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can you really get thick a-list locks for £300? the high-end \'sticky tape\' hair extensions that promise ellie goulding-style tresses... in just 40 minutes

by:Top-In     2020-01-03
From Ellie Goulding\'s lush blonde hair to Louis Thompson\'s Chelsea Girl hairstyle, many in the entertainment circle have been helped by Kapello\'s hair extensions. The top-
The quality Lemi expert pioneered a former
Application method-
This basically includes the use of a basically sticky tape to attach the extension to your real hair.
Many people say that this method is better than Micro for European hair.
Ring, weave, and even the horn bond. Pre-
Tape with a seamless look is said to score higher.
They lie flat on their heads, so there is no lump or lump, no feeling of weightlessness, and easy to apply.
It only takes 40 minutes for the whole head.
I have a lot of hair but it\'s good and thanks to the best time of the year my whole head is bleached (
I am a sensible person now)
Its load is now very short and many stocks are broken.
When I read the horror story, I left my hair carefully --
Bedding on the root, wrong type of glue used, balding patch and head-shaving.
I hate the look of hair bundles made from Microrings.
But for Kapello, I\'m sure they\'re at risk.
Give them a try for free enough.
I\'m in and out of the salon-
Hair from soft, normal to full, curly, charming
An hour later. Pre-
It takes only 40 minutes for the tape to extend, then just add some time to wash and style the hair.
During the application, due to the smooth and comfortable tape, there is no pressure on the scalp.
They feature a polyurethane base with integrated hair and have a polyester film for applying acrylic base.
This makes them transparent, flexible and very resistant.
The film came off the tape, stuck behind the hair, and then a double flap came over to seal the extension.
Kapello\'s pre-tape is unique because they have a dent in the middle of the tape that can be applied clearly and precisely-
Plus a comfortable curved edge of the scalp.
Only professionals should apply.
Once they come in, you can make sure they look beautiful.
The main thing to consider is to take care of your hair.
Don\'t put it in a shiny place.
For example, absorb sulfuric acid or use the wrong brush (
Here\'s more information about the aftermath).
Bradley King is a hair extension technician at the City resort London Harrods city, he does hair for me, is pre-
The app is fast, plus the high quality of the brand\'s Russian hair.
I use Kapello pre-recorded extensions because they are very fast to apply, he said.
Most people live a busy lifestyle and many people don\'t have time to apply traditional extensions.
These extensions are luxurious and soft and I like to use Russian hair for my clients.
The best color match, he says, is to mix two or even three colors together and look natural. You can easily create ombre look by adding blonde hair and your natural color.
Bradley says he likes a variety of apps.
Add some bonds near line.
For the best result.
Even though so far, three weeks later, I have to say that my hair is up and down, straight and curled, and the tape is barely worn.
No one fell.
From a moral point of view, the brand\'s pre-recording extension is reusable for all hair types
Including very fine hair.
Kapello won the best human hair extension Award at the 2014 Hair award, which is sweeping the industry.
In addition to charming celebrities, there are working women who are buying tapes before they buy them.
Over time, the demand for these particular extensions for luxury hair extension labels has surged
Poor women seek faster (and cheaper! )
Extend the solution.
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