The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

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3 Sigma1985 W.
Troy OH 45373 Steinfield Road Tel: 800-347-3091/937-440-3400 Fax: 937-440-
3411 mailbox: rpiefke @ 3 sigma
Cc Robert Piefke, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS foil stock, ps non-woven stock, PS holographic stock, PS synthetic stock, PS thermalstock, 551-laminated label, laminated film/tape, 3 m Center building1W-03 St.
US Tel: 55144-Paul MN 800328-1681/888-273-3820 Fax: 800-258-
7511, Email: cmcustsvc @ mmm. com Web: 3m.
Com/converter consumables: adhesive, release pad, splicing tape, PS paper, PS film, PS foil, PS fabric, PS synthetic, PS Other, non
PS film, laminated film/tape. J.
Greenwood Printing Ink Company 3559 Greenwood Avenue.
Los Angeles CA 90040 Tel: 323-723-3253 Fax: 323-725-
7885 Email: abrooks @ dawink. Com website: dawink.
Andy Brooks, director of marketing consumables: paint, flexible ink, UV flexible ink, screen ink, gravureink, special ink, ink system, equipment: ink color matching A of the mesh rollerW. T.
World Trade Corporation4321 N. Knox St.
Chicago, usa il 60641 Tel: 773-777-7100 Fax: 773-777-
0909 mail: Sales @ awt-gpi. com Web: awt-gpi.
Com Michael Green, president consumables: screen printing supplies, UV lamps/bulbs, screen ink equipment: drying system, UV curing system, flat screen printing machine service: used equipment, re-appearance of vacuum Besar News International3160 N. Kennicott Ave.
IL 60004, Arlington Heights, United States of America Tel: 800-678-7222/847-818-1100 Fax: 800-678-7983/847-818-
0071 Email: info @ aaapress.
Com website: aaapress.
Mark Hahn, director of sales and marketing services, Com: consulting, slitting knife re-grinding, used equipment consumables: laser engraving cylinders, flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape, UV lights/bulbs
Printing unit, brake, docking joint, camera, cleaning equipment/supplies, clutch, color monitoring system, core/shaft, core cutter, Corona processor, burner/burner, doctor Drive, drying system, folders, inspection equipment, material handling, plate making equipment, pressure accessories, downwind/downwind, split knives knife/bracket, split s/downwind, stacker, turret collector, UV curing system, steering rod, roll cleaning, roll guide/handle, roll tension control, combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine AB graphic Machinery Co. , Ltd. rotary screen printing machine, hot die press machine, mesh roller, idler roller, printing cylinder, metering roller
7016, South Back Lane, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England Tel: 44-1262-671138 Fax: 44-1262-
677009 Email: info @ AB-graphic. com Web: ab-graphic.
Com Bell, general manager consumables: adhesive, photosensitive resin plate equipment: slitting/rewinding machine, rewinding machine tool holder, combinationpresses, flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine, letterpress, offsetpresses, flat screen printing machine, rotary Screen Printing Machine service: used equipment, refurbished machinery AccuFilm 1930 James Parkway OH 43056 Tel: 740-928-6001 Fax: 740-928-
8001 Net: accufilm.
Services by Brad Smith: split Accuweb Inc.
4249 Argosy Court P0 Box 7816 Madison WI 53707 Tel: 608-223-0625 Fax: 608-223-
0074 mail: @ accuweb at the front desk.
Com website: accuweb.
Brian Buisker, vice president of equipment: Network guidance/processing, network width monitoring system
938 Hatch Avenue
CA 91748 Industrial City Tel: 800-725-8223/628-839-0800 Fax: 626-839-
0801 Email: info @ achem. com Web: achem-usa.
Com. howard Shen, assistant product manager consumables: flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape, laminated film/tape service: split ACPO/adhesive coating products for 8035 lakewind Drive, US port of oak OH 418 P0 box 43449 Tel: 877-412-TAPE (8273)Fax: 419-898-
7064 mailbox: sales @ acpocom Web: acpo.
Sales/Marketing consumables: Laminated film/tape service: coating/laminating, slitting
Greensboro NC 7210 Cessna Drive 27409 Tel: 336-605-5100 Fax: 336-605-
5107 mail: jimbagwell @ light.
Network: light.
Net Jim Bagwell, VP Sales consumables: adhesive, coating action rotating mold 1208 WNational Ave.
US Tel: 60101-Addison IL 630628-6830/800-736-6158 Fax: 630-628-
6832, Email: salesard @ aol.
Com Web: action rotation.
Sales manager Bob Potratz consumables: Rotary mold equipment: printing cylinder service: die-cutting
Manchester NH 175 US Tel: 03103-Gage system 603622-2481 Fax: 603-626-
1277 Email: info @ acu-gage. com Web: acu-gage. com John A.
Equipment: inspection equipment service: used equipment, contract measurement Acucote Inc.
910 East Elm Street
Graham NC 27253 Tel: 336-578-1800 Fax: 336-578-
5534 Email: earlc @ acucote. com Earl R.
Curran, VP Sales consumables: flat panel installation tape, ps paper inventory, ps film inventory, PS foil inventory, PS holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermalstock, ps other inventory services: coating/laminating Acumeter division 89 Holliston MA 01746, Hill Road, October Tel: 508-429-8750 Fax: 508-429-
8553 Email: info @ acumeter.
Website: acumeter.
Technical service equipment: adhesive coating machine, laminating machine, capping machine service: Pilot coating/laminating machine-Graphics Inc.
1 Selina Drive Albany, NY 12205 US Tel: 518-869-6929 Fax: 518-869-
0226 mailbox: DPScan @ msnCom website: adheso-graphic.
Com, skenlong, director, Sales and marketing consumables: sheet drawing tape, printing consumables, splicingtape, laminated sheet/belt service: paint/laminate, tabletting, split ADI International 2518 planting center.
US Tel: 28105-704 Suite A, Matthews NC845-1540 Fax: 704-845-
1539, Email: jlmym92 @ aol.
Com website: arcdoyle.
Com Jim McDonald, President folder, ink system, material processing, proofing unit, pressure control, printing management system, pump, register control, viscosity control, flexible machine, adolfo Broadbeck Co. , Ltd.
11 D-
Tel: 49-72555 mettingen newhosen, Germany71-23-96-86-0 Fax: 49 -71-23-96-86-
20 emails: info @ brodbeck-maschinen.
Devi: Brobeck-maschinen.
Michael Brodbeck equipment: 835 Lehigh Ave core cutting machine, core windmill Adolph Gottscho.
, P0 box 3130 United NJ 07083 US Phone: 908-688-2400 Fax: 908-687-
9250 mail: Sales @ gottscho
Internet: goldsch.
Com John Wilson, sales engineer consumables: cylinder, photosensitive polymer plate, flat panel mounting tape, printing ribbon, UV light/bulb, rotary mold, flexible mold, flat panel mold, flexible ink, UV Flexo Ink, special ink equipment: Add-
Printing equipment, cleaning equipment/supplies, Dial/Dial, doctor blade and stand, drying system, ink system, inspection equipment, marking equipment, UV curing system, steering rod UPC/bar code verifier, mesh roller, idler roller, printing cylinder, metering roller, printing cylinder service: advanced coating and conversion systems for equipment reconstruction1229-
D. Goodlettsville TN 37072 South Dixon Road United States Tel: 615-851-2000 Fax: 615-851-
5683, Email: advanced coating1 @ aol. com Gary D.
