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Customized epoxy pastemixed colors.
ADELL plastics
In all the thermoplastic plastics, especially the custom color concentration of engineering materials.
Multi-functional concentrate containing a variety of additives.
Senior paint company
Provide 9911 Dis
Res dispersion of polyester, PUR and epoxy. AKROCHEM CORP.
Concentrate, powder and paste for vinyls, cellulose acetate, olefin, acrylic and other resins.
AMCO plastic materialsCustom-
Suitable for matching dry pigment and coloring of PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, acrylic, SAN, nylon, acetate, NAS, BDS.
American Color Company
Standard and custom paint dispersion for pull-up, SMC, BMC, RTM and spraying-up/hand lay-up.
Color consistency, on-
The delivery time matches the custom color. AMERICHEM INC.
Acetate, acrylic, ABS, cellulose, EEA, EVA, acrylic barrier resin, nylon, PC, TP polyester, olefin, PS, TP polyurethane, PVC, SAN, and other thermoplastic plastics
Matching custom colors or individual
Pigment concentrate
Cubes, particles or powders for all processes and applications, including special effects. AMETEK, INC.
Chemical Products Division
Color masterbatch for low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, PP, pbx and most Engineering Plastics in bottles, films, profiles and extrusion products. AMPACET CORP.
Color and additive concentrates include over 7000 standard and proprietary formulations.
Focus on the concentration of polymerization olefin, PS and engineering plastics.
Pigment/additive multi-functional concentrate specially tailored for granulation and ball olefin.
General-purpose concentrates for engineering thermoplastic plastics, as well as products that actually use nylon and polyester as carriers.
Applications include extrusion coating, blow molding film, injection molding and blow molding, pipes, profiles, paper and fibers. AOC LLC SUB.
President of AlphaChroma-
Tek liquid color dispersion for hot sleeve includes masstones in the monomer and custom color matching-
Free active unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and polyurethane. BASF CORP.
Pigments include phthalocyanine blue and green, organic azo red and high-
Performances in red, chestnut, violet, yellow and blue.
Inorganic red, yellow, green, blue, brown and dye and dispersion in PE. BAYER CORP.
Baycast color organic pigments designed for easy dispersion have high heat resistance and excellent light resistance.
The series is made up of Quena Keone, perylenes and phthalos.
The patented particle form provides advantages, including faster cleaning and low dust removal for positive environmental impacts, higher stacking density for easier and cheaper storage, free flow, it is easy to combine and use with automatic metering system, better solubility, better dispersion and processing.
Macrolex and Ceres dyes have good transparency, high coloring power and convenient use.
Macrolex is also available in the form of particles.
Bayferrox synthetic iron oxide pigment based on Laux manufacturing process exhibits excellent performance properties, especially when used with olefin.
There are various shades of red, black and yellow, as well as mixed Brown.
The temperature of the Red Army is stable at about 1000 degrees Celsius.
Colortherm yellow iron oxide and zinc ferrite with improved temperature capability have excellent light resistance, can be composite in concentrate and find application in olefin and some engineering plastics.
Lightweight mixed metal oxide pigments have high temperature stability, excellent light resistance and resin compatibility.
Products that are not mixed are produced by solids
State the synthetic reaction that occurs under roasting conditions.
Including lemon yellow, blue, green and black.
Metal pigments, including aluminum, gold and copper, copper powder and paste.
And carbon black oil-and water-
Based on the decentralized system.
Breen color, INC.
Vinyl, EVA and PE color concentrate for wire and cable, profile extrusion, injection molding and blow molding, can be pelletized or cut in batches of any size.
Custom color matching. CABOT CORP.
Special black area
Extensive routine, medium and high-
Color Carbon Black in fluffy and granular form.
Carolina Color Company
Most thermoplastic materials, including custom concentrate, dry and liquid color for engineering resin. Computer color-
The service and customized formula can include UV stabilizer, stabilizer and antioxidant.
CCC plastic Co. , Ltd.
Color concentrates for film and paper extrusion, wire and cable, olefin for blow molding and injection molding, styrenes and PVC.
In addition, the master material, flexible PVC compound and rigid PVC powder mixture were added.
CDI dispersion for PVC film, plastic and organic solvent, polyurethane foam and polyester foam custom pigment dispersion. CHROMA CORP.
Custom pigments include dry color, pre-hair color compounds, liquid and particle concentrates, rotating molded compounds, and additive masterbatch.
Special additive packages include medical and FDA-
Approved masterbatch for dyes, fluorescence, light color, phosphorus light color, flame retardant, thermal color, spices and additives.
The Injecta color system provides liquid paste dispersion for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.
Make sure the color is uniform and there are no lumps, stripes, migrations, splay or plates-out.
Can be in 5-gal gravity-
Feed packaging, 30-
Gal fiber or steel barrel with optional mixer or 150-Gal handbag system.
The products include fluorescent lamp, metal lamp and Pearl lamp.
Other additives, such as lubricant, heat stabilizer, stabilizer and UV stabilizer, offer many functions.
Color concentrate for all fluorine polymers.
CIBA Specialty ChemicalsPIGMENTS DIV. High-
The properties of the organic pigments include queantra red, violet, scarf and magentas, azo condenation and isoindol ketone yellow and indanone blue.
It is reported that high-coloring DPP pigments from orange to red have excellent thermal stability and light resistance, which can replace heavy-metal pigments.
Extensive FDA listing
Approved pigments for food packaging, toys and consumer goods.
Classic pigments include red, yellow, phthalocyanine blue and so on.
Bi-based inorganic yellow pigments provide the thermal stability required to replace the lead color layer for engineering thermoplastic materials. Polymer-
Soluble dyes for polyester, PS and acrylic acid.
Microlith pigment preparation from high preparation
Grade pigments for acrylic and vinyl applications. (See ad p. 366. )
CIVIERA & silver international inc. High-
Power, more black economy
Use color concentrate from 50 lbs or more.
