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Automotive plastics.

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The automotive industry is one of the most demanding and plastic industries.
Due to its advantages over metal parts, molded parts can be found in almost all vehicle systems.
The benefits of plastic for the automaker include design flexibility, weight savings, dents and corrosion resistance, and reduced tool costs.
Reducing weight to improve fuel efficiency is becoming the main driving force in the United StatesS.
Gasoline prices continued to rise.
A survey by Frost & Sullivan highlighted the success of plastics in reducing vehicle weight.
Plastic bumpers save 22 compared to traditional materials. 9 lbs/10.
4 kg, engine cover saving 9. 3lbs/4.
A new report says 2 kg, fuel tanks save 11 lbs/5 kg and fuel efficiency stimulates the use of lightweight materials in the automotive industry.
The improvement of smcreinformed thermal solid composite continues to make progress in steel, especially in body panels, structural components and lower parts
Report of automobile composite materials Alliance (ACA).
The ACA observed that composite parts usually reduce the weight of the parts by 35% and can reduce the cost of the mold by half.
The latest development of sheet forming composite materials (SMC)
David White, chairman of the ACA executive committee and vice president of automotive systems sales at Meridian, a Tier 1 supplier, reports that technology has been approved by automakers.
Toyota is expected to provide SMC beds for the first time in its 5. 5 Tacoma X-medium
Runner pickup
An innovative SMC roof module on the 2004 Envoy XUV slides forward and can drag a tall item.
The car is also equipped with SMC end door panel and Composite middle door panel [R]
Separate the goods from the passengers.
The load floor is made of SRIM composite material, which reduces weight and improves durability.
The progress in resin and seals has greatly reduced the level of SMC Class A defects, White said, noting that paint persistent organic pollutants and microcracks have almost been eliminated.
Materials include tough Class (TCA[TM])SMC, a low-
Quality, conductive resin system developed by AOC and thysenk rup Berbard; Dynaseal[TM]UV-
The sealing device of BASF Company; PhaseEpsilon[TM]
SMC Resin of Ashland special chemical company; PopFree[TM]
Primer/sealing agent for red dot paint and varnish company;
And the new UV curing process of Fusion UV system.
Module acquisition ground research and market Limited
In its new automotive module and System Report, it is observed that the car manufacturer
Long-term potential in the form of outsourcing responsibility for major sub-components and vehicle integration systems.
Major automakers seem to be working on
Reduced level of terminology-house value-
The research team noted that niche cars play a bigger role as new cars grow in complexity and equipment levels.
Plastic Omnium, a first-class supplier in France, recently launched
End Module and new-
Concept Fender module with integrated headlights and other components for easy assembly-
Line operation to reduce assembly costs.
The company specializes in the production of multi-material modules and components, production bumper, Fender, frontend and rear-
Terminal components and energy-
Absorption system. A new high-
Thermal plastic materials of GE Advanced Materials (GE AM)
Plastic Omnium is using injection mold fenders that can be installed before the manufacturer\'s body paint line plating process.
Noryl GTX 979 is reported to withstand temperatures of up to 200 [degrees]
C no deformation.
The Fender weighs 2. 2 lb (1 kg)
Less than similar steel fenders, offering more styling freedom and moving from low
Speed is better than metal. Plastic-
The metal matrix composite lattice is the most recent HydroPlast [TM]
Building and intelligenceTM]
Connection technology for front endend modules.
Engineering products with Carlisle and Vari-
GE developed the technology to combine steel with Noryl GTX [R]
Single cost resin
Effective molding process
The closed part of the hydraulic molding of steel provides rigidity;
The SmartLok connection formed during the injection molding process is the overall connection between the metal and the plastic.
The modules integrate the radiator, the hood latch, the washing machine bottle, the headlights, the grille, and the dashboard.
Mixed plastic-
The metal composite technology developed by BayerMaterialScience has been successful in cutting-edge fieldsend production.
