The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

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S+E Group U. S. A. Inc.
1373 Junyi Avenue.
, Columbus OH 208 American Suite 43212 Tel: 614-481-4264, Fax: 614-481-
8043 mail: segroup @ attglobalnet.
Consumables: Clyde Reston Drive, Sanford Saiden Technologies 5618, Sanford NC 27330 Tel: 800-874-5878, Fax: 919-777-
6695 mail: lodie @ saidenCom website: saiden.
Ladie Quezada, customer service manager, consumables: adhesives, coatings Sani-Blast Inc.
PO Box 548, Spring Grove MN 55974 Tel: 800-347-1959, Fax: 507-498-
3557, Email: saniblas.
Net Dan griffinsumables: mesh roller cleaning equipment: cleaning equipment/supply service: mesh roller cleaning large pond of North America111, Capa, Windsor CT 06095 USA Tel: 860688-8000, Fax: 860-688-
Email 7000: appsupport @ scapana.
Website: capana.
Com Jay Hirschberg, application support manager consumables: adhesive, coating, flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape service: coating/laminating, pilot coating/laminating, split Schawk Chicago 1600 Sherwin US Tel: 60018-DeSales IL 847296-6000, Fax: 847-296-
9466 Web: schawk.
Consumables: Tim Rose, vice president, laser
Equipment: laser engraving equipment service: Schober industrial Estr, Presser.
Germany Tel: 49-717354042-790-0, Fax: 49-7042-
7007 Email: contact @ schober-gmbh. Website: schober-gmbh.
De Denis Stephan, sales director, consumables: cylinder, rotary mold, flexible mold, stamping mold American Shaw turret re-disc
Service: 11237 Grooms Road, OH 45242, Cincinnati, United States of America, cutting knife grinding Phone: 513-489-7393, Fax: 513-489-
7485 email: schober @ one.
Net: schoberusa.
Com Karl Schober consumables: Rotary mold equipment: Press Machine/burner, press machine, folder, numbering unit, beating pun, slitting machine/re-wind, stacker, mesh roller SCI Chemical Co. , Ltd.
107 United States simpville SC 29681 Quail Hollow Drive Tel: 800-311-1174 / 864-967-7021, Fax: 864-963-
3984 Email: scichemical @ attglobal.
Network: scichemical.
Com Bobby Brown, president consumables: mesh roller cleaner, chemical equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies services: mesh roller cleaning SDI21 Morgan, Irvine CA 92618 Tel: 949-583-1001, Fax: 949-583-
7007 mail: sdi @ sdinetwork
Website: sdionline.
Jon Korbonski, director of sales and marketing equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies Sekisui TA Industries Inc.
100 South Point Street
, Brea CA 92821 US Tel: 800-258-8273 / 714-255-7888, Fax: 714-990-6851 mail: sta-overlamination.
National Sales Manager Tom Moyer consumables: Laminated film/tape Sericol Inc. 1101 W.
KS 66103, Cambridge Avenue, Kansas, United States of America Tel: 913-342-4060, Fax: 913-342-
4752 Email: sericolinc @ sericol.
Com website: beautiful.
Dana Standefer packaging consumables, National Sales Manager: Chemicals, printing room supplies, screen printing supplies, UV Flexo Inks, letterpress and screen ink services: ink color matching Sherman processor Co. , Ltd.
Department of ITW company
Dormer Road, Thame Ind.
Oaks 0X9 3UW Tel, England: 44-1844-213686, Fax: 44-1844-
217172 Email: stuartgreig @ shermantreaters. co.
UK: shermantreaters. co.
Stuart Greig consumables: casing equipment: Corona processor, ozone destroying device, flame processor, Shiki machine supply company, UK1-20-
3 Tamatsukuri, Chuoh-ku, Osaka 540-
0004 Japanese phone: 81-6-6767-1122, Fax: 81-6-6767-
0018 mail: _ adachi @ shiki-co. jp K.
Adachi, export manager equipment: Letterpress, offset press, flat Press, hot stamp press SICPA North America 7145 Boone Ave.