Clermont flock
Colored fibers produced from cotton and artificial silk can add a new look to molded plastic.
The colors are matched, and the design is done for proper dispersion. CLARIANT CORP.
Ministry of pigments and additives
Organic Pigments and polymers
Soluble dyes include yellow and red, with sufficient thermal stability to replace inorganic pigments.
Comprehensive pigment FDA-
Approved for food contact packaging.
PV Fast pigments have excellent properties, including queenacone, phthalocyanine green and green, and special azos.
Graphtol pigments include diarylides, azo Red Army and other colors.
Polymer dyes include solvent, Sandoplast, Estofil, Hostasol, Polysynthren and Sandofil series.
Leucopure and Hostalux are optical brightens for polymers.
Div parent.
Provide color and additive concentrate in the form of particles, microparticles, powders and grinding particles;
High load single
Pigment concentrate;
High-mother material
Performance resin; special-
Master batch of effects including rainbow color, pearl color and fluorescent color;
Special White and Black Masterbatch;
As well as a series of standards and professional additive masterbatch including hydrogen cerol chemical foaming agent, heavy metal
Free standard concentrate and multipurpose concentrate as well as professional and custom compound.
Cleveland paints and colors
Dry organic pigments include phthalo blue and green, naphthols, Kaka purple, red lake C and other shades of red, yellow and orange.
Synthetic and natural iron oxide, organic dye
Fluorescent and green pigments.
Custom mixing and packaging services for color matching or materials-
Purpose of processing.
Color formula DIV.
Major pigment companies
Particles of PP, nylon, PET fiber and other custom formula functions or pigment dispersion in non-powders.
Organic Pigments load up to 50%.
Polyethylene flush color is plastic grade pigment at low under high pigment loadmolecular-weight PE.
The product has superior dispersion and has the extra advantage of not removing dust in fact.
The pigment content was 50%.
Color Technology Co. , Ltd.
Color finish and dry color customized for various resin used in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.
Supporting end-carrier resin
User resin including PE and PP.
PS, ABS, PVC, SAN, nylon, acrylic, aldehyde, PUR, K-
Resin, EVA, bingate, acetate and rubber.
Heavy product-metal-
Free production in ISO
9002 certification facilities.
Areas of expertise include:
Effect pigments for packaging and personal care products;
Transparent color of acrylic resin and stylist;
Pigment for later
Consumer requirements (PCR)applications;
Closely match with the key
/Strict specification application.
Colorado InternationalHigh-
Performance Solvent dyes for coloring engineering resins such as ABS, acrylic, nylon, polyester and PC.
Dye with unusual light and thermal stability, suitable for high
Performance applications including cars.
Nylon and polyester are also yellow, orange and red. COLORCO INC.
Custom liquid and dry color
Matched with most engineering plastics for extrusion and injection, blow molding and rotary molding.
From everyday red and blue to exotic metal, pearls, fluorescent lights, phosphor lights, spotted granite, marble and frost --effects.
The formula is in line with the specifications for toxicity, light resistance, weathering or viscosity. COLORFLO, INC.
Liquid color including FDA
Approved products can contain additives such as UV stabilizer, foaming agent, lubricant and antioxidant.
Non-rush line
Dust 50% pigment dispersion for all thermoplastic plastic.
Color Matrix
Focus on high concentration, heavymetal-
Free liquid pigment for injection, extrusion and bulk mixing.
Vehicle systems designed for PE, PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PET and TPR.
Standard and opaque colors using FDA
Acceptable pigment system.
Multi-functional concentrate, combined with a custom color, contains anti-aging agent, foamer, mold release agent and UV stabilizer. COLORTECH INC.
Color and additive concentrate for blow film, blow molding, injection molding and extrusion (including extrusion coating.
In addition to custom matching, there are more than 1000 standard concentrates to choose from.
Also olefin-
Additives and colorants that comply with specific regulations such as FDA approval, heavy metals, etc. free (CONEG)
Comply with nondiarylide requirements. COLORWEL DIV. HCI CANADA INC.
Custom color mothers and dry colors for all thermoplastic plastics include custom additive packaging and special colors (
Light, phosphorus, metal). Computer-
Auxiliary color matching.
Registered ISO 9002-
1994 quality system.
Columbia Chemical
Raven and conductive carbon black for dyeing, conductive applications and UV protection.
Conductive Tex 975 Ultra and SC Ultra are recommended for conductive applications.
Raven 2500 Ultra is recommended for high injection and Raven 410 Ultra is recommended for good dispersion.
Raven C Ultra is recommended for applications that require excellent UV protection.
Plastic Products Company
See plastic color and composite. CREANOVA INC.
See degu company
Customs chemicals company
Color concentrate provided as micro-powder, particles, random fragments, cubes and dust-free powder with graded particle size.
For PVC, CAB, PE, PP, TP polyester, ABS, nylon, acrylic, PC or other resin.
In addition, the concentrate is pasted with carrier carriers such as plasticizer, polymer, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester, plastic, organic solvent or proprietary liquid carrier. Color-
Matching list
Pigment products.
CYTEC preparation resin Conap DS-
The 1830 series epoxy resin and polyurethane paste contain inorganic pigments that are light-resistant and heat-resistant.
Design is as good as low mixingor high-
Viscosity system. DAICOLOR-POPE INC.
Organic Pigments include green, blue and green, azo red, diarylide yellow (
Also inorganic micro 【TiO. sub. 2]
And the negrosin dye. DAY-GLO COLOR CORP.
Sunlight fluorescent pigments and dyes include ZQ-
Injection paint from 350 to 575 F; extra-
Intensity, low plateau NX-
Pigment for blow molding;
Light, hot
Stable dyes for PC, resin, acrylic resin and engineering resin;
Light, hotstable VC-
Paint for rigidity and semi-rigidity
Hard PVC pressing extrusion molding; and A-and AX-
Pigments for plastics and organic solvents. DEGUSSA CORP.
