The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

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E. L. Harley Inc.
3715 financial Court, Riviera Beach FL 33404 Tel: 561-841-9887, Fax: 561-841-
9882 Email: elharleyco @ aol.
Website: elharleyinc.
Com Craig Harley, VP consumables: tapesEquipment equipment for flat panel installation: flat panel installation service: pre-print Oriental carving, 35 Warren Avenue.
Stirling NJ 07980 American phone: 908-647-3300, Fax: 908-647-
6708, Email: Sales @ easternengraving.
Network: Oriental carving.
Peter Spector, vice president of sales consumables: embossed mold, stamping mold equipment: embossed machine, embossed roller Eberle S. A.
67116 French industrial Street, Reichstett, France Tel: 33-3-88-33-60-25, Fax: 33-3-88-62-36-
Email: eberle @ eberle-sa. Network: eberle-sa.
Com Laurent Thomas, sales equipment: core cutting machine for cardboard tube and core, spiral winding machine, cardboard edge protection production line 830 E. Erie St.
Paignsville Oh 44077 USA Tel: 440954-7600, Fax: 440-354-
6224 Email: info @ eckartamerica.
Website: eckartamerica.
Com Oliver Crowhurst, director of business development consumables: Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, recessed ink, special ink, metal
132 Humboldt Street
, PO Box 10458, Rochester NY 14610 Tel: 585-288-7550, Fax: 585-288-
3117, Email: Economy @ economy products.
Network: economic products. com Stanley W.
Cox, VP Sales consumables: Chemicals, photosensitive polymer plates, flat panel mounting belts, rubber plates, release pads, sleeves, splicing belts, UV lights/bulbs, imaging film equipment: pre-press service for laser engraving equipment: pre-press Edale Ltd.
Hampshire SO51 OHA Tel: 44-Bard Lane, United Kingdom1794-524422, Fax: 44-1794-
513703 Email: info @ edale. co. uk Web: edale. co.
Equipment: Add-general manager, benhad Grob, UK
Edelstein diversified Co. , Ltd. in printing equipment, printing machine accessories, UV printing system, turning rod, combination printing machine, flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, hot printing
21 Montreal Mount Vernon QC H8R 1J9 Canada Tel: 514-489-8689/800-461-8273, Fax: 514-489-
9707 Email: info @ edelstein.
Website: edelstein.
Mike Grevatt, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: flat panel mounting tape, screen printing supplies, splicing tape, laminated film/tape, perforated phota battery tape equipment: edward graphics 6391 diecutters/scorers, 14304 warmore Road, Niagara Falls, NY Tel: 800-463-5396, Fax: 905-791-
3845 mail: Sales @ egscom Web: egs.
Com Anthony FoleyConsumables: laser engraving cylinder, photosensitive polymer plate, flat tape, sleeve equipment: doctor blade and Holder, inksystems, laminating machine, flat panel assembly machine, viscosity control, flexible carpenter meter market 108 Carpenter Drive, Sterling VA 20164 Tel: 703-707-9067, Fax: 703-478-
0815 Email: uv @ eitinc. Com website: eitinc.
Jim Raymont equipment, marketing director, Com instruments: testing equipment, UV curing system, UV instruments Optics Co. , Ltd. Am Neubruch 8 Ingolstadt 85055 Germany Tel: 49-841-901-600, Fax: 49-841-901-
6021 Email: info @ TiVo-optic. De Web: Electronicsoptic.
Consumables: Flexible mold, flat mold embossed mold equipment: test equipment, magnetic cylinder electrostatic company
Harleysville PA 19438 Tel: 215-513-0850, Fax: 215-513-
0855 mail: Sales @ static electricity.
Website: static electricity.
Sales representative equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, electrostatic control, network cleaning, paper cleaning elite Cameron Inc.
121 New England Avenue
Piscataway NJ 08854 US Tel: 732-627-0400 ext. 4224, Fax: 732-627-
0111 Email: jmanganaro @ elitecameroninc.
Website: elitecameron.
Com Julie Manganaro, internal sales administrator equipment: Core/shaft, core cutter, downwind/unwind, sorter/Downloader service: equipment rebuilding Elmark packaging901-
J. South bolmar Street
S. West Chester PA 19382 Tel: 610-692-2455, Fax: 610-692-
8793 mailbox: Sales @ elmarkpkg
Website: elmarkpkg.
Internal sales equipment: label printer, laser engraving equipment, markingequipment elsworks Inc.
Postal box 66, 475 Xingguang Avenue.
Hanover PA 17331 Tel: 717-637-5991, Fax: 717-633-
7100 mail: eew @ elsnereng
Com website: elsnereng.
Donald rush, National Sales Manager
Equipment: folder, downwind/windbreaker, sorter/Harvester, tension control electronics
3819 Holland Avenue
US Tel: 23323-757 Chesapeake VA487-8849, Fax: 757-487-
9272 mail: Sales @ eltrocom Web: eltro. com Gaden T.
Kaskey, sales administrator equipment: color monitoring system, driver, ink system, inspection equipment, pre-press, pressure control, register control, viscosity control EMT International Inc.
1910 Cofrin Drive Green Bay WI 54302 Tel: 920-468-5475, Fax: 920-468-
7991 Email: info @ EMT International.
Website: EMT International.
Com Jim Driscoll, executive vice president, sales and marketing consumables: rotating mold equipment: Core/shaft, diecutters/scorers, numbered units, pressure accessories, punch pun, split positioning system services: re-grinding of slitting and slitting knives
Emulsion Technologies 1030 American Medina OH 44256 Lake Road 800, phone :-422-8116, Fax: 877-722-
5072 Email: info @ emtechfilms.
Com website: emtechfilms.
Steve Goldsword, director of sales and marketing consumables: PS film inventory, PS non-woven fabric inventory, PS holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, PS Other inventory, non-
PS film, coated label film, laminated film/tape service: coating/laminating, slitting Enercon Industries
PO Box 773 Menomonee Falls WI 53052 Tel: 262-255-6070, Fax: 262-255-
7784 Email: info @ enerconind.
Network: enerconind.
Rick Young, sales manager of Com narrow net system equipment: corona processor environmental ink and paint 1 quality products Morganton NC 28655 Tel: 800-ENV-INKS / 828-433-1922, Fax: 828-438-
9513 mail: Sales @ envinks
Network: envinks.
Richard Gloeckler consumables: adhesive, mesh roller cleaner, paint, flexible ink, UV flexible ink, letterpress and offset ink, screen ink, concave and special ink equipment ink color matching EPI56 E. High St.
US new Liberty PA 17349 Tel: 717-235-8345, Fax: 717-235-
0608 mail: Sales @ epilabelers
Com website: epilabelers.
John O\'Donnell, equipment sales manager: label applicant Erhardt & lebih Inc.
