Chemical showed its range of polypropylene (OPP)
Label application technology in Labelexpo, Europe this week, including labels-
Lyte OPP Film for pressure sensitive labels and packaging-
The surrounding, cutting and stacking of the application;
ROSO movie in volumeonshrink-
Digital printing applications and digital movies.
According to Kevin Frydryk, global marketing development manager, thelabel films Business Unit, an intensive and ongoing technology development plan is in progress to meet market demand, thus introducing white opaque transparent film focusing on decoration and labeling high efficiency exmobil chemical OPPfilms range including high barrier, coating metalization, customized according to specific market or customer needs.
FLEXcon launched a new hot film HT at Labelexpo, a high-end route
Tcniperature pi film capable of withstand fluctuations in temperature, wear and chemicals inherent in the printed circuit board (PCB)
Manufacturing process.
The company has also introduced flexmount Advantage transfer tapes (FATT)
And heat stable polyester designed for paint mask applications.
The Thermlfilm series is available for the global need of hieh-
Densitv bar codes and alphanumeric PCB labels including military contractors and electronics, aviation and automotive product manufacturers.
The Pcb manufacturing process is one of the worst environments that the pressure sensitive film can withstand.
The material meets industry standards and has passed all the requirements of this challenging environment.
The AUThermlhlm HT product was tested to ensure that the PCB label remains pasted and clear throughout the manufacturing process.
FAIT tape arcdesigned is designed for adhesive and installation applications in consumer electronics, automotive, white appliances and graphics.
Typical applications in 25 [need to transfer tapesmicro]and 50[micro]
Although there are more applications that require the use of these standard tapes.
Head-stable polyester is a printable base label by two heat transfer (
White or hazy silver).
These labels are designed to be laminated with hazy, transparent products (s)
Or use a laminated material of one or more layers as a multi-layer structure. [
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Innovation is the theme of this year\'s LabelexpoEurope Group team, a series of new product appearances designed to provide value and innovation for printers.
\"The secret to the success of FlintGroup in product leadership and innovation lies in the company\'s high focus on customer needs.
Global Brand Manager Niklas Olsson said.
In the ink product highlighted by showarc: Flexocure Ancora, a UV flexo inkdesign with high performance and low migration, designed to provide a very low migration potential;
Lithocure premium, a narrow rotation of aprinter\'s perfect and friendly UV offset ink;
And BioCure F, a bio-based UV-curing flexible ink
Renewale resin process.
The FlintGroup flexo product presents its portfolio of printing platforms and sleeves, including nyloflex FAB and FAH plates for UV and solvent inks.
Hard flexo nyloflex ACE Board and hard nyloflex ACT are suitable for water-based inks.
Rotec labelsleeves has been developed specifically for the narrow net printing function, adding dimensional stability and edge stability.
Gallus Group reported that the sales of printing presses sold during the lablabelexpo period were strong and the company \"expects the business to be strong after die fair.
Two years ago, Gallus introduced the ECS 340 flexo \"rock press\", expanding the function of the printing machine by providing several options to the converter.
These include register control, aluminum printing drum, diecut depth adjustment, machine software enhancements for further improvement of production, hot air drying and crossover
Cutting unit with paper delivery.
The president of Gallusbachstein said that the trend of digitalization allows Gallus customers to use digital printing systems.
The Linoprint DriveLine B-volume inkjet printer in Heidelberg is on display at the Gallus booth, and the new high-end CSAT 600 is also on display.
German manufacturer CSAT was recently acquired by Heidelberg.
Gallusalso has also introduced a digital conversion unit, created by the ECS 340 module and supported by a granite base incorporated into the printing machine.
GEW shows the latest version of the vcp uv lamp head, infrared display (IR)
Box system for water
These inks and varnish require a hot air dryer to evaporate the water content, and on some printing machines it may be necessary to re-weave between the hot air and the UV curing system.
But the design of the gew ir box system simplifies this process;
It simply slides into the lamp shell instead of the UV box.
