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advanced desiccant solutions improve diabetes diagnostic kits.

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Lab companies have saved money and provided new tests for long-term disease control.
7 million of Americans have diabetes, a hormone disorder that the body cannot produce or use insulin correctly to convert sugar and starch.
2,200 new cases were diagnosed every day, making it the fastest growing disease in the United States.
Since patients with diabetes are unable to process glucose effectively, diagnostic tests to monitor glucose concentration in the blood are critical.
Patients must ensure that blood sugar levels do not rise too much and that such tests are usually performed several times a day. San-Diego-
Headquartered in LXN Corporation, it has created three unique diagnostic kits specifically for diabetes control: a duet for healthcare professionals, and a charging and express view kit for patients to use at home
This kit requires desiccant for strict moisture protection, as they almost immediately start to lose effect once the test strips are exposed to moisture.
Recently, lx n switched to advanced desiccant technology for itstubes and plugs, and saved 60% of the cost of packaging protection.
The new product is diagnosis. PAK from Sud-
Packaging for chemical properties.
In addition to providing excellent moisture protection, the supplier has customized the tubes to increase protection from light and by reducing the supply lead time by half, helpedlx n is more effective
\"Switch to diagnosis-
\"PAK has improved our products,\" said Ralph Hanna, material director at lx n.
\"We are a company. Sud-
Chemie was able to meet our quantity requirements and they provided us with local storage options to help make our operations smoother.
\"The LXN suite is sold through multi-level distribution for up to a year from manufacturing to actual use.
Without moisture protection, the shelf life of these diagnostic kits can only be one week at best.
\"The combination of moisture and dry reagents in the diagnostic test paper area is poor,\" Hannah explained . \".
\"Low humidity is the key to the shelf life of the diagnostic kit, while the dryer works and works reliably every time.
\"The company was established in 1994 and began to sell products in 1998 after several years of research and development.
Currently lx n package 15000diagnostic-
Weekly PAK tubes, due to the growing demand for diabetes care, production doubled every quarter.
Customize the right tube
Chemical diagnosis-
Pakistan tube and stopper are made of rigid, high
Density plastic for crushing
Protection against damage.
The tube is two.
Half an inch long, 1 inch in diameter, put the desiccant directly into the plastic cover.
After re-sealing, the desiccant will absorb any environmental moisture from the test tube and protect the strip during the service life of the product. Sud-
Chemie cooperated with lx n to customize the color of the tube, providing different color tube samples for lx n for optical transmission testing.
\"Our products are very sensitive to light . \"
\"Over time, the light actually causes the chemicals in the diagnostic kit to react.
\"Lx n selects a black tube in which the pigmentation is high enough to prevent light from spreading. Sud-
Cheme then produced and delivered the required test tubes in less than 10 weeks, and the quantity reached the required quantity. This value-
The additional service is the minimum cost to help LXN better protect its products without damaging the bank.
Regardless of the diagnosis, lx n uses paper labels on test tubes
PAK can also be printed with 4-
Improve the appearance of products, enhance brand value.
The pre-printed tube also saves the cost of packaging labels.
Compared to the foil bag lx n, it has the advantage of packaging its kit using manual and automatic lines, and has considered foil bag packaging once.
This is a common option for the diagnostic industry, but it needs to buy expensive machines.
\"Tin paper packaging is a huge capital investment for us,\" Hannah said . \".
\"In addition, special feeding mechanisms must be installed, and foil bags need to be arranged and counted exactly for everything.
\"When dealing with small plastic strips that are easily dirty, it can be a logistical nightmare,\" he said.
Lx n also selects tubes and plugs according to customer\'s needs and usersfriendliness.
\"Patients don\'t need to fumble to find cracks on foil bags and they put all the stripes in one place,\" Hannah said . \".
The new test pushes the responsibility back into the charging kit for the patient lx n, which is-home use.
The test measured the concentration of ructosamine in the blood, providing patients with instructions for blood glucose control.
Fructose Amine, a type of mashing protein, provides patients with a measurement method similar to the HbA test
The range test of blood glucose levels in the first two to three months of measurement. The four-
The minute charge test gives patients a better understanding of how effective they are in controlling diabetes over time.
\"So far, patients have to focus on blood sugar levels per day or hour,\" Hannah explains . \".
\"Through a test every two weeks or so, patients can fully understand their condition.
They can make more informed choices in terms of diet, exercise and medication, which encourages them to take more personal responsibility for disease control. \"Currently south
Ship diagnosis-
However, Hannah expects Pakistan\'s weekly supply of Incharge kits to LXN to increase production over the coming year. \"Sud-
From ordering, stock to shipping, chemistry does help keep up with production.
Excellent logistics. \" Sud-
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