350 Tucapau Road, Duncan SC 29304, United States of America Tel: 864-486-3000, Fax: 864-486-
3011 mail: Sales @ erhardt-leimer-us.
Com website: erhardt-leimer-us.
Com Don Ross, VP equipment: corona processor, inspection equipment, pressure accessories, pump, downwind/unwind, turn bar, roll cleaning, roll/handle, roll tension
Graphics 721 crossroads court Wang Daria OH 45377 Tel: 937-454-1721, Fax: 937-454-
1522 Email: information. usa2@esko-graphics. com Web: esko-graphics.
Marketing communications Series: Computer hardware, computer software, diecutters/scorers, pre-press, computer-to-
Board ETI conversion equipment 1490-
Canada J4B 5H1 Tel: 450-641-7900, Fax: 450-641-
7911 Email: info @ eticonvert.
Com website: electronic conversion.
Marketing manager equipment: flexible machine, special conversion equipment Etipol A/s po Box 79, Rugvaenget 46, DK-
Tel: 45-2630 Taastrup Denmark43-52-35-11, 45-43-52-90-
03 mail: etipol @ mailtele. dk Web: etipol. dk Keld Steen-
Sales manager Petersen, equipment: reverse back Machine/reverse back Machine, combination machine, letterpress, offset press, hot stamp Press3494 N. Euclid Ave.
US bay city MI 48706 Tel: 989-922-4789, Fax: 989-922-
4789, Email: scottsemour @ euclidlabcoaters.
Com website: euclidlabcoaters. com Scott A.
Seymour consumables: cylinder, laser-
Engraving drum equipment: coating machine, doctor blade/bracket, laminating machine, testing equipment, concave printing machine, offset press machine, mesh roller, idler roller, printing drum, measuring roller 1250 century Circle North Cincinnati OH 45246 Tel: 513-671-3322, Fax: 513-671-
3363 mail: techelp @ exaircom Web: exair.
Application Engineer Equipment: drying system, static control, network cleaning Express Card & Label Co. Inc.
Topeka KS 2012 NE Meriden Road 66608 ExFlexo Product Contact number: 877-393-5396, Fax: 785-273-
0076 Email: pwhitfield @ presscp.
Website: exflexo.
729 pisford-Pam Whitfield, Exxon mobil Chemical Film Company, USA, sales equipment: ink system
14502-800 Palmyra Road, Macedonia, New York, United States of America868-9206 / 315-966-1000, Fax: 315-966-
1075 mail: movie.
Exxonmobil in the United States ).
Com website: optfilms.
Com consumables: PS film inventory, non
PS film inventory of Eye UV company
01887 No. 42 Wilmington Industrial Road, United States of America Tel: 978-694-9060, Fax: 978-694-9069 Email: b. sullivan@ebeam. com Web: eyeuv.
Brian sullivanequment: UV curing systemR.
Total 1397 business Avenue, Doto OH 44224, United States Tel: 330-686-2378, Fax: 330-686-
Ron Peterson, sales manager, 9262 Email: rpeterson @ newcas.
Com, frgross @ aol.
Com website: frgross.
Com consumables: cylinder equipment: Core/shaft, idler roller, impression cylinder, metering roller, Hill roller, heating roller service: equipment reconstruction Fabregas Ca n\' oliva 74 Barcelona 0802093-313-9108, Fax: 34-93-314-
1250 mail: info @ fabregas
Website: Fabregas
Com Jaime vallonesta, sales director consumables: None
PS temperature sensitive material, coating label material, laminated label material, uncoated label material, laminated film/tape of FAES company USA
Franklin TN 207 Beazley Avenue 37064, American Contact Phone: 808-794-5568, Fax: 615-794-
8636 mail: slitting @ faesusa
Website: faesusa.
Sales manager Kurt Herrmann, equipment: slitting machine/Harvester, horizontal harvester, double sided harvester, FAG graphic system. A.
5 Vigi Street, CH-
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland Tel: 41 21 343 23 23, Fax: 41 21 343 23 33 Email: sales @ fag. ch Web: fag.
Ch Philip Orville manager camera, surveillance system, inksystems, inspection equipment, proofing equipment 530 Thomas Landes, PO Box 541, Falmouth horse 02541 USA Tel: 508548-6686, Fax: 508-548-
8144 mailbox: falcocat @ cape
Com website: falmouthproducts.
Competent equipment: Pollution control Fergesen design companyInc.
American New Jersey Hills Inn Hockenberry Road 236, 08844 Contact Phone: 908-369-7691, Fax: 908-369-
8287 Email: dave @ fergesendesign
Website: fergesendesign.
Dave Fergesen consumables market manager: adhesive, paint, UV light/bulb, flexible ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, special ink, PSfilm drying system, ink system, UV curing system, UV flexible machine, inkjet printer service: coating/laminating, consulting, equipment rebuilding FAFU company PO Box 26508, OK 73126, orkama city, Tel: 405-755-1600, Fax: 405-755-
8425 Email: Shope @ Shope. com Web: fife.
Com Marshall Peery, in-house selling equipment: checking equipment, booting/handling Fimat Srl via Leonardo da Vinci
22020 Italian Tel: 39-6, gilonico, coma31-550122, Fax: 39-31-
550133, Email: Pegasus @ lombardiacom.
It Mauro Fasi, agent equipment: cleaning equipment/consumables recycling equipment, rotaryscreen stripping device, pre-press service: mesh roller cleaning FLEXcon month Flexcon Industrial Park, Spencer horse 01562 USA Tel: 508885-8200, Fax: 508-885-
8400 Web: flexcon.
Com Joyce Laffin, consumables for marketing communications manager: PS film inventory, PS holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, PS Other inventory, coating label inventory, laminated label inventory, FLEXcon Europe Flevolaan 3, PO Box 131,1380 AC Weesp, dutch Contact number: 31-294-491800, Fax: 31-294-
430887 Email: info @ flexcon-europe. Nl Website: flexcon. com Gerrit-
Hulsenbeck FLEXcon Europe consumables, marketing sales director, January: ps paper inventory, ps film inventory, ps foil inventory, PS non-woven fabric inventory, PS holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, ps thermal coating label Library, laminated film/tape flexo printing Board Company
50 Commercial Avenue
US, Moonachie NJ 07074 Tel: 201-939-3600, Fax: 201-842-
6145 Edward Hutt, director of sales and marketing services: pre-press consumables: cylinders, laser engraved cylinders, photopolymer plates, rubber plates, sleeves, special inks, proofing ink equipment: 150 Entertainment Park Avenue, hingham MA 02043 US Tel: 781-749-4644, Fax: 781-749-
7526 Email: info @ flexoconcepts.
Com website: flexoconcepts.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaner equipment: Doctor blade and bracket FlexoExport 40-2 River St.