The GEW touch screen is automatically recognized as UVor IR.
Further improvement of the company\'s e-commerce
Brick electronic power supply.
The new supply is on display for the first time, and the company claims to be the smallest in the market. lamp systems.
Integration of GEW on-
The line UV monitoring system, also shown at the show, ensures continuous UV performance by providing a way to determine the beginning of any deterioration of UVoutput.
In this way, proper maintenance and spare parts planning can be carried out to avoid premature replacement of lamps and lanterns.
Gray Mills presented its award.
Won the Peristaltic pump for quick replacement, as well as its full set of centrifugal and diaphragm pumps.
In addition, the company has shown a video of its new ultrasonic mesh roller cleaner.
There are also a variety of ink pumps, cleaning systems, filtration and cooling systems on display.
The company\'s mission is to help the converter achieve four C of the total ink dynamics: status, cleaning, circulation and control.
According to the company, the implementation of four C can reduce operating costs such as labor, energy, substrate and ink, while improving quality and repeatability. [
Slightly] Illustrations
This year, GSE Dispensing demonstrated its automatic ink logistics system for narrow-net printers.
The svstems provides ink
Vield added more than 30 percentage points, with significant improvements in color preparation, ink procurement and spot color accuracy.
GSE also introduced new software tools with further improvements in color formula efficiency and cost
The GSEs ink management software ims allows printers to store a database of commonly used complex ink recipes.
Standard integration with the management information package provides the production manager with Real
Time information for achieving quick response to printed recipe availability.
Integration with MIS also allows for detailed ink costs
Analyze each order and be able to track the ink used in each job to the original ink lot number.
GSE and Germ, experts in automation and printing business management
A software package has been developed to integrate the management of ink requirements into the alabel printer forward planning and scheduling system.
The new interface provides information on the availability, cost and traceability of ink formulations and base inks.
Licensed party Harper Graphics of HarperCorporation, a provider of aniox roll, has attracted attention with its electric Phantom QD proofreading system.
The ink proofreader has a flcxo or gravurc version.
Its standard is equipped with constant loading pressure, which is convenient to carry;
Doctor blade for magnetic load, glass surface, hard coated surface, quick change of mesh roller, solid handle without spring, quick change of mesh roller
Including, among other things, the blade holder, the interchanging mesh roller and the rubber roller.
The price of competitive proofing system is simple to operate and has good repeatability.
Adhesive manufacturer HB Fuller highlights the range of its label and adhesive tape at Labelexpo, including its Fulltak water-based products, with a focus on the SE75 series dispersion.
These are all fully coater ready, resistant to calcium carbonate and utilized-
Housing aggregation technology that enhances adhesive performance.
Application Technology Manager Jeff Burlington said that HB Fuller received \"a lot of inquiries about UV Flexo printable adhesives\" during the show, and the company has owned the technology for about 10 years, but he said, compared with previous years, this year\'s interest in the conversion industry is much more obvious.
The company\'s Lunatack and Lunamelt hot adhesives are also in the exhibition and can be used for permanent self-contained
Adhesive labels, removable labels, adhesive tape and assembly applications, permanent closure of safety bags, and insect traps for special applications.
HP has introduced the latest digital printing products HPIndigo WS6600 and WS4600 digital printing machines.
The second generation 6600 of WS6000 can print more than 40 linear meters (131 feet)
Full color per minute with a new online start-up unit.
The WS4600 is an evolutionary step in the 4000 series, where you can choose full color throughput of more than 21 m per minute (69 feet)per minute.
Both new presses provide higher throughput through the new enhanced productivity model he developed, \"we can produce more than 10,000 linear meters of work with the superior quality required by our customers, and can also quickly turn around;
Roger göck, executive manager of digital printing at German Wizards Rako Etiketten, said.
Rako is a beta user of 6600. For many CMYK-
The company said HP\'s enhanced productivity model increased throughput on the WS6600 by more than 30%, raising the intersection of traditional printing by 50 percentage points.