200 North Suite, MN 54428, Brooklyn Park, United States of America Tel: 763-535-7600, Fax: 763-535-9034 Net: sicpa.
Dave Miller, vice president of labels and plastic consumables: paint, flexible ink, UV flexible ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, concave ink, special ink Simco industrial electrostatic control 2257, 19440 North Pennsylvania Road, Hatfield PA, USA Tel: 215-822-6401, Fax: 215-822-
3795, email: Customer Service @ simcomail. com Web: simco-static.
Com equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, label applicator, pressure accessories, professional conversion equipment, electrostatic control, test equipment, web cleaning, electrostatic replacement equipment Sinel Systems SA Avda.
Barbella Castle, 37-
08210 Barcelona, Spain, Barbella del Valls 41 Tel: 34-93-745-2100, Fax: 34-93-745-
2101 Email: sinel @ sinel. com Web: sinel.
Consumables: printing ribbon equipment: adhesive applicator, computer software, labeling machine, thermal transfer printer situational Material Company
2445 Edison Avenue
OH 998 PO Box 44087 Tel: 330-425-1387, Fax: 330-425-
1399 Duane Mills consumables: PS paper inventory, PS film inventory service: German city WI 53022 split Softal 3DT LLCN114 W11850 Tel: 262-253-6700, Fax: 262-253-
6977 mailbox: Sales @ softal3dt
Website: softal3dt. com S.
Eric Kiir equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, corona processor, network cleaning Thorne manufacturing
American elk Hart Lake 544 Thorne Avenue 53020, phone: 920-876-3361, Fax: 920-876-
2952 mail: sohn @ excel
Net Web: sohnmanufacturing.
Com Harvey Beaudry, sales consumables: photosensitive polymer plate, rotary mold, Flexo Ink equipment: sorter/sorter, inspection equipmentInc.
721 Oak Lane, PA 19126, Philadelphia, USA Tel: 215-927-4206, Fax: 215-927-
6347 Email: info @ solar. com Web: solar.
Com Saul Berger, president consumables: UV light/bulb equipment: test equipment Cornwall TR15 3RH Solatell 8, Redrose swimming pool industrial zone, England Tel: 44-1209-214400, Fax: 44-
1209 314415 Email: info @ solatell.
Network: solatell.
Steve Jenner, in-house sales equipment: testing equipment, solvent Kleene Inc for UV curing system. 131-
1/2 Linfield Street.
US Tel: 01960-978531-2279, Fax: 978-532-
9304 mail: Sales @ solventkleene
URL: solvin Crane
Com Bill Cantor consumables: Tattoo roller cleaner, equipment: Chemicals, coating remover, gas knife Sonic solution LLC 215 East 9 St.
US Tel: 60441-877554-7500, Fax: 877-654-
7801 mailbox: jwalc21408 @ aol
Com website: sonicsolution Susa.
Consumables: screen roller cleaning equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies service: screen roller cleaning Sony Chemical
1001 avenue of technology, Mount Pleasant PA 15666 Tel: 724-696-7500, Fax: 724-696-
7555 Email: Sales _ marketing @ sonychemicals.
Com website: sonychemicals.
Senior marketing expert consumables: printing ribbon SOS recycling 206 Sentry Drive, Mansfield TX 76063 Tel: 888-515-0444, Fax: 817-477-
5210 mailbox: john10361 @ aol
Com website: sosresequing.
Owner equipment: pollution control, recycling equipment services: recycling Spectratek Technologies Inc.
5405 Jandy Place, CA 90066, Los Angeles Tel: 888-442-6567, Fax: 310-822-
2660 mail: Sales @ spectratek
Net: spectratek.
Consumables for sales and marketing manager: PS holographic inventory, non
PS holographic material, laminated label material, laminated film/tape21-
Germany Tel: 49-23, Leopoldshohe 338185202-91000, Fax: 49-5202-
910090 emails: infoi @ spilker. Website: splash guest.
Sales and marketing consumables department manager de Thorsten Hagen: 518 E, cylinder, sleeve, rotary mold, flexible mold, flat die, embossed mold, stamping mold spinnaker coating Co. , Ltd. Water St.