Faulkner, president consumables: adhesive, release pad, splicing tape, PS paper, PS film, PS foil, non
PS movie inventory, non
Psholograpid stack,
PS synthetic materials, laminated label material equipment: adhesive coating machine, coating machine service: coating/laminating, film, slitting, adhesive and conversion of Hot Melt Adhesive, transverse winding serviceV.
Tel: 32-atterat 32, 9220 Hamme, Belgium52-47-92-30 Fax: 32-52-47-68-
37 Email: info @ advanced machinery.
Web: advanced machinery.
Be Wim Buyle, general manager equipment: Brake, clutch, coating machine, core/shaft, core cutter, Corona processor, laminating machine, flat panel assembly machine, register control, inverted knife/rack, sorting Machine/collector, sensor, viscosity control, winding/processing, winding control, assembly machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, concave version
320 Beinoris Drive, Wood Dale IL 60191 Tel: 630-766-2746 Fax: 630-766-
2917 mailbox: APGINC1 @ aol
Com Web: flexoprepress.
James cadletz, service: Road to reading pre-press AET film 15, New Castle 19720, United States, Tel: 302-326-5500 / 800-688-2044 Fax: 302-326-
5501 Email: info @ aetinc.
Com website: aetfilms.
Terry Baker, sales director of consumer goods
PS movie inventory, non
PS foil material, non
PSholographic stock,
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Other stock, laminated film/tape Aetek UV Systems 1200 Wyndham Park Road, Romeoville IL 60446 Tel: 630-226-4200 Fax: 630-
226 4215 mail: Sales @ aetekuv
Website: aetekuv.
Consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: Polymer L for Air Products of UV curing system. P.
7201 Hamilton Avenue
, Ellentown PA 18195 Tel: 800-345-3148 / 610-481-6799 Fax: 610-481-
4381 Email: cheminfo @ apci.
Com website: airproducts.
Com/polymer Richard Gaughan, mkt. mgr.
PSAs consumables: adhesive AirTrim Inc. 1940 S.
Yellow Hot Spring Street
Springfield, usa oh 45506 Tel: 937-324-2272 Fax: 937-324-
3999 mail: Sales @ airtrim
Com website: airtrim.
Nick Valley, customer service manager.
Equipment: Matrix removal, waste removal system for Akrosil 206 Garfield Avenue.
, PO Box 8001 Menasha WI 54952 Tel: 920-729-5202 Fax: 920-729-5347 / 920-729-
5341 mail: tracypearson@ipaper.
Tracy Pearson consumables: Aksu Nobel ink, pad, released at 15500 Avenue.
North Plymouth MN 55447 Tel: 763-559-5911 Fax: 763-559-
0243 mail: deannawhelan@na. aninks. Network: link.
Com Deanna Whelan, Marketing Communication Manager consumables: adhesives, coatings, flexible inks, UV flexible inks, letterpress and offset inks, screen inks, special ink equipment: ink system ink Gutenbergsgatan month in Fort Trek 23125 Aksu Nobel Tel, Sweden: 46-410-
59200 Email: info @ narrowweb. aninks. com Fax: 46-410-
41630 URL: aninks.
Com Helena Ekwall consumables: adhesive, mesh roller cleaner, paint, Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, recessed ink, special alden & Ott printing ink LP 616 E.
IL 60005, Brook Avenue, Arlington Heights, United States of America Tel: 847-956-6830, Fax: 847-956-6509 E-
Mail: info @ aldenottink.
Com website: aldenottink.
Thomas Alden, president of consumables: flexible ink, UV flexible ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, special ink all printing resources company
140 West Lake Avenue, Glendale Heights, IL 60139, United States of America Tel: 630-784-3100, Fax: 630-784-
3129 Email: info @ teamflexo.
Network: teamflexo.
Com Bob Gassman, narrow net manager consumables: mesh roller cleaner, photosensitive polymer plate, flat tape, printing room supplies, sleeves, splicing tape equipment: cleaning Equipment/supplies, color monitoring corona processor, doctor blade and stand, drying system, film/board storage, Matrix removal, proofing unit, flat panel equipment, flat panel installer, pre-press, press accessories, printing management system, pump, static control, Flash, test equipment, UVcuring system, viscosity control, network cleaning service: pre-press joint gear 1101 research Avenue. , St.
US Tel: 63132-Louis MO 314991-5900, Fax: 314-991-
5911 mail: Selling @ alliedgear.
Com website: alliedgear.
Com Jeff Clifton, director of global sales equipment: laminating machine, flat panel assembly machine, dump machine, assembly machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine Allison Systems Corp. 220 Adams St.
Riverside NJ 08075 Tel: 856-461-9111, Fax: 856-461-
9373, Email: Sales @ allisonblades.
Com website: allisonblades.
Com Evelyn Williams, operations manager equipment: Blade Doctor & Holder Alpha innovation 237 Washington Street
US Tel: 01945-Ma bourhead 781639-9796, Fax: 781-639-
9795 mail: info @ stop static
Network: stop.
Consumables: anti-static wiper, gloves and equipment: electrostatic control, Alphasonics for network cleaning (UCS)Ltd.
Tel: 44-18 Caddy Road, norsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, England-151-547-3777, Fax: 44-151-547-
1333, Email: alphasonics @ alphasonics. co.
English website: alphasonics. co.
David Jones, UK, general manager Tom Smith, overseas sales manager, equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies services: Web roller cleaning
37230 French Phone: 33-2-4742-2730, Fax: 33-2-4742-
2849 Email: althea _ shopie @ yahoo. Com website: Hibiscustechnologie.
Comphilippe Baillet consumables: paint, flexible ink and holographic Photography1652 Deere Ave.
, Gulf CA 92606-
US Tel: 4813-949474-3978, Fax: 949-474-
Email 3979: amagic100 @ aol
Susan Chiang, sales manager, consumer goods: PS holographic inventory, non
PS holographic material, stamped foil Amba lamp 2150 northumont Park Avenue, Duluth GA 30096 Tel: 770-418-0707, Fax: 770-418-
0688, Email: uv @ special light source.
Com website: special light source.
Consumables: 800 E of UV light/bulb American baler company. Center St.
, PO Box 29, Bellevue OH 44811 Tel: 419-483-5790 / 800-843-7512, Fax: 419-483-
3815 mail: Sales @ americanbaler
Network: American.
Com Linda Keesee marketing and sales coordinator equipment: Recovery packaging American coating products 7436 American Jewish and this inn South Mayflower Park Drive 46077 Phone: 317-733-4444, Fax: 317-733-
4450 mail: Sell @ US coating.
Network: American coating.