Ford Fox C
The Max van front end integrates more than 20 components and features. Durethan[R]BKV 30 H2. 0 heat-
Stable nylon 6 reinforced with 30wt % fiberglass was injected into a mold where six steel parts were placed.
The melt encapsulates the steel to form the front
The Endmodule, which features a molded reinforcement and deformation point, is designed to minimize damage and damage to the engine during a collision.
Long Fiber Reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT)
Parts are widely used in the automotive industry, especially in Europe.
Introduction of starov by johansmanville [TM]
LFTplus, a high quality direct coarse yarn for long fiber thermoplastic plastic.
It is said that the coarse yarn has the nutritional properties and excellent processing performance of yew.
The chemical size of the StarRov LFTplus product is compatible with PP.
There are also PA, pet, and other plastics.
An endless fiber that will be one-way (EF)with long-
Esoro, a Swiss engineering company, has developed fiber thermoplastic plastics. The oneshot E-
Low implementation of LFT processes
High cost, mass production of lightweight structural parts with excellent mechanical properties and great design freedom, says Esoro.
Flexible EF tape can be placed along the load path to provide additional enhancements to key parts with minimal additional weight.
The first application is arear-
The integrated belt seat back is 50% lighter than the steel seat back. Celstran[R]
LFRT from Tikona was selected as full-
The terrain car of Polaris industry.
The rack is molded from Celstran PP GF40 02 LFRT and contains 40% long fiberglass in the polypropylene matrix.
The rack system uses ribs to increase strength and reduce weight, avoiding the need for forging, welding and painting steel.
It is said that molded parts have high impact and bending strength at low temperatures.
Celstran has also been used to develop a storage folding roof frame system for Citroen C3 Pluriel, saving weight and reducing assembly costs.
Paint-free glossy finish showing class a surface, high
The glossy roof module of the MCC \"smart\" sports car is reinforced with polyurethane rigidity by ArvinMeritor using fiberglass-
Foam System from bayersbaydur [R]STR family.
Crowded together, scratched
Wear-resistant polycarbonate film and ASA/PC Resin anchor coating on the back
Fiber injection system.
Baydur resin foam is combined with the film and fabric layer of the roof lining that was previously inserted into the mold.
Lexan provided by GE advanced materials company [R]
Making a SLX movie from anopaint, high-
Gloss a grade surface finish of the body panel.
This film can withstand prolonged exposure to UV light without fading and is resistant to scratches and chemicals.
The MCC \"smart\" roof module, produced by ArvinMeritor with Lexan SLX film, won a grand prize in 2003 speco automotive sector Innovation Award Program.
The film is suitable for most external panels, well matched with various substrates and can be processed using large internal
Mold decoration technology, says ge am. Under-
Wide range of engine under the hood plastic-
Related and other deficiencies
The parts of the hood are being produced in plastic products.
First North American High School
The Volumethermoplastic rocker arm cover was unveiled on the 2004 model Daimler-Chrysler van.
Made from DuPont Minlon [special grade]R]
Glass/mineral reinforced nylon is manufactured by the Bruss sealing system and valvecovers reduces the weight by more than 65% compared to the metal, reducing the cost.
Minlon is said to provide an excellent balance in terms of stiffness, strength, dimensional stability and anti-warping.
Rodia engineering plastics recently announced the launch of a new nylon grade 66, also for the rocker cover application. Technyl[R]
It is said that the 218 MZ15 V25 has good thermal and mechanical properties, as well as good surface appearance and productivity improvement.
It promises excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, especially stiffness and strength, with excellent thermal aging properties to meet the requirements of the rocker cover and other below
Hood application.
Plastic has successfully replaced metal air.
The intake manifold of many vehicles, including performance vehicles. Amodel[R]A-
The 6135 hsl ppa from solvay Advanced Polymers is being used to shape the first known composite material for the automotive performance aftermarket.
BASF is supplying glass.
China\'s first car-reinforced nylon resin for air molds
The intake manifold has a better airflow compared to the metal predecessor.
The first plastic intake manifold in Russia was made by Questra, a Dow Motor Company. TM]
Crystal Polymer for Lada vehicles.
