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Editor\'s note: For more details about people who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, visit our Home & Away interactive feature.
You can also click on the name of the person who died in the Chinook crash below to leave a message or memorial.
You can also click here to learn more about every dead person and what their family thinks about them. [
Update at 7: 53 on Friday. m. ET]The U. S.
The US Department of Defense announced the name of the US Department of Defense. S.
Military personnel who shot down a helicopter in Afghanistan on Saturday were killed. Thirty-
The attack killed eight people, eight of whom were Afghan military personnel.
This is the biggest loss of life in the United States. S.
Troops since the beginning of the Afghan war at the end of 2001.
Of the 30 Americans, 17 were seals. Twenty-
Two of the dead were Americans. S.
Navy personnel, the Pentagon said.
15 SEALs belong to the top of the mountain-
Secret forces carrying out the raid killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in a compound in Pakistan.
Two other SEALs were assigned to a naval special operations unit. Five were so-
Known as a regular force with a special specialty, it often works with seals.
Eight other United StatesS.
Three air control personnel in front of the Air Force and five Army helicopter crew members were killed.
NATO says it killed the militants responsible for the attack.
Taliban spokesman zebiullah Mujahid denied that he said NATO air strikes killed another group of insurgents.
Three things you need to know today.
Meteor shower: the Perseid meteor shower will peak overnight, and NASA wants to watch as a shared online experience.
The space agency will host live online chat from 11: 00. m.
It lasts until 5. m. ET Saturday.
Astronomers at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Bill Cook, Danielle Moze and Rhiannon Blauw, will host the chat.
As you chat, a camera at the Marshall Center in Huntsville, Alabama will play photos of the night sky looking for a meteor.
NASA says about 20 to 30 meteors will appear in an hour due to the full moon.
The northern hemisphere will be the best place to watch.
Perseids from dust and debris left behind SwiftTuttle comet.
Every August, the Earth passes through the cloud of debris from the comet, and the visible meteor is part of the debris that burns in the atmosphere.
Flash mob: young people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania face early curfew on Friday and Saturday nights in response to the recent flash
Mob violence in the city
Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to appear on the streets of Philadelphia City Center and University City After 9: 00 in the evening. m.
In other parts of the city, the curfew is still 10. m.
Midnight for those under 13 and those under 18.
Philadelphia police say violators will be taken home or taken to the police station and face a fine of between $100 and $300.
Parents of violators will receive a warning of the first crime, and subsequent offences may be fined up to $500.
The \"flash family\" is a group of people who decided to gather somewhere after being organized by email.
Email and social media
The city accused the mobs of carrying out several attacks on residents in recent weeks.
The beating seriously injured people.
Police custody death: a growing controversy over the death of a homeless person during the arrest, a city council in Southern California will meet on Friday to decide whether to hire a consultant to review its police station.
Kelly Thomas died last month after fuller ton had a fight with police that prosecutors described as \"violent and desperate.
The Orange County district attorney and the FBI are investigating the incident, which is investigating violations of civil rights.
The death of the mentally divided Thomas led to temporary changes in the local police station.
Police Chief Michael Cyrus took paid sick leave this week when at least one member of parliament asked him to resign.
Six fulleton officers on suspicion of involvement
Thomas was given paid administrative leave and the Arctic ice of the city official saidEarth is disappearing.
In fact, the director of the National Ice and Snow Data Center told CNN last week that in 30 years, the top of the world actually has no ice in the summer.
Scientists said this week not so fast.
You might want to plan for that ice.
About 50 or 60 years from now, free Arctic summer sailing.
This is due to the new computer model run by researchers at the National Atmospheric Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, showing that ice caps can expand as easily as a 10-year contract.
Jennifer Kay, NCAR scientist: \"One result that surprised all of us is that the number of computer simulations indicates that the loss of ice has temporarily stopped, \"a lead author of a new study on Arctic ice said at a press conference.
A government spokesman told CNN that a full-scale shooting at the Ministry of Defense in Tallinn, Estonia, took place on Thursday.