Old sebrook CT 06475 Tel: 860-510-0012, Fax: 860-510-
0119 mailbox: office @ flexocom Web: flexo.
Com Scott Beaudoin, VP equipment: slicer/sharpener, drying system, inspection equipment, numbering unit, plate making equipment, loading machine, press front, press accessories, turret re-engraving machine for pressing parts, UV curing system, flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine, concave printing machine, letterpress, rotary screen printing machine, hot stamp printing machine, ion deposition equipment service: Consultation, equipment reconstruction, pre-press, use the device Flexo Wash ApS Grenavej 631 C, Skodstrup 8541 Danish Tel: 45-86-99-36-31, Fax: 45-86-99-13-
43 Email: info @ flexowash.
Website: flexowash.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaning equipment: Network cleaning service: mesh roller cleaning flexible roller cleaning company
11905 Plantside Drive, Louisville KY 40299 Tel: 502-297-8808, Fax: 502-297-
8828 mail: Information-us@flexowash.
Website: flexowash.
Bendixen consumables, vice president, Com, January: mesh roller cleaning equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, pollution control services: mesh roller cleaning Flexo-
Printing Equipment Company
416 Hayward Avenue
Northern United States Oakdale MN 55128 Tel: 651-731-9499, Fax: 651-731-
0525 Wynn Dell, President equipment: slitting/slitting machine, turret slitting machine, flexible machine flexo printing Co. , Ltd. Inc. 33 Arctic St.
US Tel: 01604-Worcester 508752-8100/800-332-6040, Fax: 508-752-
3733, Email: oxelf @ aol.
Com website: flexo graphics. com Stephen A.
Sales manager Pearson consumables: stamping mold equipment: Computer hardware, computer software, plate making equipment services: PO Box 7048, pre-press flexo trading School, Charlotte NC 28241 US Tel: 704-504-5008, Fax: 704-504-
5011 mail: fts @ aol
Com website: flexographictradeechoolnc.
Com art, project director services: flexo graphic
Hawthorne Ct West 23135.
US Tel: 53103-Big Bend WI 262662-
3983 Email: Sales @ flexozoneinc.
Website: flexozoneinc.
National sales consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: add-
Printing equipment, butt joint, cleaning equipment/supplies, core cutter, Corona processor, doctor blade and bracket, folder, inspection equipment, laminating machine, material handling, flat panel installer, pressure restocking/restocking machine, stacker, turret feeder, UV curing system, combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, mesh roller service: ann Arbor MI 4600 Flint Ink 48105 Arrow Drive used equipment Tel: 734-622-6000, Fax: 734-622-
6131, Email: sdangelo @ flintink.
Website: Flint Ink.
Com Steve D\'Angelo consumables: paint, Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, recessed ink, digital Toner, ink jet ink Fluoron
Triumph Industrial Park, Bldg.
120 Blue Ball Road 505, MD21921, elcton, United States of America Tel: 410-392-0220, Fax: 410-392-
4357 mail: Sales @ fluoron
Com website: fluoron.
Com Frank Chapman, vice president consumables: Pressure chamber supplies, Aspstrasse 6, roller cap FMS force measurement system, Oberglatt 8154 Tel: 41-1-852-80-80, Fax: 41-1-850-60-
06 mail: info @ fms-technology. com Web: fms-technology.
Product manager equipment: Sensors, network guidance/processing, network tension control FMS USA925 E.
Tel: 207-Rand Road, Suite 60004, Arlington Heights IL 847392-7872, Fax: 847-392-
7873 mail: fmsusa @ fms-technology. com Web: fms-technology.
Paul Smith, director of sales and marketing equipment, Com: pressure control, sensors, network boot/processing, network tension control focus label Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Kendryl Park, Birmingham Church Lane, Nottingham, England Tel: 44-1949-836-223, Fax: 44-1949-836-
542 Email: admin @ focuslabel.
Com website: focuslabel.
Com Li, technical sales consumables: special ink equipment: testing equipment, office automation equipment, platemounters, flexo printing machine, Roller roller, cylinder-shaped Flo equipment manufacturer 23619 North 35 Drive, glendale AZ 85310 Contact number: 623-780-5900, Fax: 623-780-
2400 mailbox: Sales @ formflo
Com website: formflo.
Com Hans Gut, COO consumables: adhesive equipment: adhesive applicator, butt cutter, core/shaft, bottle opener, diecutters/scor, folder, label applicator, marking equipment retrofit Phone: 215-sheeters, slitterknives/holders, professional conversion equipment, stacker, network boot/Processing Services442-1700, Fax: 215-442-
1313 foster manufacturing
US email from Warminster PA 905 Louis Drive 18974: Message @ fostermfg.
Website: fostermfg. com Ted W.
Borowsky, president and CEOEquipment: color monitoring system, film/disc storage, spectionequipment Fox mesh craft LLC339 ulezer Drive, DeCabo IL 60115 USA Tel: 815787-7701, Fax: 815-787-
7702 mail: stanh @ fox-co. com Web: fox-co.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaner, cylinder, laser-
Carved cylinder and sleeve equipment processed by Fox Company: Doctor blade/bracket, proofing unit (Fox Roller Co. )
N1009 artisan Avenue, Greenville WI 54942 Tel: 920-757-7701, Fax: 920-757-
7702 Email: rickl @ fox-co. com Web: fox-co.
Consumables: cylinder, laser-sales manager Tom Leopold
Cylinder engraving equipment: Core plug, steering rod, mesh roller, idler roller, printing roller, metering roller, printing cylinder, magnetic cylinder, cold, hot roller, shaft Phone: 800-877-4583, Fax: 614-445-
1251 Franklin International 2020 Brook Street
Larry Owen, vice president of consumables, OH 43207 polymer division, polymer cloth, USA: adhesive, paint Franklin manufacturing 117 Dean Avenue.
US Tel: 02038-Franklin horse 508528-2000, ext. 46, Fax: 508-520-
7129 mail: Thomson @ thethomsongroup
Com website: thethomsongroup.
Dennis Cook, manager.
Sales & Marketing equipment: Die cutting/scoring machine, embessers, marking equipment, slitting machine/rewinding machine, stamping equipment, stamping press bed Frantschach Inncoat company Appendix 1262, laobling 83061 Germany Tel: 49-8035-901-470, Fax: 49-8035-901-
234, Email: releaseliaer @ frantschach.
Website: frantschach.
William Monninger, vice president of consumables: release liner services: Pilot coating/lamination, slitting Fusion UV systems
American Gaithersburg Inn MD 910 karat Amber Road 20878, phone: 301-527-2660, Fax: 301-527-
2661 Email: info @ fusionuv.
Network: fusionuv.
Marketing Communication consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: drying system, UV curing system G. Fordyce Co.
