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Cleaning your home becomes much easier when done regularly

by:Top-In     2020-06-17
Dusting everyday: Dusting everyday will not let the dust to pile up. It will make your cleaning much easier and less time consuming. Dust gathers at corners, surface and furniture, which make those, look shabbier. Use a feather duster. Lightly dust the film of dirt from the surface and furniture. Cleaning pet hair: Although you love your pet their fur can be a real problem. Moreover, those can be unhygienic, especially; if you have kids these can cause serious health issues. You therefore need to take them off on a regular basis. The best way to remove pet hair is by wiping the surface off with a wet wipe. Bathrooms: Bathroom can be a real cleaning problem. It is one of the parts of the household that becomes really dirty in less time. While cleaning the toilet, put the toilet brush into the hole and pour down sanitizer or disinfectant. This will sanitize the brush. Then clean the toilet bowl. To clean the sink, pour bleaching powder or powdered disinfectant. To clean the surface use microfiber floor mop for sparkly clean floor. Kitchen: This is another important part of the house that you must clean often if not every day. Most family gathers at the kitchen to enjoy meals. Hence, it is very important that proper hygiene is maintained in the kitchen. Wipe the kitchen slab with a disinfectant after every use. Clean the floor using a microfiber floor mop for food particles. Once a week reorganize your kitchen cabinets and throw away expired foods. Living room: A quick vacuum will do the job. You can also use a cleaning robot according to your floor space. Robots with mops microfiber bristle will give you better cleaning. Vacuuming the sofas and drapes will prevent diseases caused by dust mites. Bedroom: The bedroom is the most sacred part of your abode. It is where you retire after long, tiring days. Keeping the bedroom clean therefore must make into your daily cleaning routine. Change the linen regularly and with the rest of the house dust down the bed and the furniture with a feather duster. To make the cleaning job easier keep your cleaning kit well stocked in a place where it is easily accessible. Get a few all purpose and essential cleaning items - disinfectant, powder bleach, microfiber floor mop, liquid floor cleaner, wipes/clothes, kitchen slab cleaner etc. Instead of trying to do everything by yourself, delegate the cleaning job according to the capacities and expertise of your family members. This will help reducing stress on you.
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