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colorants: product lines reviewed.

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available. PDI DIV. See Ferro Corp.
PMS alimlidated has manufactured a whole series of pigment and additive dispersion for thermoplastic and thermosolid materials.
Company production and color-
Matching laboratory facilities in Somerset, N. J. ; Norwalk, Ohio;
Sick village of Elk Grove;
Fort batteron Limited
Customized epoxy paste availablemixed colors.
Accurate Color, company
A series of pigments and multi-functional additive dispersion are produced.
Most polymers have concentrate, liquid color, dry color and dust-free dry color.
It is reported that when used with automatic metering equipment, the dust-free grade improves the uniformity.
The company specializes in high pigment loading from 200 to 20,000.
It is said that liquid and paste are easily pumped and there is a squirming line of liquid
Color pumps are also provided.
The technical service laboratory, including computer color matching and quality control, can design a complete additive system or manufacture products according to customer specifications.
ADELL plastic Co. , Ltd.
In all thermoplastic materials, especially in engineering materials, customized color concentrates are provided.
A multi-functional concentrate containing a variety of additives is also provided.
Senior paint company
Production 9911 Dis-
Res dispersion for polyester resin, polyurethane and epoxy resin.
Senior resin company
See the color and chemistry of Westover. AKROCHEM CORP.
Provides a wide range of concentrates, powders and paste.
The hue standard line in rubber, vinyls, acetate, Polyolefine, acrylic resin and other polymer systems is available.
The company\'s lab can match colors for Thermoforming and thermoplastic materials and design color materials and color paste.
AKZO engineering plastics provides color concentrates for all types of thermoplastic materials, including vinyl, polyolene, styrenics, weather-resistant styrenics, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane
The color concentrates of wires and cables are fluorine polymer, vinyl, nylon, olefin, polyester, polyurethane and EVA.
United color industry
A custom formulated pigment for thermoplastic plastic can be used as a dry mixture or as a pelletized concentrate.
Applications include engineering resins such as nylon, polyester, ketogenic, TPEs, and most commodity resins.
This is an area of specialization.
United ProductsSee Coz Div.
AMCO plastic materialsOffers custom-
Suitable for matching dry pigment and coloring essence of PE, PP, PS, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, SAN, nylon and acetate.
American Color Company
Produce a full range of liquid color materials.
The dispersion system has standard or matching colors to choose from and can be customized according to different specifications. AMERICHEM, INC.
The Masterbatch is used for aldehyde, acrylic, ABS, cellulose, EEA, EVA, acrylic barrier resin, nylon, polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyester, olefin, PS, thermoplastic polyurethane, pvc san and other thermoplastic plastics.
As part of the matching system, the product can be used as a matching custom color or as a single pigment concentrate.
They are available in sizes from cubes and particles to powders.
The company provides custom color matching for all thermoplastic applications, including cars, appliances, house siding, food packaging and special effects.
These concentrate are customized.
Designed for extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and pressing.
AMETEK Westchester plastic factory
A wide range of color paste series is produced for low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, PP, pbx and most engineering plastics.
Concentrate can match with special colors, comply with FDA and USDA regulations, and can be used for bottles, supported and unsupported films, profiles, and extrusion.
The company also supplies special concentrates of UV stabilizer, antioxidant and anti-electrical agents in special resin.
Neskhoing, Pa, head office and plant.
Another factory was added in Wapakoneta, Ohio. AMPACET CORP.
Offers a wide range of color and additive concentrates including degraded products, with over 7000 standard and proprietary formulations in the file.
The company specializes in the production of concentrated liquids of olefin such as low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, homopolymers and polypropylene.
General-purpose concentrates are also provided for engineering thermoplastic plastics.
Special concentrates that comply with FDA and USDA regulations are available.
Applications include extrusion coating, blow molding and casting film, injection molding and blow molding, pipes, profiles, sheets
Multi-filament fiber extrusion and automotive use.
The company also offers pigment/additive concentrates tailored to the grade of granular and granular llldpe. AVECOR, INC. A UNIT OF M. A. HANNA CO.
Concentrate powder, mix dry color and liquid-
Phase dispersion.
Concentrate for packaging, food and beverage containers.
Other applications include ABS for construction and construction, office supplies, Automotive Edge parts, foam bedding and furniture, toys and household items, weather-resistant polymers, acrylic and vinyls.
Special colors are available for electronic components, wire and cable, and computer housing.
More than 20,000 colors can be formulated with unlimited mixing and matching services.
The company provides paint for fine weather fashion, Rohm and Haas\'s haute couture
Molding of flow impact acrylic resin and ICI acrylic resin and acrylic resin of grade 3.
Headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee.
There are more factories in North Kansas City, Los Angeles and Missouri.
Avecor is a stand-alone unit within the M range. A. Hanna Co.
BASF chemical coatings and pigments
A wide range of pigments are available, including phthalocyine blue, green, organic azo red, diyli red, orange, high performance red, maroon, violet, yellow and blue.