210 Hobart Avenue, Mail Box 309, Hillsboro OH 45133 Tel: 937-393-3241, Fax: 937-393-
4652 JimPowell, sales representative equipment: folders, sheeters Gallus Inc.
Philadelphia PA 2800 Lake black square 19154-
US Tel: 1024-215677-9600, Fax: 215-677-
9700 mail: info @ gallusOrganization Website: Gallus.
Org equipment: Combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, convex plate machine, plastic plate machine, Rotary Screen Machine, hot die machine
Finchdene Square 111, Toronto Unit 7, M1X 1A7, Canada Tel: 416-292-1189, Fax: 416-292-
7261 Email: info @ gannicott.
Network: Gannicott. com David J. H.
Gannicott, President equipment: sheeters, stackers, steering rods, professional conversion equipment 260 Hudson River Road, GE Silicones 12188, Watford NY 800 Tel :-255-8886, Fax: 518-233-3931 mail: geshelp@gep. ge.
Com website: gesilicones.
Consumables: adhesives, coatings, release liner services: General formula for pilot coating/lamination320 S. Union St.
MI 49345, Sparta, USA Tel: 616-887-7387, Fax: 616-887-
0537 Email: info @ general formulas.
Network: general formula.
Com sales manager Mike Clay, consumables: adhesive, screen ink, PS film, laminated film/tape, static adhesive equipment: ink color matching, service: film, split ordinary metal engraving 9254 EGarvey Ave.
South El Monte CA 91733 Tel: 626-443-8961, Fax: 626-448-
7646, Email: General @ rotarydies.
Com website: rotarydies.
Com Jack tumasia, general manager consumables: cylinder, rubber plate, rotary die, flat die, stamping die Gerhart USA
East Locust Street 400
, PO Box 10 Dallastown PA 17313 Tel: 717-417-1313, Fax: 717-246-
6991 mail: info @ gerhardt-usa.
Network: Gerhart.
Net equipment: Dial/Dial, relief, punch embo, pad iron knife/rack, split/Harvest, stamping equipment, printing cylinder, magnetic cylinder
Unit X, 11941 Abbey Road, OH 44133, North royaton Tel: 440-237-4GEW (4439), Fax: 440-230-4GEW (4439)
Brian Wenger, North American operations manager, Email: gew @ compuserve. com Web: gewuv.
Com consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: dry system, UV curing system Gibbs Brown international 145-
C. grassland plain St.
Bethel CT 06801-
US Tel: 2806-203797-0443, Fax: 203-748-
3297 Email: sales info @ gibbbs Brower.
Network: Gibbons.
Chris Drummond, president, SpA equipment, Com GiDue: adhesive applicator, docking artist, coating machine, curlers, Corona processor, diecutters/scorers, reliefs, inspection rubber wheels, slitting/rereceiving, special conversion equipment, transfer Tower receiving wind, UV curing system, horizontal wind, combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, concave printing machine service: through Puecher 26, Turate (CO)
22078 Italy Tel: 39-02-
9668181, Fax: 39-02-
96681842, Email: gidue @ gidue. com Web: gidue.
General manager equipment of Com Christine Toffolo: laminating machine, board mount machine, rewind/roll-on, combinationpresses, flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine GiDue USA Tel: Research on 1101 Avenue. , St.
US Tel: 63132-Louis MO 314991-5895, Fax: 314-991-
5911 mail: Selling @ alliedgear.
Website: gidueusa.
Jeff Clinton, director of global sales equipment, Com: laminating machine, loading machine, reverse machine/reverse machine, combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine glenro company39 McBride Ave.
, Patterson NJ 07501 US Tel: 973-279-5900/800-922-0106, Fax: 973-279-
9103 Email: info @ glenro. Website: glenro.
Marketing Assistant equipment: drying system, laminating machine, pollution control services: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating GlenroyW158 N9332 Nor-X-Way Ave.
, Menomonee Falls WI 53052 Tel: 262-255-4422, Fax: 262-255-
4260 Net: Glenroy
Com Chris Rollo, business manager consumables: Laminated film/tape for pest printing global vision, unprinted packaging laminate
15795 in Avenue.
Canada Montreal West End QC H9H 1C5 Contact Phone: 514-624-4422, Fax: 514-624-
7633 Email: info @ globalvisioninc.
Website: global Vision Inc.
Marketing manager Renee Symonds, equipment: color monitoring system, inspection equipment, pre-press, test equipment
Prospect CT 100 United City Road 06712 Tel: 800-465-3763/203-758-0100, Fax: 203-758-
0074 Email: cservice @ goldrod.
Website: goldrod.
Com equipment: Core/shaft, material handling, differential shaft, safety Chuck, Grafische system e GmbH Meerbuscher Strasse 36, meerbussch 40670 Germany2159-912830, Fax: 49-2159-
1887 mail: info @ schischke
German website: schischke.
General manager equipment: Sorting Machine/sorting machine, professional conversion equipment, sorting machine, Granwell product company of flexible machine
185 Fairfield Avenue
West caldwell nj 07006 Tel: 973-403-0080, Fax: 973-403-
8335 mail: Query @ granwell
Website: Granville.
John Gibson consumables, marketing director, Com: PS synthetic materials, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
PS Other inventory, no coating label inventory graphic search assistant
PO Box 373, PA 19073 Plaza, USA Tel: 610-359-1234, Fax: 610-353-
8120 Email: info @ graphsrch.
Website: graphsrch.
Recruitment Service: executive recruitment graphics systems international Steve Tascione2328 W.
Phoenix AZ 85009 Palm Lane Tel: 602-716-0300, Fax: 602-258-2279 Email: pj.
Pallanti @ graphicsystemsintl.
Com website: graphicsystemsintl.
Equipment: ink system Graphicart, president of American company Matt maddle
4017 Williamsburg Court, Fairfield VA 22032 Tel: 703-273-5984, Fax: 703-273-
6056 mail: inkcontrol @ aol
Website: graphicart-viscosity.
Equipment: President of ink system, pressure control, viscosity control graphic Microsystems
1284 Forgewood Avenue.
CA 94027, Sunnyvale, United States of America Tel: 408-745-7745, Fax: 408-747-
0222 mailbox: Sales @ gmicolor
Com website: gmicolor.
Patricia Johnson, manager of sales and marketing equipment: color monitoring system, ink system, printing accessories, pressure control GraphixOne Corp. 8011 Main St.
, PO Box 567, Miamitown OH 45041 Tel: 513-353-0136, Fax: 513-353-
0137 mail: Sales @ graphix-one.
Com consumables: mesh roller cleaner equipment: diecutters/scorers, folders, material handling, pouring/unsealing, sheeters, slitting/rewinding machine, UV Flexo printing machine, offset press, rotary screen printing machine, hot stamp printing machine Web: graphix-one. com W.
Spencer Spaulding, president of services: Equipment financing/leasing, equipment rebuilding, use of equipment gray Mills 3705 NLincoln Ave.
