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come on boris, everyone prefers blonds wearing a cycle helmet

by:Top-In     2020-01-07
It\'s really typical.
Months have passed and no one has seen London Mayor Boris Johnson wearing a bicycle helmet --
Then several people appeared at the same time.
There are four Boris wigs.
Alikes shows that it is possible to have a ridiculous blonde hair style without looking like a full clown, while wearing the proper circular headwear.
Well, it\'s not a complete clown anyway.
Now the challenge is: Boris, these cyclists have faced Boris bravely. barnet-and-helmet combo -
Let\'s see you do the same.
The challenge for our readers is: if the Boris helmet we came up with is not so flattering --
Don\'t forget, we\'re talking here about the Mayor of London, a August figure who should always keep his dignity --
Can you come up with a better design?
In these two months, the standard helmet plan is caused by the following facts
During the long mayoral campaign, Mr. Johnson never moved away from his bike, but never saw him wearing a protective helmet, a strong recommendation from safety experts.
Today, however, he was ashamed of stepping on six traffic lights in red and on the sidewalk, so he chose to change course.
He invested 24.
99 helmets in a stateof-the-
Art Silver Bell Ukon is a short drive from Evans Cycle Store from City Hall.
\"It\'s time to change,\" he said . \".
\"I need to wear a helmet and I will start setting an example.
\"So far, he has not put a helmet on his head --
But the Evening Standard photographer team is ready to wait for him to capture this moment in a strategic position around the capital.
Before that, we had to rely on the evidence of those cyclists in Kensington Gardens to prove what it was like to park a helmet on Boris\'s mop.
Or, to be exact, wear £ 7.
95 Argos helmet and Boris wig 100 fire-
Polyester resistant.
Yakula Singley, a 26-year-old doctor from Chiswick, said: \"I think it looks funny --
Too much hair, I can hardly make the straps.
He had to buy an oversized helmet to accommodate it all.
He will also be very hot in this weather.
Nevertheless, I think it is important for him to set a good example and to wear a good example.
Richard Hall, 33, a fireman on Kensington Street, said: \"It\'s quite warm down here, and I\'m not sure if it looks great.
But my wife always told me to buy a bike helmet.
Maybe I will follow Boris\'s example and get one.
Govinda Habda, a 30-year-old West Kensington physicist, said: \"I think it looks ridiculous, but it doesn\'t matter.
It is a good thing for him to take cycling seriously and it is important for others to see him do the right thing.
Rob Moore, 35, a shipping contractor at Balham, said: \"Boris Johnson has no cool reputation --
He doesn\'t look more ridiculous wearing a bike helmet than usual.
He should definitely wear one to lead the way.
But Mr. Johnson --
Their wife, Marina, and four children were wearing helmets.
Remember to wear his new accessories?
He seems to have given himself a chance. out clause.
\"This may not happen every day,\" he said . \"
\"This is going to happen, but I can\'t guarantee it will happen all the time.
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