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Holographic film
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Bopp Holographic Hot Laminate Film

Bopp Holographic Hot Laminate Film

Holographic film is mianly of bopp material and is microembossed with patterns or even images. 

patterns or an image are created by way of an embossing process with can provide a remarkable 

3-D effect and/or spectral(rainbow) coloring. Hence, holographic film is commonly used to make 

sticker, labels and eye-catching packaging such as toothpaste and beverage boxes.

Typical Material:
Popular Thickness:
18, 23micron
Width Range:
200mm - 1400mm
Length Range:
Corona Treatment:
Stable 38 dynes on film side for printing and lamination
Transparent, metalized, color coated, thermal lamination, 
More than 112 patterns for slection, plz contact us for catalog, custom pattern available
For paper packing, ribbon, adhesive tape, cricut plotter using, protection label, etc

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