Chicago, usa il 60613 Tel: 773-477-4100, Fax: 773-477-
4133 Michelle Talko, Account Service Manager Email: info @ graymills.
Internet: Gray Mills.
Com equipment: ink system, pressure accessories, pump, viscosity control GRE engineering product AG Amriswilerstrase 54a CH-
Steinebrunn, Switzerland, tel: 41-931471-474-7220, Fax: 41-71-477-
2445 mail: info @ gre. ch Web: gre.
Ch Rolf Reichie, general manager equipment: adhesive applicator, heat printer, digital printing machine, inkjet printer service: equipment reconstruction, P0 box 3261, Copley Road, 14509, Great Lakes industrial knife: 44321-Akron OH 330665-1200/888-665-1200, Fax: 330-665-
1204 mail: Sales @ glikcoCom website: glikco.
John Foore, sales manager, Com, consumables: sleeve equipment: Doctor blade/stand, sheeters, split knife/stand, split knife/Harvest, machine knife, Hitt Knes Peng Green Bay Packaging
Us wi 3250 Tel: 54304-coating product operation 920 Green Bay, Nanling Road337-1800, Fax: 920-337-
1797 mail: farias @ gbpcom Web: gbp.
Com Franklin Arias, international sales manager consumables: PS paper inventory, PS film inventory, PS foil inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, PS Other inventory, luminous tag spot production company. 65 Hale St.
, Norwich NY 13815 US Tel: 607-336-3700, Fax: 607-336-
3737 Email: info @ greystonemanufacturing.
Network: big production.
Com Steve Manno equipment: die-cutting/scoring, inspection equipment, labelapplicators, laminating machine, rewind/roll-on, slitting machine/rewinding machine, turretrewinders coating/plastic transfer service: Cliff split paper and film 7900 N. Radcliffe St.
Bristol PA 19007 Tel: 800-872-7549, Fax: 215-785-
0606 Email: info @ griffassoc.
Website: Griffith.
Com Alex Phinn, sales of consumables: flat panel mounting tape, release pad, screen printing supplies, splicing tape, PS paper, PS film, PS foil, PS non-woven fabric, PS holographic film, PS synthetic raw material, PS thermalstock, PS other raw materials, non
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
Non-PSfoil inventory
Non-woven fabric inventory, non-woven
Holographic inventory of PS, non
Inventory of non-synthetic materials
Non-PS hot stock
PS other stock, coated label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock, laminated film/tape service used equipment Gritco equipment BV Klomenmakerstraat 16D Reed Kirk NL-
Dutch BB 2984 Tel: 31-180-412855, Fax: 31-180-
418218 Email: info @ gritco.
Nl Web: flexomate.
Hanita Coatings Kibbutz Hanita 22885 Israel Tel: 972-com Sander van der equipment: cleaning equipment/supply Hanita coating4-985-99-19, Fax: 972-4-985-99-
20 emails: hanita @ hanitacoatings.
Com website: hanitacoatings.
Com Yoni Glickman, non-managing director
PS film material, film/tape service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating, quality control laboratory, film Hanovia 825 Lehigh Ave.
Union NJ 07083 US Tel: 908-688-0050, Fax: 908-686-
8404 mail: hanovia @ juao
Network: hanovia-uv.
Com sales and marketing director Jeff in Andrews: American Harper the company drying system, UV curing system 11625 Steele Creek Road Charlotte NC 28273 American Phone: 704-588-3371, Fax: 704-588-
3819 Email: mhamrick @ harperimage.
Network: harperimage.
Equipment: Pete Hartman, general manager of mesh roller harpersciscience.
11625 Steele Creek Road, Charlotte NC 28241-
US Tel: 0369-866588-8686, Fax: 704-588-
8172 Web: harpersciscience.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaning agent, pressure room supplies, doctor blade sealing equipment: proofing device, filter/magnetic tank Harris Instrument Company
OH 155 Johnson Avenue 43040 Delaware, USA Tel: 740-369-3580, Fax: 740-369-
2653 mail: Sales-5@harris-instrument. Network: Harris-instrument.
Com Heather Stockdale \", sales manager equipment: detection equipment, correction/handling Hogg North America 1200 Aerowood Drive, L4W 2S7 Canada Tel: 905 per month206-9701, Fax: 905-206-
0859 mail: info @ haug-static. com Web: haug-static.
Com equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, electrostatic control, network cleaning
240 Nanshui Street
Holyoke MA 01040 Contact number: 413-538-8204, Fax: 413-533-
1420 mail: hazh @ hazen. com Web: hazen. com John H.
President Hazen consumables: non
PS paper inventory, non
PS foil material, non
Label stock, laminated label stock, laminated film/tape service: coating/laminated Heromelt adhesive company
13 Malcolm Hoyt driving Newbury portma 01950 Tel: 978-499-8750, Fax: 310-632-
8469 Email: info @ heromelt.
Com website: heromelt. com Werner A.
Hoermann, business manager consumables: adhesive services: coating/lamination, pilot coating/lamination, quality control lab, film, split-cut Hewlett-Packard Co.
400 unicorn Park Avenue 01801, Woburn horse, United States of America Tel: 781-937-8800, Fax: 781-937-8810 Email: hp.
Com/go/Indig Vince Pentella, National Sales ManagerA . de C. V. Pino 343-3, Cal.
Contact number of Mexico: 52-Atlampa 0645055-5541-
3413/1506/1791, Fax: 52-55-5547-
4084 mail: holomex @ holomexcom. Mx Web: holomex. com.
Sales manager mx Laura Sosa consumables: PS holographic inventory, non
PS holographic stocks Holowebs LLC 9475 Chesapeake Avenue, Suite A San Diego CA 92123 Tel: 858-576-1778, Fax: 858-576-
2181 Email: info @ holowebs.
Com website: holowebs.
Brett Weiss, sales manager of consumables: PS holographic inventory, non
PS holographic material equipment: reliefs, label applicator, Matrix removal Honle UV America Inc.
No. 261 San Xue Songshan, Bldg.
MA 01752, Marl Road, tel: 508-229-7774, Fax: 508-229-
8530 mail: mv @ honleuv
Website: honleuv. com James B.
Consumables usker, president Consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: drying system, inspection equipment, pressure accessories, test equipment, UV curing system
1 Munich 82166 German Tel: 49-89-856-181, Fax: 49-89-856-081-
48 Email: uv @ hoenle. Website: hoenle.
Liz zinjbauer of mktg worldwide.
Communications manager.
Consumables: adhesive, UT lamp/bulb equipment: drying system, UV curing system
174 Pa West Street Garfield NJ 07026 Tel: 973-458-1600, Fax: 973-458-
0499, Email: Email @ hopindustries.
Com website: hopindustries.
Russell Lauricella, vice president of sales consumables: non
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
PSother stock Services: sheets, slitting stra B. V.
