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BOPP film
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Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

Bopp Thermal Lamination Film


How to solve the problems.





Finished product changes form and has bubbles.

The temperature is too high, the speed is too slow.

Check the temperature control system, bring down the temperature and speed up.

Finished product has no luster and cannot stick well.

The temperature is too low.

The speed is too high.

The pressure is too little.

Check the temperature control system and pressure, increase the temperature, slow down the speed.

Finished product rolls up.

stretch is too big.

Fixed time is not enough.

Paper is too thin but membrane is too thick.

Temperature is too high.

The paper is wet after covering membrane.

Reduce stretch.

Make the fixed time longer.

Change another type of membrane.

Reduce the temperature when you assure it is sticky.

Control the degree of humidity.

There are wrinkles on membrane.

The stretch is not enough.

Adjust the stretch, open the stick, and make membrane flat.

There are bubbles after you pile up printed matters.

Ink layer has effect on presmear membrane. There is too much solvent left.

Printed matters are not dried fully. The condition of the place which you put them in is bad.

This is a seldom seen phenomenon unless there are too much solvent leftovers. Control the amount of water.

After covering membrane, you must make sure you have put them in the place which is airy and dry.

Printed matters roll up and bubble.

When the product which has been covered membrane are folded and pressed, there will be stretches at the folding place. Stickiness will become weaker, so there will be bubbles. Ink layer has effect on film.

Make sure ink layer and film stick well and the environment is airy and dry. It takes 2—3 days to dry the solvent which is left in ink layer for fast evaporation, and increase the stickiness. At this time, you can fold and press and it is unlikely to have bubbles now. You are suggested to use thicker film on thicker paper.


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