Com Corey Ford, sales manager consumables: paint, release liner, PS paper, PS film, PS foil, PS non-woven fabric, PS holographic material, PS synthetic material, PS thermal material, other stock, non
PS paper inventory, non
PS film, non
PS foil material, non
Non-woven fabric inventory, non-woven
PS holographic film, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Non-PS hot stock
PS other stock, coated label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock, laminated film/tape, professional laminate service
US mold technology 3870 Lakefield Avenue, Suwanee GA 30024 Tel: 770-623-6111 / 800-554-4016, Fax: 770-623-
5999 mail: info @ amdiecom Web: amdie.
Com Mike Maselli, VP consumables: Rotary mold, flexible mold, embossed mold, stamping mold equipment: add-
On the printing equipment, the dial/Dial, the relief, the removal of the matrix, the proofing equipment, the printing front, the printing accessories, the test equipment, the flexible machine, The Hot Press Machine American Roller Company 1577 11 Ave mold grinding knife.
US Tel: 53182-Union Grove WI 262878-2445, Fax: 262-878-
4219 Email: info @ american roller.
Network: American.
Tom Kiekow, National Sales Manager, Sahm, USA: idler roller, impression cylinder, metering roller
LLC180, commercial center/Pelham Road, postal box 25099 (Zip 29616)
Greenville SC 29615 Tel: 864-297-1900, Fax: 864-297-
3433 mail: Sales @ amersahm
Com website: sahmwinder.
Sales representative equipment: horizontal hoist 212 South Mt. de Darrell Hewett
46052 Tel: 800-Zion Road, Lebanon288-9288, Fax: 765-483-
9525 Email: mstines @ american ultraviolet.
S. ultraviolet rays. com M. C.
Equipment: Anderson & Vreeland Inc. UV curing system.
127 State E route
, PO Box 527, Bryan OH 43506 Tel: 866-282-7697, Fax: 800-233-
6869 Email: info @ andvre.
Net: Andson Freeland
Tammy Heisler, customer service Consumables Manager: photosensitive polymer Board, Board mounting tape, pressure room supplies, Rubber Board equipment: computer hardware, computer software, laser engraving equipment, marking equipment, plate making equipment, plate fitters, pre-press, static control, UV curing system, viscosity control service: equipment reconstruction, pre-press CH-
9442 Berlin, Switzerland Tel: 41-71-747-
1260/1265, Fax: 41-71-741-
1270/1271 mail: support @ apmaschinen
Ch Web: apmaschinen.
Sales and marketing equipment: Blade and stand, ink system, inspection equipment, register control, combined printing machine, live printing machine, offset printing machine service: equipment reconstruction, ink color matching, used North American apex, 65 Washington Street
, Donora PA 15033 US Tel: 724-379-8880, Fax: 724-379-
8887 Email: Message @ apexnorth america.
Network: apexnorth america.
Com Aaron Lessin, sales and marketing director of consumables: coatings, laser engraved cylinder liner equipment: API 3841 Greenway ring for mesh roller and metering roller foil, Lawrence Kansas 66046 USA Tel: 785842-7674, Fax: 785-842-
9748 mail: Marketing @ api-foils. com Web: api-worldwide.
Marketing manager Jennifer Hoyt consumables: stamping foil application Laser Engineering Co. , Ltd.
Meroxi Business Center, Central Avenue, Surrey West, England Tel: 44-20-8941-1101, Fax: 44-20-8783-
1348, Email: selling @ appliedlaser. co.
UK website: appliedlaser. co.
Laser engraving cylinder equipment: laser engraving equipment, plate making equipment arc internationalogic 55 thurshole Park Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28278 USA Tel: 704588-1809, Fax: 704-588-
9921 Email: info @ arcinternational.
Network: arcinternational.
Steve Woodard, vice president of sales consumables of the company: mesh roller cleaner, laser engraving cylinder, sleeve equipment: Doctor blade and bracket, mesh roller, metering roller service: through Edison 119, 20010 Marcallo (MI)Italy Tel: 39-02-972311, Fax: 39-02-
9761633 mail: customer. service@arca. it Web: arca.
It technlina Porta, marketing assistant equipment: label nozzle, inkjet printer, direct thermal printer, heat transfer printer ARCAR 450 Wagner Drive, West Chicago IL 60185 Tel: 800-553-5222, Fax: 800-231-
7314 Allen Rogers, director of sales consumables: paint, Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, special ink equipment: ink system service: american Charlotte NC 10901 West Lake Avenue arjobex 28273 ink color Phone: 800-POLYART (765-9278)or 704-587-3000, Fax: 704-587-
1174 mail: polyartus @ aol
Website: polyart.
David Hoag consumables, National conversion sales manager: PS film inventory, PS synthetic inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic inventory, coating label inventory, synthetic label inventory, Arpeco Engineering Co. , Ltd.
L5T 1K6, Canada, 7095 Odan Avenue, Mississauga Tel: 905-564-5150, Fax: 905-546-
2943 mailbox: Sales @ arpecoNetwork: arpeco.
Com Wayne Willis VP instruments: inspection equipment, bar splitter/rewinding machine, flexo printing machine, Rittenhouse 219A circle in graphic system of UV Flexo printing machine, Bristol PA 19007 USA Tel: 215826-4500, Fax: 215-826-
4510 mailbox: Sales @ pro
Works of Artsystems.
Com Resi Naren Mehta, national sales manager equipment: Computer software, pre-press conversion equipment 85 Arthur ashpez, PO Box 298, 01243 USA Tel: 413623-0090, Fax: 413-623-
5117 Email: info @ asheconverting.
Com website: asheconverting.
US sales manager, Guy Carrington, equipment: upwind/unwind, split s/rewinds, turret rewinds, lateral rewinds, Ashwell Die Corporation, roll recovery machine 6545
4003 North Inn & Suites Pinellas Park FL 33713 Tel: 727-527-0098, Fax: 727-527-
0991 mail: ashwell @ GTE
Net Jackie Ramos, sales manager consumables: cylinder, flexible mold, mold equipment: paper cutter, letterpress, offset press, printcylinders, magnetic cylinder Atlantic zeisa monthly button, west caldwell nj 07006 Tel: 973-228-0800, Fax: 973-228-
Net 9064: Atlantic Monthly.
Com Thomas Coco, VP consumables: printing ribbon, special ink equipment: Camera, relief, marking equipment, numbering unit, inkjet printer Atlas Die Inc.
2000 Millbury Street
Elkhart 46516 Tel: 219-295-0050, Fax: 219-294-
2793 Email: atlasdie @ atlasdie.
Network: atlasdie.
Com Krieg Lee, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: rotary mould, flexible mould, flat mould, embossed mould, stamping mould bloomtik Technologies LLC 45 Bloomfield CT 06002 Tel: 860-286-9444, Fax: 860-371-
2395, Email: Morrissey @ austiktech.
Com website: austiktech.
Rebecca Morrissey, sales manager, North & South America, Com, equipment: diecutters/scorers, laminated press, downwind/freefall, sheeters, sub-re/rewinds,V. H.
Kamerliogh Onnesweg 2 Alphen nan den Rijn 2408 Tel: 31-172-43-42-21, Fax: 31-172-43-79-
Mail: av @ flexologic
Nl Web: flexologic.
