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Chestermere residents decry mandatory use of clear garbage bags to check for recyclables

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Residents of chestermill are unhappy with a new rule that says roadside waste must be stored in transparent plastic bags.
The small city\'s plans to roll out roadside recycling and compost collection this spring will require residents to put garbage in clear bags instead of standard black or green garbage bags.
Ray MacIntosh, chief operating officer of Chestermere utilities, explained that garbage collectors would be able to see whether paper products or other recyclable items were sent to landfill sites.
The project will have a soft promotion, says Macintosh.
Recycling and compost bins are expected to be delivered at some point possible
The city will not enforce new rules immediately.
\"I know people are in stock (
Black garbage bag),” he said. “Use them up.
We just ask to buy clear the next time you use the garbage bag.
\"While the implementation of strict recycling standards may help the city reduce the tipping of Calgary landfill sites, residents are dissatisfied with this.
In a petition online, many people called for the removal
The package policy is disgusting, unnecessary and violates privacy.
\"Cried Karen Jed.
Chestermill residents are excited that the city will collect recycling and compost at her home, but she says the clear bag rules for garbage are too much.
\"It doesn\'t need to be regulated,\" she said . \". “We’re not 12.
Adults are adults. do you want to recycle or not.
\"Garbage can still be stored in the bin, but Guder believes that there is very little use of garbage by chestermill residents,\" said macinta.
\"You can come to Chestermere at any time and there are trash cans everywhere,\" she said . \".
\"I think this is absolutely ridiculous,\" Guder continued . \".
\"Can you imagine how disgusting baby diapers are?
MacIntosh acknowledged some residents\' privacy concerns about the project, but said personal documents and sensitive information could be crushed and then recycled.
With the City of Calgary
In landfill sites, he said, Chestermere must follow the paper rules.
The city needs about 4400 tons of garbage each year to go to the Spyhill Landfill in Calgary, and the tip alone costs about $470,000, the Macintosh said.
The Macintosh estimates that by introducing recycling and composting services, chestermill can reduce the number of garbage entering the landfill by about 75 cents.
He stressed that Chestermere utilities will focus on educating residents about the new rules before buying tickets, or fines for people who throw paper into the trash can.
\"This is a good thing,\" he said . \"
\"This is the right path. ”
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