The world\'s first 35%-glass-molded thermoplastic truck engine oil bottom shellFill Ultramid [R]
A3HG7 nylon resin from BASF.
It is said that the component is about 1 decibels quieter than its metal predecessor, and the amount of oil used to extend the oil change has increased by 30%, 50% lighter than similar aluminum slots.
The component is molded in a 13 mode. 2-1b (6-kg)
Mercedes from KTSN in eastern Germany-
Mercedes truck.
Three fast models have been launched in tiecona-
Provide a crystalline PET resin with smooth and smooth surface at the Mold temperature of 90 [degrees]C to100[degrees]C.
This allows the use of water-
Not oil, but cooling tools.
Most other pets need to cool down. Impet[R]
PET resin with glass
At a load of 35%, 40% and 45%, mineral fillers are considered to have improved in flow and cycle time
Standard pets are used for injection mold parts such as luggage racks, spark plug covers and grille opening holders.
The soft leather for interior decoration replaces the PVC molded outer leather for interior decoration of automobile with excellent performance.
Designed from BASFare to high elastic polyurethane rubberquality, cost-
Effective PVC replacement for instrument panel and door panel housing.
Elistoskin offers a soft feel over a wide temperature range and is used by Cadillac CTS\'s Intier car interior forIP and door panels. Desmopan[R]
Bayer Material Technology for TPU is made by kautextron blowmolded GmbH & Co.
Production of skin under a large area of named Skin [R]
Decoration of IPs and inner doors.
In production, the resin is continuously inserted in the extruder, and the extruder blank assumes the shape in the second stage of the process.
Bayersays said that inflated in a cold mold, two finished parts can be formed at one time and removed by the robot, reducing the cycle time by about 70% compared to slush molding of the skin.
Internal application a new material produced by Bayer Materials science for the interior of the car is said to have high fluidity and greatly improved heat-resistant aging properties. Bayblend[R]KU 2-
Based on BayblendT88 1522
2N, is an amorphous thermoplastic plastic reinforced with a glass fiber of 10wt %, made of polycarbonate, styrene-
Acrylic (SAN)
And a special rubber system.
Visteon Deutschland GmbH is using it for Ford Focus C-Max.
Other potential applications include support structures for central consoles, handrails, and cup holders.
Ge am adds a new level to its Cycoloy [family]R]PC/ABShigh-
Impact amorphous resin.
Developed for automotive interiors, Cycoloy CY8620 is suitable for IP components with excellent hydrolysis stability and impact robustness at cost
The company says it effectively addresses the unique challenges of internal applications.
DSM Engineering Plastics expands the application scope of itsArnitel [R]
Cop co polyester rubber for airbag. Low-
Gentle and high
The temperature strength is well suited for this purpose, DSM said, noting that it was selected as a side airbag cover in the rollRoyce Phantom.
Dow Corning provides MB series of Masterbatch to improve the scratch resistance of thermoplastic materials, especially olefin, and scratch resistance in March.
Automotive applications include hard interior components such as IPs, door trim, central console, columns, partially painted bumpers and fascists.
TPOs Themasterbatches are also made of soft and polypropylene
Basic thermoplastic materials for airbag doors.
BASF launched
Remove the plastic car seat system for 15 parts and 10 assembly steps.
Engineering plastics are used to mold seat cushions, seat cushions and backrests, seat track aids and transmissions, waist handles and brackets, and recliner handles.
The seat system weighs about 6.
BASK said that it is 5 lbs less than traditional metal systems and it saves material costs and energy without affecting performance.
The system is used as a third
Seating for Suv.
DSM Engineering has developed a new highflow Akulon[R]Ultraflow[R]K-
FGO polyamide 6 (PA6)
Glass resin 50%-
Fiber Reinforced, combining high modulus with improved aesthetics.
The material has been used to replace the competitive polyamide 6, 6 (PA66)
Compounds on car seats
Rear regulator handle.
DSM says it has a good surface finish, is 14% lighter in weight, is 25% cheaper and offers a faster cycle time of 22%.