Nl Martijn Schols, export manager equipment: Painesville OH 7590, 44077 Auburn Road, North America Tel: 440-358-6000 Fax: 440-358-
4712 mail: frna.
Info @ averydennison. Website: fassen.
Jodie abermann, director of marketing, communications and PR consumables, Com: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS foil stock, PSnonwoven stock, PS holographic stock, PS synthetic stock, PS ther non
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Non-PS hot stock
PS other stock, coating label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock Avery Dennison printer system USA 7722 Duncan Road Philadelphia PA 19064 Tel: 215-728-8033 Fax: 215-728-6850 mail: ris. averydennison.
Consumables for Joe Di Giovanni: printing ribbon equipment: labeling machine, rewind/roll-on, stacker, directthermal printer heat transfer printer Avis roll mold Co. , Ltd. Inc.
Los Angeles CA 3040 65617 US Tel: 90065-800 Treadwell St PO Box423-2847 Fax: 888-284-
7329 Email: Role @ avisrd. Network: avisrd.
Ron Lee, director of sales and marketing equipment, Com: diecutters/scorers, sheeeters, s knife/stand, s/re-engraving machine, printing drum service: 900 Circle 75 Parkway, suite 150 Atlanta GA 30339 Tel: 770-541-9780 Fax: 770-541-
9342 Email: avt-inc. com Web: avt-inc.
Com Lance Shumaker, President equipment: color monitoring system, inspection equipment, registration control AWS/GNA 1875 Fox Lane Elgin IL 60123 Tel: 847-695-8800 Fax: 847-695-3245 Web: aws-usa.
Market manager equipment: drying system, UV curing system, temperature control system Aztech mechanical equipment 15820 N84th St.
Suite 200 Scottsdale AZ 85260 Tel: 480-951-8351 / 800-829-8351 Fax: 480-998-
5409 Email: Message @ aztechmachinery.
Com website: aztechmachinery.
Sales manager equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, diecutters/scorers, material handling, upwind/upwind, sorter/re-tray, network guidance/handling B. Bunch Co. Inc. 9619 N.
Phoenix AZ 85021 US Tel: 602-997-6452 Fax: 602-997-
7266 mail: Sales @ bbunchCom website: bbunch.
Com Bob Ferguson devices: folder, downwind/downwind, sheeters Badger plug N1045 technology drive PO Box 199 Greenville WI 54942 Tel: 920-757-7300 Fax: 920-757-
7339 mailbox: Sales @ badgerplug
Net Web: badgerplug.
Tom Duffy, equipment sales manager: 28W092 Commercial Avenue, Core plug Barnant company.
US Tel: 60010-Barrington IL 800637-3739 Fax: 847-381-
7053, Email: barnant @ barnant.
Com website: barnant.
Marketing and distribution manager equipment: pump BASF printing system 2401 White Hall Park Avenue Suite 100 Charlotte NC 28273 Tel: 704-504-2628 Fax: 704-504-
2638 mail: stewart @ basfcom Web: basf.
Terri Stewart, business development manager, consumables: photosensitive polymer plate, offset ink equipment: ink system, plate making equipment BAT Graphics e Skylab-
Limoges Park hotel France 87068 Tel: 33-05-55-350011 Fax: 33-05-55-
350015, Email: tbachkine @ aol.
Com website: batgraphics. com M. T.
Consumables kine, director Consumables: mesh roller cleaner, coating, cylinder, laser-
Engraved cylinder, sleeve equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, doctor blade/bracket, mesh roller, metering roller service: mesh roller cleaning Bayland Inc.
PO Box 467,7900 bisoft Manvel TX 77578 Tel: 281-489-1930 Fax: 281-489-
1659, Email: jhmoses @ bayland.
Site: bayland.
Com Jim Moses, president equipment: Core/shaft, Core plug, 125 MacQuesten Parkway South Mt, Beacon adhesive for plastic split sleeves set.
Vernon New York 10550 Tel: 914-699-3400 Fax: 914-699-
2783, Email: beaconjmr @ Juno.
Network: adhesive. com J.
Michael Rivera, vice president of sales consumables: Beckart Environmental Inc.
6900 Kenosha WI 53144 US Tel: 262-656-7680 Fax: 262-656-
7699 Email: dfedrigon @ becart.
Network: Baker.
Consumables: chemical equipment: Dan Fedrigon, sales and marketing manager, pollution control & Machinery Co. , Ltd.
150 N1S 4E4 Cambridge Avenue, Canada Tel: 519-622-8342 Fax: 519-622-
6654, Email: Baker\'s @ sympatico.
Ca Glenn Beckwith, President equipment: coating machine, press machine/recorder, folder, laminating machine, register control, shearing machine, stacker, tension control, combination printing machine, flexible offset printing machine-
Mark sales company 331 Changebridge Road Pine Brook NJ 07058 Tel: 973-882-0202 Fax: 973-808-
4616 mail: info @ bell-mark. com Web: bell-mark.
Com Tom Pew, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: cylinder, photosensitive polymer plate, flat panel mounting tape, printing room supplies, rubber plate, printing ribbon, flexible ink, UV flexible ink equipment: label applicator, pump, Flexo, UV Flexo printing machine, inkjet printer, direct thermal printer, thermal transfer printer, mesh roller, Mercedes-Benz test instrument 73 Maplehurst Ave idler roller, impression cylinder, magnetic cylinder.
Providensley 02908-
US Tel: 5324-401331-5650 Fax: 401-331-
5685, Email: Sales @ benztesters.
Network: benzene tester.
2960 Technology Drive Rochester Hills MI 48309 Tel: 248-Conte Mercedes-Benz, President equipment: inspection equipment, testing equipment299-3600 Fax: 248-299-
3601 mail: Sales @ bernaltech.
Network: Berne technology. com Marc A.
Voorhees, executive vice president consumables: Rotary and flexible mold equipment: diecutters/scorers, drive, professional conversion equipment services: mold sharpening, used equipment Beta Industries 707 business Avenue
Carlstadt NJ 07072 USA Tel: 201939-2400/800-
Fax: 201-939-
7656 Email: Message @ betascreen.
Com website: betascreen.
Com Larry Goldberg, vice president of engineering equipment: color monitoring system, inspection equipment, testing equipment, half tone measurement system Bioblast products 2364 Baumann Ave San Lorenzo CA 94580 Tel: 510-276-7220 Fax: 510-276-
7565 Email: info @ usfspg.
Network: surface preparation.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaning service: mesh roller cleaning Black Clawson conversion machinery 46 NFirst St.
Fulton NY 13069 Tel: 315-598-7121 Fax: 315-593-
0396 Email: bc @ blackclawson-cm.
Network: blkclawson.
Com Christine Maxam, Sales & Marketing Coordinator device: docking cutter, coating machine, doctor blade/bracket, drying system, laminating machine, downwind/unwind, flexo-printing department Braden suphin ink company, 4010 West Douglas Avenue, co knife/West.
Milwaukee WI 53209 Tel: 414-461-4999 Fax: 414-461-4241 website: bsink.
