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A Solar Conspiracy

by:Top-In     2020-01-22
This article will focus on Nanocap stock (NYSEARCA:BSCR)
Readers should be aware of the risks associated with such stocks.
First of all, there are a lot of reputable solar stocks, such; FirstSolar (NASDAQ:FSLR), Solar City (SCTY), Sunpower (NASDAQ:SPWR)or SunEdison (SUNE).
There are also some solar ETFs and the like (NYSEARCA:TAN)and (NYSEARCA:KWT)
Both made impressive progress in 2013.
TAN data for YCharts \"so why am I wasting your time with me when talking about Bio Solar (OTCQB:BSRC)?
\"No matter which company or etf you own above, BioSolar\'s technology has some real impact on the bottom line. BioSolar Inc.
During the recent market correction, the transaction price was only $0. 10 per share.
Only 8.
4 million outstanding shares, at today\'s price, you can buy the whole company for a little more than $1. 1 million.
They have little money and have been financing their business with diluted products.
Unless you prefer to travel to Las Vegas occasionally, you may not need to read the article any more.
On the other hand, if your interest is motivated and you want to know why I have been following this company for the last six years, please read on.
BioSolar does not make solar panels, nor does it install solar panels, nor does it generate energy from solar panels.
They make a specific component that can be used in photovoltaic manufacturing (PV)cells.
I\'m not going to pretend to be any expert in building or manufacturing solar cells, but I can calculate that this is really what is needed to understand this.
We do need to have a basic understanding of the components that go into the PV cells, and the company has thoughtfully provided this illustration on their website.
The components are laminated together, mounted in an aluminum frame, and then mounted on someone\'s roof.
These two green parts are the focus of bio-solar energy.
We will cover the Super layer in the pipe section later.
The back panel is the only product available to BioSolar at the moment, so we will focus on it first.
The back panel of bio-Solar energy is made of plant materials.
It\'s eco-friendly because it\'s renewable and you just need to grow more plants when you want more.
The back panel currently used in the production of photovoltaic cells is divided into two categories.
In any case, the status quo is not particularly friendly to the environment. in a green industry like solar energy, the most eco-friendly panel of marketing should bring you an advantage.
So with orders from around the world, bio-Solar is about to explode.
Sadly, this is not the case. why not? Expense?
It\'s clear that green is going to cost more.
I recently wrote an article entitled \"eco-friendliness can help your bottom line.
Covers Norsk Hydro (OTCQX:NHYDY)
An aluminum company is able to reduce the basic cost of aluminum production in a more eco-friendly way.
I can easily add bio solar to the same article.
The fact is that BioSolars backplates are not only more eco-friendly, but also cheaper than alternatives. OK, it\'s cheap.
Must be inferior products!
It\'s like fake Rolex that stops working after a week, or fake handbags that stitch apart when you first use it.
As far as I know, the back plate is at least as good as a thermoplastic replacement.
That is to say, it does the same or better heat dissipation than polyester or Tedlar.
Like you, I don\'t want to just accept the company saying that there must be some industry standards.
I will jump to the press release now, as it also answers many other apparent objections, including needs.
The company recently reported that it has added some considerable foreign and domestic solar companies to its growing list of manufacturers receiving samples and is actively evaluating the biological load used for solar panels
The company also announced plans to raise its shares to a senior stock exchange to gain institutional capital to drive its business growth.
\"Yes, that\'s 2011!
It is clearly a quality product at a lower price.
I told you that all you need to understand is math.
The Green Point emphasizes demand, which is exactly what I said earlier in this article.
\"In a green industry like solar, selling the greenest panels should give you an advantage.
\"USDA Bio-Reference certification means that the government will purchase your solar panels instead of other solar panels as you use this back panel;
So the money must be rolling in.
It was all two years ago, so the money should have been rolling in by now. Err, no.
To explain this phenomenon, I will refer to \"my father, a scientist \".
\"My dad is a microbiology and in his career he invented a process called time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Live mold particles in vacuum tell you something!
He also designed and built a mass spectrometer and found that you can
Wave Semtex without explosion.
Why is this important?
In his early 90 s, he found out if you were
Waving everyone\'s travel luggage, you can determine which aftershave or perfume they are using, and more importantly;
Do they have a bomb in their bag?
By analyzing the steam on your luggage, you can not only judge whether there is a bomb, but you can also determine that the explosive was made due to its chemical properties.
Obviously, the average 40-minute delay is more than the airport is willing to deal with, so the idea is not realized.
Next time you line up at TSA for two hours, keep this in mind.
According to many sources, if we don\'t have time to fly, we will run out of antibiotics about ten years ago.
Interestingly, when my father entered the world, he left the world as if he had gone bankrupt.
Science is enough for him.
He had some good ideas about monetizing the study, but he never understood it.
I am worried that there may be similar problems in BioSolar.
Maybe I was wrong. on last March, the company attacked us with this blockbuster.
Yes, they will end up with some money coming in and no longer have a diluted product.
As expected, the government and the US military want what they get.
