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cajun pecan-smoked goose

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
Goose is a classic of Christmas.
Why not pair it with wood?
The traditional American way of cooking is smoking? Low-and-
Slow indirect smoking creates a soil that complements the rich taste of the meat and is ready for a special holiday meal, especially when the goose is served with spiced fig gravy (
See relevant recipes).
At this time of year, you can buy a frozen goose in the supermarket, unfreeze it in the refrigerator, or buy a fresh goose in the Eastern Market.
You need 4 cups of pecans, cherries or maple slices-
Or any combination of them. -
Soak in water for at least 1 hour.
Do it well in advance: you can combine dry friction a few days ago and store it in a sealed container in the food storage room (
Not refrigerator)
Use it when preparing geese.
Friction: Mix salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper, onion powder, rat plum, white pepper, black pepper, Baili and chewing gum files if needed.
For birds: Soak 4 cups of wood chips for at least 1 hour.
Wash the goose and shoot it dry.
Remove any feathers.
Discard the excess goose meat.
Put the wings back on the back of the bird.
Prepare the grill for indirect heating: If using a charcoal grill, click coal.
Drain the water out of the wood.
If a gas grill is used, place all 4 cups of French fries in a smoker\'s box, or release smoke in an aluminum foil bag punctured with a fork at the top.
If using a charcoal grill, place a drip tray below the grill on the indirect side of the grill.
When the coal is white
Hot, Sprinkle two cups of wood directly on the coal.
You will join a glass of French fries in an hour, and you will join the final in an hour.
When you add fries, add about a dozen fresh coal balls.
If a gas grill is used, place the drip tray directly on a coal ball or lava rock.
Place the smoking box or foil bag between the grate and the coal ball, close to the flame.
Preheat until you see the smoke and then reduce the heat to medium (350 degrees).
Apply the spices inside and outside the goose, massage it with your hands and use all the mixture.
Place onions, oranges and celery in the cavity.
Put the goose, chest up, on the indirect side of the Grill, on the drip tray.
Cover the charcoal grill and open the vent.
Close the lid of the gas grill.
Apply the goose with feces every 30 minutes until it is finished.
After 3 hours, insert the meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast without touching the bone.
When the temperature is in an instant, the bird is done-
Read 165 degrees (
Between 3 and 4 hours).
The skin should be dark and a little crispy.
The flesh will have a rich brown color of pink.
If you have difficulty keeping the charcoal fire at a stable temperature, the cooking time can be up to 5 to 6 hours.
If you are worried about keeping the fire stable, you can plan the goose for 6 hours;
If it takes only 3 to 4 hours, take it out of the fire, put it aside, then re-heat it in the oven, turn it on, for 20 minutes at 325 degrees, or use medium on a charcoal grill on a drip tray-
There are still 20 minutes to go.
Transfer the goose to the cutting board.
Discard the vegetable mixture in the cavity.
Let the bird rest for 15 minutes before carving.
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