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awesome shrink film rings

by:Top-In     2020-07-28
The film is awesome.
It is versatile, cheap and a bit far away.
Making shrink film jewelry is an interesting activity that you can do for yourself or for your children.
It\'s very easy and fast to make, and your work can make some really great gifts.
Did I say it\'s not expensive? :-
The shrink film Paper I bought is wrapped in less than $7 and has 6 standard size clear sheets.
I looked at 1/2 for this structure.
I may be able to get away with it with only one piece of paper, but I didn\'t measure it as carefully as I could.
That said, I made more than 15 rings with less than 1/2 sheets.
Of course, some people are not successful (
1/4 pieces will turn into a messy ball)
And the others I accidentally broke (
Be careful where you hole).
Now, the only science I teach is technology and engineering, but I do think it would be fun to use this material for various activities in class and very cheap (
Obviously, you can recycle it into shrink film with 6 kinds of plastic-
Just look for bottles, containers, etc.
Say \"6 plastic \").
For science classes, you can use this material to discuss the process of plastic experience, the cause of shrinkage, the comparison heating method, the temperature and shrinkage, etc.
Then the kids can take home some souveniers :-D-Plastic film (
Heat shrink film byGrafix, Shrinky Dink family, etc. )-
Colored Pencil (
Depending on the type of plastic you use, you may need sandpaper to stick the color)Or paint pen. -
Rubber stamp/ink for decoration
Cardboard/parchment/cotton paper (
Baking plates).
* Some brands of plastic can be printed with inkjet printers, and some brands of plastic have different colors.
Before you start designing your ring, you need to figure out how big you want your ring to be.
This means using an online ring size converter to measure the length of the finger, etc.
What you need, then draw it on your plastic.
I have a plastic ring core shaft that I use to find the size of my ring finger (8).
Later I decided to do multiple sizes for this Instructable, but there was no core stick, so I wrapped a piece of paper around my finger and I wanted to find the size, mark out where the ends of the stripes meet the rest of the paper, and then measure them against the ruler and this ring converter chart.
One very important thing to keep in mind during the measurement process is that depending on the type of plastic film you use, the plastic will shrink.
The Grafix brand plastic I use in this Instructure reduces the plastic to 50% of the original size.
So whatever the size of my ring, I need to double to get a ring that fits my finger.
The size of my ring finger is 8mm, so the circumference is 56. 6mm (
This is the length you want your strap to shrink).
I calculated the circumference of my ring size from MM to inches with this online calculator and the result was 2. 22\".
Again, the plastic I use shrinks 50% when heated, so I want to double the length of the plastic I use.
I usually like thinner bands so I\'m going to make some different rings with a width between 1/4
Shrink after 1/2.
* Another easy way to measure your fingers is to wrap your fingers around with a tape measure of clothes and then double the numbers.
* The attachment is a document I made to keep the line between bars while decorating the ring.
I just put it behind the shrink plastic and draw or stamp :)
Now you\'re ready to start decorating your ring!
I used fine pointed corners and made a series of designs on my pointed corners.
You can also use permanent ink and templates and I can\'t find my little one so I just went with the marker.
I also added star cutouts to my ring with my little paper punch.
Use the oven, toaster oven or embossed heating tool to heat a piece of plastic strip at a time.
I said, make sure you follow the instructions and bake 300 according to your specific brand-350 for 2-3 minutes.
In my toaster oven, it takes less than a minute for the baking ring.
Basically you want to bake the plastic until it curl and then flatten.
I tried to make a short video of the process, but nothing wanted to work together.
Make sure you bake your ring on parchment paper, cardboard/cereal box or vellum-
Something that does not melt or burn, nor does it melt or burn on bare biscuit paper.
I just put a piece of parchment in the oven.
Shrink Film rings are not a precise science, so try to find the best temperature and baking time for you with a few test strips.
When the stripes flatten, quickly pull out of the oven and shape it around a circular object similar to the size of the finger, such as a red-mouth tube, a ring core stick, etc.
The plastic cools very fast, so you have to work as soon as possible.
In some cases, your edges may be a bit sharp.
It is recommended to use nail files/buffers or sandpaper to smooth the edges.
So I recently bought a beautiful craft gun.
I used a 50% discount coupon at. C.
Moore bought it for about $10.
Using a hot gun will \"bake\" your shrink paper faster than in the oven, and the plastic seems to keep warm for a longer time, which gives you more time to pack and mold the ring
It\'s also heated very fast so you can re-heat it
Warm your ring quickly to fix any bugs.
The only problem I \'ve had with the hot gun so far is that when the plastic shrinks, it blows the plastic around, so one more hand will definitely help.
The two rings above were made with a hot gun and actually took me less than a minute, at least from the heart ring and it was easy to go around.
It can be tricky to wrap the plastic properly before it gets hard (see photos1-4).
Thankfully, you can put your ring back in the oven for about 20 seconds (
Let you focus on it)
Soften the plastic and gently straighten your ring (photo 5)
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