Inorganic red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown are also provided, along with a full range of dyes.
Polyethylene dispersion is also provided.
Both industries, MD, offer metal pigments: bronze, copper and aluminum powder, and provide paste in a variety of gold and bronze tones.
Powder and paste includes gold Bronze grade, professional grade, gloss grade
Industrial powder resistant to copper.
14 different grades of aluminum paste and powder are also provided, ranging in particle size from 25 to 6 microns.
Breen color, INC.
Provides vinyl and PE color for wire and cable applications, profile extrusion, and injection molding and blow molding.
The material is provided in the form of pellets or cuts.
Items of any size can be processed.
Custom color matching is also provided.
Burns and Russell
Department of Special Chemicals
A range of patented pigments are provided, designed for use in polyester systems.
The Colorpac series provides users with many benefits, including precise control of the amount of pigment pre-weighed to improve color control, transfer of color 100% to batches, making it easier to maintain inventory, better overall production control.
The CDI dispersion system provides customized pigment and chemical paste dispersion systems for PVC film, plastic and organic solvents, polyurethane foam, polyester foam and coatings. CABOT CORP.
Offers a variety of regular, medium and high
Color Carbon Black in fluffy and granular form such as Regal 330 and 660 and Monarch/Black Pearl 700, 800, 880, 900, 1100 and 1300.
Canadian color Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Production of polyethylene and PVC color material for film extrusion, wire and cable extrusion and blow molding.
Liquid pigment system is also provided.
Carolina Color Company
Custom concentrate, dry and liquid colors are specially provided for most thermoplastic materials (including PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN and other engineering resins.
The company offers computer color matching services and customized formulas, including UV stabilizer, Anding agent and antioxidants, as well as customized formulas that meet FDA and USDA requirements.
The production plant is located in Salisbury, NY. C.
Lancaster, TexasCHROMA CORP.
Provides a range of standard black, white and 25 other opaque and transparent color concentrates for most thermoplastic plastics. Ten FDA-
The approved black concentrate can be used in a variety of polymers from ABS to PE.
It is said that a special color series in fast-
Cycle process.
This system can be customized according to specific processes and end uses. CHROMA-
TEK offers its chroma-
Tek line for liquid color dispersion.
Provide Masstones and custom color matching in single
Inactive unsaturated polyester, epoxy, ether and polyester polyurethane.
Color Science Company
Coloring essence is provided for all types of carbon fluoride, including CTFE, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, Peeps, PES, PFA, sifluoride resin, and polydione. CIBA-GEIGY CORP. PIGMENTS DIV.
The company\'s inorganic and organic pigments include special quinacri ketone and mixing-
Metal oxide pigment. The mixed-
It is reported that the metal oxide made by Drakenfeld can withstand high
Temperature treatment, especially suitable for Engineering Plastics.
Heavy professional lines are also availablemetal-
Organic pigments such as Cromophtal, Irgazin, Irgalite.
Specialties include Filester pigments for extrusion and injection molding polyester, Microlith pigment dispersion (
Cromophtal and Irgazin pigments)
Orasol dyes for transparent acrylic and styrene polymers.
The pigment of all 13 pigments is FDA-
Approved for food
Contact apps and toys.
In addition, a single star quinacri ketone pigment in various tone ranges is also produced.
The colors provided include purple, magenta, maroon, red, scarlet red and gold.
Cleveland paints and colors
Iron oxide, heavy electricity and fluorescent pigments are provided.
Custom mixing, packaging and private-
Label Services are also available.
Paint & plastic Limited
Polyester paste dispersion is provided.
The colonial plastic provides a wide range of black and white concentrates for use in low density polyethylene, llannan, homopolymers and polymers PP, PS, and general purpose carriers.
There are specific grades for film, paper, blown film, profiles, pipe and injection molding applications, and uv concentrates.
Custom bulk toner is also available.
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Tennessee.
, There are additional operations in Kingstree, S. C.
Color formulators
Manufacture of pigment dispersion in particles or non-powders for PP, nylon, PET fiber and plastic.
Organic pigments are dispersed in a suitable carrier and provided at a pigment load of up to 50%.
In addition, there is a washing color line scattered in low density polyethylene.
Their easily dispersed and fine-grained nature is reported to provide an alternative to the use of dry colors in PE color material production. COLOR-
Chem international produces and sells its high-performance Amaplast special solvent dye series (
Light, Heat, weather, migration, stability)
It is especially suitable for acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PPS, nylon and pbx.
According to the company\'s research, dyes are also suitable for coloring of non-polar plastics (PE and PP)
There are specialized operators. COLORCO, INC.
Customized concentrated and dry colors are available
Matches most engineering plastics.
Pigment is provided for all applications including extrusion, injection molding and blow molding.
The color is formulated to meet the various specifications regarding toxicity, light resistance, weathering or flow requirements.
