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Authoring of DVDs can either be a thoroughly enjoyable

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
The best DVD authoring techniques are mostly related to great menus. One should endeavour to include a variety of subjects within every menu without overwhelming the end user. The use of colour is very important. The colours chosen do not have to shout to be attractive to the user. With the best DVD authoring, professionals use colour palettes that are consistent with the dominant colours in the film itself. As part of achieving the best DVD authoring, one can try to piece up the film with a genre of music that is consistent with the emotions in the film. With the advent of technology, DVDs are facing a vicious challenge from Blue Ray technology since the Blue Ray CDs carry larger amounts of data. When considering using the best DVD authoring techniques around, you might want to consider that DVDs have a capacity of about 4.7GB while the Blue Ray CDs carry around 25GB of data. With this in mind, you will quickly notice that with Blue Ray discs you have an extra 20GB to play around with thus giving you a chance to add more content. The development of Blue Ray CDs was out of a need to develop a format that was able to facilitate recording, rewriting and playback of High Definition Video (HD) and also enable the storage of large quantities of data. DVDs use a red laser to read data while this new format uses a blue-violet laser which a shorter wavelength (450nm) compared to the red wavelength of 650nm. The result is that data can further be compressed and stored in less space. The result was Blue Ray CDs which can handle 5 times the normal storage quantity of normal DVDs. Single layer Blue Ray CDs can handle up to 25GB on a single layer and 50GB on a double layer. The renowned electronics company Pioneer has come up with Blue Ray CDs with a capacity of 500GB courtesy of 20 layers on a single disc.
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