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Bopp Thermal film (glossy & matte) for book cover and poster

Bopp Thermal film (glossy & matte) for book cover and poster

Glossy BOPP thermal lamination film offers a shiny colorful finish. Its use can enhance the look and increase all laminated presswork’s useful lifetime.

Matt BOPP thermal lamination film provides a matt-finish on the surface of presswork, protecting from fingerprints and smudges. Compared with gloss thermal lamination film, matt film can be preserved for longer period of time.



Main thickness: 18mic, 20mic, 22mic, 25mic and 28mic

Roll length: 200m-4000m

Roll width: 200mm-1920mm

Paper core: 1 inch, 2.25 inch and 3 inch  



Used to laminate on all types of offset printing press work and all types of unpritend paper packaging. Examples: note books, photos, albums, shipping bags, show bags, novels, and all types of paper media.


Packaging & delivery

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Nansha

packaging: one roll one carton for 3 inch paper core(length above 1000m), and then by pallet. 

Lead time: 15days for 20GP container, 18 days for 40 GP container

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