They range from each
From red to blue to exotic metals, pearls, fluorescent lights and fluorescent lights.
COLORCON produces various FD & C aluminum lake pigments for plastic packaging materials for direct contact with food.
They are used for plastic film, molded or extruded products, containers and liners.
These pigments have reportedly eliminated concerns about color migration and other issues related to non-food --
Approved pigment.
Colorcon HT of the company (high tint)
It is said that the lake provides a strong color while reducing the material requirements.
The company also provides technology
Service support, such as color matching and laboratory analysis of customer products, and
Factory site assistance, direct cooperation with customer staffsite.
Headquartered in Pa West Point.
The company has a factory in Santa Ana, California. ;
Indiana, Indiana;
Punta Cana Hotel San DiegoR. ; Paris, France;
Opington, England;
Germany, Singapore, Italy and Japan. COLORFLO, INC.
Supply liquid colors, including those that comply with FDA regulations.
The liquid can also contain UV stabilizer, foaming agent, lubricant, antioxidant, etc.
The company provides a washing line for all thermoplastic plastic non-powder spraying 50% pigment dispersion. COLORTECH INC.
Specializing in the production of color and additive concentrates for blowing film, blow molding, injection molding and sheet extrusion.
Hotel facilities: Brampton Ont.
And Morris, Tennessee.
Nonferrous Enrichment Co. , Ltd.
A Canadian company that customizes color concentrate and dry color for all thermoplastic resin.
The production of customized additive packaging and special thermoplastic Masterbatch, including Pearl lamps, phosphorus lamps and metals. Computer-
Auxiliary color matching and quality control plan ensure cost
Effective \"best\" match in all light conditions and keep the batch accurate and reproducibleto-
Mass production.
Columbia Chemical
Provide Raven carbon black series for pigment and conductive applications and UV protection.
Its super high carbon blackpurity grades.
Conductive Tex 975 Ultra and SC Ultra are recommended for conductive applications.
Raven 2000 high recommendation-
Jetness plastic applications and Raven 430 high
Concentrated quality.
It is recommended to use Raven C Ultra for UV protection.
The Mapico department also offers a range of Mapico yellow, red and black iron oxides in tone, as well as a unique hotline
Stable tan pigment. CONAP INC. Conap DS-
The 1830 series of color paste contains inorganic pigments, which have the properties of heat resistance and light resistance.
These color powders are compatible with epoxy and polyurethane systems and are designed to be low-or high-
Viscosity system.
Cook composite and polymer
Pigment paste is used for polyester molding and gel coating.
It is said that the function includes good processing performance, high compatibility, full color development of minimum mixing, light and weather stability, no solvent, stable color during molding, and minimal impact on curing rate or catalytic pot life.
It is reported that various colors can be obtained by adding white without changing the above features.
Kukson Pigment Co. , Ltd.
Organic and Inorganic pigments provided include low
Chromium lead yellow and molybdenum lead orange dust.
There are the following products to choose from: \"Krolor\" heating in the package-and chemical-
Resistance type, \"Watchung\" BON and Red 2B azos, phthalocyanine green and blue, \"dalmar\" Hansa and toluene Trione yellow.
New pigment recently launched: * three quinacri ketone pigments--
Red HP-
4202 pigment red 202, Enduroquin purple HP-
4330 pigment purple 190, red HP-
4500 pigment red 122.
* Brown red (Pigment Red 179--Enduralene HP-
5179 yellow paint and uralene HP-5180 blue.
* HP-Enduronone
7177. An opaque anthraquinone red 177;
Naphthanil red RT-172-
Bright masstone pigment red 170 for D, PE and PP. COZ DIV.
United ProductsComputer-
Provide matching color finish for PS, olefin and all other thermoplastic forming and extrusion resins (including engineering plastics.
They are provided in particles that are easy to handle in an automatic mixing device.
Customs chemicals company
The company\'s color powder and compound series are supplied in the form of graded particle size Micro Powder, particles, random chips, cubes and dust-free powder.
For PVC, CAB, PE, PP, TP polyester, ABS, nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate or other resin.
Paste concentrate can also be used with carriers such as plasticizer, polymer, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester, plastic, organic solvent or proprietary liquid carrier.
All products are colored. Match or Monopigments. DAICOLOR-POPE INC.
Various organic dyes and Nigrosine dyes for plastic are provided. DAY-GLO COLOR CORP.
The following solar fluorescent pigments and dyes are Supplied: * Z-and ZQ-
Recommended pigment for injection molding from 375 to 550 F* S-
Recommended pigment for injection molding from 320 to 550 F* ZX-Extra paint
Strength, recommended mainly for blow molding. * NX-Extra paint
It is mainly recommended for the strength and low platform of blow molding.
* Potomac yellow, golden yellow and longevity--
Light fast and heat stable dye for PC, styrenics and acrylic resin. * VC-
Series of vinyl pigments for rigidity and semi-rigidity
Hard PVC press extrusion. * A-and AX-
Recommended pigments for PVC plastic and organic solvents.