Troy OH 45373 Tel: 800-543-9452, Fax: 800-526-
1952, Email: selling @ spinnakercoating.
Com website: spinnakercoating.
Com Paul Dickerson, business development consumables: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS foil stock, ps non-woven stock, PS holographic stock, PS synthetic stock, PS thermalstock, PS
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
Non-PSfoil inventory
Non-woven fabric inventory, non-woven
Holographic inventory of PS, non
Inventory of non-synthetic materials
Non-PS hot stock
PS other stock, coating label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock spiral binding company
Totowa NJ 07511 Malta Avenue 1 Tel: 973-256-0666, Fax: 973-256-
5981 Email: info @ spiralbinding.
Network: spiral binding.
Com consumables: Laminated film/tape equipment: folder, laminating equipment PO Box 578, Salem IL 62881, Stanford Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 618-548-2600, Fax: 618-548-
6782 Email: Sales @ stanford products SLLC.
Website: Stamford Products Co. , Ltd.
Com Tim Andrews, vice president of sales equipment: downwind/unwind, sorter/rewinds, Stork Cellramic Inc. 8399 N. 87th St.
Mail box 241370, Milwaukee WI 53224-
US Tel: 9031-414357-0260, Fax: 414-357-
0267 Email: info @ cel. storkgroup. com Web: cel. storkgroup.
Com David Lanska, sales manager equipment for grain roller: grain roller and metering roller storks Rotaform North 3201 I-
85, Charlotte NC 28269 Tel: 704-921-5300, Fax: 704-921-
5320 Email: rotaform. usa@stork.
Website: storknarrowweb.
Sales manager John Costenoble consumables: screen printing supplies, sleeve equipment: add-on-
Printing equipment, pre-press and round screen printing machine service: round Net engraving Equipment Co. , Ltd. 8301 W. 125th St.
S. Land Park KS 66213 Tel: 913-681-5225, Fax: 913-681-
5587 Email: info @ styersequment.
Website: fashion.
Com general manager John Dignam: plate making equipment, printing machine accessories, slitting machine/re-engraving machine, flexible machine, UV flexible machine, concave machine, convex machine, offset machine service mobile and installation equipment, equipment for solar chemical ink (GPI)
135 West Lake Street
IL 60164, North Lake, United States of America Tel: 708-562-0550, Fax: 708-562-
Net 0580: sunchemicalink.
James Bishop, mktgservices mgr.
Consumables: flexo and UV Flexo Inks, letterpress and blanking inks, recessed inks, special ink services: ink color super filter 195 N
Reno NV 89502 15 suites Edison Road 775-856-1444, Fax: 775-856-
1777 Paul Calicio, vice president, sales consumables: filters, filters
34 business center, Coln Road, Watford, UK Tel: 44-1923-211366, Fax: 44-1923-
228610 mail: Sales @ superior-quartz.
Website: advanced-quartz.
Consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: drying system, testing equipment, UV curing system, flexible machine, UV flexible machine supply solution company
8508 Charlotte NC 334 suite 28210 Park Road, United States of America Tel: 704-231-4458, Fax: 704-552-
7905 consumables: mesh roller cleaner, cylinder, laser-
Service: mesh roller cleaning equipment: Add-engraving drum, flat panel mounting tape, printing room supplies, splicing tape, UVlamps
Printing equipment, cleaning equipment/supplies, core/shaft, doctor blade/bracket, ink system, inspection equipment, proofing equipment, press accessories, pump, downwind/downwind, split knife 10437 innovation Dr static control, Flash, test equipment, steering rod, viscosity control, mesh roller and idler roller, printing roller, printing cylinder, customized solution for magnetic cylinder
S. Suite 229, Milwaukee WI 53226 Tel: 414-774-9997, Fax: 414-774-
9986 mail: info @ tailored
Com Web: custom.
Com Dorothy Longge Asboth, sales manager.
Equipment: computer software, printing management system, accounting management software630 Estes Ave.
US Tel: 60193-Fort Schaumburg IL 847524-5506, Fax: 847-524-
6956 Email: info @ tantecusa.
Com website: tantecusa.
