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cheap & simple fep film vat (alternative) for uv-resin 3d printers

by:Top-In     2020-08-03
For this project, VAT on the production of FEP film (alternative)
It is important that you only use PET laminated bags because they are more difficult than PETG bags.
The PETG laminated bags are not suitable and soft, which means they are easy to scratch.
What is Laminated film?
It is a laminated film composed of various plastic layers.
The harder the layer (PET)
On the outside and on the softer layers (EVA)
The harder outer layer is usually made of PET plastic (
The soft inner layer is made of EVA plastic (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate.
Pets . . . . . . This is 200 times stronger than glass.
It is almost unbreakable and has a high impact strength.
Resistant to chemical corrosion, super transparent! What is UV-
3D printing of resin?
Typical 3D printers are modeled using so-called molten deposition (FDM)
In this process, a heated nozzle squeezes out the plastic filament to melt it and meticulously tracks every detail of the object it makes.
Printing of resin (SLA)
Turn the process upside down.
It does not start with a solid raw material, but starts with a liquid and turns it into a solid.
This process uses a liquid called a \"photosensitive resin\" that harden into solid polyester, vinyl ester epoxy or polyurethane when exposed to light.
Some resins react to visible light and must be stored in black containers.
Others React to ultraviolet rays.
You won\'t have any problems if you keep them away from the sun.
In order to make a change, digital light processing (DLP)
The projector shines the image into each layer of resin bucket of the object to be manufactured.
Once the first layer is hardened to the platform, the platform will go a little deeper into the resin bucket
The projector sends out a new image to harden the next layer.
Great benefits of UV
Resin printing is the ability to make objects very small, very detailed or both.
The resolution of the print job on the FDM printer is limited by the plastic thickness through the nozzle.
Good home printer up to 100 microns (one-
A tenth of MM, or 0. 1 inch 0039).
First of all, grab your laminated bag and divide it into 2.
What you need to do next is dissolve the EVA side in the oven (
The heat of the oven makes it transparent)
Before putting in the oven, make sure the pet side is placed on some scones. 3.
Put it in the oven 200-210 deg C (392F)
About 4-5 seconds. That is all!
You may find that the touch is cheesy after that, but that\'s normal.
So once you heat the laminated bag, it should be transparent now.
Grab your resin bucket and stick it to the top of the laminate, but make sure the EVA side is now down as the resin needs to be in contact with the PET side.
You should now prepare FEP film VAT for your UV
Resin 3D printer!
UV curing temperature is 60-
40 nm UV irradiation is used at 65 °c.
PET melts at 260 °c.
You can check out my YouTube video below for a deeper explanation. Micromake L2/Flsun S & Monocure 3D quick recovery first layer time 50000Num bottom layer 3 layer height 0
Enjoy happy 3d printing 15000. . .
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