\"There was a security incident in the Ministry of Defense, a shooting incident, and security forces are currently involved.
The situation continues, \"said Peeter Kuimet.
A local journalist quoted the police as saying the hostages had been hijacked.
This could be a plot for \"CSI: New Zealand\" pilots. \"That half-
The teaching aids they have been using for years are not models, but real things.
According to New Zealand\'s Northern Advocate, principal Bastienne Kruger of Totara North School was about to use bones in a recent speech when she realized that it was not plastic but real human bones.
\"When we realize that this is true, we want this poor person to do the right thing, but we don\'t know how to do it,\" the paper quoted Kruger as saying . \".
She called the local hospital, which advised her to hand over the remains to the authorities, including the skull and complete ribs, hands and feet, for half the body.
Three things you need to know today.
NFL preseason: Are you ready to play football?
There was a labor dispute between NFL owners and players earlier this summer, and there was concern that we would wait for the college games to begin answering the question.
But under the labor agreement of the league in July 25, training camp started, and tonight we will have the first pre-season game in the NFL.
The Jaguar is in the Patriots;
The Crows visited the Eagles.
The Seahawks went to the charger in ESPN\'s game;
The wild horse of the Cowboys;
The Cardinals visited the Raiders.
Ten more teams will start their preseason on Friday.
Even if the game starts, SI.
According to com, due to the delay in the labor agreement, there is still a considerable amount of free
Looking for agent players at home.
PGA golf: The Last of the 2011 Grand four tournaments of golf, the PGA Championship, held on Thursday in suburban Atlanta, with a focus on two players, Tiger Woods and Rory McRoy, cameron Murphy of golf magazine wrote.
\"The PGA will define the definition of each major occupation, whether it will be a memorable step in a player\'s journey to rule the world, or a victory that is not easy to forget --than-
Legendary golfer
This means that this PGA tournament is all about Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods before further notice, \"Morfit wrote.
Special guests will include William Shatner, known in conference literature as \"one of the world\'s popular cultural treasures\", as well as Leonard Nemo and several actors in subsequent generations of shows and films.
Coalition forces in Afghanistan have killed Taliban insurgents who have been involved in the recent CH-
47 helicopters killed 22 US Navy SEAL commandos. S.
Afghan troops announced Wednesday.
NATO says the attack killed Taliban leader Mullah muhibra and insurgents who were shot down in the Tangji Valley in valdak province on August 6.
The International Security Assistance Force says Mullah muhibra is a key mediator in a rebel attack group led by Taliban leader Ding Mohammed, who was killed in a previous special operation
The International Security Assistance Force said that under his command, mohibaullah had up to 12 Taliban fighters, including potential suicide bombers.
There are three things you need to know today.
The American spelling champion will be crowned in Texas on Wednesday afternoon.
Jesse dabinigel Richards (Nigel Richards), a graduate student at Berkeley, California, and Kenji Matsumoto, Aiea, Hawaii, lead the race, which will enter the final day of the race. Twenty-
Eight rounds have been completed and three will be held on Wednesday.
The winner received a prize of $10,000.
Nearly 350 players took part in the national spelling championship at the Dallas interstate.
You can live on the Internet.
The game starts at 10. m.
End around 3: 30. m. ET. News Corp. : News Corp.
Fiscal year will be announced-
Wednesday\'s earnings report showed that after a short break, Rupert Murdoch, the troubled chairman and CEO, could regain focus. A phone-
The hacking scandal brought 168-year-
The old newspaper has ended and has caused parliamentary investigations in the UK, which may raise concerns about a routine report that is usually only combed by shareholders.
A key group of news groups
Investors called on the company to separate the role of chairman and CEO, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.
The group also wants most of its board members to be independent, the report said.
Dodge stadium beating: Two California men are scheduled to be summoned in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning for beating San Francisco Giants fans in the Dodge stadium parking lot.