The trunk floor of Audi A4 and Daimler Chrysler E-Class wagon is made of a lightweight rigid polyurethane panel made of Bayer polymer. Baypreg[R]
F combined with a piece of paper
Honeycomb core and long
Fiberglass mats that produce sandwich panels are said to be 66% lighter than similar wooden or metal floors.
Rigid panels for bending and twisting provide high load
Carrying capacity. A new low-
The molten polyester adhesive material of Ticon is used for all-
The weight of the polyester car hood, Hood liner and trunk liner is much lower than that of the traditional liner made of cotton coarse cotton fiberglass soaked with phenol resin. The Celanex[R]
The adhesive of PBTcopolymer is at 147 [melting]degrees]
C, used in powder form, with a 250 [melted PET staple mat]degrees]C to257[degrees]C.
The liner is formed in a non-reactive thermal operation.
All polyester liners comply with European recyclability regulations.
GM continues to expand the use of nano-composite materials in its vehicles, currently using a material of 540,000/year.
The 2005 Hummer H2 SUT cargo hold is molded using about 7 lbs. in-
Color nano composite parts for decoration, center bridge, windsurfing and box rail protector.
GM said the parts were cast by the sports rack Motor Company and were light in weight and kept in shape at high temperatures. The high-
Volume 2004 Chevrolet Impala has body side shape
Nano-composite materials based on clay can reduce weight and improve surface quality.
In 2002, GM launched the first commercial automotive external application of nano-composites
Small truck: lowvolume step-
Auxiliary options, increased hardness, lighter and brittle at low temperatures, and easier to recover due to the use of additive-free materials in the compound.
Core Molding Technology (CMT)
SMC/nano composite material, Nano is being usedLite[TM]
Large heavy-duty mold-SMC
Truck front end of international truck & Engine
According to Dr. PhillipWilson, president of innovation and development partners at philinnovations and Ashland Specialty Chemical, the surface of the parts produced by this new compound has improved and is lighter.
Ashland provides high-quality hot-solid polyester resin for this formula.
Nano-clay from southern clay and traditional glass-reinforced materials are used in this compound. Nano-
Lite SMC is 25% less weight than standard SMC and more than 30 lbs less from large compression
The front end of the molded truck mentioned by Molder.
The proportion is from 1. 85-1. 95down to 1. 45-1.
55g/cc for external materials, to 1.
Application of 30g/cc for unpainted structure.
The material has a high degree of contact, resulting in a significant reduction in the mold
The doctor noted that the pressure requirement makes the production of larger parts from existing pressesWilson.
Fortron [belts, hoses and lights for Ticon]R]
Polybenzene sulfur is used to produce polyfilament Yam to enhance the elastic hydraulic hose used in the power steering system.
Including pressure-
These hoses are said to reduce vibration, vibration and noise.
The company notes that they also improve their resistance to fluid and heat in cars, while at the same time being subjected to greater pressure and pressure. DSM\'s Stanyl[R]fiber-
Grade PA46 is being used by PolyamideHigh Performance GmbH for the production of Stanylenka [TM]
For airbag thread, drive and V-belts.
It is said that the melting point of the fiber is 30 [degrees]
C. higher than the replacement nylon 66 grade. V-
Belts made of Stanylenka provide lower system costs in power transmission due to very low creep and self-properties
The tension properties of the yarn enable the belt to be used without tension.
GEAdvanced materials have developed new resins for lighting applications, including Ultem XHT (Xtreme Heat)for fog-
Lampreflex and other applications that require high heat resistance.
It\'s said to be the highest-
Hot, injection-molded amorphous resin can be obtained on the market.
In addition, Lexan resin is a high
Ge am said that polycarbonate provides a better flow and heat-resistant balance than another resin used for mold lighting parts.
Valox EH7020HF resin, 20% mineral-
The filled tb/PET mixture is an improved grade for applications using the filled tb for the front light baffle.
