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aluminum coil: an earth-friendly industrial material

by:Top-In     2020-08-08
Whether aluminum foil is needed for a project (thinner than 0.
Thickness 006 inch)
Or aluminum plate (0. 006 inch to 0.
Thickness 070 inch)
, Aluminum coil behind the manufacturing process.
The aluminum coil is formed by rolling a continuous aluminum strip into a roll.
Some of the advantages of the aluminum coil is that it is light in weight and heavy in weight and can resist corrosion.
By applying protective oxide on the surface of aluminum through a process called Anode Oxidation, the corrosion resistance can be further improved.
Therefore, manufacturers who need to increase productivity and require parts that can withstand components rely on aluminum coils to complete the work.
Why would they choose aluminum rolls instead of durable materials like steel or copper?
The density and weight of aluminum is about 33% of the steel, making the parts lighter, thus reducing the handling cost and shipping cost.
In addition, the cost is about 50% of copper.
In fact, according to the news of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, the competition between aluminum and copper has become \"the biggest condensation coil debate \".
\"In the article published by industrial news sources, while there is a dispute over one thing and another, one thing is clear.
The condensation coil made of aluminum makes the air conditioner more affordable. \"That (aluminum coil)
It reduces the cost of air conditioning systems and makes them more popular with consumers and builders.
\"However, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry is not the only one that uses aluminum coils.
In fact, the transportation industry is the largest user of the product in the United States, accounting for nearly 30% of the country\'s output.
In fact, the country\'s average car contains more than 275 pounds aluminum, and some luxury automakers use aluminum sheets to make the entire body of their car.
Maybe that\'s why aluminum has become the most productiveiron metal.
In the construction industry, aluminum coils are also used more and more frequently as decorative materials to cover the basic materials of the home.
Because aluminum can be anodized with decorative oxide and has a variety of colors, it provides a pleasant finishing function.
Most importantly, it\'s easy to install and it\'s a great home project for you to do it yourself.
The most typical way aluminum coils are used in the home is as decorative finishes for Windows, soffit boards, siding and roof edges.
In addition to these industrial advantages, aluminum is very friendly to the environment due to its ability to recycle.
The ability of aluminum to be recycled indefinitely further enhances this ecological friendliness.
In the transportation industry alone, this has brought great benefits to the Earth.
Specifically, the average car consists of about 7% aluminum, but at the end of its service life, aluminum accounts for about 40% of the total material scrap value of the average car.
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