A hospital spokesman said Tuesday that victim Brian Stowe was still hospitalized for brain damage.
Marvin Norwood, 30, and Louis Sanchez, 29, are both accused of intentional injury, assault and assault, all three of which are felony, according to complaints provided by the Los Angeles County district attorney\'s office.
Sanchez has also been charged with two minor crimes.
One for battery and the other for attack
According to the complaint, a lawsuit was filed against two other persons on the same day.
According to the prosecutor\'s office, Sanchez and Norwood were arrested in their home in San Bernardino County on July 21, each of whom was released on bail for $500,000.
The name of the little gorilla is certainly appropriate.
Ihirwe in African language Kinyarwanda, translated into English luck.
The Rwandan authorities were rescued.
The World Wildlife Fund said on Tuesday that she was an old Linglong when poachers tried to smuggle her from neighboring Congo (Kim) to Rwanda on Sunday night.
Mountain gorillas are on the verge of extinction, with less than 800 wild gorillas left in the mountains of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.
\"The good news is that the baby was rescued before it was too late and is now in good hands.
The bad news is that people believe that mountain gorilla babies have a market that they are willing to break the law and jeopardize the fate of endangered species at a profitable opportunity, \"Eugène Rutagarama, the director of the international gorilla protection program said in a statement.
The project consists of the World Wildlife Fund, the African Wildlife Fund and the International Organization of flora and fauna.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, the accused smugglers were men from Rwanda and Congo who were detained in Rwanda.
The protection coalition is working with the Rwandan and Congolese authorities to investigate a possible smuggling network.
Scientists say the tsunami triggered by the March 11 earthquake in eastern Japan destroyed part of the Antarctic ice shelf, which has not moved for 46 years.
Although the tsunami was only about 1 feet high when it reached Antarctica, their consistency was enough to crack 260-foot-
Scientists reported in a NASA statement that the surface area of thick ice combined with split icebergs is more than double that of Manhattan.
According to NASA, this is the first time scientists can connect icebergs directly to the tsunami.
The tsunami waves spread 8,000 miles and took 18 hours to reach the ice shelf, scientists say, giving them time to verify how earthquakes affect geography outside the hemisphere.
\"In the past, we experienced calving events where we were looking for the source.
This is the opposite scene.
We saw calving and we went to find the source, \"said Kelly Blunt, a frozen circle expert at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, in a NASA statement.
\"We knew right away that this was one of the biggest events in recent history --
We know there will be enough expansion.
We have sources this time.
According to the International Rescue organization, the suspected Peruvian drug dealer has destroyed a post to protect an indigenous tribe recently discovered in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.
In February, the tribe\'s aerial films and still images were first shown to the world.
The National Indian Foundation of the Brazilian government has set up guard stations near the tribal territory of Brazil\'s border with Peru to protect Indians from outsiders.
The International Survival organization said Monday that Brazilian authorities are now unable to find signs of the tribe.
\"We think the Peruvians let the Indians escape. . . .
We are more worried than ever.
This could be one of the biggest blows we \'ve seen in recent decades in protecting unconnected Indians.
It was a disaster, \"said Carlos Travassos, head of Brazil\'s isolated Indian Department, in an international statement on survival.
According to Survival International, the tribe\'s land is close to the Envira River, a route leading to Brazil, according to Peruvian cocaine smugglers.
According to aid groups, Brazilian authorities have reported a group of men armed with machine guns and rifles in nearby forests.
According to Survival International, authorities recovered a drug dealer\'s backpack with a broken Indian arrow in it.
This is a very sad news.
It is not known how many tribal peoples have been wiped out by the drug trade in the past, but all possible measures should be taken to prevent this from happening again.
\"The world should focus on these unrelated Indians, just as they were first caught in a movie earlier this year,\" Survival International director Stephen Corey said in a statement . \".
There are three things you need to know today.
Gas prices: will the sharp fall in global stock markets ease pressure on gas stations?
Oil prices have fallen more than 17% in the past month, closing at $83 on Monday.