Deer Polymer Company
The company\'s Deerblack 5050 black concentrate contains 50% carbon black pigment in the olefin carrier.
It can be used to color a wide variety of thermoplastic resin and when used at low levels it produces good black color.
Deerblack 5050 is reported to have a very good coloring power, so it is recommended to change the mixed color to black. DEGUSSA CORP. , PIGMENTS DIV.
Produce all kinds of high
Channel Type color carbon black for all types of plastic.
In addition, Degu also supplies cadmium sulfide yellow and cadmium-
Selenium sulfur orange and red, they are said to be known for extreme light resistance, thermal stability and acid resistance and alkaline. DISCAS, INC.
Supply elastic materials
High Density Polyethylene, PP, EVA and SBS (Kraton).
Color of dawn.
Production of color pigments for the plastics, printing inks and coatings industry.
The series includes chrome yellow and molybdenum orange pigments, as well as yellow, orange and red azo pigments.
The grade of chrome yellow and molybdenum Orange can improve the thermal stability. DU PONT CO.
Provide several levels of \"Ti-\"
Pure titanium dioxide. These high-
High-quality white pigments are specially designed to provide a variety of properties required for plastic composites. DYNEPCO INC.
Specially for Engineering Plastics (including plastics such as nylon, TP polyester and polycarbonate), pre-coloring compounds, matching dry colors and color masterbatch are provided.
The company provides special expertise in composite filling and enhanced resin systems.
More than 100 pounds of pigment.
Emerging industriesPIGMENTS DIV.
Manufacturing event pearl pigments, creating visual enhancements for all high-quality finished products of packaging, printing inks, graphic arts and plastics.
Afflair gloss paint has a variety of colors and particles-Size change.
As an excellent alternative to metal sheet pigments, these inert, eco-friendly gloss pigments are compatible with water
Solvent-based-based systems.
Eastman Chemical products provide color concentrate for PP and PE. Epolene low-molecular-
In addition, heavyweight olefin wax is also provided as a raw material for the manufacture of color concentrate. Eastobrite OB-
1 used as brightener in PE, nylon, PET, PVC and PS. EBONEX CORP.
The bone black pigment produced by the company is a characteristic product reported, which has the features of high masstone, easy dispersion, low oil absorption and low cost.
They can be incorporated into most plastic resin systems as dry powder, such as vinyl, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic.
The black FCG level of the universe-
1, has been approved by the FDA for food
Contact the application.
It is reported that the product is in compliance with the food chemicals code specification and in compliance with Section 175th. 300 (B)(1)
For resin and polymer coating. CHARLES B. EDWARDS & CO. , INC.
Manufacturers of custom colorants and additive compounds produce particle concentrates, color Flo liquid dispersion, and dry colors (
Unit or bulk).
Most thermoplastic materials, including engineering resins, produce concentrate and liquid colors. A line of FDA-
There are acceptable pigments in all three forms.
The company can handle the color fine and liquid system in various sizes. ENGELHARD CORP.
Professional mineral and color group provides the following color pigments for applications requiring heat resistance and external durability: * Harshaw meteor and Meteor and complex inorganic pigments.
* Harshaw organic pigments of various colors for various applications.
* Harshaw soluble cadmium pigments for various end-use that require good thermal and light stability.
* Cost of lead chromium and Moley orange pigments from Harshaw-
Effective coloring.
Federal plastics
Custom color material for PE, PS, PP and ABS for injection molding and extrusion.
UV stabilizer, antioxidants, lubricants and molds
Publishing agents can be included. FERRO CORP. COLOR DIV. High-
Performance inorganic pigments can be used in most thermoplastic and thermosolid resin systems.
Paint is especially recommended for Engineering Plastics and hard PVC.
The series includes cobalt blue and green, Chromeiron-
Chromium, zinc Brown
Copper Black, iron
Free brown, black IR, Nickel
The titanium salt is yellow, and the chromium titanium salt is yellow.
These pigments are a little heavy. metal-
Free as defined in the food chemistry code. Mixed-metal-
It is said that oxide pigments specially designed for hard PVC siding and window profiles have excellent weather resistance and light resistance and are chemically inert. * V-777 and V-791 infrared-
It is reported that when used to color black people, reflective pigments minimize heat accumulation. * V-9186 and V-9187 iron-
Free Brown is compatible with hard PVC. * V-
Blue and F-9229 titanium acid cobalt-
5686 turquoise provides chroma that matches Gray-blue shades. * V-
It is said that 9415 titanium nickel yellow color has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, processing performance and batch-to-Batch consistency.
It is said that it also has excellent light resistance and thermal stability and is suitable for Engineering Plastics.
When combined with selected organic pigments, V-
9415 can be used to replace the color of many lead and cadmium.
Division is also the North American exclusive distributor of dark blue and purple pigments produced by NubiolaA.