Howard Riggs\'s sales manager consumables: paint, water-based ink UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, silk screen ink, concave printing, special ink equipment: 2230 W worldwide for ink system Brady. Florist Ave.
Milwaukee WI 53209 Tel: 414-228-5772 Fax: 715-483-
1640 mail: mike _ savagian @ bradycorp.
Network: collaborative products.
Service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating Brandtjen & Kluge Inc.
539 St Brandon Woods Road
US Tel: 54024-CROI Falls WI 715483-3265 Fax: 508-946-
6262 Email: maumann @ brandtjenandkluge.
Net: brandtjenandkluge.
Michael Aumann, director of sales and marketing equipment, Com: diecutters/scorers, embossers, folders, combination machines, flexible machines, UV flexible machines, offset printing machines,
US Tel: 02346-millesboro MA 508946-6200 630-883-
9909 Email: Sales @ brookfield engineering.
Website: brookfield Engineering.
Moses Mendez equipment, Regional Sales Manager: pressure control, test equipment, viscosity control mark pro mark 650 WGrand Ave.
Elmhurst IL 301 Tel: 60126-630883-9900 Fax: 316-283-
4975 mail: Sales @ bstmark
Website: bstmark.
Pistilli equipment: inspection equipment, news accessories, news control, registration control, test equipment, UPC/barcode verifier, network cleaning, network boot/handling, defect detection system500 S. Spencer Ave.
Newton KS 67114 Tel: 800-835-2526/316-284-2020 Fax: 216-267-
9856, Email: bmc @ buntingmagnetics.
Network: magnetic gathering.
Marketing manager Michael Wilks, equipment: magnetic cylinder C. diecutters/scorA. Litzler Co. Inc. 4800W. 160th St.
Cleveland, usa oh 44135 Tel: 216-267-
8020 mail: Sales @ ealitzlercom Fax: 39-02-
99045355 Web: litzler.
Com Matt Litzler, President equipment: coating machine, drying system, laminating machine, downwind/downwind C. M. R.
20037 Italy Tel: 39-Italy02-
99045363 Email: info @ emr-srl. com Fax: 49-2401-9179-11 Web: cmr-srl.
It Pinuccia Ricciardi, regional sales manager equipment: coating machine, diecutters/scorers, float engraving machine, folder, laminating machine, reverse air/draft fan, UV Flexo Press, gravurepresses, letterpress service: paint/composite, split heat Gesellschaft Arneld-Sommerfeld -
Germany Baesweiler 52499 Germany 13 ring phone: 49-2401-9179-0 Fax: 603-625-
5755 Email: Message @ calor. de Web: calor.
De Ludwig Vossen, marketing consumables: printed ribbon cl Inc.
Contact number 3, Road around NH 03103, Manchester, United States: 603-625-
0400 mail: Sales @ cclincWebsite: cc1inc.
Paul burrowsequ: Camera, inspection equipment, registered control ce Group Ltd.
Cerium Science and Technology Park in appeldorrod, tentenden, Kent, England Tel: 44-1580-765211, Fax: 44-1580-
765573 Email: ceriumrp @ aol.
Consumables: Laminated film/tape service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating, split Cham-
Tenero Paper Mill Ltd.
Fabrikstrasse CH-
Swiss 6330 chain Telephone: 41-41-785-33-33, Fax: 41-41-785-31-50 Email: mail. cham@cham-group. Com website: iccham.
Michael Bethge, sales director, consumer goods: non-release liner
PS paper share champion Creation Industry Co. , Ltd. PO Box 24-
157, Taipei 106 Taiwan Tel: 886-2-
23635092, Fax: 886-2-
23622137 Email: orthotec @ msi. hinet.
Net John Huang, director of equipment: sheeters, slitter/rewinders, letterpress, flat screen Press, thermal stamp printing press ChemDevelopment Inc.
US tutor OH 9349 44060 Hamilton Avenue Tel: 440-352-0218, Fax: 440-352-
8572 Email: info @ chemdevelopment.
Com Web: chemical development.
Joe Mausar, Marketing & Sales Manager services: coating/laminating, consulting, pilot coating/laminating, slitting chemical instruments
510 business Avenue, Fairfield OH 45014 Tel: 513-860-1598, Fax: 513-860-
1597 mail: ci @ fuse
Net Web: chemical instruments.
Computer software, testing equipment, chemical reagents
US tutor OH 9349 44060 Hamilton Avenue Tel: 440-352-0218, Fax: 440-352-
8572, Email: jmausar @ chemsultants.
Website: chemical reagents.
Com Joe Mausar, market manager, equipment: laminating machine, testing equipment, laboratory decompression equipment, laboratory melt coating machine, lob laminating equipment, PSA testing equipment service: coating/laminating, consulting pilot paint/composite, quality control laboratory, bar splitter, product development, resulting in coating, glue testing Chesapeake Engineering month Spielman, Fairfield New Jersey 07004 USA Tel: 973227-6995 / 800-746-7878, Fax: 973-227-
7873, Email: Sales @ chesnueng.
Website: chesnoten
Com Tom Zangoglia sales manager equipment: combined punch press, flexo printing press, UV Flexo printing, gravurepresses City Industrial Co. , Ltd. 657-
Aurora IL 60504, 2 Wolverine Avenue-
US Tel: 9401-630236-0700, Fax: 630-236-
Greg Mattix consumables, vice president of 8559: Adhesives, release pads, PS paper, PS film, PS foil, PS non-woven fabric, PS holographic film, PS synthetic materials, PS hot film, PS other inventory services: coating/lamination, pilot coating/lamination, split Clarifoil PO Box 5, desdon, England Derby 1 7BP Tel: 44-1332-682058, Fax: 44-1332-
660178 Email: info @ clarifoil.
Com website: clarifoil.
Richard Ford, sales manager: uncoated label inventory, laminated film/tape Cleaning card.
No. 20, Gloria Lane, Huntington, New York, United States of America Tel: 11743-631425-9292, Fax: 631-425-
9291 mail: Sales @ clean ingcard.
Network: Cleaning card.
Audrey Sweeney consumables: Printing ribbons, PS hot stock, non
PS thermalstock, cleaning card equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, direct thermal printer, Clear Cast Technologies Inc. 99 N. Water St.
US Tel: 10562-ocinning NY 914945-0848, Fax: 914-945-
0436 Email: Sales @ clearcasttech.
Consumables: adhesives, coatings, PS film inventory, PS non-woven fabric inventory, PS holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, PS Other inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
Non-woven fabric inventory, non-woven
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Non-PS hot stock
Stocks such as PS, coated paper tag in stock, uncoated tagstock, laminated sheet/belt service: paint/laminate, tablet, split Knight motion control 7550 Central Avenue, Cleveland OH 44125 USA Tel: 216524-8072 ext. 2178, Fax: 216-642-
2100, Email: dstrenio @ cmcontrols.
Com Web: cmcontrols.
Product manager equipment: Drive, sensor, tension control CM Technologies Corp.
