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Bopp + Eva Bopp Lamination film for book cover, Brochures etc.. (Glossy film & Matte film)

China Top In Film Manufacture Co.,ltd premium high quality thermal lamination film roll. Glossy and matte thermal lamination film for paper printing finishing laminate.

Dry laminate roll thickness from 18micron to 28micron, roll width from 200mm to 1920mm and roll length from 200m to 4000m, to be used by heat laminator machines.



Where is Lustre Finish Lamination Film Used?

Generally, the printing house uses BOPP gloss laminating Film rolls for commercial and school can also be used to graphic arts large format.the transparent film lamination,

bright/shine/glossy or matte/dull, is heated as protection on the paper cover. Sometimes people call it as paper lamination film used by heating eva adhesive glue into paper substrates.

To be specific, the application of BOPP gloss Laminating Film Roll can be used to:Textbook covers | Brochures | Leaflets | Sweet boxes and diaries | Shopping bags | Cosmetics boxes


Packaging & delivery

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Nansha

packaging: one roll one carton for 3 inch paper core(length above 1000m), and then by pallet. 

Lead time: 15days for 20GP container, 18 days for 40 GP container

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