Barcelona, Spain. FERRO CORP.
Horizon polymer
Provide epoxy resin, polyester and silicone paste concentrate in organic and inorganic pigments: * epoxy liquid-
It is reported that the resin carrier of the epoxy resin paste will not make the epoxy compound plasticized.
* Polyester paste is 100% solid, it is reported that it provides low viscosity and fast moisture without adding plastic polyester resin.
* Silicone paste is hot and stable, relatively inert, non-corrosive and compatible with most silicone rubber systems.
Company color paste concentrate laboratory-
Control to ensure the uniformity of the color, dispersion, viscosity and fineness of the grind. FERRO CORP. PDI DIV.
Manufacture a complete range of liquid and paste dispersion for all thermoplastic plastic and thermosolid materials and provide a variety of processing additives that can be added to the color dispersion or sold separately
Pigments consist of pigments dispersed and finely grinded into a series of six standard vehicles that are compatible with thermoplastic, polyester, epoxy, polyurethane polyester, polyurethane ether, plasticizer and other resin systems
For proprietary systems, the company will use the customer\'s vehicle or design an alternative product.
Available pigments include heatstable, light-
Stable, organic, inorganic, Pearl and fluorescent types.
All pigments are finely processed to wet a single particle into a high-load colloidal suspended substance (
30% to 85% pigments)
, High disappointment rate and maximum coloring intensity.
Multi-functional pigment packaging can include antioxidants, UV stabilizer, clear agent and a wide range of surfaces-
Effect additive. Single-
The pigment base color is kept in stock so that the custom blend color matches quickly in any number as small as 5 gal.
Color is matched by computer for batch-to-
Batch Consistency and identify the pigment combination that produces any given color at the lowest possible cost.
The company also produces a squirming liquid.
Color pump for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion of thermoplastic. FERRO CORP.
Plastic paint and dispersion.
Supply thermoplastic concentrated Masterbatch particles, liquid, powder form suitable for PP, PE, PS (g-
Impact and flame-retardant), and ABS (g-
P, transparent, flame-retardant).
The company\'s flame enrichment production line-
Flame retardant resin contains more than 20 colors, including wood tones commonly used in TV cabinets.
They can be specially formulated for flame-
It is reported that the flame retardant impact PS will not affect the UL flammable grade of the resin.
Food concentrate
The packaging material is FDA-approved.
Additive concentrate can be used with UV stabilizer, anti-slip agent or anti-slip agent, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, crystal core agent and special lubricant.
The product is shipped in bulk, Gaylord or bagged. Liquid-
Since the company acquired the Rosemar industrial company, there has been a color dispersion.
GLS fiberglass
Great Lakes marina and transport company offers a range of pigment paste concentrates, finely ground and dispersed in vehicles compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl plastic solvents.
General Color & ChemistryCustom-
Color house specializes in the production of dry Color mixture and Color essence, providing UV protection, temperature stability and non-reactivity.
Antioxidant clarification and lubrication additives are also provided.
ACS color computer, hard-
Disk storage for all process recipes ensuring quality and lotto-
Batch repeatability.
The FDA competition, and the JIT-
Compatible delivery programming and fast steering
Orders are up to 80,000 lbs, as small as 5 lbs.
The company also provides \"general purpose\" color materials for all resins, including resin, ABS, PE and PP.
Dry color available in standard and low colors
Dust removal version.
The company serves extruder, rotary molding machine, blow molding machine, injection molding machine;
And equipped with difficult handling and fluorescent competition, high
Products with special requirements.
The materials are shipped in bulk, Gaylord or bagged.
General Color Company
The company produces a variety of color materials for plastics, including: * a complete set of selected organic color materials. * FDA-
Certified pigments and dyes for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging.
* Provide a complete range of high heat resistance and light resistance cadmium tuning agents and Lyd powder pigments.
* Dry color matching for bulk and unit packaging.
Units of bay color M. A. HANNA CO.
Manufacture of color concentrate, dry color, additive concentrate and custom compound for all thermoplastic materials. M. A.
View Avecor, Inc.
And the color of the bay.
HANOVIA offers P1000 glow-in-the-
Dark luminous pigments for forming compounds.
Harwick chemical
Complete Stan-
Shades are scattered.
Both organic and inorganic pigments are dispersed in a variety of carriers, including Ester plasticizer, polyester, epoxy, epoxy soybean oil, PVC and polyurethane.
Custom products and colors
Matching services are available.
Hilton Davis Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Organic pigment Toner and high
Solid press cakes plastic includes elite blue, green, diarylide and Lufthansa-
Yellow and a variety of azo oranges and red.
Inorganic transparent iron oxide is reported to have shielded harmful UV radiation, is said to help meet FDA requirements for food contact and provides a cheap for plastic bottles, medicine bottles, films and fibers
Multi-tone color is a series of pigments washed in an unsaturated polyester car and is recommended for dyeing gel coating and fiberglass
Enhanced thermoplastic and thermosolid resin.