High performance polymer Polytrend EST paste dispersion with color polyester SMC, BMC and gel coating.
The product is an unsaturated but stable resin and is said to be fully reactive and compatible with polyester.
It is reported that the paste has little effect on the physical performance of the molded parts and allows free production of colors from color to deep tones at the level of use.
It can be used for epoxy resin, can be poured polyurethane, RIM, hard PVC and olefin.
Furnace and iampblack line.
A variety of products for applications such as color, UV stability, coloring and conductivity.
Printex G for coloring and special black 100.
Printex P or Printex 60 for UV stability.
Printex L, L6, or XE2 for conductivity.
FW1, FW18, Printex 85 or special Black 4 for coloring.
Printex 31, 61 and 301 are easier to disperse in the resin system.
In addition, Printex XPB090 is also suitable for optical fiber applications with high purity. DISCAS INC.
Keteng elastic-
Base color material for high density polyethylene, PP, EVA and SBS. Prosperse post-consumer-
Low content Black concentrateto high-
End Use of PS, ABS, PP and PE. [DMC. sup. 2]CERDEC DIV.
Mixed metal oxide and cadmium pigments for PVC siding and profiles, high durability olefin and engineering plastics applications.
Certified by ISO 9001.
Daoming color Co. , Ltd.
Color pigments include chrome yellow, molybdenum orange, mono-nitrogen, nitrogen-leaf Lide, nitrogen-oxazone yellow and orange;
Red Army and Malone.
Chrome yellow and molybdenum Orange include highPerformance, Low
Range of dust removal Krolor, fiber, low
Soluble lead grades and products with better thermal stability and chemical resistance and sulfur dioxide properties.
Organic Pigments include easy
Heat dissipation-
Transparent or opaque grade.
Canadian Dunlop plastic color concentrate for film, injection molding and blow molding, paper, pipes and profiles. DUPONT CO. CHEMICALS DEPT.
Several grades of Ti
Pure titanium dioxide.
Eastman Chemical
Color concentrate of PP and PE.
And Eastobrite OB-1 and OB-
3 Optical brightens for unprocessed and recycled PP, nylon, PET, PVC and PS polymers and fibers. EBONEX CORP.
Bone black pigment features high masstone, easy to disperse, low oil absorption and low cost.
Cosmic Black FCG-l is FDA-
Food contact has been approved.
Eckart america lp aluminum pigments include STAPA/SDF paste from very fine to very coarse particle size, paste wax oil or DOP of different purity;
Mastersafe granulation, dust-
Less solvent-
Free aluminum pigments of various particle sizes; and Master-
Colored aluminum sheets bonded with organic pigments open up new innovative styles.
Pearl pigments include a new series of Flonac anatase-and rutile-
Modified pigments;
The new series of interference pigments for Phoenix silver and visual effects, from the soft luster of pearls to the sparkling rainbow colors of rainbows;
Gold bronze silica encapsulates gold Bronze pigments of various particle sizes and shades, improving heat resistance and color stability in order to meet demanding requirements.
Elkham materials
Amorphous silicon gray EMS-
The gray PVC pipe 210 replaces carbon black.
Products enhance rigidity and impact strength, as well as dry
Mixed flow of PVC compounds.
Emerging industriesPIGMENT DIV.
Afflair glossy pearl pigments of many colors and particle sizes have good gloss, opacity, chromium properties and are non-toxic, heat stable, lightweight, non-conductive and non-arc.
Special pigments and additive color pigments include meteors and meteors for applications that require heat resistance and external durability, as well as complex inorganic pigments;
Engeltone organic pigments in a variety of colors. Engeltone low-
Soluble cadmium pigments for use requiring good light and thermal stability;
Cost-Engel-tone lead chromium acid and Moley orange pigment
Effective coloring.
The new Firemist special effect glass sheet pigment for multi-color effects, depth and Flash has a highly transparent property and is approved for use in food contact.
The new Santa Fe paint offers two true
Quadrant color travel is an economic alternative to multi-quadrant pigments. Each mica-
Based on the pigment representation of two different colors that vary with the perspective.
Other pearls and rainbow colored pigments, such as MagnaPearl and Dynacolor, include a gloss from soft satin to high gloss, as well as a grain texture from smooth to shiny.
Standard White Pearl Ruster, non
The colors of metal silver, gold, copper, bronze, russet and antique incense are inert, non-toxic, non-
Discoloration and no arc.
Powder and paste formula that is easy to handle and mix.
Other synthetic pearl pigments include appearance grade and natural pearl essence. (See ad p. 335. )
Engineering Carbon Company
Carbon Black series for coloring, UV protection, improvement of physical properties and conductivity. High-
The performance arsperse Grade provides a simple integration for plastic concentrates.
Used for the level of arsperse from cable insulation to geosynthetic materials.
Recommended for low conductive arsperse 15 hot carbon black
Wire insulation voltage.
Federal plastics
Custom color masterbatch for PE, PS, PC, PP and ABS injection molding and extrusion.
It can include antioxidant, UV stabilizer, lubricant and mold release. FERRO CORP. COLOR DIV.
Inorganic pigments are hot. stable, light-
Stable, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, suitable for coloring of most thermoplastic and thermoforming materials.
It is recommended for engineering resin and hard PVC.
Products include titanium nickel yellow (PY-53, PY-157 and PY-161);
Chrome yellow titanium acid (PBrn-24 and PY-162);
Zinc buff (PY-119); chrome-iron-zinc brown (PBrn-33);
Manganese titanium acid antimony Brown (PY-164);
Iron Chrome Black (PG-17)
Copper Chrome Black (PBlk-28); cobalt blues (PG-28, PB-36 and PB-74)
And cobalt green (PG-26 and PG-50).
Nickel and chromium titanium salts are yellow when combined with organic pigments to provide alternatives to leadand cadmium-bearing colors.