Chuck Schueler, sales manager, equipment: corona processor, electrostatic control, test equipment, network cleaning tapeRite Co. Inc.
New York Hyde Park Lake, road 131, 11040 American Contact Phone: 516-488-5900, 800-882-7348, Fax: 516-328-
0344 mailbox: Sales @ taperite
Com Web: taperitecom Irwin Machovek, product manager.
, Sales consumables: adhesive, flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape TaraCoated products 250 Canal Road, Fairfield PA 19030 Tel: 800-523-
6584 extension 3108, Fax: 215-736-
3643 mail: tar.
Com website: taracoated.
Customer Manager consumables: PS film stock, PS synthetic material stock, laminated film/tape TCC film ISES Inc.
Giant 13140 claws.
Cerritos CA 90703 Contact number: 800-725-8223 / 562-802-0998 Fax: 562-802-
5069, Email: paktcce @ paktcce. com Web: tcc-lamination.
Com Joe Tang, president consumables: flat panel mounting tape, laminated film/tape service: 7125 W split technology laminating and coatingGunnison St.
US Tel: 60706-Harwood Heights IL 708867-5652, Fax: 708-867-5654 R. E.
Consumables ada, general manager Consumables: splicing tape, laminated film/tape, roller protective tape service: 222 Mound Ave split.
US Tel: 45342-800358-4448, Fax: 937-859-
9096 Website: technicott.
Com Michael Saul, sales manager consumables: PS paper stock, PS film stock, PS foil stock, PS synthetic stock, PS hot stock, PS other stock, non
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
Holographic inventory of PS, non
Inventory of non-synthetic materials
Non-PS hot stock
Newport o manufacturer 414 Newport Ave. PS other stock, coating label stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock.
, PO Box 219 Christiana PA 17509 Tel: 800-881-6253, Fax: 610-593-
7151, Email: East yuan @ tecomanufacturing.
Network: technology manufacturing.
Com Mike Dagen, sales equipment: Core/shaft, inspection equipment, reverse wind/wind, slitting machine/reverse wind, frequent flash lamp Construction International Co. , Ltd.
Don Manor Valley business center, England Tel: 44-1685-722225, Fax: 44-1685-
722321 Email: sales of tectonicinternational.
Com website: tectonicinternational. com J. E. Doyle, U. S.
Sales Contact equipment: American Elk Grove Village Elm Hurst Road 1591, teknek LLC 60007 camera, color monitoring system, test equipment, flat installer Phone: 847-290-8250, Fax: 847-290-
8565, Email: teknek @ teknek. Com website: teknek.
Richard Meredith equipment, group sales manager: Network cleaning Telstar engineering
1656 East Cliff Road, MN 55337, Burnsville, United States of America Tel: 952-890-9440, Fax: 952-890-
4005 Email: info @ telstareng.
Network: telstareng.
Tom Kirtz, president of equipment: add-
On printing equipment, diecutters/scorers, printing accessories, rewind/untie, turning rod, combination printing machine, UVflexo printing machine, letterpress, rotary screen printing machine,
5825 Carnegie Avenue
Charlotte NC 28209 Tel: 800-426-2181, Fax: 800-852-
8831, Email: customer care @ tesatape.
Com website: tesatape.
Com consumables: adhesive, flat panel mounting tape, splicing tape, laminated film/tape testing machine
2910 highway south, Islandia 11749, NY Tel: 631-439-5400, Fax: 631-439-
5420 Email: info @ testingmachines.
Com Web: test machine.
Com Richard Young, Director of Sales equipment: Computer software, inspection equipment, testing equipment TGW International PO Box 75134 Cincinnati OH 45275-
US Tel: 9961-800407-0173, Fax: 859-647-
7877 mailbox: Sales @ tgwintWebsite: tgwint.
Com Jay Davis, market manager equipment: Cutter/cutter, shooter, Cutter/stand Service: Cutter re-grind CMM Group LLC 2071-
US Tel: 54115-920 Lawrence Avenue336-9800, Fax: 920-336-
9797 Email: info @ thecmgup.
Com Web: mmmgup. com David K.