The printing machine also supports white ink mode, providing high opacity and continuous productivity, enabling the converter to print at standard multi-color throughput levels.
The 6600 primingunit processes the substrate with the coating required for printing on the printing machine.
Idempapers launched a series of new professional papers at this year\'s lab fair.
The professional thesis department of Idempaper is responsible for the production of coated single-sided paper for self-adhesive, the release pad bottom paper, offset and digital Sea paper, and non-carbon paper for self-adhesive applications.
Idempapers also launched the Idem label $70 gsm, a green product with physical and mechanical properties very close to the standard 80 gsm proposed by the company\'s competitors.
According to the company, reducing the scale while maintaining the required specifications not only brings key environmental benefits and significant savings to the entire conversion chain, but also benefits the final productusers. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The main European distributor of the fast labeling machine impression Technology Europe shows the models XI and X2. Labelexpo.
These machines use the Memjet print head to produce 18 m high quality color labels per minute.
High productivity, high quality systems are also equipped with InkSpec with low capital expenditure, a Canadian manufacturer of viscosity control systems for flexo, concave and corrugated markets, and this year, with the exhibition of smart online sensors, it expanded its presence in Europe (IIS).
The benefits of IIS include stability, real-time viscosity control, improved color consistency, reduced manpower to improve the color density of each print job, accurate viscosity control within five CPS, and cost savings.
In recent years, InkSpec has won many awards for its technological progress.
This includes the endorsement of the packaging Be Label Printing Association, the printing technology association, the American Printing Association, the National Bank of Canada and southern Montreal.
Chamber of Commerce.
Innovia Films has launched a range of film Rayoface NB for label-free applications.
These films were developed for use on the Nobac wireless label applicator series at ravenwood packaging.
These movies have a white and transparent grade and have 92 p, tti (
Suitable for changing the carton cover)and 60[micro]m (
For traditional pressure sensitive and surround label replacement).
In pressure-sensitive markets.
High opacity White 51 introduced by Innovia [micro]
WDI 51 [Rayoface] m moviemicro]
M. Supplement the existing WDI 59 [micro]
M has a similar opacity, but the thickness is reduced.
The company has expanded its RayoForm BOPPfilms family for in-
With the launch of RayoForm lCS, the mold label is clear and the ravoform IWS is white.
The new RayoForm film can easily nest the container, install the cap accurately and reduce the scrap.
Innovia also launched Rayoface CZ Plus (elear)
And Rayoface WZ Plus (white)
, This is a supplement to its extruded BOPP film series. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Some companies in the narrow network industry have partnered to create an online digital UV inkjet printing machine system with UV led Curing and laser cutting capabilities.
Five have been built by the International.
Cutting modules, as well as Phoseon and integration technologies (IT)
LED curing equipment is provided.
The printing press known as Evolve can run at a maximum printing speed of 80 feet per minute, which will vary depending on the complexity of printing.
The internal process begins with the substrate treatment that accepts inkjet ink, followed by UV pinning (
Partial curing using fTs air cooling equipment).
White second, followed by sustenance, CMYK and sustenance.
Clear varnish on the last station and then by Phoseon water-cooled unit.
The speed of the laser cutting machine from Sparta varies depending on the complexity of the cutting shape.
The price of the whole system is $389,000.
The printer without a laser cutter is $299,000.
K2 Flexo presents a 440mm wide FastAction flexograp Press designed for label and film production.
Tlie press has complete UVcuring and IK drying functions at each printing station and shows a type of SFP 40 micron shrink film work for drinks.
Russell Oddy, director of management, said the servo-driven media was sold to Uniparco, one of Senegal\'s largest private cosmetics companies, which will be used in factories.
Fastaction press with cold drum and fully automatic register control is designed for high speed operation, allowing to handle a wide range of films and is optimized to meet the demanding requirements of the cosmetics industry.