Ferro is a North American distributor of Nubiola\'s Qunqing pigments and cerium red and orange pigments in Rhone Poulenc in Spain.
Dark blue and purple pigments are non-toxic, FDA-
Can be used for food contact applications.
The new Nubix series contains extremely low moisture and free sulfur.
Its fine particle size provides easy dispersion and maximum coloring strength.
Rhone Poulenc has developed necolor pigments for new red and orange inorganic pigments for the replacement of cadmium-and lead-based pigments.
The thermal stability of Neolor pigment is 692 F, which has excellent optical stability and weather resistance.
They don\'t twist, they don\'t run naked.
In addition, it is recommended for use in Polyolefine and styrenics as well as various engineering resins.
The paint currently has red, orange and light orange. (See ad cover 4. )FERRO CORP.
Liquid coating and dispersion system
All thermoplastic and thermosolid liquids and paste dispersion can include a variety of processing additives.
Pigments are dispersed in six standard vehicles compatible with thermoplastic, unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and other resins.
There is also a custom system for designated vehicles.
Pigments can include Pearl and fluorescent types.
High pigment load (30 to 85%)
Provides high disappointment rate and maximum coloring strength.
Multi-functional pigment packaging can include antioxidants, UV stabilizer, clear agent and other functional additives. Single-pigment-
Quickly customize the basic color of the mix reserve for color matching.
Batch computer matching colorto-
Batch consistency.
The conductive unsaturated polyester carbon black dispersion used in BMC and SMC is a soft thick paste with a strong jetblack color.
In the absence of Sparks, static electricity gradually dissipated. (See ad cover 4)FERRO CORP.
Plastic pigment DIV.
Thermoplastic finish in the form of particles, liquids and powders for PP, PE, PS (general-
Purpose, influence and flame-retardant), and ABS (general-
Use, transparent, flame-retardant).
Flame concentrate-
It is reported that the flame retardant resin of more than 20 colors, including wood tones, will not affect the UL flammable grade of the resin.
Concentrate with UV stabilizer, anti-slip agent or anti-slip agent, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, crystal core agent and special lubricant.
Bulk, Gaylord or bagged products.
Special modified thermoplastic/rubber compounds are available in all colors.
Special purification compounds compatible with most resins can operate at temperatures from 320 to 550 degrees F.
All ingredients are FDA-listed.
All materials can pass through the heat
Gate mold system and extrusion system. (See ad cover 4. )
Mobile Polymer Company
Inorganic pigment dispersion for silicone.
Vehicles based on silicone oil or gums.
FLUORTEK composite, INC. Low-cost, high-
Mass line of Masterbatch used for fluorine polymers such as ETFE, FEP, PFA and polybendione and after-treatment of fluorine polymer. FM GROUP INC.
Special pigments and masterbatch include granite, marble, pearls and metal products.
Textile paint gives visual texture to the material.
Custom compounding of engineering resin.
General Color & ChemistryINC. Custom dry-
Color mixture and color concentrate with UV protection, temperature stability and non-reactivity for extrusion, roll molding, blow molding and injection molding.
Color computers ensure quality and batch sizeto-
Batch repeatability. JIT-
Compatible delivery programming and fast turnaround of orders from 5 to 80,000.
A general purpose concentrate for all resins is provided, including resin, ABS, PE and PP.
Dry color available in standard and low colors
Dust removal version.
Fluorescent matches, high
Features such as glossy products.
GLS composite distribution
The paint paste is concentrated in vehicles compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl blends. M. A.
Hannah see Polon
HANOVIA P1000 light-in-the-
Dark Glow paint.
Halwick Chemical Manufacturing CompanyStan-
A series of vehicles and forms of hue pigment dispersion include paste and liquid types with vehicles such as plasticizer, liquid epoxy, Polyurethane polyols, polyester, silicone, etc.
In addition, the vinyl particles, powders and color masterbatch pigments of TP elastomer. Custom color-
Supporting services. HEUCOTECH LTD.
Organic and Inorganic pigments include mixed pigments.
Metal oxide, blue and green, two nitrogen, two nitrogen, Red Lake C, stronghan Red 2B.
Rinse paint available.
American company Dutch color
Dust free and free Holcobatch
Flow pellet pigment dispersion for coloring a series of plastic and rubber.
Spherical particles of 500-700 micron diameter.
It consists of a pigment coated with a thin non-polymer universal carrier that melts at 180 degrees F.
Pre-drying is not required.
Usually below the disappointment rate of 100:1. O. HOM MEL CO.
Inorganic and organic coating series for automotive windshield, side panel and other applicationslight and back-light paints. High-
In transparent, glossy, matte and satin finish paint, use fire-fighting fuse system and polymer ink in screen, spray and roll-coating media. Color-
Supporting services.
Huntsman TIOXIDE titanium dioxide pigment is easily dispersed in various thermoplastic plastics with a high degree of white, opacity and coloring strength.
The base color is from blue to neutral.
FC6 is silicone-
After treatment, the moisture content is low and easy to disperse.
FC6, TR92 and TR23 are suitable for hard PVC building products.
FC6, TR92, TR23 and HD6X approved for PVC drinking water-water pipe.
High use of HD6X
Pigment concentration in opaque flexible PVC.
For color PVC siding, profiles and polyester gel coatings that require high weather resistance, it is recommended to use TR60, TR93 and TR92.
Interplastic corp.
Thermal solid resin business unit
Core zyn pigment paste concentrate for polyester or epoxy system.
The polyester car is compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester.
Recommended for polyester SMC/BMC.
Johnson maythey ceramic material pigments include cadmium types, complex organic matter, Cobalt pigments and transparent iron oxides. KEER-
McKee chemical
Transparent white pigments include Tronox CR-800 (NSF approved)
Compared with other Tronox grades, the general use of less blue background color; Tronox CR-800PG (NSF approved)general-
Use blue base paint; Tronox CR-
822 blue base paint for outdoor durable products; Tronox CR-834 high-tinting, blue-
Base color pigment with good heat resistance, suitable for PVC and ABS; and Tronox CR-837 low-
The film is treated with a high tone intensity and a blue base color.