Martin, VP equipment: dry system, pollution control. 34100 Lo Eaton Road, Columbia station, OH 44028 Tel: 440-748-4033, Fax: 440-748-
6033, Email: therollersource @ aol.
Com website: therollersource.
Com Joe Conroy, sales manager consumables: sleeve equipment: mesh roller, idler roller, printing roller, metering roller hue cylinder, press roller service
1919 Jance Drive North Creek IL 60062 Tel: 847-509-5550, Fax: 847-509-
5559 mail: Sales @ t-m-c. com Web: t-m-c.
Sales manager Scott Szafraniec consumables: special ink Thwing-
Orport instruments
PA 10960, 19154 Dayton Road, Philadelphia, United States of America Tel: 215-637-0100, Fax: 215-632-
8370 Email: Message @ thwingalbert.
Com website: thwingalbert. com David J.
Muchorski, director of sales and marketing equipment: test equipment tilt-
Lock 12070 St. 43 RoadN. E. St.
US Tel: 55376-Michael MN 800999-8458, Fax: 763-497-
7046 mail: Sales @ tiltlock
Network: tiltlock.
Gerald Morton, general manager of equipment: Core/shaft, material handling, core Chuck Timsons Co. , Ltd.
Kaitlyn n16 8NQ Bath Road, England Tel: 44-1536-411611, Fax: 44-1536-
411666 mailbox: Sales @ timsons
Website: timsons.
John Miles, director of equipment marketing: flexo printing machine, UV Flexo printing machine tools and production company4924 N. Encinita Ave.
S. Temple City CA 91780 Tel: 626-286-0213, Fax: 626-286-
3398 Email: info @ tools sandproduction.
Tools and production.
Com Peter Tupman sales manager equipment: die-cutting/scoring, hole punch, rewind/roll-on, bar-splitting machine/rewinding machine TQ presentacionessa do resume CIRES #3115 West Maderna new Leon 64530 Monterey conference in Mexico Tel: 81-83-514120, Fax: 81-83-
512771 mail: ventasmty @ grupotq
Com website: grupotq.
General Manager, consumables: mesh roller cleaner, cylinder, laser-
Printing materials, Flexo Ink, recessed ink equipment: Doctor blade/bracket, plate making equipment, printing accessories, pumps, viscosity control, flexo printing machine, letterpress, offset printing machine, mesh roller, magnetic cylinder service: ink color matching Transilwrap9201 W. Belmont Ave.
IL 60131, Franklin Park, United States of America Tel: 847-233-4118, Fax: 847-233-
4041 Email: export sales of transilwrap.
Com website: transilwrap.
Business manager consumables: non-com Max Minkus
PS movie inventory, non
Holographic inventory of PS, non
Inventory of non-synthetic materials
PS thermal shock, composite film/tape, electrostatic adsorption ethylene co-polyester service: film slitting, rewinding machine, coating/laminating, die-cutting Trespaphan 101 Centreport Drive, Suite 210 Greensboro NC 27409-
US Tel: 9445-336808-2491, Fax: 336-664-
6312 mail: Claudejones@us. trespaphan.
Website: Jon Knight, trespaphancom, director of marketing consumables: non
PS movie inventory, non
PS hot material, laminated film/tapeTronics Co. Inc.
Tampa FL 25135 PO Box 33622 Tel: 813-886-4000, Fax: 813-884-
8818 Email: info @ ttco. com Web: ttco.
Melinda Lai equipment: inspection equipment, pressure control, photoelectric control and sensor, optical fiber light guide Sany United States Co. , Ltd.
1445 Tallevast Road, FL 34243, Sarasota, USA. Tel: 941-355-2636, Fax: 941-351-
9621, Email: custserv @ tritygraphic.
Website: Trinity. com Robert J.