A complete specification includes a mold station with side adjustment, a rotary extrusion cutting Splitter, a printing drum driven by a spiral gear, an ink pump, layering and re-layering with a turning rod, video web
Known for its sturdy and flexible molds and tools, Kocher Beck demonstrated his new UK precision rewind/relaxation system at LabelexpoEurope, with its flexible mold combination and several new products in the new rotating screen printing product range.
The company announced Jerry Wynia of northern graphics solutions.
It is the representative of namedK B in Canada.
Wynia\'s background includes more than 20 years in the flexo printing industry, with expertise in printing and pre-printing.
The UR precision winding system features servo-driven integrated isolation dancers to compensate for the acceleration time required for new material rolls, avoiding stressful changes that may have a negative impact on the mobile network. Thefive-
The servo rewinding machine has scissors with clean slices to cut and avoid substrate folding-
Go back to the vertical network path of the turret rewinding machine.
The UK will also send energy from the relaxing brake system to the headwind system.
Coinpanv estimates that the converter can save the average cost [Pound)
Energy costs are 3,000 per year.
The TecScreen family includes screens in a range of grids, in dark red color, to help reveal any irregularities.
Frank Hasselberg, executive vice president, said these screens are more dynamic and less expensive than other screens on the market. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Kodak has strengthened its understanding of consumer themes in Labeicxpo europe and in its education K-Zone.
The Kodak Flexcel NXSystem now includes a new Spotless version solution that accurately predicts the color of spots on the press.
Improved workflow automation and \"From the perspective of brand owners, the role of design 2 startup brand managers in managing workflow assets is also shown.
The Cue presentation focuses on brand protection and how to add advanced security measures, such as the newly announced Kodak traeclesal)
Ancient transfer system combining invisible ink and proprietary detection system.
The Kodak Ftexcel direct system simplifies the plate making process, eliminates variability associated with the traditional flexo process, eliminates the need for chemical treatment, and is very useful in circular applications.
The automatic completion time of a unified workflow system such as Prinergy Powcrpack and its packaging layout adjustment software-
Intensive pre-press tasks and reduced operator errors.
KPG has launched Euroflex One Press for multi-packaging applications.
It is capable of printing nylon case, plastic bag, ABL/PBL tube laminate, packaging and shrink film, label and small carton.
Central impression drum based on one or two temperature controls, pin
According to the company, Point Printing registration and consistent tension control are guaranteed.
There are a range of options to choose from, including different printing processes.
UV varnish and conversion function.
360 enabled for KPG scraper system [degrees]
Print for all
Graphic design around.
It has a network width of 270mm and 400mm, and up to 16 colors on the steel central impression drum of 1000mm or 1,800mm, as well as UV.
Infrared or hot air drying system with ink box open or closed. Version 6.
Label Traxx is a popular narrow-net flexible printer printing business management software, launched in LabelexpoEurope.
It is now being tested and is scheduled to be fully released after the exhibition is over.
Label Traxx version 6.
1 includes extended JDF integration and communication between label Traxx and digital partner I IP Indigoand EskoArtwork;
Upgrade the database engine technology, improve the speed and function;
New label Traxx E-
Traxx module, which provides a portal for brand owners to access and manage their label orders and quotations online;
New report authors that provide extended functionality and a simple user interface.
\"In tag Traxx, software enhancements are driven by our very active user base.
Ken Mainhart, president of the company, said.
\"Users constantly understand their needs and desires and we respond to software updates twice a year or more frequently.
\"Throughout the exhibition, Meinhardt was a special host for the digital printing technology seminar.
The flexible mold manufacturer Lartec demonstrates its standard mold as well as a range of special mold series for narrow mesh label conversion.
Theus series is designed for cutting chicken materials such as RFII)labels, multi-
Brochures, cardboard, adhesive foam and more
Layered technical materials for electronic products. The Vac-
The Edge series has holes that run through the plate, allowing the suction or discharge of waste due to cutting;
These molds require the use of specially designed magnetic cylinders with air systems.
The OCS series offers the ability to align with the offset press, and the Art & Cut series allows to create textured surfaces for materials.