PO Box 145 3890 Dutch AC Zeewolde Tel: 31-36-
5227675, Fax: 31-36-
5226797 Email: info @ houtstra.
Nl Website: houtstra. nl Hessel M.
Consumables stra, managing director Consumables: photosensitive polymer sheet equipment: laser engraving equipment, plate making equipment Hueck Folien Gewerbepark 30 Austria gartenberg 4342 Austria Tel: 49-961-87-272, Fax: 49-961-87-470 Email: k. lippe@hueck-folien. de Web: hueck-folien.
De Karl Lippe, head of business department consumables: coatings, non
PS movie inventory, non
Holographic inventory of PS, non
Service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminated Hurletron Inc.
Libertiville IL 1820 Temple Avenue 60048 Tel: 847-680-7022, Fax: 847-680-
7338 mail: Sales @ hurletron
Com website: hurletron.
Com Charlie Conover, director of sales consumables: adhesive equipment: inspection equipment, label applicator, register, static control, UPC/barcode verifier, network cleaning and remember Miller sales
No. 31, PA Buttonwood Lane, dolestown, United States of America, tel: 18901-215345-1824, Fax: 215-348-
4604 Email: info @ huchisonmiller.
Network: And remember Miller
David Helley consumables, Com sales representative: non
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
PS foilstack, non
Holographic inventory of PS, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
Non-stock products
Other stock, coating label stock, laminated label stock service: coating/laminating, cutting Hyde Park Electronics
Drive, founder of 1875, Dayton OH 45420-
US Tel: 4017-937252-2121, Fax: 937-258-
5830 Email: hydepark @ hpsensors.
Website: hpsensars.
Application Engineer Equipment: web guidance/processing, web tension control, ultrasonic sensor. KELA Co.
Sarasota FL 4405 US independent court ITW decoration company 34234 Tel: 941-355-6498, Fax: 941-355-
1391 mail: Sales @ ikelacom Web: ikela. com Peter W.
Consumables chnitzky, general manager Consumables: Stamping Die, stamping die, stamping foil equipment: Stamping Equipment, hot stamping ice-
West caldwell nj 3222 independent conversion device PO Box 07006 Tel: 973-882-8851, Fax: 973-882-
8141 Email: info @ traversewinding.
Network: Crossing.
Marketing manager services: Split, wound and sideways wound Idax Systems LLC 480 Nepenset St.
Guangdong MA 02021 Tel: 781-828-4949, Fax: 781-828-
6223 Email: Idax @ idaxsystems.
Network: idaxsystems.
Test System Company of Com. Paul J.
President\'s Fax: 847-Celetta952-2449 Tel: 847-952-
2448 equipment: New-
On printing units, marking equipment, digital units, digital printing machines, electronic graphics and electronic beam printers at 543 West Golf Road, IL 60005, Arlington Heights. com Web: igt.
Nl Tom Klepper, regional manager equipment: proofing unit, pre-press, test equipment Tel: 888-464-4625, Fax: 716-691-
5120 IIMAK 310 Commerce Drive, Amherst NY 14228 us Email: sales @ iimnk. com Web: iimak.
Judd Quimby, vice president of sales consumables: print ribbon Imass Inc.
Treasure chest 134, accord horse 02018-
US Tel: 0134-781982-8096, Fax: 781-982-
9647 mail: imass @ worldnet. att. net Web: imass.
James Driscoll, vice president of sales and marketing equipment: test equipment stand-alone machines
2 Stewart Place, Fairfield 07004, New Jersey, United States of America Tel: 973-882-0060 ext. 12 Fax: 973-808-
9505 mail: imco @ aol
Com website: Independent USA. com Bruce L.
Butler, VP Sales equipment: docking splicers, center, inspection equipment, laminating machine, material handling, rewind/roll-on, bar-splitting machine/rewinding machine, rewinding tool holder, horizontal weft winding machine, upper string horizontal Contact number: 813-855-5054 Fax: 813-891-
9904 industrial technology 188 Red Avenue Scarlet.
, Oldsmar FL 34677 us Email: industry Tech @ ij.
Network: Industrial Technology.
President equipment: inspection equipment, testing equipment, measuring roller Inta-Roto Inc.
6250 Goldman Road, VA 23231, Richmond, United States of America Tel: 804-222-4809, Fax: 920-434-
4145 mail: Information @ inta-roto. com Web: inta-roto.
Equipment of senior sales engineer: adhesive applicator, drive, drying system, reliefs, inspection equipment, laminating machine, printing management system, upwind/unwind, slitting/rewinding tape measure/treatment, tape tension control, flexo printing machine, concave printing machine, offset printing machine integrated design company
PO Box 13368 Green Bay WI 54307 Tel: 920-434-4141, Fax: 920-434-4145 Web: idegb.
Email: aoppenheim @ idc-gb.
Com. alan Oppenheim, vice president of sales equipment: Coating machines, diecutters/scorers, doctor blades and brackets, Matrix removal, material handling, press accessories, downwind/Stamping Equipment, turret receiver, turning lever, winding/handling, winding tension control, combination machine, flexible version, Hot Press Machine, Intercoat 17 Greenbriar Court Mystic CT 06355 American magnetic cylinder Interflex Division Tel: 860-572-
1788 Email: samlevine @ worldnet. att.
Net: layers.
Com. Sam Levine, director of sales equipment: 5633 Hudson Industrial Avenue Hudson OH 44236 Tel: 800-490-4350 / 330-650-3535 Fax: 330-650-
3566, Email: rattalla @ GF-films. com Web: igf-films.
Com Richard Attalla, VP & GM consumables: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS foil stock, PSholographic stock, laminated film/tape service: slitting International knife sawFax: 978-462-
0759 Cox Avenue, 1299.
US Tel: 41018-859371-0333 / 800-354-9872, Fax: 859-371-
6672 mail: iks @ iksincWebsite: iksinc.
Equipment, pulp and paper market manager, Jeff Carr: Doctor blade/bracket, split knife/bracket service: split knife and grind International LightTel: 978-465-5923, Fax: 770-664-
0452 Graf Road Newburyport MA 01950 us Email: ilsales @ intl-light. com Web: intl-light.
Jill Fowler equipment: inspection equipment, testing equipment of international machinery company
8180 US industrial center Alpha Retta GA 30004 Tel: 770-442-9264, Fax: 847-981-
9447, Email: imi @ intermach.
Com website: intermach.
Com. rob Rodemich, President equipment: coating machine, core cutter, diecutters/scor machine, laminating machine, proofing unit, plate making equipment, plate making machine, pressure accessory service: used equipment of Vivo International Ink Company. Tel: 847-981-9399, Fax: 860-292-
6807 651 Bonnie Lane elkgrove village IL 60007 us Email: General INX International.
Network: INX International.