Ladder-shaped company.
Pigments for olefin, aldehyde, nylon, PC, PS, ABS, SAN and rigid PVC include fluorescent dyes for brightness and edge glow.
Some increase in light and thermal stability. Also high-
Brilliant transparent pigment for all engineering and hot solid resin. Special-
Affecting pigments including olefin granite and FDA-
Approved granite black MPC;
Discolored dyes for plastic and eye lenses
Luminous pigment for luminousin-the-dark effects.
There are also pigments for polyamide.
Tradenames includes Keyplast, Keyvat, Keyamide, Keyfluor, Keysorb, Keyphos, Reversacols and reveratherms. KRONOS, INC.
Kronos titanium dioxide pigment includes brightness OS 2073, with high brightness and tone strength and blue color;
Kronos 2101 and 2160 promote good weathering, minimize loss of powder and gloss, and retain color and physical properties to the maximum extent;
2020 K;
Kronos 1070, 1072, and 1080 ruiti type for fiber optic elimination agents;
Kronos 2230 is designed for PC resin.
Lanser dispersionHigh-pigment-
Load customized color material scattered in PS, CAB, CA, CAP, PE, ABS, SAN, acrylic and vinyl.
Chip supply (granular)
Form of particles or powders.
ISO 9002 is also registered. Color-
A matching concentrate and pre-coloring compound in thermoplastic elastic material, olefin and engineering resin.
Additives are concentrated on a customized basis.
TPE proprietary compounds can be developed for electrical, consumer and automotive applications.
Lansko color Landes-SEGAL COLOR CO. , INC.
Organic Pigments include phthal blue and green, 2B red, Lake C red, and Kaka purple.
Inorganic pigments include lead-colored layers of blue, traditional and packaged, mixed-
Metal oxide, aluminum paste, titanium dioxide, special black, chrome oxide green. Smithchcm Div.
Supplies Spar, carbide powder, precipitated ATI
I, ATH, zinc sulfide and natural sodium hydroxide.
LAPORTE pigments provide a high level of inorganic color pigments
The strength of the synthetic iron oxide in red, yellow and black, with a cleaner hue, better fluidity, dispersion and color saturation. Also high-
When used with proper stability, the thermal stability of PVC, PS, PC and PP is non-CD Brown and Brown.
Other products include FDA-
Approved color pigments, chromium oxide green and cobalt blue.
Lilly Industrial Co. , Ltd.
High concentration of pigment paste-
Solid Dispersion in active carriers for coloring unsaturated polyester, epoxy and PUR.
Provides high heat and light stability as well as stable concentration, color and grinding for easy mass productionto-
Batch color matching. LIOCHEM INC.
Pigment dispersion and custom color concentrate for audio-visual equipment, automotive parts, fibers, household goods and packaging. Also low-
Spots-free and scattered dry colors of polyolene.
MAGRUDER color organic pigment supplied as dry
Color, premix, water liquid dispersion, rinse-
Disperse color;
Fluorescent pigments and dispersion;
Special varnish; acrylic-
Chip and olefin paste.
Polyflo color concentrate for resin high contentstrength (50%)
The paint is low-
It is reported that the density PE has excellent melting fluidity.
Compatible with a series of thermoplastic plastics (
Polyethylene, high density polyethylene, ABS, PP, rubber, nylon and polyester)
For film extrusion, injection molding and other applications.
Appear in the form of rough particles or even low temperature grinding without powder spraying. Base-
The color lines include phthalo Blue, phthalo Green, diarylide yellow, red lake C, Permanent Red 2B, quinacri ketone, Kaka purple, carbon black.
Marco Color Lab Ltd.
Specialized in the production of customized color materials and dry materials for thermoplastic plastics.
Most engineering resins and dyes for all applications.
Other additives such as lubricants, anti-slip agents, spices, foamer, antioxidants and UV stabilizer can also be added to the multi-function concentrate.
Computer color matching and quality control. CONEG and FDA-
Pigment that meets the requirements.
Thermoplastic composites filled, reinforced and conductive.
Valle industries March
Dry color, coloring and compound of PE, PS, PP, SAN, PC, nylon, NAS, K-
Resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, acetate and aldehyde.
Serving the display, pharmaceutical, medical, household goods and cosmetics industries.
Computer color matching and quality control.
Reflective flash particles and fibers in the range of metal, Rainbow, transparent and opaque colors.
Metal jewelry and metal jewelry HR products suitable for spot, enhancement and internal coloring of molded/extruded plastic.
Size from 50 microns (0. 002 0. 002 in. );
Color formula;
Fiber precision processing made of aluminum, brass, copper, steel and nickel alloy.
MERECO product Department
METACHEM resin companyMetre-
Dispersion system of chromium 1500 series liquid epoxy resinand chemical-
Resistant pigments dispersed in epoxy resin.
It is said that the pigment can provide smooth, uniform texture compatible with almost any epoxy resin and does not require high
Speed Dispersion equipment.
Package from half pint to drum. J.
Meyer & Sons
The color of Polyolefine, PP, PS, SAN, ABS.
Vinyl, TP rubber and polyammonium fluoride polymer.
Specializing in the production of customized formulas that meet the FDA Food, Drug and Cosmetic packaging requirements.
Computer color matching.
Additive packaging can include lubricants, Anding agents, UV stabilizer, and antioxidants.
From 50 lbs to truck loading, supplied in the form of powder, pellets and pellets. MICA-TEK DIV.
All plastic companies
Non-disperse pigments include: * New Calcular colored calcium carbonate for cement, wall paint and artificial marble.
3D geometry provides color and depth for translucent and opaque surfaces.
