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BOPP velvet silky thermal film/Soft touch lamination film

BOPP velvet silky thermal film/Soft touch lamination film

Soft Touch film/ Velvet film is also scuff resistant, it will takes spot UV coatings for that unique look of gloss highlights on a matte finish.

 Uses include but aren't limited to: folding cartons, book covers, business cards, menus, post cards or any print project that will be touched or handled.


Product information:

Main Color: transparent film

Thickness: 30micron

Width: 200mm-1500mm

Length: 300m-3000m

Paper Core: 1inch(25mm) & 3 inch(76mm)


Process parameter:

1. Dry and wet laminating machine, with heating function.

2. Temperature: 90~100°C, Special printing: 100~110°C

3. Pressure: 10~18MPA, Speed: 15~50m/min


Packaging & delivery

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Foshan

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