Smithson, CEO/director of technical consumables: photosensitive polymer board, UV light/bulb, embossed mold equipment: Computer software, embossing device, propress service: Consultation, pre-press trucvision
1603 Whitesville Road, 30240, La Grange GA, United States of America Tel: 706-845-6970/800-277-8287, Fax: 706-845-
6972 Email: info @ tcvs. com Web: tcvs.
Jim Doerr, president of equipment: color monitoring system, inspection equipment, pressure accessories, pressure control, register control, Flash, UPC/barcode verifier Tufco Technologies 3161 S
Us wi 23500 Green Bay postal box 54305 Ridge Road Tel: 800-558-8145, Fax: 920-338-
2774, Email: michelec @ tufco.
Com Michele Cherney, vice president of sales and marketing consumables: adhesive equipment: reliefs, folders, Splitters/splitters1625-573051, Fax: 44-1625-
572085 mail: Query @ trcoatersco.
British network: liar. co. uk S.
Consumables: Rigby, marketing manager, coating products UCB Film Company
1950 Lake Park Avenue, Suite 360, Smyrna GA 30080 Tel: 877-UCB-FILM, Fax: 770-437-
5733 Email: ucbfilms. usa@ucb-group. com Web: ucb-group.
Jeff Wheeler consumables: non
Station Road, Cumbria CA7 9BG wigerton UCB Film Co. , Ltd. Tel: 44-16973-42281, Fax: 44-16973-
41417 mail: Todd
Web: ucb-O\'Reillygroup. com films. ucb-group.
Todd O\'Reilly consumables, global business manager: non
PS film inventory of UEI fine cutting Co. , Ltd.
Marlborough Road, West Lansey Commercial Park, Wessex, England Tel: 44-
1903 750888, Fax: 44-
1903 750462 Email: info @ finecut. co.
British net: uforeign.
Peter Tyler consumables, general manager of Com: Rotary mold, flat die, embossed die, stamping die equipment: retrofit rotating foil unit super light AG Gewerbeweg 147 schaanfl FL-
9486 Liechtenstein Tel: 423-373-5656, Fax: 423-373-
3678 mailbox: Super Light @ flat net
Li Net: super light.
Equipment: drying system, UV curing system service: 4500 S of recovery UV system.
Pinemont, Suite 112, Houston, TX 77041, United States of America Tel: 800-962-4480 / 713-939-8889, Fax: 713-939-
1101 Email: info @ uvbiz. com Web: uvbiz.
Com Bill Sparks, director of business development consumables: UV lamp/bulb equipment: UV curing system Unilux Inc.
59 North Fifth Street
, Saddle Creek, NJ 07663 Tel: 201-712-1266, Fax: 201-712-
1366, email: Customer Service @ unilux. Com website: unilux.
790 City Avenue 150, Orange CA 92868 Tel: 714-748-0700, Fax: 714-748-
7234, Email: unisearchorange @ Juno.
Old du Gibson.
Customer executive service: executive recruitment United aviation specialist
4440 Creek Road, OH 45242, Cincinnati, United States of America Tel: 513-891-0400, Fax: 513-891-
4171 Email: uas @ uasinc. Website: uasinc.
Equipment: pollution control, Pamela Curry, marketing manager, general mold company, vacuum cleaner
Westwood Business Park 16358
US Tel: 63021-Ellis ville MO 636256-2443, Fax: 636-527-
0877 Doyle Hinkle service: General engraving of mold grinding knife
US Web: 9090 Niman Road, Land Park, ueiroup KS 66214. com Tel: 913-541-0503, Fax: 913-541-
8172 Email: info @ uforeign.
Marketing consumables: rotating, flat, flexible, embossed and stamping dies UPM-
HELSINKI, Finland 380 Kymmene PO Box 00101 Tel: 358-204-15111, Fax: 358-204-
Web page 150707: upmlabel.
Com Consumables ko Lofgren, vice president Consumables: 1184 Logan Circle, US liquid solvent department, PS paper inventory, Atlanta GA 30318 US Tel: 800-366-9880, Fax: 404-605-
0095 Email: ir @ usliquids.
Com website: usliquids.
Area manager service: Joan wanmatlei, recycling UV process Supply Company1229 W.
