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BOPP Black Soft Touch Lamination Film

TOP IN- Black Soft Touch Film/Velvet film is a film with high haze and special matt effect base on bopp thermal lamination film, it is outstanding lustre even after laminating, with special feeling of smooth Velvet and leather touch.

Special Features: Soft Touch film has a high dyne level – this dyne level means that this film can be print on top of, used as laminating film for Spot UV coating, used as laminating film for digital foiling (instafoil), the Soft Touch laminating film can be used for hot foil stamping and gluing and all types of post lamination processes.  It is suitable for UV spot coating, and widely used for book covers, magazines, brochures, deluxe gift boxes, mobile phone boxes ect. Thickness: 30 micron Width :200mm~1850mm; Length:200~3000m Paper Core:1 inch(25.4mm), 3 inch (76mm)

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