Luscher shows muthi Dx and XPose, its multi-function hybrid platform!
Flex hybrid technology provides flexible version printing offset with the possibility to be in the process of letterpress printing and rotating screen printing on a single tablet, multi-DX can also be exposed with anti-expose for hot foil, cmbosing and diecutting applications this printer has a standardized print version and a high level of process stability.
The modular setup also allows for optimized adjustments to the customer\'s needs.
Mark Andy, maker of narrow-net flexo printing press, pushed its full-scale performance series presses for digital short-term printing: P3, P5 and p7 to the European market.
\"Mark Andy has spent a lot of research and development efforts to design a brand new solution to meet specific needs in the short term while addressing various other converter business challenges,\" Left Feltz said . \", Mark Andy\'s technical lead cost, set-up time, and ease of operation are all reasons to position digital printing as the only solution for short-term projects.
The technology of the performance series broke these ideas.
\"For short-term printing, the core of the performance series design is the isits printing station/printing platform design.
The coil system allows repeat sizes to be less than 5/4 \", and the new network path design and advanced registration features can reduce installation waste by up to 60% over traditional online flex machines. Feltz said.
Mark andv announced at Labelexpo that it has become the first flexo printing plant
Taccurer receiving HI)
Flexo certification for EskoArtwork. HI)
Flexo printing is the quality level of flexo printing plate recently developed.
Mark Andy\'s performance series P7 has been selected as a certificate for its design and printing control system designed for high quality printing.
HD flexo seals are only available to companies that have already seen EskoArtworks strenuous HD)
Flexo certification test.
For the first time in Europe, Martin Automic presented its MBSC docking slicer, which runs throughout the exhibition in Labeimenstand.
At Labelmen, there is also a Martin STS auto-deploy/fuse pick-up with the STR turret rewindcr.
\"MBSC is the most economical narrow net, short net and long net fusion pick-up machine on the market, combining affordable price with high performance, providing great value for the converter.
Gavin Rittmcycr, Martin\'s vice president of sales and marketing, said.
\"MBSC and STR knife holder rewindcr togetherdeliverer is a waste of savings, productivity printquality improves non-
Stop pressing.
\"At martinauto\'s booth, demonstrations were held with MBS buttsplicer and LRD rewinding machines.
The former is popular
In the narrow and intermediate process from labelstock to unsupported film to cartonboard, stop, fully auto-splice.
The LRD rewinding has a mobile cantilever spindle device for automatic unloading of the rewinding and finished rolls.
The MaxPro software suite was developed to bridge the high
Professional pre-press system and desktop publishing environment.
With its three core applications, MaxPro, MaxProRIP, and MaxStep, operators can quickly and efficiently create press-
Preparation documents for digital, offset printing or packaging printing processes.
By using cutting-
With advanced design and technology, MaxPro offers fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective aprepress products.
Meech International, a Web cleaning system manufacturer, has added a third product to its scope-TakClean--
With its ShearCleannon-
Contact the network cleaning system and its tornado contact cleaning unit.
TakClean works by running the network through a pair of transfer rollers, and the surface of the transfer roller is treated with silicone and very light adhesive stickiness.
These then transfer the collected pieces to a stronger adhesive wrapped around the roller.
Sheets are perforated so that they can be removed after cleaning, handed over to the customer as proof of cleaning, or discarded.
\"It depends on the company\'s policies, operators or customers.
Director Adam batric said.
The Takclean system can operate at a speed of 250 m per minute.
Hearclean can run 550 m/m and tornado can reach 200 m/m, Melzer has introduced its state-of-the-art RFID conversion line: thes-600.
The machine produces up to 6,000 products per hour for industrial production of small RFID tags such as alcohol brand protection, Pharaoh fraud protection, labels required for vehicle identification, and other high quality batch applications.
Since only 100% features and tested products are suitable for these applications, the online selection of Melzers patents is suitable for cost-
Efficient production.