The advantages of the report include higher gloss, brightness, coloring power, cleanliness and dispersion than the traditional three products. roll-
Color System for grinding.
Auracte flusshed colors is a series of pigments dispersed in PVC plasticizer for plastic film and flexible vinyl, which is said to have advantages in dispersion degree, high gloss and economy.
Microspin color is a line free of dust
Flow, powder, resin-
The pigment particles packed are recommended for thermoplastic plastics.
These are also available in the F series and are said to meet certain FDA requirements for contact with food.
The company also sells chrome oxide green, anti-corrosion pigments, chrome yellow and Moley orange dry colors produced by Nubiola S in Spain. A.
Producing all kinds of organic pigments and melting-
Soluble dyes for plastic applications.
A range of plastic concentrates are available from PP, polyester and nylon fibers.
Organic Pigments and concentrates include a range of yellow and red colors with thermal stability suitable for the replacement of many inorganic pigments.
In addition, it includes well-known quainechong, ylene red, phthalocyanine green or green, two acri yellow and orange.
American company Dutch color
Holcobatch is a packaged, dust-free and free
Flow pigment dispersion suitable for coloring of various polymers and elastomer.
It is completely dispersed in non-polymer
Based on the carrier and produce consistent color development.
Holcobatch has the following advantages: common in polymer and elastomer, completely dispersed, no dust removal, free of charge
Flow, no need for pre-drying, accurate opening
The line metering and drop rate is much lower than 100:1. O. HOMMEL CO.
The distribution of inorganic pigments including titanium dioxide, zirconium oxide and iron oxide. J. M. HUBER CORP.
Engineering carbon DIV.
The thermal and furnace grades of carbon black are provided as pigments and fillers for plastics.
Resistance and conductive carbon black are also manufactured.
The Polytrend EST Series paste dispersion is designed for coloring polyester sheets and bulk molded plastics as well as gel coatings.
The vehicle is a specially designed, unsaturated, but stable resin that is said to be fully reactive and widely compatible with polyester.
Therefore, it is reported that this series of pigments has the least impact on the physical performance of molded parts, and allows a great deal of freedom at the level of use to produce colors from color to deep tones.
It is reported that these products can also be used for epoxy resin, can be poured polyurethane, RIM, hard PVC and olefin applications.
ICI resin USA offers a full range of phthalocyanine green and blue pigment blending agents
There are 10 colors for all resin types of solids.
This range includes what is said to be the bluest and most yellow green available commercially.
Professional application that Indanthrone big bucket blue is available for use.
Waxoline polymer
Soluble dyes for acrylic resin and resin are also provided.
Indian Chemical Company
Produce pigments and organic pigments.
This product is suitable for three specific market areas of automobile, fiber and general plastics.
In the automotive field, cab and PP color are available.
In the fiber field, custom concentrate is produced for acrylic, cellulose acetate, PP, nylon and polyester.
There are also concentrates in PP ribbons and slit films.
The organic pigments used for plastics include the complete azo series, as well as yellow an ketone, indanone, heavy nitrogen, quinacri ketone, phthalocyanine, blue and green.
Manufacturers of color concentrates can also use the form Press cake.
The company added a new production line called Polyflo. New high-
It is said that the performance pigment in the general dry pigment is particularly heat-resistant and light-resistant.
Interplastic corp.
Commercial resin business unit
The company produces a complete series of pigment paste concentrates suitable for polyester or epoxy resin systems.
In addition, a complete set of pigments is provided, pre-dispersed on the polyester car, which is reported to have excellent compatibility with polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resins.
Polyester sheet and bulk products are highly recommended
Molded compounds due to the high quality and repeatability of the report.
Johnson Mattel Corporation(JMI)PIGMENTS DEPT.
Complete Series of cadmium pigments, mixed metal oxide pigments, ceramic colors, Cobalt pigments and transparent iron oxides are available. KEMIRA, INC.
Unitane titanium dioxide pigment is provided. Unitane OR-450 and OR-
460 is produced through a chlorine process and can be used for forming and extrusion vinyl, olefin, ABS, PS and acrylic resin.
Foundation for product and national health (NSF). KERR-
McKee chemical
The opaque white pigment of Tronox titanium dioxide is used for plastic purposes and is divided into several grades: * Tronox CR-
800 the pigment is designed for general use that requires a yellow base color.
It is chemically equivalent to CR-
800 PG, small particles. * Tronox CR-
It is said that 800 is easy to disperse. It is recommended to use it in general and has blue-white tint. * Tronox CR-
For high tone strength and yellowing resistance, 834 pigment is recommended.
It is said to be easy to disperse and there is a blue onewhite masstone. * Tronox CR-
The PVC Formula is recommended at 822 and it is reported to provide maximum outdoor durability.
KORLIN centrates produces and distributes color and additive CONCENTRATES containing pigments, dyes, stabilizer, fillers, modifiers and other additives.
