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Aluminum laptop carrying cases just keep getting

by:Top-In     2020-06-05
Possibly the world's coolest laptop carrying case of any description was featured in the movie, Mission Impossible 3, starring Tom Cruise. The film featured the latest high tech equipment in glamorous settings. The wood finish designer aluminum laptop carrying case fit in perfectly in the ultra chic world the film's stars lived in. While you may not be able to afford a Maserati or other expensive sports car, you can afford to buy the Maserati of laptop cases. A brilliant molded silver aluminum laptop carrying case was featured on Extreme Makeover. If you want an extreme makeover of your image, you might want to look into this case. Outside, it features chromed locks, pins and handles. Inside is a plush purple velvet lining with a two-toned leatherette and velvet attache. It has three folder dividers with adjustable button straps, pen holders and even a holder for your iPod or phone. If purple velvet is not to your liking or you need a larger aluminum laptop carrying case, check out the four inch deep molded attache case. This one has extra dividers to give your laptop a custom fit. On model has a stunning orange and silver interior that will make you want to open up your case and show it off to the world. If you have watched the smash hit television series, Chuck, then maybe you saw the incredible gold colored aluminum laptop carrying case that has been featured on the show. You probably thought it was either something the prop people had put together or was so ridiculously expensive you couldn't possibly afford to buy one for yourself. Wrong on both counts. It is a commercially available case and it's not at all expensive. Most of the aluminum laptop carrying cases mentioned above can carry laptops with screen sizes up to 17 inches. If you have a smaller laptop and want a more compact case, consider buying the molded aluminum model that was featured on Deal or No Deal. While it was used to add drama and style to this popular TV show, it was designed for laptops with smaller screen sizes, up to 14 inches. Its one piece, molded aircraft aluminum shell is definitely going to stand up to any accidental external abuse and its stylishly padded interior is going to protect your laptop on the inside. There are so many designer aluminum laptop carrying cases on the market now, it's Mission Impossible to do them all justice in a single article. Check them out online and see for yourself. Choose the one that appeals to you and it will be Mission Accomplished.
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