Good chemical and temperature stability at 500 F. * New alumi-
Nyte grind three water particles of alumina, designed to provide 3-
D. The appearance of granite in the plate. * Mica-
Black, Blue, Brown, bronze and champagne create real granite-
Look like a variety of polymers. * Deco-
Micas, which meets FDA standards, is a naturally occurring sheet with heat stable to 1500 F, with bronze, gold and silver.
The product has a sparkling effect in gel and transparent coating as well as granite
Like metal effect.
* Professional microfibre-
Cut the color fiber to satisfy one
Size fiber or stock appearance arranged in color.
* Mirror pigment FDA-
Compliance colors in black, blue, green, red and yellow. * Flex-
Spex products are made of colored polymer sheets of ground and size for paint, spray, powder and gel
Coat application. * Vermicu-Lyte color-
Coated vermiculite for hot solid resin and cement products.
Good decorative packaging and ordering-of-sale items. Mica-
Lyte dry goods-
Pigments and non-dispersed pigments affecting granite
Similar or spotted appearance in thermoplastic and thermoplastic.
Certain products produce sparkling effects in selected polymers and composites.
The products are FDA and CONEG-
Compliance and non-dust removal in competition with non-ferrous fibers, non-ferrous thermoplastic/thermosolid chips and metals-flake pigments.
Black, Blue, Brown, bronze, champagne, gold, silver, red and green in size from 75 microns to 3000 microns.
Midwest color concentrate and dry color for all thermoplastic plastics.
Meets UL and FDA standards and heavy metals-free (CONEG)requirements.
Composite and pre-
Coloring of all thermoplastic resin.
Millennium Special Chemicals Co. , Ltd.
Cadmolith color is red and yellow litelione cadmium sulfur and selenium compound with good covering power, good light and heat resistance, inertia and difficulty in dissolving in organic mediumFull-
Pure yellow, orange, red and chestnut colors are recommended for concentrated colors.
Pure type coloring force and covering force are twice that of the litecoone type and it is recommended to color the film and paper when minimum pigment content and maximum opacity are required.
Certified as hazardous disposal under current EPA regulations.
Millikon Chemical DivisionMILLIKEN & CO.
The liquid pigments of PUR include reactive polymerization pigments, polymerization products of ether and Ester polyurethane.
They are homogeneous, low
Viscosity solution is said to be easier to use than pigment.
Adhesive reactive polymerization pigments for the underlying layer of adhesive polyurethane carpet can be pre-mixed or with three-
Flow, mixing-the-fly equipment.
The clear pigment of olefin is a granular concentrate, which is reported to be bright, transparent, non-bleeding, non-migrating, and unshaped.
The opaque color material of the olefin does not affect the size of the part or cause warping.
Modern decentralized systems
Specialized in black concentrates of film, pipe, molding, composite, paper, wire and cable, geomembrane and fiber.
Black concentrate also based on nylon, PET and PC;
FDA black concentrate series for food contact applications.
Conductive compounds for wire and cable and anti-static packaging.
White, anti-slip, anti-blocking, filler, uv-
Stabilizer, antioxidant and flame-
Flame retardant concentrate.
Madame chemical
Liquid and paste pigment dispersion for coloring PVC plastic, polyurethane, epoxy, calender PVC film and other polymers.
In addition, the multi-functional dispersion with other additives is customized in the liquid vehicle.
Color matching for standard or specified vehicles.
National plastic color Co. , Ltd.
Custom and stock color concentrate and additives for injection molding, blow molding, profile and sheet extrusion, and rotary molding.
Certified by ISO 9002.
New Hampshire plastic Co. , Ltd.
Color concentrate for extrusion and injection molding.
Fully integrated consistent color matching
House DepartmentSpecial-
The effect products include Pearl, accrigloss vibrator, fluorescent agent, granite and cosmetic black.
European color composite
Custom colors and additive concentrates, compounds and dry colors for food, medical and cosmetic packaging, displays, toys, leisure products and homes! consumer goods.
For injection molding, blow molding, rotary molding and extrusion. Special-
The effect products include metal, pearls, spots, granite and analog marble.
Other additives can be included in the formula.
Database of color recipes maintained for precise matching, and necessary certification to ensure compliance with current regulations.
Pacific color Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Solvent dyes for PS, ABS, polyacrylic and rigid vinyl will soon glow and bleed soon.
Standard packages for 100 lbs or less special packages for a medium charge meet ISO standards.
The color of the custom match has dust-free beads; high-
Load concentrate that works well in PB and PVC film and bottle;
Fine Dry color material for rotary molding
Liquid color for all applications. Also special-
Effect colors such as granite, spots and marble.
Special dispersion and preparation.
Penn Color Company
Concentrated liquid and solid pigment dispersion of vinyl homopolymers and polymers, plasticizer, nylon, cellulose, acrylic, polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, PB, PP, ABS and PS and
Plastic Products Company
Paste pigment dispersion for polyester, polyurethane, vinyl, epoxy and other resin systems;
Chemical thickening agent;
Custom chemical]
Substitution of low profile additives, inhibitors, UV stabilizer and other additives.
Full spectrum of color and additive concentrate.
Pigments and dyes can meet specific requirements such as color, heat, stability, light resistance and weightmetal-free.
Color matching of polymers such as llannan and PP.
PS, ABS and SAN in blow film, injection molding, sheet, profile extrusion and blow molding.
Additive concentrate for custom design.
Computer-color and compound of plastic
PS, olefin and other matching color materials for thermoplastic molding and extrusion resin including engineering resin.
Plastic Color CompanyHeat-stable, heavy-metal-
Free color paste masterbatch for engineering resin.
Olefin and styrene concentrates for molding and extrusion.
The additive package includes UV stabilizer, anti-stats, processing aids, anti-slip agent and anti-block. Special-
The effect concentrate includes stones, edges-
Marble and fluorescent lamps. Fine-
Grinding dry pigments used in the rolling and other processes.
Liquid color for engineering, olefin and styrene applications.