The label structure is becoming more and more complex and requires a stable and controllable production process.
It is even possible to reliably test and select the UHF transponder in six track stopsand-go process. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Mimaki shows its multiple launch products
Highly specialized and customized label printing with metal, varnish and white ink.
CJV30 series provided by the company, UJF-3042 scries.
The Cjv30 series is an integrated inkjet printer and cutter.
It has four different models (
60, 100, 130, 160 cm)
The maximum printing speed is 17. 5 m2/h. The UJF-
The 3042 series is a uv led flat panel printer.
According to the company, it provides excellent print quality and reliability, as well as space
Savings, compact design.
It can be printed directly on a substrate with a thickness of up to 5 cm and provides color and white print at the same time. [
Slightly] Illustrations
For sensitive applications where end users may not be able to accept odors, such as disposable diapers and tape on women\'s sanitary products, high-performance materials demonstrate their SilForce-free odor UVcurable release coating.
SilForce uv98 80c photoinitiator is an odourless catalyst that can be produced without the use of an organic solvent for the low-odor UV curing polymer of Momentive s SilForce.
The product has a low temperature curing that is usually required for thermal paper and film substrates.
SilForce UV9800 and SilForce uv915 silicone polymers are new products used with SilForce uv980 light initiator for odor-free release coating applications.
Mondi presents a series of release pads of its own
Adhesive products.
Their release pads are used in products such as graphic arts, hygiene, medical care, labeling and sealing industries.
The product range includes glass paper, over-press paper and kraft paper. 1-or 2-
Double-sided polyethylene coated paper, polypropylene film, two-way oriented polypropylene film, polybenzene Diester film, amongothers.
In addition, customers can participate in MondiAcademy, which allows customers to gain Mondi\'s rich technical experience and have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the market.
In addition to the seminar, the company also provides product training for customers.
Mprint\'s digital label printing system Mlabel completes the label in one step.
Because the unit is completely modular, customers can design their own ideal machine configuration.
Modules include: material expansion, thermal transfer printing engine, cold foil unit, RFI1)
Printing engine, UV curing, central operating station, laminate station, diecut module, web check, RFI1)
Write/read Unit, material rewind and paper catcher.
This week, MPS presented its new EXL offset press to the European label industry, which uses sleeves as plates and packaging.
Fully automatic printing machine, based on (
Loebeidesign features automatic ink marks and variable sleeves with a width of 16\' and 20 \'.
All servo press settings are in working memory;
Allows printing jobs to be run through USB drives, iPador other remote devices.
The printing press on the display also includes flexostation mounted on the guide rail above the offset unit, allowing the application of flexo varnish at any time during printing operation, \"We accept offset technology and eliminate the disadvantages.
Eric Horne, managing director of members of Congress, said. EXL-
The packaging machine is the awader flexo version of EXL.
It is 26 m wide and runs at a speed of 300 m/m.
A dedicated ink system with ink cooling options has been developed. The EXL-
The packaging variant is equipped with automatic print control as standard with iControl and job memory.
Solvent-based inks and water-based inks have high-speed hot air dryers.
EF is more than one
The completion of the printing setup by the substrate printing press that controls material compensation through servo positioning technology is automated and can be stored in working memory.
Various Network widths are built into Flexopress, including 20 \".
A variety of conversion models and different input systems are available.
Multitec, an expert in flexo printing equipment, introduced the Ecoflex printing machine.
According to the company, ecoflex\'s modular design and precise, rigid construction provide the necessary versatility and reliability for the most difficult work.
News is available in 13 \"and 17.
5 \"has a wide range of options to enable it to handle various applications of various materials abroad.
Nanovis has introduced its nano-compact NWC for the use of cleaning cabinets and non-
Volatile detergent.
Cleaning is done in a closed loop under a vacuum.
Due to small emissions, it is possible to install directly in the production area next to the printing machine.
This saves the transfer of parts and does not require additional ventilation.
The cleaning process is fully automatic.
The detergent developed by Nanovis for fl
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