9845 Painter Avenue
Building J, Whittier CA 90605-
US Tel: 2725-562944-8624, Fax: 562-941-
3435 Email: info @ cmtech. Website: cmtech.
Com Chris Munguia, sales and marketing equipment: laminating machine, downwind/unwind, sheeters, slit knife/stand, sub re/fuwind, professional conversion equipment, turret service: equipment reconstruction, test-scale coating/lamination, quality control laboratory, CMC for used equipment (Europe)Ltd.
TN15 6 PLEngland, c6 unit, Chaucer commercial park, water lane, Kent, Tel: 44-1732-763278, Fax: 44-1732-
763279 mail: Sales @ cmc-europe-ltd. com Web: cmc-europe-ltd. com A.
Equipment: Evans, Application Manager, web tension control coast control company
Sarasota FL 7500 US 34243 business court Tel: 941-355-7555, Fax: 941-359-
2321, Email: coastcont @ aol.
Network: Coast control. com Robert M.
Sales manager equipment Duffy: Core/shaft, downwind/wind, network boot/handle Coates Screen Cray Avenue
Mary Clay, opington, Kent, England Tel: 44-1689-899666, Fax: 44-1689-
898054 mail: label. inks@coates. Website: coates.
Global Marketing Manager Robin McMillan consumables: chemicals, screen printing supplies, Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, recessed ink, special ink printing management system ink color matching Coburn graphic film company
1650, 08701 company West Road, Lakewood, New Jersey, United States of America Tel: 732-367-5511, Fax: 732-367-
2908 Email: info @ coburn. Network: coburn.
William Mockabee, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: PS film inventory, PS foil inventory, PS holographic inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS foil material, non
PS holographic film, laminated film/tape, special film service: coating/laminating, film, split Codimag ZA.
2 St. Louis Nicholas Robert Street, France, bondoucecedex 91924 Tel: 33-1-60-86-40-75, Fax: 33-1-60-86-51-
81 Email: office @ codimag. Fr Web: codimag.
Father Pierre, sales engineer equipment: combined punch press, UV Flexo printing press, letterpresspresses, offset press, round Net Press, bronzing press CorporationOne Kang visual Drive, na Tiema 01760 USA Tel: 508650-3000, Fax: 508-650-
3344 mail: smartview @ cognexNetwork: kangnaishi
Marketing Communication expert equipment: inspection equipment coherent company
5100 Pa Terry Henry Avenue, Santa Clara CA 95054 Tel: 408-764-4983 / 800-527-3786, Fax: 408-988-
6838 Email: tech.
Sales @ coherentinc.
Com website: coherentinc.
Advanced technology sales equipment: laser engraving Cole static control company567 E.
Akron OH 44319 Lake Turkeyfoot Road, United States of America Tel: 330-896-7373, Fax: 330-899-
0100, Email: Sean @ staticbars.
Website: static bar. com H.
Sean Fremont, national sales manager consumables: Adhesives, screen printing supplies, PS other stock, vulgar air cushion, bonded floor mats, web cleaning for clean room supplies, Colorcon for flat screen printing machines, No-
415 Moyer avenue tokes products.
, PO Box 24, West Point PA 19486 Tel: 215-661-2652, Fax: 215-661-
2626 Email: mgettis @ colorcon.
Website: colorcon. com Michael F.
Gettis, director of business development consumables: paint, flexible ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, concave ink, professional ink Comco international division of Mark Andy Inc. 910 Lila Ave.
Tel: 45150-Milford OH 513, United States-248-8000 / 800-UV-FLEXO Fax: 513-248-
8546 Email: dmcgee @ markandy
Website: markandy.
Com Donny McGee, natl. accounts mgr.
Equipment: Combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, rotary ironing machine service: Equipment financing/leasing Computalabel International 29 Water St
US Tel: 01950-Newbury Port MA 978462-0993 / 800-289-0993, 978-462-
9190 Email: info @ computalabel.
Com website: computalabel.
Com Steve Moskell sales manager equipment: Computer software, UPC/barcode inspector computer productivity service 1051 Cedarglen door, L5C 3A7 in unit 40 Mississauga, Canada Tel: 905848-3053/888-867-4741 Fax: 905-848-
3053 mail: cps @ cpsincca Web: cpsinc.
Ca Gerry Clement, president of equipment: Contech 1756 S, computer hardware, computer software, printing management system. 151st St.
US Tel: 67052-segodade KS 316722-6907 Fax: 316-722-
2976 Email: info @ contech-usa.
Com Max Ogden, VP equipment: diecutters/scorers, embossers, laminating machine, Matrix removal, material handling, downwind/unwind, shooting game, w6580 quality drive Greenville WI 54942 Tel: 920-greenscreen press contract conversion Co. , Ltd-757-4000 / 800-734-0990 Fax: 920-757-
4004 Email: Sales @ contract conversion.
Com Web: Contract conversion.
Com Rory Davis consumables: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS synthetic stock, PSother stock
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
PS foil material, non
Non-woven fabric inventory, non-woven
Holographic inventory of PS, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Non-PS hot stock
PS other stock, coated label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock, laminated film/tape service: Slitting, distribution
Zachary Lane N. 8900
Maple Forest MN 55369 Tel: 763-424-7800 Fax: 763-424-
8734 Email: info @ trexinc.
Website: ontrexinc.
Glen gaowen, vice president of sales and marketing equipment, Com: Drive, register control converter source 738 Spirit 40 Park Drive Chesterfield MO 63005 Tel: 636-537-1565 Fax: 636-536-
2077 mailbox: Sales @ conversource
Com Web: conversource.
Com David Cloud, VP consumables: mesh roller cleaner, flat panel mounting tape, pressure room supplies, splicing tape equipment: panel installer for color monitoring system, press accessories, pump, sub-knives knife/bracket, sub-moun/sub-strobe lamp, turret harvester, UV curing system, network cleaning, mesh roller, idler roller, printing cylinder, metering roller
353 Richard Mine Road, Wharton 07885, New Jersey, United States of America Tel: 973-328-1850 Fax: 973-328-
7256 Email: larry @ convertechinc.
Com website: convertechinc.
Com Larry Taitel equipment: 201 Alpha Road Wind Gap PA 18091 USA Tel: 800-433-2413 / 610-863-6008 Fax: 800-709-1007 / 610-863-
Email 7818: cac @ epix
Net Web: Handle Your Web.
Com Jeffrey Damour, sales manager equipment: brake, clutch, core/shaft, Matrix removal, material handling, pressure attachment, pressure control, reverse/unwrap, split knives knife/stand, web boot/handle, web tension compweb Inc.
07004 Fairfield, New Jersey, United States of America Highway 25 Tel: 973-808-9787 Fax: 973-808-
9052 Email: Sales @ conwebinc
Network: Webinar
Corm O\'Shea, president of core cutter, Cutter/bracket, equipment: Cutter/Harvester service: equipment reconstruction core technology company
Mail Box 551, 805 Canal Street
PA on PA 18042 US Tel: 610-252-9000 or 800-232-2673 Fax: 610-
252 9898 Email: mmckenna @ core cutter.
Com website: core cutting.
Mike McKenna equipment: core cutting machine, laser engraving equipment, marking equipment, reconstruction of inkjet printer equipment, used equipment Corona design Inc. 828 E. Walnut St.
