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Located in the northeastern side of New South Wales in Australia, Byron Bay is a beachside town that sits north of Sydney and south of Brisbane. With a population of less than 5,000, the place is a popular tourist spot and destination for people looking for a health retreat in Australia. Cavvanbah is the name the Aborigines gave to the area. When British explorer Captain James Cook landed there in 1770, he called it Byron Bay in honor of Vice Admiral John Byron of the British Royal Navy who was also the grandfather of the British poet Lord Byron. With the coming of other Europeans, the streets of Byron Bay were eventually named after other English writers and philosophers. Why is Byron Bay an ideal retreat accommodation? First, you'll find clean beaches for sunbathers, nudists, pet-lovers and vacationers that are not filled with people or dwarfed by high-rise buildings. Since the Australian sun burns all year round, the water is perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling almost any time of the year. The beaches are covered with gleaming white sand the clear blue waters are always inviting. Whale-watching is another popular attraction. You'll find many humpbacks in the area from June to August as they migrate northwards. The mammals return in September and October with new babies in tow. The rich marine life of Julian Rocks, a pair of small islands just offshore from Byron Bay, makes it a great destination for divers. Legend says that the islands were formed when a jealous husband threw his spear at the canoe carrying his wife and her lover. When the canoe broke in half and sank, its back and front part stuck out of the water. Cook later named the islands after his nephew and niece. Today, the place is part of the Cape Byron Marine Park and is the home of many marine species like leopard sharks, grey nurse sharks, wobbegong and other species. Fishing is banned here to protect Julian Rocks' diverse marine life. Aside from this, Byron Bay is also the place for pagan gatherings, music lovers, writers and film buffs. There are many events that cater to these groups like the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival, the Byron Bay Writers Festival, and the Byron Bay Film Festival among others. These and many other reasons make Byron Bay a haven for people looking for a way out of this stressful world. If you are searching for a healing centre, wellness centre, medi-spa, holistic gym or fitness centre, Byron Bay is the place for you. When in Australia looking for health retreat that provides detox or hydrotherapy services, be sure to visit Byron Bay. It's the best you can do for your body.
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