There are over 3000 recipes to choose from and the production units range from 75 to 2000 kg/hour.
Technology includes a fully computerized laboratory for color matching and quality control.
Extrusion molding equipment allows the development and testing of products that meet customer specifications. State-of-the-
In the development and formulation of new products, the art flow equipment of the auxiliary analytical instrument. KRONOS, INC.
Titanium dioxide pigment for plastic.
It is recommended to use Titanox 2073 with high brightness, strong hue and blue hue.
Both Titanox 2101 and 2160 have good weathering properties, minimizing the loss of powder and gloss, and preserving the color and physical properties to the maximum extent.
The Titanox 2020 is made of plastic film.
It is recommended to use the anatase ox 1070 and 1072 ruiti type for optical fiber delight.
Lanser dispersion
Provides color paste dispersed in PS, CAB, CA, CAP, PE, ABS, SAN, acrylic and vinyl.
It is reported that the high pigment load of the concentrate and the degree of dispersion obtained enable the user to reduce the amount of concentrate needed to obtain a given color or tone.
Concentrate is also produced on a customized basis. LANDERS-SEGAL COLOR CO. , INC. (LANSCO)Supplies heat-
Pigment resistance of llannan, HDPE, PS, PP, PVC and ABS.
Lansco pigments include light mixed metal oxide yellow, blue, green and black;
Chrome yellow and molybdenum Orange;
Iron oxide red;
Special brown, black and yellow color;
Blues in dark blue
And chromium green oxide.
For applications that do not require high thermal stability, provide a full range of inorganic colors as well as organic toluene-based Red, Lufthansa yellow and DNA orange. LAN-O-SHEEN, INC. Dual-
Color paste for use, available in 14 standard colors, is recommended for polyester, epoxy and compounds. LILLY-
RAM industrial subsidiary
Comity industrial paint paste concentratesolids-
Content dispersion of fine grinding pigments in active carriers for coloring unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and polyurethane.
In general, the selected pigment has a high thermal stability and optical stability.
The paint paste is consistent in terms of pigment concentration, color and grinding, so the batch-to-
It is said that it is easy to get batch color matching.
Madame chemical
A pigment dispersion system is provided for coloring PVC plastic, polyurethane, epoxy resin, extruded PVC film and injection molded thermoplastic plastic.
A dispersion system for custom colors or other additives in liquid vehicles is available.
It also provides a complete series of colorful non-toxic powder and dispersion of PVC compounds.
Marco Color Lab Ltd.
Specializing in the production of customized color paste and dry color for hot plastic.
Pigments are provided for most engineering resins and for all applications, including pre-coloring for customersSupply resin.
Other additives, such as lubricants, anti-slip agents, spices, foamer, antioxidants, and UV stabilizer, can be combined with pigments from multi-functional concentrates.
Computer color matching and quality control are also provided.
The company added two new resin production lines for Composite Engineering (
Glass (filled).
Marval Industries
Dry color and color material for PE, PS, PP, ABS and SAN.
Provide services to the pharmaceutical, medical, household goods and cosmetics industries.
Computer Color
Provide supporting services and quality control.
Medowbrook invention company
Provide reflective aluminum and metal polyester color flash and spark for plastic resin. THE MEARL CORP.
The company\'s Mearlin and Mearlite collections of Pearl and rainbow colored pigments include a range from soft satin to high gloss and from smooth to sparkling grain texture.
In addition to the standard white pearl lugs, the series includes a range of non-metallic silver, gold, copper and antique colors.
These pigments are reported to be inactive, non-toxic, non-discolored and non-arc, and have powder that is easy to handle and mix, as well as paste recipes.
They are widely used in thermoplastic plastics and coatings.
The company also produces a variety of other synthetic pearl pigments, including appearance grade and natural pearl essence.
MERECO product Department
METACHEM resin companyMetre-
Chromium 1500 series liquid epoxy resin color powder, originally in-
Customized recipes for houses can now be provided as product lines.
Especially crushing, heating and chemistry-
Organic and Inorganic pigments are dispersed in pure epoxy resin.
It is said that these pigments provide a smooth, uniform texture, are compatible with almost any epoxy formula and do not require high
Speed Dispersion equipment.
From the half pint to the drum, the dispersion is packed in various sizes. J.
Meyer & Sons
Provides a wide range of color concentrates for Polyolefine, PP, PS, SAN, ABS, vinyl, TP rubber and polybendione fluorescent polymer, specially customized-
Meets the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture and FDA for Food, Drug and Cosmetic packaging.
Use Computer Color matching to make color according to customer specifications.
Additive packaging can include lubricants, settling agents, UV stabilizer, and resistanceoxidants.
From 50 lbs to the number of trucks loaded, the concentrate is supplied in the form of particles and pellets. MICA-TEK, INC.