Com Hal Clifton, National Sales Manager, narrow range consumables: paint, water-based ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, silk screen ink, concave ink ion system Industrial Contact number: 888-310-3334, Fax: 630-771-
Windsor Lock CT 1190 us Email: unit 1000, old County circle, industrial @ ion 116 06096. com Web: ion.
Equipment: com/Mark Blitshteyn, general manager, static control IST USA
590 territorial Avenue, Suite A Bollingbrook IL 60440-
US Tel: 4881-630771-0590, Fax: 615-264-
5248 Email: info @ usa. ist-uv. com Web: ist-uv.
Joe Ooten consumables, National Sales Director: UV light/bulb equipment: drying system, UV curing system, combination machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, concave machine, convex machine ITW Dynatec 31 volunteer driving henderville TN 37075 Tel: 800-860-6150, Fax: 615-264-
5248 Email: dynatec @ itwdynatec.
Website: itwdynatec.
Dan Beyer, Equipment Marketing Manager: adhesive applicator ITW Foilmark Inc.
01950 US Tel: 978-Malcolm Hoyt drive Newbury Portmar462-7300, Fax: 978-462-
Email 0831: Enterprise @ foilmark
Website: foilmark.
National Sales Manager Chris Corbett consumables: stamping foil from Iwasaki International5-6-
14 m left Sea east-Osaka 578-
0921 Japanese phone: 81-729-647844, Fax: 81-729-
642859 mail: iwa-hiro@ma. kcom. ne.
Jp yasuiro Kojima, sales execution equipment: diecutters/scorers, combination printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine, letterpress, offset printing machine, hot stamp printing machineM.
Unit 14 5BJ, Unit 9, Pacific Road, West Australia Century Park, Cheshire, England Tel: 44-161-928-5679, Fax: 44-161-927-
7517 mail: Sales @ jmeheafordco.
British net: imfordco.
Mike Heaford, British manager.
Consumables: mesh roller cleaner, flat panel mounting belt, casing equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, color monitoring system, inspection equipment, proofing device, flat panel mounting machine, viscosity meter, mesh roller cleaning services of Jianghuai Automobile Company of the United States and Jianghuai Automobile Company of Canada
7397 Washington Avenue
US Tel: 21075-Elkridge MD 800352-5362/410-796-5411 Fax: 410-796-
3090 Email: info @ jalema. Com website: jalema.
Victor Michl equipment, National Sales Manager: James River products, film/tablet storage
211 East German School Road, VA 23224, Richmond, USA Tel: 804-231-0600, Fax: 804-231-
0900 Email: Employee @ jrpusa. Website: jrpusa.
Com Steve Pan equipment: diecutters/scorers, embossers, laminating machines, holographic replication machinery Jemmco LLC 10936 N
Fort Washington Road, Mequon WI 53092-
US Tel: 3031-262512-9559, Fax: 262-242-
0432, Email: jemmcollc @ aol.
Com Jeff Opad consumables: casing, UV light/bulb equipment: cleaning Equipment/supplies, core/shaft, core cutter, Corona processor, split knives knife/bracket, static control service Jet Corporation 1116 MacDade Avenue slitting knife grinding.
, Collingdale PA 19023 Tel: 800-528-1153, Fax: 888-528-
1153 Email: info @ jetusa. Website: Jetta. com Leo L. Estes Jr.
, National Sales Manager consumables: photosensitive Polymer Board, Board mounting tape, pressure room supplies, UV light/bulb equipment: Film/board storage, plate making equipment, recycling equipment Johnson Polymer 8310
, PO Box 902, WI-53177 strutvin
US Tel: 0902-800231-7868, Fax: 800-437-
3266 Email: johnsonpolymer.
Com consumables: Adhesives, chemicals, coatings, Jorgenson machinery5868 A-
1 Houston TX 457 wesleheimer #77057 Tel: 713-953-9102, Fax: 713-952-
2280 Email: jorgensonmachinery
Com website: jorgensonmachinery. com Emery W.
Jorgenson, president of equipment: corona processor, inspection equipment, web cleaning JRC Web accessories46 Passaic Ave.
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 Tel: 973-625-3888, Fax: 973-226-
4249 Email: chucks from jrcweb. Website: jrcweb. com Todd A.
Ryan equipment, sales engineer: Core/shaft, Core plug, steering rod, idler roller Julie industries
355 Midland Avenue
Wilmington MA 01887 Tel: 978-988-8802, Fax: 978-988-
8803, Email: @ julieindustries issue.
Network: Zhu Li industry.
Com Jim Patterson, executive vice president equipment: Static Control, network cleaning
BL8 1DF Lanc Bury Woodhill Road Riverside Works Tel: 44 161 764 9111 Fax: 44 161 797 1496 Bob Taylor equipment: steam foil, do-
Kandant Web Systems Inc. 35 Sword St.
US Tel: 01501-Auburn horse 508791-8171, Fax: 508-757-
1507 Email: kadantwebsys.
Com Lee in a rage, vice chairman equipment: curl control/RH moisturizersKammann Machinery Co. , Ltd.
1900 St Talle East Road 100
US Tel: 60174-Charles IL 630513-8091, Fax: 630-377-
7759, Email: selling @ kammannmachines.
Website: kammanamachines.
Com Steve Agler, President equipment: docking cutter, diecutters/scorers, embossers, downwind/downwind, sheeters, split knives knife/stand, 1500 Main St. UV Flexo Press, offset press, flat screen Press, thermal Press, Digital Press Kanzaki Label Technologies
Suite 2216, Springfield MA 01115 Tel: 413-736-3216 ext. 726, Fax: 413-734-
5101 Frank Neffinger consumables: PS film inventory, PS synthetic inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
PS hot stock, coating label stock Kiwi coding company 265 East Meisner Avenue, Huiling IL 60090 Tel: 847-541-4511, Fax: 847-541-
6332, Email: kiwicoders @ aol.
Com website: kiwicoders.
Com consumables: photosensitive polymer plate, rubber plate, Flexo Ink equipment: Marking Equipment, flexo printing machine, inkjet printer Ko-
Pack Corporation 310, United States of America VT 05495 Suite 3 Hurricane Lane 802 Tel :-872-0329, Fax: 802-872-
0335 mail: Query @ ko-pack. com Web: ko-pack.
Com Gerry nig, director of sales equipment: Combination printing machine, flexo printing machine, letterpress, offset printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, hot stamp printing machine
International Packaging (Europe)Ltd.
Bekewell Road, South Gate, Peterborough, cam County, England Tel: 44-1733-235533, Fax: 44-1733-
235117 consumables: cylinder, flat panel mounting tape, UV light/bulbpack. co. uk Web: ko-pack. co.
Technical Sales directory glenmiller, UK.
Equipment: combined punch press, flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine, letterpress service: equipment modification kechbeck Tel: 10308 West 79 th St.
