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Amcor film itself is flexible, and so are approaches to design. (Frozen Food Packaging Trends).

by:Top-In     2020-07-18
When it comes to frozen food packaging, Amcor is flexible.
In fact, Amcor is flexible in Europe (AFE)
Headquartered in Ilkston, Derbyshire, UK, last year, we developed high-quality flexible packaging solutions specifically for the frozen and frozen food industry.
Although the name is new, its packaging service is perfect.
The company was established in April 6, 2001 and was established by Australian packaging giant Amcor Ltd.
Carry out European activities with Dansk flexible department and AB Akerlund & Rausing.
Total sales have reached 1.
€ 1 million per year.
In the UK, Amcor Flexibles has a list of customers, most of the major frozen food brand owners, including retailer labels, to support them with high quality recessed printing in up to 10 colors, soft prints of up to eight colors.
The use of metal films and laminated materials also enhances the packaging style.
The UK\'s frozen food market is currently estimated at 1.
8 billion tons, the overall growth rate is around 2. 5% perannum.
Sales should be close to 5 billion by current value [poundsterling].
Potato products will still be the largest segment in the frozen vegetable market, accounting for more than 50% of sales, of which 65% are considered frozen potato chips, while the growth rate of the special industry is about 13% per year.
The key to success is getting involved early in the design concept.
The event was supported by the client\'s own expertise
House design/art studio, able to incorporate quality into the final packaging design.
The success of AFE is reflected in the number of awards it has received in its packaging and printing standards.
The graphics and printing skills of Amcor are also developed and supported internally
Facilities for film production.
AF extrusion company has developed film specifications according to the production and market demand of individual customers.
AFVenus has achieved special success in flexo design, enhanced by fine screen printing and specific mesh roller configuration, combined with sheet technology, combined with printing and Ink Development and modification, to cover Superflexo systems that are unique to AFE.
The merger between Amcor danisco Flexible and A & R creates new AFE, bringing important new opportunities for customers to differentiate their products through customized Flexible packaging solutions, these solutions will have multiple site facilities throughout Europe in most European countries.
Although fierce competition among retailers has led to some factors in the market becoming more commodity --
Innovation-oriented, through innovative methods to create unique product identity and packaging innovation, brand development effectively respond to this trend.
Marketing ideas to educate consumers on healthier product forms-
For example, organic products, fat reduction products, etc. --
Is another key strategic factor.
With the support of strong brands, this strategy is shifting the channels for consumers to buy Pure prices.
The growth and value of the Frozenfood market has also been promoted by the change of value --
Thanks to the popularity of prepared food and meals including pizza, fish and chicken products, quality products have been added more widely.
The rise of vegetarianism has also affected and benefited the market.
Success in the future depends on the difference in price
Driven goods department from frozen food for additional products
Value Line, with high level of product and packaging innovation.
There are special opportunities in the areas of children and young people in which snack products and smaller unit packaging will be required to support this novel approach.
This will require a lot of promotional support in terms of media advertising.
However, innovative product lines can also get on-
Use the latest print and inkdevelopments to package promotions to create consumer interests such as hidden information and instant wins.
As consumers become more aware of healthier eating habits, packaging design and advertising programs will all need to educate consumers, which will be a fundamental requirement to help offset some perceptions that freezing is not as good as fresh.
Trends in the food industry suggest that quality and convenience will become more and more important, which will allow the introduction of advanced products and home brands to further challenge basic commodity approaches.
Convenience has proven to be a strong selling point, with strong performance in ready-made meals and mixed products.
This will also focus on the difference and value of the product.
Additional features that require user support-
Friendly packaging.
Changes in population trends will bring more opportunities
Individuals or smaller families tend to dine alone instead of during family meetings.
This can be solved by choice, such as smaller package sizes and a full diet in the tray, and perhaps parts such as dipping sauce, sauces, etc.
The changing practices of retailers will also create opportunities for product and packaging development to adapt to changing service requirements.
An example is an effective consumer response (ECR)
Designed to peel costs out of the supply chain, often resulting in smaller but more frequent production operations and deliveries,
Take a positive rather than a passive attitude towards competition.
In the store, going to the closet creates the opportunity to develop the Booth
Compared to the standard flat packaging method previously using openchest freezing equipment, the packaging can get maximum visibility.
Although so far, most consumers are only interested in the environmental aspects of food packaging, with the emergence of the latest waste packaging legislation, which will be valued and taken care of in the development of packaging, this way it still conveys the quality and convenience without implying the method of overpackaging.
Packaging film provides a significant advantage to minimize the burden of responsibility for packaging and retailers and meet the wishes of consumers.
The cornerstone of Amcor Flexibles\'s European success lies in its product innovation culture, which will continue to support the frozen food industry\'s broader interest in new packaging forms, which offer consumers more
Easy to open and reopen, for example
Sealing facilities, single packaging and packaging to make the product cooked in the package before serving.
Laminated film is becoming more and more popular as it protects printed images from surface damage, attracts the attention of consumers and provides strong support for brand recognition and loyalty.
In the frozen food market, the use of metal film is also growing at a significant rate, coupled with the innovation of the ink system that produces material finishes and gloss paint areas to highlight the product, has been very effective.
In the future, the industry should look for \"smart packaging\" such as temperature-sensitive inks to show the safety of products throughout the distribution system.
Clearly, the market for frozen foods will continue to grow;
However, the new alternative will also provide significant diversity opportunities for businesses involved in food production and their packaging.
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