According to CNNMoney, a bucket.
That\'s down from $100 a barrel two weeks ago.
Prices are expected to rise this year.
The government will release its monthly price outlook on Tuesday.
Whether oil prices rise again may depend on whether market forecasters think global economic demand will weaken after the stock market sell-off --offs.
Meanwhile, national average gasoline prices fell about a penny overnight to $3.
According to AAA\'s daily fuel schedule, $65 per gallon.
The average is $3. 70 a week ago.
Heat Warning: The National Weather Service said on Tuesday it has issued a heat warning for most parts of the United StatesS.
Forecasters say East Orlando and southeast Louis Anna must endure at least one more day of high-temperature observation or warning, while high-temperature warnings in the southern Plains and parts of the South-East take effect
Polygamous trial: the penalty phase of the Warren Jeffers trial is scheduled to start closing the case on Tuesday morning.
The polygamous leader was convicted last week on two charges of sexual assault on children.
The prosecution and the defense will have 30 minutes to make a statement on Tuesday.
Consideration is expected to commence immediately thereafter.
On Monday, the two sides closed the case without the defense calling any witnesses.
There are three things you need to know today.
Waves threaten factories: Chinese workers are repairing a dam damaged by the massive waves of tropical storm Muifa to protect a petrochemical plant, Xinhua reported.
Waves of up to 65 feet (20 meters)
The Xinhua news agency reported, citing military personnel under repair, that the Dylan dam was destroyed.
Officials are concerned that a toxic leak could occur if the water reaches the nuclear power plant.
According to Xinhua News Agency, Fujia chemical plant produces p-PX, a carcinogenic chemical used in the production of polyester films and fabrics.
Dangerous high temperatures: On Monday, most parts of Orlando and Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi were warned of high temperatures because the high temperatures index in those areas could reach 110 degrees.
The National Weather Service warned most outdoor activities, saying
Situations of threats may occur, especially if appropriate hydration is not performed.
Forecasters say some areas may receive limited relief from thunderstorms, but they also warn that dangerous high temperatures in other areas may not break until mid-week.
LeBron\'s bikeathon: Miami Heat star LeBron James will return to his hometown of Akron, Ohio on Monday, this time leading 2. 6-
As part of his \"educational wheels\" initiative, miles of bicycles cross the streets of the city.
James and 20 high school students will pedal from Akron University to East High School, where hundreds of students in the program will wait for them.
Cycling will be the first event since the project went through the King\'s renaming of the children\'s bikeA-Thon.
The initiative strives to improve the academic achievements of the third university
Grade students from single
Parents and families.
\"We feel it\'s time to change Bikeathon to something more educational at the same time,\" James told Akron Lighthouse Magazine . \".
\"We feel good about it.
\"On Friday, five current or former police officers were convicted of deprivation of rights and other violations of civil rights in connection with the deadly shooting at the dauggie Bridge in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in the United StatesS.
Said lawyer Jim Letten.
In the background, Chinese authorities warned residents off the eastern coast to prepare for continued heavy rains and strong winds, one of the strongest typhoons in recent years.
The weather forecast says Typhoon Muifa is expected to hit East China\'s Zhejiang province, south of Shanghai, late Saturday or early Sunday.
Xinhua News Agency reported.
The rainfall in Muifa will reach a million square kilometers (
386,000 square miles)
With the Typhoon continuing for 11 days, Mao Yuan, deputy stationmaster building of Zhejiang meteorological station, told Xinhua.
Waves from Muifa can reach 40 feet. 12 meters)
In the East China Sea and nearly 15 feet kilometers (4. 5 meters)
According to Xinhua News Agency, the coastal areas near Shanghai and Zhejiang.
Authorities have recalled more than 9,000 ships to the port, according to news agencies.
Meanwhile, The Star-Spangled Banner reported that Muifa was searching on Japan\'s Okinawa island on Friday.