Chicago Cotland IL 60614 Tel: 773-248-0099, Fax: 773-880-
6647 Email: info @ uvps. com Web: uvps.
Com consumables: screen printing supplies, UV lamp/bulb equipment: cleaning equipment/supplies, news accessories, pumps, UV curing systems UV Research Inc. 258 Viking Ave.
, Brea CA 92821 US Tel: 714-672-9652, Fax: 714-672-
9656 Email: info @ uvresearch.
Network: UV research.
Kang Dan Norton equipment: UV curing system UV technology department of Mark Andy910 Lila Ave.
, Milford OH 45150 Tel: 513-271-2777, Fax: 513-271-
1191 mail: soaks @ uvt. com Web: uvt.
Customer service consumables: UV light/bulb equipment: UV Curing System Scott Oaks, manager, Uvitec Printing Ink Company
07644, No. 14 Mill Street, Lodi New Jersey, United States of America Tel: 973-778-0737, Fax: 973-778-
5981 mail: Sales @ uvitecWebsite: uvitec.
National Sales Manager Robert Waddington consumables: paint, UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink services: ink color matching
Mark industriesLtd. No.
No. 28, No. 22, Taichung Industrial Park Road, Taichung 408 Taiwan Tel: 886-4-2359-0810, Fax: 886-4-2359-
3091, Email: vhimark @ vhimark. com.
Tw David Chang, manager consumables: adhesive, paint, flat panel mounting tape, release device.
Service: coating/laminated valeron strength membrane 9505 bamboo road pssynthetic material psstock material laminated film/tape American Houston TX 77041 Contact Phone: 713-462-6111, Fax: 713-690-
2746 Email: Message @ valeron.
Com, website: glycerin.
Chris Paskey consumables, product sales manager: PS film inventory, PS synthetic inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic stock, coating label stock, uncoated label stock Valley grinding service and supply 1717 Hamilton Court, PO Box 246, small chute WI 54140 Tel: 920-788-9131 / 800-950-7675, Fax: 920-788-
9193 Email: Customer Service at valleygrinding.
Com website: valleygrinding.
Sales equipment: cutting knife/clip, cutting knife, repairing scissors, cutting knife service: cutting knife re-grinding, knife clip reconstruction, E17/3-flat grinding knife, NV Industrial Park, van Den Bergh engineering
Belgium Tel: 32-brandstra 5, Lokeren 91609-340-4800, Fax: 32-9-340-
4809 Email: info @ vdbergh.
Com website: vdbergh.
Van Son Holland Ink Corp. com Ann Van Den Bergh equipment: adhesive applicator, diecutters/scorers, reliefs, folders, label applicator, laminating machine, numbered unit92 Union St.
Tel: 11501-New York 800645-4182 / 516-294-8811, Fax: 516-294-
8608 Email: jobendoski @ vansonink.
Network: vansonink.
Com Joe bendoski consumables: Flexo Ink, live ink, offset ink, professional Ink Service: ink color matching
Denmark 11 6000 Kolding Tel: 45-75-52-61-33 Fax: 45-75-52-62-
07 Email: Sales @ vetaphone.
Com website: vetaphone.
Com January Eisby sales manager equipment: vLogix Inc, a Corona handler.
American Loveland OH 394 Suite 150 Ward Corner Road 45140, Contact Phone: 513-274-4000 Fax: 513-274-
4000 Email: info @ vlogix. Com website: vlogix.
Eric Wolfe, vice president of equipment: digital printing controller for Wabash machineryInc.
5188 Mount Everest Avenue Everest on L4W 2R4, Canada Tel: 905-602-7796 Fax: 905-602-
9233 Dave Strong, sales equipment: camera, diecutters/scorers, folders, material handling, plate making equipment, platter machine, reverse/reverse machine, sheeters flexo and UV Flexo printing machine, letterpress and offset printing machine, flat and rotary screen printing machine printing press, printing drum Wandres Corp.
683 Airport Avenue
Suite 48108 Ann Arbor MI, United States Tel: 734-214-9903 Fax: 734-214-
9906 mail: Sales @ wandres
Network: wandres. com Justin M.