United States Garland TX 75040 Tel: 972-272-0471 Fax: 972-272-
0379, Email: Sales @ ronadesigns.
Com website: coronadesigns.
Com case Woodson, national sales manager equipment: Corona treatment worker, die cutter/score, anti-static product, lazy roller, dielectric roll coating, power supply Corotec 145 Shanghai RoadFarmington CT 06032 USA Tel: 860678-0038 Fax: 860-674-
5229 Email: info @ corotec.
Network: corotec.
Ron Hillman, vice president of sales equipment: corona processor, Corron
7855 ranchers Road, Ridley MN 55432 Tel: 763-572-1555 Fax: 763-572-
0364 mail: Sales @ cortron
Network: kichuang.
Marc Fioravanti, vice president of sales and marketing equipment: plate making equipment, platformer COSCO graphics 1723 Guangdong Avenue.
Toledo OH 43624 Tel: 800-837-4221 Fax: 419-243-
7509 mail: cgprepress @ coscographics
Com consumables: adhesive, mesh roller cleaner, laser-
Printing drum, photosensitive polymer plate, plate mounting tape, pressure chamber supplies, rubber plate, rotary mold, flat die, PS film material, PS foilstock service: pre-press CovemeP. A.
288 40068 S Via Emilia Levante.
Tel: 39-Savannah, Italy51-622-6111 Fax: 39-51-622-
6201 Email: info @ coveme. Network: coveme. com S.
Consumables: coating, non-coating, Perversi, manager, Film Division
PS movie inventory, non
PS foil material, non
PSholographic stock, coating label stock equipment: coating machine, Corona processor, shooter service: coating/laminating, film, split CPFilms Inc.
4219 field Dell VA 24089 Road Tel: 276-627-3332 / 888-273-4567 Fax: 276-627-
3085, Email: indprods @ cpfilms.
Com website: cpfilms.
Doug Goldstein consumables, new business development manager, Com: release pad, PS film inventory, non-
PS film, laminated film/tape, metal film, contract dyed film service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating, cutting Craig adhesive and coating company
Contact number 80 Wheeler Point Road, Newark 07105, USA: 973-344-1483 Fax: 973-344-
4767 Email: pfoust @ craigadheves.
Com website: craigadheves.
Consumables: Adhesives, chemicals, coatings, special inks CRC Information Systems16100 N. Greenway-
S. Tel: 85260-Hayden Loop Scottsdale AZ 480443-9494 Fax: 480-443-
3656 mail: Sales @ crcinfosys
Website: crcinfosys.
Vice President of equipment sales in the Western Region: computer software, printing management system see ads on page 3738 Creo Inc.
Burnaby BC V5 G 4M1 Canada Tel: 3700-604 Gilmore Road451-2700 Fax: 604-437-9891 Web: creo.
Com equipment: proofing equipment, plate making equipment, pre-press news
91 Illinois Avenue
Patterson New Jersey 07503 Tel: 973-742-4000 Fax: 973-742-
0219, Email: kathykcrown @ aol.
Internet: Crown.
Stewart Glazer, vice president of sales consumables: PS foil inventory, PS holographic inventory, non-
PS film, non
PS foil material, non
PS holographic film, laminated film/tape, stamping foil CTC International compensation tension control 11 York Avenue. W.
US Tel: 07007-Caldwell NJ 973228-2300 Fax: 973-228-
7076 email: info @ ctcint. Website: ctcint.
Com Rich Herbert, vp Sales equipment: butt joint, Matrix removal, rewind/Unstrap, split/rewind, turret rewind, tension control, matrix split wind, network accumulator, equipment reconstruction see page 79 AD Switzerland Systems Birchstrasse 2 ch84 72 Seuzach swiss telephone: 41-52-365-4402 Fax: 41-52-365-
2764 mailbox: Sales @ cti-gmbh. com Web: cti-gmbh. com K.
Loroz equipment: CTS industrial 408 S color monitoring system, doctor blade/stand, inksystems, pressure control2nd St.
US Tel: 30125-770748-3497 / 800-334-7117 Fax: 770-748-
5133 Email: charison @ ctsindustries.
Com website: ctsindustries.
Carol Harrison equipment, OEM Sales Manager: aniox rolls custom cut label inventory 1275 Bloomfield Avenue.
Fairfield NJ 07004 Tel: 973-575-8344 Fax: 800-342-
1195 Email: mac @ labelsps.
Kenny, customer service manager.
Consumables: PS paper and film stock, PS foil and holographic and synthetic stock, PS heat and other stock Dan-
Mekano A/S Fjeldhammervej month DK-
2610 Danish Rodovre Tel: 45 36 70 43 44 Fax: 45 36 72 02 70 Email: dm @ dan-mekano. com Web: dan-mekano.
General manager equipment of Com Ib Gronbjerg: die-cutting machine/scoring machine, punching machine, paper cutter, slitterknives/rack, stacker, pre-press production company identified by thin layer chromatography. 80 Earhart Dr.
Suite 11 Williamsville NY 14221 Tel: 716-632-9737 Fax: 716-632-
9739 mail: Sales @ dansenNetwork: Danson.
Com Joe Crimi, consumable for sales manager: adhesive, cylinder, place of gathering, flat tape, sleeves, splicing tape, UV light/bulb inspection equipment, proofing equipment, plate making equipment, plate loading machine, register control, reverse/reverse, viscosity control, web cleaning, web boot/processing, tension control, printing cylinder, magnetic cylinder
Rosemont PA 127, Browning Lane, Hart company 19010 Tel: 610-527-0388 Fax: 610-527-
4298 mail: Sales @ die-cut. com Web: die-cut.
Com James Riley, president consumables: cylinder, rotary mold, flexible mold, embossed mold equipment: Dial/Dial, Matrix removal, pressure accessories, punch, scissors magnetic cylinder service: equipment renovation, heavy grinding of slitting knives and heavy grinding of cylinders4515 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland, usa oh 44103 Tel: 216-391-7070 Fax: 216-391-
7751 Email: dayglo @ dayglo. Website: dayglo.
John Aber consumables, marketing manager, Com: Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress and offset ink, screen ink, recessed ink, special ink Deacro Industry Co. , Ltd.
135 Mississauga capital court on L5T 2R8, Canada Tel: 905-546-6566 Fax: 905-564-
6533 mailbox: Sales @ deacroCom website: deacro.
De boer equipment: Material Handling, upwind/upwind, sorters/rewinds-Chem 3502 N. Home St.
Mishawaka at 46545 US Tel: 219-259-
3787 Email: info @ dealerem. com Fax: 219-258-
4865 web address: deadeem.
Com Brent Davis, VP consumables: adhesives, coatings, flexible inks, UV flexible inks, letterpress inks, offset inks, screen inks, recessed inks, special ink equipment: degussa Goldschmidt industrial professional 914 E. ink color matching
Hopewell VA 1299 US postal box 23860 Randolph Road Tel: 804-541-8658 / 800-446-1809, Fax: 804-541-
2783, Email: rcproducts @ Degu. com Web: tego-rc.
