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Cartier has become the king of jewelry sought

by:Top-In     2020-07-02
The focus of Cartier has always been on exploring the value of women's individual personality. From women with different style in different period, we can see the many different but glittering style, it was those decent women who were using their unique charm displaying the spirits of this outstanding brand, and demonstrating their own luxury 'value' at the same time. When the Duke of Windsor met the Duchess of Windsor, someone asked the Duke the reason why he loved her so much, he told everyone: I love her for her independence and complex character exclusively. But the Duchess of Windsor did not get the qualification of being queen. Just like the women he loved, things he did was impervious to be understood- he took the initiative to give up his throne to indicate his sincere love for not abandoning the beloved woman until the coming of death. The Duke of Windsor sent the first Cartier jewelry as a gift to Duchess of Windsor, which wrote the lifelong love story of this two people. The legendary jewelry - a sapphire 'Cheetah' brooch which was the most beloved thing of Duchess of Windsor was designed by the outstanding jewelry designer Jeanne Tucson under the request of the Duke of Windsor for the Duchess exclusively, thus animal shaped Cartier jewelry becomes the first choose of the mature and noble women. The legendary Duchess of Windsor created a new 'legend' as well since then. Grace Kelly, noble girl Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier Monaco in 1955 in Cannes Film Festival. Just a year's time, Grace became Princess Grace. A sensational wedding of the century was held in Hollywood, and the dress was designed by the company MGM, even large-scale movie production team was invited to produce a corresponding documentary. About 1600 reporters from all over the world reported the wedding, and the most compelling point in the progress was the priceless Crown inlaid with three precious round Ruby, the diamond-studded necklace and the larger diamond ring weighing 10.47kt, which was all from Cartier jewelry. Grace likes cute things very much; a poodle brooch set with 270 diamonds was the most favorite item among the Cartier jewelry she loved. Cute styling coupled with the sweet appearance of the Princess Grace accentuated the nobility and elegant appealing wholly. Maria Felix, the mystery woman In 1975, a fashionable girl visited Cartier jewelry with a box carried two cute crocodile, and insisted the producer should create a miniature necklace modeled her beloved pet only because of the fast speed of her two cute pet. She is the legendary Mexican actress Maria Felix. Maria enjoys a very mystery personality. She was arrogant and unruly, and had her very unique taste on jewelry. It was her that who had the idea of combining this crawling beast survived for hundreds of millions of years with expensive jewelry in order to keep the memories on her favorite objects. The fact that a naive conjecture from adult came into reality created classic episode of Cartier jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor, the forceful girl Before Richard Burton bought the world's largest and most beautiful diamond form Cartier, they were competition on auction. They competed for the diamond while Burton lost to Cartier. Under the indomitable and strong urges of Richard Burton, the two came into a consensus - Cartier would agree with the purchase requirement of Richard Burton only after a month's display of the diamond in the windows in New York and Chicago regardless of the high price. Since then the super diamond weighing 69.42 karats was known as the keepsake token of love for Elizabeth Taylor, which lay the foundation for a lifelong love story of Burton and Taylor. Even though emotion would tumult and indefinite, it would last like the diamond in the hearts of the world. Monica Bellucci, the sexy girl Monica Bellucci was a magical women who was regarded as an amazing exist could not conceal her grace while the burst of her sexy charm, which is so serious that infringement is an inappropriate activity. Despite the non-stop flowing time, years could not conceal her charm year after year. So Cartier found this beautiful female to be Cartier girl to meet the luxury fantasy of people on them. Because she was like jewelry and things she appealed to people was more than beauty - behind the subtle appearance existed her amazing vitality. Fan Bingbing, the courage girl In 2011, Cartier chose to cooperate with Fan Bingbing in Asia because of her innate character like charm, grace and elegance, and her never lacked attention and the trends of international influence. The choices of Cartier on their cooperation are always required to convey the culture of their culture, and reflect a courageous leadership before the luxurious appearance. With experiences starting her career at the age of 16 at the film circles, 10 years of the much-anticipated hard working, she started her own studio at the age of 26 years old and won the Best Actress on the Tokyo International Film Festival. She was walking freely in the many major European fashion activities which made her the most attractive Chinese in the eye of the western fashion industry - she is a legendary herself. Cartier chose Fan Bingbing due to that the glittering points of her gorgeous, self-confidence character and leader-like spirits are then the strong force of the pursuit of the century-old brand.
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