Within 24 hours, the island had almost 18 inch of rain, and the United States recorded gusts of nearly 100 miles per hour. S.
Air Force Gardiner Air Force Base.
NHK television in Japan reported that 30 people were injured by the Okinawa storm.
On Friday, the Juno satellite was launched on a clear blue sky and started five
The one-year journey of the largest planet in our solar systemJupiter.
NASA launched $1.
12: 25 1 billion satellites launched from Cape Canaveral, Floridam.
Nearly a decade after building and testing the spacecraft
A one-minute technical problem and a ship within the launch safety zone delayed takeoff during several waiting periods.
The satellite was scheduled to be launched at 11: 34. m.
NASA says the Juno mission will provide an unprecedented look under Jupiter\'s clouds and provide insight into how the solar system is formed.
The full Post calls it \"70-foot Woman.
Or two tons of mermaid.
The real name of the huge woman in a lake in Hamburg, Germany is actually \"dead Badende \"(\"The Bather\")
She is an advertisement for Soap and Glory, a British beauty brand.
\"We launched Soap & Glory in Germany last year and we \'ve been looking for a way to say, \'Thank you!
Thanks to everyone for their support of our products, we have achieved real success here.
At Soap & Glory, we believe that it is our mission to bring more beauty to the world and to have fun from it --
Marcia Kilgore, founder of the brand, said in a press release: \"That\'s exactly what die badende did . \".
Death Baddon is the work of art creator Oliver worth.
It is 13 feet high, 67 feet long and weighs two tons.
This sculpture is made of a steel cage covered with almost 1 feet thick foam plastic and then covered with a special filler layer sealed with polyester resin.
It will spend 10 days in Inner Lake Ulster in Hamburg.
Obviously, \"dead Badende\" is as modest as \"She.
Soap and Glory promise that when \"death Badende\" is ready to come out of the water, the crane will stand next to it with an oversized towel.
There are three things you need to know today.
Jupiter mission: NASA plans to launch the Juno satellite on Friday, starting five-year, 400-million-
The space agency hopes to use it to reveal how the solar system is formed.
Plan in 11:34 take off. m. ET.
Astronomers at the Kennedy Space Center said the Juno mission will provide unprecedented insight into the formation of the solar system by investigating what is underneath Jupiter\'s atmosphere.
Jupiter is known for its violent storms and gas atmosphere.
On Wednesday, a woman in Oregon, who was treated at Portland Hospital, fell 50 feet from a wilderness cliff and broke her legs in two places, on wild berries, caterpillars and creek water.
On Tuesday afternoon, an Oregon National Guard helicopter pulled 28-year-old Pamela salante to a safe zone, more than three days after her hike in Mount Hood\'s national forest, local media reported from the cliffs.
\"She was beaten, but she\'s still alive and she\'ll be fine,\" Salant\'s boyfriend, Aric Essig, told CNN affiliate KATU --
Portland TV later Tuesday
\"She had moments of fear, but she said she had very strong moments. . . .
This is for survival.
She thought she would die.
\"According to television reports, around noon on Saturday, the two went to the nearby Bear Lake to find a better camp.
\"I was walking around the lake hoping to meet her at some point and I walked all the way back to the camp and just didn\'t see her,\" Essig told KATU . \".
After she didn\'t show up on Sunday morning, he called the sheriff\'s office.
Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler told KATU that the searcher used two shoe prints during these three days to determine the direction of the Salant trip and narrowed the search from there
On Tuesday afternoon, a helicopter found her sitting on the wood by the stream.
Delegates told CNN affilate KOIN that she had no camping gear or survival gear when she got lostTV in Portland.
After 70
The two were charged in one.
A federal law enforcement source said Wednesday that the line global child pornography circle.
The official said 52 people accused had been arrested.
The allegations stem from a survey launched in December 2009, targeting more than 500 individuals from around the world who allegedly participated in the Dreamboard --only on-
According to the Ministry of Justice, the line bulletin board aims to promote pedophile and encourage sexual abuse of young children.
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