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by:Top-In     2020-07-24
Today various ways of digital printing have their own market and it has evolved independently in each of them, be it printing on mugs, T-shirt, Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, and Card Paper. Since fine art printing began in 1991, the evolution has led to lower cost, faster and easy to operate printers from super expensive and difficult to operate. Development can also be seen in the dye based inks, from water soluble cyan, magenta, yellow and black with poor light stability to more stable one's . Market leaders Epson, Canon, Hp, Adobe etc have played a major role in reshaping this world of digital printing. Hardware/ printing technology and systems from these manufacturers and with the help from Adobe Photoshop and other advanced image editing software applications has made it possible for digital print making to leap from small group of specialized providers to individual level of photographers, artists and students. Research and development in each and every aspect of digital printing offer wide variety of options be the inkjet or laser, 4-ink dye based or 6 ink-ink dye-based inkjet, fine paper or rough paper, glossy or matte paper. Each has its own use and market. Glossy paper finds it application in photo prints and greeting cards market. Thick Card paper printing finds its application in visiting cards or business cards that too with varied options like handmade paper, self-textured paper, Film coated paper etc. The world is asking for variety, quality, technology and personalized solutions and the evolution is delivering it and people love it. Considering the trend so far since past 2 decades the future definitely looks promising. More advanced, more customised, more user friendly, more cheap without compromising on quality and reliability quotient. We can see the future getting developed digitally and enhancing the printing solutions with more innovations and technologies.
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