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Introduction of BOPP THERMAL FILM



BOPP THERMAL FILM is a new kind of printed film material afterwards menstruum typeemulsion type and net type. It adopt advance produce craft and technology of the compound materials. The main raw materials are imported from abroad. The product can solve the problems of pollution, safe and quality existed in old material. It is no poisonstrange smell and is safesanitation; It is excellence to cementingresisting folding and resisting pressing.The operation is simple. We need not use solvent or drying. it save more energyhign adaptability; The product is glossy and saturation is high. It can be used widely in pictorial magazine, exquisite paper, colorful box, swinging signboard, and the packages of medicines, cigarettes, and wines. Our product has so many advantages that it can bring you great social benefit and economic benefit.


Key points of using

  When we use BOPP THERMAL FILM only need to regulate few paramter. The operation is simple. We just need to control the amount of product, water and ink layer, as follows:

The requirement of the equipment.

a. BOPP THERMAL FILM is hot plastic high-molecule material, it has stable soften temperature. So controlling the temperature is the key point of controlling the quality. You can put the sensor 0.1—0.15mm away from the middle part. This is to ensure the correct temperature of the hot pressing part.

b. If we get the temperature, we can improve the speed of covering latex. We must make sure that the temperature is high enough, otherwise it will cause great loss. So the heating equipment is very important.

c. Besides the temperature, the pressure is very important too; especially for the infiltration and stability of printed matter, and this will affect the latex-covered printed matters.

How to control the stretch of BOPP THERMAL FILM.

PRE-GLUED OPP FILM can stretch, but when used, it cannot be stretched too much, otherwise the printed matters will roll up, shrink, or change form. Place membrane flatly, the lesser the stretch, the better the result.

Heating, turn on the machine.

There will be great inertia when we up and down the temperature. When temperature reaches the degree which we have set, turn off the mains electricity of heating, the temperature will go on rising for the inertia. So at that time the speed of turning on the machine must catch up, otherwise the temperature will be too high and the slow speed will make printed matters roll up, charge form. So it is advisable to set the temperature at 2—3 and turn on the machine. You may use useless paper to try first. In this way we can assure the quality and make less lose.


Printed matters which need great amount of water and spray large quantity of powder.

  We need not use solvent when use BOPP THERMAL FILM because it has the ability of protection. We need to attent that the quato of latex layer and the smelting point of sticking are stable. But we can change the amount of water and powder. Different printing conditions can produce different printing matters. So must pay close attention to the operation when printed matters need great amount water, thick ink layer, we do not cover membrane until water evaporates. We must think about how to keep printed matters, because the ink solvent evaporates very fast.The surrounding should breezydry, If the working procedure need to press or kink should relong the drying time or though the drying room.

Shiny film with electric faint.

1. This product can be used for special surface prosessing, but after the corona treatment,the film will have surface tension(more than 38 dyn) to some extent and the additive overflow from the film will have stricky in high temperature and pressure between the film. So it is necessary to keep the surface cool then put them together when in the binding procedure after covering the film.

2 .The surface has good printing adaptability after the corona treatment. The surface tension wil descend as the time goes for the bopp physical feature. What’s more, the result will different for difference adhesive (such as UV oil) and different demand of the user. So in order to avoid the loss,we suggested when use this product should take a sample test.

3. The two-side corona grossy film have passed the corona treatment before leaving the factory. When covering the film in the high temperature or in the pressure, the additive will overflow. If the accumulation is to more, the additive will adhere with the hot roll so that the film will wind with the roll. In this situation , pls clean the hot roll frequently and keep it clean.

4. The two-side corona grossy film has good adaptability for printing after the corona but it will bring some side-effect,such as adhereoverflow and bright ect. So the user should learn more before ordering the poduct.


 About the bopp bear the friction

  In sampel, the bopp laminating film is made by bopp film and the glue(eva), so the film’s friction is what the basic film’s friction.Our basic materials (bopp) is national product.Because there is not an index sign for bearing friction of the national product, if the customer have a special request, we suggest take a sample test before order the produce.


 The problem of the small particles   

The finished film will has some small particles during the procedure because the additive laminate and disperse.It is the reason of the basic film. After lamination, this appearance also will not charge. If the user need exacting requirements, pls use carefully.

 The operation for paper-aluminum compound prouct

  It is easy to appear the spirit steeps when used in paper-aluminum compound product for two reasons. First, when heating the film,the water of the ink and the damp environment will charg into steam. What’s more,it is difficult for the steam to leave in the aluminum.When use the product in paper-aluminum compound prouduct should dry the film fullyturn down the temperature and stength the pressure.



Attention: For this situation, it will have some effect to the peeling strength of the bopp thermal film:

A: use the inkjet contain silicone oil

B: the ink contain excessive olefin, drying oil, de-adhesive and sillicon additive

C: the ink is too thick

D: the ink do not dry completely

E: the paper is high humidity

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