New subsidiaries of Franklin industries offer coatings
Designed to produce sparkling, non-
Flash, spots and granite-
It\'s like the effect in hot plastic and hot plastic.
The product is produced by chemical and heat treatment, chemical and heat treatment to convert the cloud chip into \"champagne\" gold, and metal processing, dyeing or non-ferrous polymer or other media for the cloud chip
These dust-free pigments are designed with color nylon fibers, thermoplastic color slices and metals-flake pigments.
The levels in development include silver, gold, black, green, red, yellow and blue. MILES INC.
There are many kinds of organic pigments and dyes.
Macrolex dyes are said to have thermal stability, high coloring power and clean hues.
Macrolex dyes are suitable for engineering thermoplastic plastics and can be used with concealer to replace heavy-metal pigments.
Ceres oil dyes can be used to color wax and polymers at intermediate temperatures.
Ceres dyes are reported to provide economical, bright tones and high coloring strength. High-
Performance Organic Pigments include a variety of perylenes from red to maroon, kunkono red, magentas and Violet, specialty yellow and orange, and phthalocyanine green and green.
The company\'s Bayferrox pigment represents a series of high
High quality synthetic iron oxide in red, yellow and black.
Compared to non-particulate, the particulate grade is considered to provide excellent dispersion and high coloring power. Bayferrox AC-
5069 and the new PK-
5087 has a processing temperature of 400-
500 F is necessary.
It is reported that the excellent thermal stability of Bayferrox 3950 allows it to be used in plastics with high processing temperature limits or restrictions on the use of yellow iron oxides.
Milliken chemical
Complete set of pigments for polyurethane.
The Reactint pigment is an active polymerization pigment that can be used for ether and Ester polyurethane.
They are homogeneous, low
Viscosity solutions are reported to be easier to use than pigments.
Adhesive colorants are a new type of active polymer colorants that bind the underlying layer. Bright, easy-to-
Use colors can be used as a mixture or with three colors
Flow, mixing-the-fly system.
Clear lines of olefin clear pigments can be used as particulate concentrates, which are reported to be bright, clear, bleeding-free and migration-free.
Since they are non-nuclear, shrinkage or warping is eliminated.
The dominant color material is a new type of opaque color material for Polyolefine.
Because they are not nuclear, it does not affect the part size or cause warping.
Mineral pigments company
The inorganic pigment series includes a variety of synthetic and natural iron oxides designed to minimize dispersion, as well as a range of highheat-
Stable Brown and Brown, especially for thermoplastic plastic.
The latter is right
It is reported that the type and use of cadmium saves the cost than the cadmium sulfide pigment.
When used with proper stability, they are recommended for PVC, PE, PS, pc and PP.
There are three types: standard, FDA and electrical grade.
Comparable types in high-heat-
Olive green. MOBAY CORP. See Miles Inc.
Modern decentralized systems
This thermoplastic composite produces a variety of concentrates, including black, white and flame
Flame retardant in several polymer systems.
It mainly provides anti-slip agent, anti-blocking agent and safety agent for blowing film.
The whole line of conductive and static electricity-
Dissipated compounds used to prevent electrostatic discharge are also provided.
Other services include composite development and custom/paid composite.
Morton International Limited
The company\'s Injecta color Department provides liquid pigment dispersion for process equipment using plastic-reinforced screws (
Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding).
It is reported that the system ensures that users get even colors without blocks, stripes, migrations, splay or tablets --out.
It is said that the pigment of bee liquid is not affected by shear changes;
They provide machines. to-
The machine is uniform in color.
They\'re in 5-gal gravity-
Feed packaging, 30-
Gal fiber or steel barrel with optional mixer, or 150-Gal handbag system.
Multi-functional pigments and other additives such as lubricants, flame retardant, stabilizer and UV stabilizer can be provided on request.
Other products provided include additive dispersion without pigment form, fluorescent agent, metal agent and Pearl agent.
New Micro Company
36 The metering system automatically adjusts the color according to the machine output, detects re-grinding and compensating colors, and stores up to seven color recipes.
New Hampshire plastic Co. , Ltd.
Provides solid color concentrate and custom color matching with fully integrated computerized colors
Cooperate with laboratory and quality control.
North Coast firm Limited
Provides fluorescent and opaque color concentrates for polyurethane and polyester thermoplastic polyurethane.
Other customized concentrate and masterbatch can be quoted. NUBIOLA S. A. Distrib.
Hilton Davis Chemical Co. , Ltd. and Ferro Corp. , Color Div. OBRON CORP.
Metal-resistant bronze paint is said to be chemical-and tarnish-
Suitable for applications that require outdoor durability.
They are reported to have excellent thermal stability and are recommended for internal coloring of thermoplastic resin and thermosolid resin for casting extrusion molding.
These pigments are neither affected nor affected by the usual polymerization catalyst or other substances, and are generally recommended for acrylic resin, it includes cast syrup and molding powder, nylon, polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, plastic and extruded vinyl, ABS and PS.
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