More Information car plastic: AOC 950 Highway 57 East Collier, TN 39017 800-238-7536 www. aoc-resins.
Ashland Special Chemical Co. , Ltd.
5200 suit coat Parkway Dublin, OH 43216-614790-
3333 Automotive Composite Alliance 342Main St.
Rochester, MI 48307 248-601-9960 www. autocomposites. com BASF Corp.
4824 Baihui Plaza Avenue
#300 Charlotte, NC 28217 800-216-3640 www. basf.
Bayer Materials Science, Bayer 51368, Germany(0)214/30-1 www.
Bayer Materials science
Com Northern Lights AB Kongens will be better than Boreatis A/S
Month Parallelvej DK-
2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark 45 45 96 60 00 www. borealisgroup.
Com Carlisle engineering products 100 7 Avenue, #100 Chardon, OH 44024 440-286-7111 www. cepcarlisle.
Core forming technology of ComO.
Columbus box 28183 OH 43228 614-870-5000 www. coremt.
Dow Jones Motor Co. , 1250 Auburn Hills, 48362 Harmon Road, MI 248-391-6300 www. dow.
Dow Corning company/carP. O.
Box 994 Midland, MI 48686 989-496-4400 www. dowcorning.
Com DSM Engineering plastic poststrat 6130 AA Sittard Netherlands 31 46 477 0496 www. dsmep.
DuPont Engineering polymerO.
Mailbox 80713 Wilmington, DE 19880 302-999-
4592 Ingel Ludwig, Austria Ltd. Engel-Strasse 1 A-
4311 Schwertberg, Austria 43 72 62 6200 www. engel.
At Esoro AG Tamperlistrasse 10 CH-
8117 Fallanden/ZH Switzerland 41 1887 04 40 www. esoro.
Ch cream & Sullivan 53 N. Park Ave.
Suite 302 Rockville Centre, NY 11570 877-463-7678 www. frost.
Com Fusion UV Systems 910 karat Po Road
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878-301527-2660 www. fusionuv.
Netherlands 31 4600 29 20 97 www. com. GE Advanced Materials Plasticine 1 164 AC Bergen op ZoomThe Netherlands 31gepex. ge.
Com inspired the innovation of 8799 Taoyuan Road.
Hillsboro, OH 45133 937764-1496 www.
John Manville P. O.
Box 5108 Denver, CO 80217 303-978-2000 www. jm.
Com LNP engineering plastics 475 Creamery Way Exton, PA 19341 610-363-4500 www. lnp.
550 town center Dr. com Meridian car system
475 Dearborn, MI 48126 313-336-4182 www.
Com Plastic Omnium Auto Exterieur Sigmatech Parc Industrial de la Plaine de I \'ain Avenue 150 St Julie, France 33 474 40 40 www. plasticomnium.
Plastic Composite companies in Quadrant, Hardstrasse month CH-
Fort Lenz 5600, Switzerland 41 62 885 8150 www. quadrant.
Ch red dot paint & VarnishP. O.
Box 418 Evensville, at 47703 812-428-9100 www. redspot.
Research market Co. , Ltd.
Lux Centre, Dublin, Ireland 353 141 00980 www.
Research and market
Com Engineering Plastics Co. , Ltd.
37735 Farmington Hill Enterprise Court, MI 48331 248-994-6120 www. rhodia-ep.
Com Solvay premium polymer 4500 Alpha Retta, mackinnes Ferry Road, GA 30005-3914 800-621-4557 www.
Solvent advanced polymer.
Com South clay products 1212 Church Street
Gonzalez, TX 78629 830672-2891 www. scprod.
Com ThyssenKrupp-P. O.
Box 2601 Troy, MI 48007 248-643-3500 www. buddcompany.
90 Morris Street
Summit, New Jersey 07901 www. ticona. com 800-833-4882 Vari-
12345 dongjiuli Road
Warren, MI 48089 586-758-4511 www. vari-form. Com Zoltek Corp.
3101 McKay RoadSt.
Missouri Louis 63044 314-291-5110 www. zoltek.
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