Polymer concentrate
Color concentrates for automotive, cosmetic, merchandise, film, medical, sports, toys, wire/cable and fiber industries.
Concentrated in PE, PP, HIPS, PVC, ABS, nylon, fluorine polymer and engineering resin.
Custom lightsstable, high-
Temperature and chemistry-
Resistant to color. POLYONE CORP.
Distribution groups use custom and standard pigments extensively in dry, liquid and concentrated forms.
Products compatible with most injection molding, extrusion, foam molding, blow molding, wire and cable coating, rotary molding and other dispersion molding-
Key applications for all thermoplastic plastics.
Suitable for all commercial resin and engineering resin such as nylon, PC, shrink aldehyde, TPE, tb, PETG, TPU, EVA, SAN and TVC.
Most available in heavy duty-metal-
Free recipe.
Dry pigments produced economically in small quantities, bulk containers or pre-weighing packages, including free
Flow additive for color
Measuring equipment.
A multi-color concentrate can be added with UV stabilizer, antioxidants, flame retardant and other performance additives.
Custom recipes are available for particle size, disappointment rate, FDA and CONEG certification, and recycling requirements.
Custom concentrates for special visuals include fluorescent lights, Pearl lights, rainbow lights, phosphorus lamps granite, marble and metal.
The performance concentration includes laser-encoded, low-Board-
Out, anti-statistics, lubricants, UV inhibitors, antioxidants, foamer, kava and anti-block.
Most of the wires and cables are based on the Munchin color standard but are suitable for other applications.
In all typical molding applications, liquid dispersion customized for most thermoplastic resin.
Black and White concentrates of low density polyethylene, llannan, PP and PS.
Specific grade of film, sheet, profile, pipe and injection molding.
Primary Colors, INC. Custom-
Masterbatch and thermal stabilizer concentrate for injection molding, film blowing, blow molding and extrusion applications.
Special effect concentrate for metal, Pearl, lighting
Interface color and fluorescent light according to cusomer specification. FDA-approved food-
Packaging color.
Focus on the quick turnaround of goods and engineering results from initial matching to production.
Major pigment companiesHeavy-metal-
Free pigmentation, liquid pigments and dry powder pigments with multiple pigments-
Loading level and additional packaging.
Products for foam retreat, extrusion, injection molding, low mold and roll molding.
Specializes in providing pigments for the PP, nylon and PET fiber industries.
Special colors for a variety of thermoplastic plastics, including fluorescent, Pearl, metal, fluorescent, granite and spot pigments.
UV inhibitors, antioxidants and clear agents can also be provided. P. S. H.
Industrial Company.
Liquid pigment of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin.
PYLAM Products Co. , Ltd. INC.
Sell a full range of commercial dyes for solvent colors.
The color matches the customer specification. QUADRA CORP.
PRAYON pigments provide dark blue pigments from Prayon pigments in Belgium, using patented continuous processes that produce pigments 80% faster and more consistent than traditional batch methods.
It is reported that the process reduces the content of free sulfur and moisture in pigments while improving dispersion and coloring power.
Regent Sales Co. , Ltd.
Mother and dry-
Super pigment system
Dry pigment masterbatch for hard PVC bottles and cables, as well as multi-functional Masterbatch with other additives.
Rhine technology customizes color concentrates in particles or dust-free particles for all processes, commodities and engineering resins.
For a ratio below 200:1, the amount of pigment load can be up to 90%.
General carrier suitable for all kinds of resin.
Multi-function concentrate is provided.
RIVERDALE color MFG. , INC. Custom-
Matching liquid pigments and solid concentrates for most thermoplastic plastics.
Liquid Products supplied 5-5gal pails, 30-
Gal drum or returnable tote bag.
Pellets concentrate supplied with drums or Gaylord.
The color curve computer system for matching and color development works on more than 2195 shades.
In a general-purpose compatible vehicle system that meets FDA requirements, pigments prepared with high-performance organic and inorganic pigments or dyes.
Fluorescent, Pearl, light color and granite (speckled)
Special pigments.
A versatile dispersion produced in the form of a liquid or pelletized concentrate. RONDY & CO. , INC. Econo-Blak general-
Purpose black concentrate has 50% carbon black in low density polyethylene.
Marinate concentrate compatible with olefin and PS. RTP CO.
Color essence of cube mixture of most main resin and natural resin particles and color essence. W. J. RUSCOE CO. COATINGS DIV. Color-
It is reported that the maximum inhaled liquid dispersion of pigment in DINP, other plasticizer or solvent is quickly mixed with PVC plastic and organic solvent.
Suitable for liquid
Color metering in injection molding and extrusion.
Custom color matching is available. SAFAS CORP.
Granuplast centrates provides about 40 granite appearances in most thermoplastic resins such as ABS, PC, PP and PS.
A color lab that can be used to create custom colors. A. SCHULMAN, INC.
There are many colors and polymers in the polymerization color and additive concentrate.
The multi-function type combines pigments and additives in one product.
Polyblak carbon black concentrate contains different types of carbon black under different loads such as polyethylene, llannan, PP, EVA, PS and ABS. SEEGOTT INC.
Inorganic pigments include aluminum powder, flakes and paste.
There are also black, brown, red, green and yellow oxides;
And titanium dioxide.
Shepherd company
The complex inorganic color pigments include cobalt chromium aluminum, titanium acid cobalt green, titanium acid nickel yellow, titanium acid chromium fever agent, titanium acid iron Brown,
Free titanium Brown, copper Chrome Black, \"IR reflective black\", cobalt violet and manganese violet are all powders.
By high-
During the temperature roasting process, the pigment does not bleed, chemical inertia, light, weather-
Resistant, stable heat.
Typical applications are extrusion and powder coating systems for thermoplastic and thermoplastic, including rigid and flexible PVC, vinyl, PE, PP, PS, PUR and other engineering resins and reinforced plastics.
SILBERLINE manufacturing, INC.
