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can i recycle ... bubble wrap?

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Plastic Bubble packaging and other plastic air pillow packaging is not recyclable in LA. ’s blue bin.
Although the packaging is low
Density Polyethylene plastic number
7. the adhesive used to seal the plastic sheet is not recyclable.
The health bureau recommends that plastic foam packaging and air packaging be reused or donated to shipping companies such as mailboxes.
The pop-up package should be placed in the black trash can.
Because the policies and suggestions of each city may vary, we ask the officials of each city to conduct a sample survey every week.
Arcadia: YesBurbank: No. can you recycle plastic foam packaging
It can be taken to the Burbank recycling center and placed in a plastic film box.
Los Angeles: Norman Hatan Beach: norifside: jesanta Monica: No
It can be taken to the Santa Monica community recycling center and bundled with similar materials.
Noance: NoVentura: NoTHE full range: Can I recycle packed peanuts, Ziploc bags, milk boxes, wine bottle plugs? . . --
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