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The unique feature about this heating system is that it can be installed in every kind of floor whether it is wooden, concrete, tile, laminate or even carpet. There are many types of underfloor heating equipment among whom some can be installed under the sub floor while other can be installed over the sub floors. The ideal time to install these heating systems is during the construction phase or while renovating the floors. These heating systems are generally comes in the form of a mat that will be available in different shapes and sizes. Along with this you can also go for a large electric mat that can be trimmed down to small or required sizes depending upon the space availability of the individual rooms. An electric cable will be attached to them that supplies electricity to these mats. Once these heating systems will be installed they don't require any further maintenance on your part. Apart from this, these systems supplies heat to the entire room and also consume little energy so does not put any pressure over your monthly budget. So opting for this technology you can enjoy winters without any chill within your house. Among the many different types of heating systems the best ones to install are: Ribbon Mat System - These are installed between the subfloor and the flooring product. These mats compose of the amorphous metal ribbons which are coated with polyethylene insulation. To offer great efficiency this mat quickly provides high-level heat along with lower working temperature. These easily installed under the floors like stones, vinyl, tiles or even slate. Carbon Film System - It is another heating system that can be installed under floors like laminate, wood or even engineered board floor. You can buy a single roll of this system and cut it to varied sizes depending upon the room's space requirement. So it's an ideal and cost - effective solution for fast and even heating of the entire house. These underfloor heating systems are among the eco-friendly products because they does not cause any harm to our environment. So these systems not only protect you from the frozen interior, but also protect your environment against carbon effect and other related harmful components.
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