Shawnee KS 66214 US Tel: 913-529-4336, Fax: 913-529-
4343 Email: info @ kocher-beck. Website: kocher-beck.
Com Frank Hasselberg, vice president of sales consumables: rotary mould, flexible mould, flat mould, stamping mould Cole and mcden printing ink 222 Bridge Plaza South, Fort Lee NJ 07024 Tel: 201-886-1203, Fax: 201-886-
8405 Web: kohlmadden.
Com Craig Morgan, director of marketing consumables: paint, Flexo Ink, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, special ink equipment: ink System Service Quality Control Lab Kolorcure Corporation 1180 Lyon Road 60510 Batavia IL 630 Tel :-879-9050, Fax: 630-879-
9449 mail: Sales @ kolorcure
Com website: kolorcure.
Com Brian Templeman, national sales manager consumables: Adhesives, UV Flexo Inks, letterpress inks, offset inks, screen inks, special ink services: ink color matching Kroenert 2640
52404 US Tel: 319-Southwest, Cedar Rapids IA366-6200, Fax: 319-366-
5230 mail: Sales @ kroenert
Network: croonette.
Com Bob dage, vice president of sales and marketing equipment: coating machine, drying system, laminating machine, downwind/unwind, turret downloader, UV curing system KTI-
Keane Technology
14357 business Avenue, South Beloit IL 61080 Tel: 815-624-8989, Fax: 815-624-
4223 Email: info @ keenetech.
Com website: keenetech.
Com Robin Sherlund, sales coordinator equipment: docking joint, Matrix removal, upwind/unwind, splitter/Reaper, turret Reaper, turning bar, tension control,P.
3200 Woodpark Avenue.
Charlotte NC 28206 Tel: 800-333-2306, Fax: 704-596-
3321 mail: ktp @ kurzusa
Website: kurzusa.
Sam McElree, product manager, graphics foil consumables: Rotary molds, impression molds, stamping molds, PSholographic inventory, non-
PS foil material, non
PS holographic storage, stamping foil labeling system on 1334 Kerrisdale Avenue.
, L3Y 7V1 new Canadian market Tel: 905-836-7844, Fax: 905-853-9357 Email: d. kirby@label-systems.
Web: label _ systems.
Com Dennis Kirby, president of equipment: label vision systems for hot stamp printing machines
263 U. S. Highway 30269, No. 74 N, Peachtree City, Georgia, tel: 770-487-6414, Fax: 770-487-
0860 Email: info @ lvs-inc. com Web: lvs-inc.
Com Tim Lydell, director of sales and marketing equipment: UPC/barcode verifier, direct thermal printer, thermal transfer printer service: Henderson NV 89014-
US Tel: 2002-877833-7149 / 702-435-8535, Fax: 702-435-
8536 Email: info @ labelmate.
Tag network.
Terry Zimmerman, president of the company, equipment: downwind/unwind, split s/downwind, core Chuck, labeldispensersLamart Corp. 16 Richmond St.
, Clifton NJ 07015 US Tel: 973-772-6262, Fax: 973-772-
3673 web address: lamartcorp.
Alan Hirsh, vice president of Com consumables: adhesive, mesh roller cleaner, chemicals, paint, splicing tape, UV light/bulb, flexible ink, UT flexible ink, PS paper stock, PS film, PS foil, PS non-woven fabric, PS holographic film non-
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
PS Other inventory, coating label Equipment: brake, core/shaft, core cutter, Core plug, Crown atre, doctor blade/bracket, drive, drying system, laminating machine, pollution control roll back/roll-on, paper cutter, slitterknives/person, slitting machine/rewinding machine, UV curing system, Web cleaning, webguiding/handling, paper frame tension control, lazy roller, metering roller, coating/film covering, appleton WI 8033 PO Box 54912 pilot coating/laminated overlay Phone: 920-831-0596 / 800-925-2626, Fax: 920-831-
0612 Email: ghietpas @ gnc-net.
Network: stacks. cc Gary N.
Hietpas, vice president of marketing and sales equipment: Core/shaft, Core plug Larson/Burton Inc.
5430 Forest Hill Court, love garden IL 61111 Tel: 815-637-9500, Fax: 815-637-
9502, Email: jlarson @ larsonburton.
Larry Burton
Com Jeff Larson, president of equipment: docking point wind, reverse wind/wind solution, point s/complex wind, horizontal wind collection, tension control laser Life Company21500 W.
Gumina Read, pewi WI 53072 US Tel: 262-781-8557 Fax: 262-781-
6672 Email: jenkins18850 @ Email. msn.
Network: laserlife inc.
Consumables: laser-Jerry Jenkins, President
Ink equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, color monitoring system, ink system, laser engraving equipment, testing equipment, mesh roller service: ink color matching of lasX industrial company
4817 White Bear Avenue, MN 55110, White Bear Lake, United States Tel: 651-407-0011, Fax: 651-407-
0110 Email: info @ laxsindustries.
Com website: lasxindustries.
John Dillon, vice president of sales and marketing equipment: laser engraving equipment, professional conversion equipment, laser cutting equipment, digital conversion services: Laser cutting Leahy engineering
326 Tomlinson Court, Philadelphia PA 19116 Tel: 215-464-1947, Fax: 215-464-
2032, Email: leahyeng @ aol.
Com Thomas Leahy equipment: Combination printing Machine, flexible Machine, UV flexible Machine, concave printing Machine, convex printing Machine, offset printing Machine Lederle Machine Co.
830 Jefferson Street.
US Pacific MO 63069 Tel: 800-433-2106 / 636-271-7200, Fax: 636-271-
7020 Email: lederle @ lederle.
URL: lederle.
Com Jim Breig sales manager consumables: rotating mold equipment: inspection equipment, rewind/roll-on, printing cylinder service: Roman dead mill technology 3000 Elhart Court #155, Hebron KY 41048 USA Tel: 859-334-4900, Fax: 859-334-
4903, Email: SRiches @ lohmanncorp.
Website: Loman-gruppe.
Sales manager de Stan Riches consumables: adhesive, coating, flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape service: coating/laminating, longitudinal cutting Longford equipment International 41 Lamont Ave.
Toronto, Canada M1S 1A8 Tel: 416-298-6622, Fax: 416-298-
6627 Email: longford @ longfordint.
Network: langfuli
Sales manager equipment: folder, brochure label feeder Loparex Inc.
7700 Griffin Road, Willowbrook IL 60527 Tel: 630-734-2700, Fax: 630-734-
2690 mail: William. mcbain@upm-kymmene.
Com website: durable.
William McBain, vice president of sales consumables: Release of Luminite 115 Rochester Street
Salamanca 14779, New York, United States of America Tel: 716-945-2270, Fax: 716-945-
2289 mail: Sales @ luminito
Com website: bauxite.
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