The range of Silvex aluminum sheet pigments ranges from very fine granularity of satin metal appearance to larger-
The size of the shining effect.
When combined with a transparent pigment, give the metal appearance.
Products include aluminum sheets wrapped by suitable plasticizer or mineral oil to minimize the hazards of dust, pollution and fire.
The Sparkle Silvex series has small flakes that provide the brightness of the rough flakes and produce the same effect as the metallic paint coating.
There are also very large aluminum sheets that can produce flash effects.
The Silvet particulate aluminum pigment concentrate containing 80% aluminum sheets in the polymerization carrier provides safety, cleanliness, ease of handling, compatibility and stability with most resins.
Sileroma metal sheet paint
Aluminum black sheet made of high purity Iron, providing random black
White spotted look-and pastel-
Non-ferrous polymer matrix.
The thermal stability of the metal sheet reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
The product is a 90% sheet metal in the polymer carrier, provided in the form of a dry sheet or particle.
SPARTECH Color finish and additive dry color and particle concentrate for ABS, PS, SAN, PP, PE, acrylic, weather-resistant style, flexible and rigid PVC as well as flame-
Flame retardant compound.
Custom color matching for injection molding and blow molding, paper and film.
From 50 lbs to the bulk of the truck.
Color material concentrate for blow film, east film, blow molding, injection molding and extrusion applications.
There are PS, ABS, PE and PP. Stock-
The color of PE products includes white and blue-
White, black, gray, light yellow, light blue, dark blue, dark green, leaf green, dark yellow, orange, red, dark brown and silver.
Concentrate is not heavy-metal-based pigments. Also custom-
Concentrated formula and FDA-
Approved Food custom coloring-
Contact the application.
Spectrum industry
Department of Special Chemicals
Colorpac pigments for polyester systems provide precise control of pigment pre-weighing volumes to improve color control, transfer color 100% to batches, make it easier to maintain inventory and better control production.
Spiral plastic and color
Penn plastic, Washington, INC.
The color paste series includes ball-based concentrate, dry color and high-load Black and White Masterbatch for processing requirements in olefin, styrenic and TPE processing.
Color matching, more competitive prices, fast turnaround of orders
Flexibility in size, as well as professional technical services to deal with problems.
Stanford Color Company
Color concentrate of fiber and film. Single-
Custom Color-paint
Match and additive dispersion in PE, PP, nylon and any amount of polyester.
Solar chemical companyPIGMENTS DIV.
Dry organic pigments include AZO red and yellow, quin grass ketone, Violet and phthalocyanine.
It is also suitable for FD & C and D & C pigments for applications that require certified colors.
Many can be as highsolids press-
Cake or PE flush.
Techmer pm llc color concentrate for extrusion coating, casting film and blowing film, fiber, injection molding, paper and profile.
Products are available for non-heavy metals and FDA applications.
Color Company TEKNORDIV.
Teknor apex co.
Color concentrates for PS, PE, PP, ABS, SAN, TPE, TPR, EVA, nylon, PC, acrylic and flexible and rigid PVC.
Standard and custom colors.
Featured products include granite/spots and sparkling color effects, FDA-
Approved ingredients, fluorescent lights, Pearl lights and edge lights
Color Crystal line with high load, Super
Concentrate of PE and PP
EVA, EVA and flexible PVC.
Super colored ball line
Concentrated at 1/30-in.
The mini beads with pigment additives reached 80%.
For PS, ABS and K-resin.
P series for PE, PP, EVA and TPE.
Super Color Lines of super concentrate with pigment additives up to 80%, especially for PS, ABS, K-resin, and SAN.
Wire cable and profile color available for PVC, PE and XLPE.
Typical disappointment rates are 100:1 and 50: 1.
Instex micropulverized PVC color finish is single
Paint dispersion or compound color.
It is recommended for the mixture and processor for extrusion and pressing PVC dry mixture.
Dry Color Lines for rotary molding include color, stat-
Free additives, fluorescent colors, granite effects, perfumes, etc.
Regular production line for injection molding, blow molding machine, paper extruder and calender film.
Uniform Color Company
Thermal plastic concentrate specializing in automotive, furniture, electronics and electrical markets.
Fluorescent, phosphorus, Pearl light and metal concentrate.
Anti-aging agent, lubricant, UV
Packaging of stabilizer and anti-aging agent.
United Minerals & chemical
Pigments include high in full color range
Hot, no bleeding, no
Plateout fluorescent lamps;
6SSU natural and GSS color series blue light pigments;
High brightness and long glow luminous pigment
A series of special engineering resins in the form of CP and litecoone in yellow, orange, red and black with cadmium pigments;
Organic pigments such as red lake C, Red 2B, Stone Milk bines, two leaves Green, phthalocyanine green and green;
And titanium dioxide. U. S. GYPSUM CO. CAS-20-
4 calcium sulfate without water (gypsum)
Recommended as lowcost [Ti0. sub. 2]extender. With a 4-
Micron average particle size, high brightness, good opacity, small wear, food-
Contact for approval. U. S.
Synthetic materials company
The raw material of most thermoplastic plastics or the concentrate of custom color and dry pigment.
Special color concentrate for food packaging, toys and tableware.
Computerized QC and color matching. WARNER-JENKINSON CO. DIV.
Global food
FD & C and D & C pigment lakes include technical grade and low
Moisture products in the range of colored harmonic concentration.
Custom and stock paint mixture, as well as custom bulk packaging.
There is also a range of uncertified natural pigments such as mahogany, Carmine, tumeric, titanium dioxide, grapes
Skin extract and natural beta-carrot.
Penn plastic, Washington, INC.
Concentration range according to customer specifications.
Clark and Daniels
Inorganic pigments include dark blue, purple and pink, titanium dioxide manganese purple, synthetic iron oxide red, black and yellow, and chromium oxide green.
Organic pigment phthalocyanine blue, green, red 2B, nabuso red, two yli yellow, and Kaka purple.
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