Market manager Tom Hohenwarter consumables: paint services: Pilot coatings/laminated degu-
100, Essen D-Goldschmidt
45116 German Phone: 49-201-173-2490, Fax: 49-201-173-
1990 Email: tego. rc@de. goldschmidt. com Web: tego-rc.
Consumables: Chemicals, coatings, UV and EB silicone services: Pilot coatings/laminated Delta Industrial Services 11501 Eagle St. N. W.
Minneapolis MN 55448-
US Tel: 3062-763755-7744 / 800-279-3358, Fax: 763-755-
7799 mail: delta @ deltaind
Com website: deltaind.
Com Erv Fringer equipment: Die cutting/scoring machine, laminating machine, material handling, rewind/roll-on, special processing equipment, campus 300 drive for correction/handling Denekn printing system, set, mountain.
Holly NJ 08060 Contact number: 609-261-6710, Fax: 609-261-
3489 mail: Sales @ dpsilexo.
Website: dpsflexo.
Com Ken Deneka, sales equipment: Dr Blades and brackets, 29 Teed Drive, ink system Mould Technology Association, Randolph MA 02368 Tel: 800-666-3437, Fax: 781-963-
1783 mail: one difference between prepress.
Net consumables: adhesive, mesh roller cleaner, laser-
Engraving cylinder, photosensitive polymer plate, plate mounting tape, printing room supplies, rubber plate, rotary mold, flat mold, PS film stock, PS foilstock service: mold sharpening, pre-press US phone: 01562-508885-6301/800-345-4038, Fax: 508-885-
3452 Email: Sales @ dienesusa.
Website: dienesusa.
Dave Rumson, National Sales Manager.
Consumables: sleeve equipment: core cutter, slicer/cutting extension, Cutter/bracket, slitting/winding, professional conversion equipment, grinder, slitting station service: 180 Covington Drive, bloomingdale IL 60108 Tel: 630-980-1133, Fax: 630-980-
1232 Email: info @ diequa. Network: diequa.
Com Chris Popp, director of marketing equipment: Drive, register control Digital Printing Company.
3417 Wellington Road, ft.
US Tel: 76116-Worth TX 817377-2460, Fax: 817-377-
1925 Email: info @ digitalprint.
Network: digital printing.
Kirby Hidy, equipment sales manager: DIP Co, inkjet printer.
Lyndale Ave 10740 diversified innovative products. S.
Suite 16, Bloomington MN 55420, United States, tel: 952-888-5991, Fax: 952-888-
6467 mail: mjohnson @ dip-inkftn. com Web: dip-inkftn.
Com Mert Johnson, executive vice president consumables: printing room supplies, screen printing supplies, disposable ink fountain, wiper equipment: ink system, printing attachment DiTrolio flexo Institute 1724 W19th St.
, Broadview IL 60155 US Tel: 708-343-4DFI (4334), Fax: 708-343-
4344, Email: vditrolio @ flexotraining.
Com website: flexottraining.
Vincent dietralia, president of services: 101 Mulberry St, a diversified enterprise with flexible training.
Suite 2, NH 03743, Claremont, United States of America, tel: 603-543-0038 / 800-833-4644, Fax: 603-543-
1334 Email: daitken @ dynesonline.
Com website: dynesonline.
Application Manager equipment: danpen/fluid, coating machine, testing equipment, viscosity control DMS
American Lake Zurich rose Road 1155, 60047 Contact Phone: 800-655-7882, Fax: 847-726-
9292 mail: dms @ dmsdies
Com website: dmsdies.
Com David Pearl Gold Horn, consumables: screen printing consumables rotary mold, embossed mold, stamping mold equipment: Die cutting machine/score, turning rod, 3. 19 million Li St of hot stamping double electronics company.
United States West Bridgewater MA 02379 Tel: 508-588-8099, Fax: 508-580-
2915, Email: doublee @ doubleusa.
Com website: doubleusa.
Market manager equipment: Brake, core/shaft, Core plug, guide/handling, tension control, idler roller Douglas-Hanson Co.
1060 Clyde Hansen Avenue, Hammond WI 54015 Tel: 715-796-2245, Fax: 715-796-2400 E-mail: dhc@win. bright.
Chris HansonServices: coating/laminating, slitting.
Dover flexible electronics 217 piclin Road, Rochester NH 03867 Tel: 603-332-6150, Fax: 603-332-
3758 Email: info @ dfe. com Web: dfe.
PO Box 0994, Dow Corning, USA, Midland MI 48686 Tel: 989-com Stan Austin, OEM sales manager equipment: Brakes, sensors, tension control496-6000, Fax: 989-496-
4586 Net: Dow Corning.
Professional consumables for marketing and communications: Adhesives, chemicals, coatings Doyle systems 2662 Brecksville Road, Richfield OH 44286 Tel: 330-659-2330, Fax: 330-659-
2911 Email: Sales @ doylesystems.
Com website: doylesystems. com Joseph M.
President equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, inspection equipment, anti-static products, UV curing system, web cleaning service: DRIPO box 7296 for roller cleaning of mesh roller, 33758 USA Tel, Clearwater, Florida: 727585-1515, Fax: 727-585-
0778 Email: driir @ mindspring. com Web: driir. com, ir-heaters.
Com Misercola Doug equipment: Dri for drying systemTec Inc. 8111 W.
Tel: 53223 Bradley Road, Milwaukee, United States of America-414-354-3540, Fax: 414-354-
3541 mail: Sales @ dri-tec. com Web: dri-tec.
Com Yaguang Tielkemeier, vice president equipment: coating machine, drying system, laminating machine, registered control, rewind/roll-on, flexo printing machine, concave printing machine service: equipment modification, used equipment Dunmore company 145 Wharton Road, bristol PA 19007 Tel: 215-781-8895, Fax: 215-781-
9293 Email: Movie @ dunmore
Website: dunmore.
Guy Leigh, director of sales and marketing for graphics art and imaging consumables: non
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw material, laminated film/tape service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating Dunsirn Industries see Avery Dennison DuPont holographic PO Box 80352, Wilmington DE 19880-
US Tel: 0352-302695-4893, Fax: 302-695-
9631 mail: Paulaf. bobeck@usa. dupont. URL: DuPont.
Paula F.
Bobeck, market development manager consumables: PS holographic inventory, photo-sensitive polymer holographic DuPont imaging technology PO Box 80702, Bldg, maroon run square. , Rt.
141 & FalklandRoad, Wilmington 19805 Tel: 302-999-4377 / 800-345-9999, Fax: 302-999-
3600 Net: DuPont.
Com/cyrel Judy fulwick act, marketing communication expert consumables: photosensitive resin version equipment: DuPont Emperor film of proofing desk found that PO Box 411, hehe VA 23860 USA Tel: 800635-4639, Fax: 804-530-
9862 Net: dupontteijin movie.
Com consumables: non
DuPont Tyvek Chestnut Run Plaza, Building.
728, Wilmington DE 19880 Tel: 804-383-3237, Fax: 804-383-
3109 Email: davidc. kee@usa. dupont.
Com website: tyvekgraphics.
Com/Dave Kee consumables: PS non-woven inventory, PS synthetic inventory, non-woven
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