When you can have less explosive solar energy, who wants a fuel dump next to their command center?
All of this is true except \"money coming in.
November 4, 2013 Monday, October 31, 2013 Thursday, October 25, 2013 Friday, July 26, 2013 Friday, May 10, 2013 Friday, March 13, 2013 on Wednesday, Wednesday I have including the these your files of link only for reference.
If you are bothered to look through it, you will find that any form of income from BioSolar is zero.
So, have they just given the \"first business order?
Is this part of the concept marketing plan?
Do they have follow-up orders?
All these are reasonable questions for shareholders.
On November, I sent an email to the company asking the same question.
I\'m still waiting for a reply.
Pipeline \"if the government requires the entire 2151-mile corridor of the Cornerstone --
The XL pipe has to cover the solar panel, do they still want to build it?
\"How much energy can that generate ? \"
\"Will environmental activists be appeased by the deal?
\"A completely different pipeline, but still all the good problems.
The bio-solar pipeline has some real potential but has missed the ship in some ways.
So let\'s see what they\'re doing.
In the previous example, they also highlighted the advantages that I expected to be their second commercially viable product. (
OK, I can\'t get the SA article to work)
For those of you who want to see the image, here is it.
Thin film solar cells are flexible.
They are the type of solar cells that have been highlighted in all the innovations presented at this year\'s auto show.
Unlike a ridge-like solar cell, they do not have a back plate, but instead use a substrate that is usually made of stainless steel or petroleum-based plastic.
The company believes it can provide a more economical biological substrate than the current alternatives.
Superlayers are a common element for thin films and conventional solar cells.
If biological solar energy can provide transparent organisms
Basic materials that can be produced to replace this layer and further reduce the cost of current and next generation photovoltaic solar modules.
Even glass manufacturers like Corning (NYSE:GLW)
Attention should begin.
In addition to these solar modules, the company is expected to develop a range of bio-based plastics that can easily replace petroleum-derived plasticschemicals.
I think they missed the boat and are working on a bio-based silicon wafer replacement.
The fact that they are able to produce inert compounds from organic materials, which also disperse heat better than traditional alternatives, should be of interest to companies such as Apple (OTC:APPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)
Dell or Lenovo (LNGVY)!
If I were Elon Musk, I thought I would try to trade this company with 10 to 12 p85.
This is about providing one vehicle for board members and another for their spouse.
Obviously you can\'t put them on the waiting list and you have to put them in front of the team, but that\'s a good indication that BioSolars technology is undervalued.
Will a Model S benefit from some thin film flexible solar panels when you are working?
Is SolarCity willing to spend money with DuPont or its subsidiaries?
Especially if the subsidiary is locked in a contract with the US government.
The plot named the article a plot for the solar industry.
On the face of it, you may think it depends on your own political inclination.
Yes, I used the word politics, which is easy when describing why bio solar is unknown on OTC.
It all boils down to leverage.
If Elon Musk buys BioSolar, then they can turn to their manufacturer and say, \"use this product because it\'s cheaper.
\"Control the game before DuPont and others have a vested interest.
It\'s kind of like running for a congressman, you know this guy is an idiot, but you voted for him anyway because of the money and support behind him.
You may vote for another person who is unheard of, because he has some good ideas, but he can\'t win, so why waste your vote.
It\'s better to keep the status quo and give the person whose faith is closest, which actually has the chance to win.
If I were Dr. David LeeBioSolar, CEO)
If you call yourself a doctor, I realize that Wall St really doesn\'t care.
Your delivery is more important than what you choose.
As of February, we are still waiting for the financial position for the whole year and the fourth quarter.
This is not unheard of for multinational enterprise groups, but even I can quickly calculate zero.
There are four possible outcomes for this company;
I know this is a technology that changes the Earth.
Why should I bother to write this article?
I cannot assure you that this company or its stock will do well in 2014.
However, if there are other entities coming in, you can\'t ignore it if you are currently investing in the solar industry.
Dad\'s plan is like this.
I currently hold 232 shares in $0 DCA. 28.
I had thousands before, but I sold them in a recent rally.
My intention is to buy thousands more at the current level, thus reducing my DCA.
Without some indication that there is a real management involved, I will not increase my position to more than $500.
That\'s why I mentioned traveling to Vegas and not investing in anything you can\'t afford to lose, but don\'t ignore what the company is doing.
Within at least 72 hours of the post, I will not make any changes to my position.
Disclosure: I am long BSRC.
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I was not compensated.
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
Additional disclosure: Some forwarding may be included in this article-
Look at the report.
I have tried to identify these forward as long as possible
Forward-looking statements using words such as \"expectation\", \"belief\", \"estimate\", \"expectation\", \"plan\", \"intention\", \"potential\" and similar expressions.
These statements reflect my current beliefs and are based on the information that is currently available.
So this forwarding
Outlook statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may lead to significant differences in actual results, performance or achievement from the results expressed or implied in these statements.
If there are any changes, additions or changes to the information contained in this text, I am under no obligation to update or advise, including such forwarding --
Look at the report.
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