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changing the way we think about plastics

by:Top-In     2020-08-09
No matter how hot it is, no matter how thirsty you are, no matter how good it tastes, taking a bottle of water from the cooler tends to make people feel guilty.
The problem is that the thermoplastic polymer resin, polybendiester, which is usually used to make plastic bottles.
It is estimated that nearly 0. 35 billion tons of plastic are produced worldwide each year, and despite the efforts of manufacturers and consumers, almost no plastic is finally recycled.
Most are shipped to landfill sites or add 5 trillion pieces of plastic that pollute the world\'s oceans.
From local stores to the World Economic Forum in Davos, this is an issue that has been discussed at all levels.
On January, evian announced a change in dialogue, turning the dialogue into action, promising to produce all plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastics by 2025.
Sir Ellen MacArthur, Stella McCartney, Kristina Figueres of Mission 2020 and Patricia Oliva of Evian joined forces in Davos.
Patricia Oliva, director of global brands at Evian, asserted that we want to keep plastic in the system, away from nature.
This is not a trivial matter, even for a global brand that is expected to achieve carbon neutral in 2020.
It involves a fundamental re-
Its packaging and process are designed to make bottles from 100% recycled plastic.
This is the key to the core recycling method of Evian thought, which is a conscious transformation of the traditional linear economy that relies on limited resources, the circular economy, through the reuse or regeneration of resources to achieve real sustainable development.
Plastic bottles made by Evian are obviously easy to recycle, which gives them a value worth collecting, so more plastic stays in the system.
The bottom line is that you don\'t need to make more plastic, which is a huge win for the environment.
Patricia explained that thanks to exciting new technologies, the circular method and the manufacture of our bottles with 100% recycled plastic are now possible.
Evian is working with breakthrough technology companies such as Loop Industries, where Davos Industries has demonstrated their pioneering innovations in Davos.
Loop Industries has developed a revolutionary way to commercialize all types of PET plastic waste
High-quality PET resin, which provides the quality and quantity of recycled raw materials required by evian, is made into all bottles with 100% recycled plastic.
That will completely change the way we use plastic, Patricia said.
Of course, in order to achieve this goal, Evian needs a reliable supply of recycled plastics, so it is working with the government and the waste disposal industry to revive the work on plastic collection.
It is vital that Evian sends a strong message to consumers that plastic bottles have evolved from a waste to a valuable resource for recycling and reuse.
At the Davos Forum, Ellen MacArthur, Kristina Figueres of figu2020, Stella McCartney of Evian, and Patricia Oliva jointly urged all industries
Patricia stressed that in order to make a huge change in our system, we need other players to change the way they use and manage plastics.
Evian conveys a compelling message that puts down the challenge of change and it is likely to be picked up.
Everyone cares about today\'s plastic system, says Patricia.
We need to change. everyone wants to change.
We are proving that there are solutions that we can really make a difference.
Evian\'s approach can completely change our perception of plastic: they imagine a world without plastic bottle waste, followed by a real prospect of guilt --
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