Elsley equipment: electrostatic control, network cleaning Ink & Wash Technology Company
Lincoln ton NC 125 technology Avenue 28092 Tel: 704-735-8282 Fax: 704-732-
6333 Email: selling @ waterinktech.
Network: waterinktech.
Pat Hague, vice president: coatings, flexible inks, UV flexible inks, professional ink services: ink color matching Wausau coating products825 S. 77th Ave.
US Tel: 54401-South, Wausau WI 800345-8039 Fax: 800-520-
2664 Email: Message @ wausaucoed.
Website: wausaucoed.
Ben Reff, Deere.
Sales and marketing consumables: paint, PS paper and film inventory, PS foil and holographic inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, PS other inventory services: coating/laminating, film, split Web communications group 105 E.
Irwin Park Road, Itasca IL 60143, United States of America Tel: 630-467-0900 Fax: 630-467-
0901 mail: Sales @ webcommgroup.
Web: Web group.
Gary Jacobson, vice president of sales consumables: lens-like inventory equipment: Combination printing machine, flexo and UV Flexo printing machine, concave printing machine, live printing machine and offset printing machine
American West Inn horse 1700 Park Avenue West 01581, Phone: 800-932-3212 Fax: 508-898-
3329 mailbox: Sales @ webconversion
Web: Web conversion.
Daniel Ott, vice president of marketing and sales services: coating/lamination, film, slitting, lateral winding network technology
910 Bolger Court, Fenton MO 63026 Tel: 800-325-9777 Fax: 636-343-
6629, Email: selling @ webtechniquesinc.
Network: Network Technology
Com Gabrielle Hrin, VP equipment: inspection equipment, sorter/re-engraving machine, Flash, UPC/barcode verifier, Weber marking system for flat cutting machine711 W.
IL 60005, Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, United States of America Tel: 847-364-8500 / 800-843-4242 Fax: 847-364-
8575 Email: info @ webermarking.
Network: Network marking.
Randall shake, Marcom Consumables Manager: PS paper and film stock, PS non-woven stock, PSholographic & synthetic stock, PS hot stock, non-
Stock of Ps paper and movies, non
PS synthetic and thermal shock, coating and uncoatedtag stock, laminated label stock equipment: labeling machine, marking equipment, UPC/bar codeverifers, inkjet printer, thermal and transperprinters Webex.
1035 brezewood Lane, New Neville 54957-
US Tel: 1026-920729-6666 Fax: 920-725-
9992 Email: webex @ webexinc.
Website: webexinc.
Com Mark Abderholden, director of sales equipment: coating machine, laminating machine, rewind/unwrap, sheeters, Sorter, stacker, turret dump machine, turn idler roller service: equipment renovation
4 Caine Avenue, Brentwood NY 11717 Tel: 631-952-3747 Fax: 631-952-
3595 Email: info @ webscaninc.
Website: webscaninc.
Com Glen Spitz, equipment: inspection equipment for UPC/barcode verifier Westvaco Corporation 299 Park Ave.
New York NY 10171 Tel: 212-318-5312 Fax: 212-318-
5028 Net: westwalker
Com tanyaro Kirchhofer, manager, coatingone-
Consumables: PS paper stocks, non
Wilson makes 4725 Green Park Road, St.
US Tel: 63123-Louis MO 800634-5248 Fax: 800-634-
5249 Email: info @ wilsonmfg.
Website: wilsonmfg.
Consumables: rotating and flexible mold equipment: printing cartridge, magnetic cartridge blink stanzwikzeg, Wilfried jurinkKfm.
Lerchenstrasse 12-18, D-
Newhouse, Germany Tel: 49-498285941-9270-0 Fax: 49-5941-9270-
40 Email: wink @ blink. de Web: wink.
De Alan de Natris consumables: cylinder, flexible mold, flat die, embossed mold equipment: sheeeters, printed cylinder, printed cylinder, magnetic cylinder Woodstock Industries Inc. 641 E. Judd St.
Woodstock IL 60098 Tel: 800-648-7770 Fax: 815-334-
9096, Email: woodstockind @ yahoo.
Joel DeWitt, vice president of sales consumables: PS film inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PS thermal inventory, non-
PS movie inventory, non
PS synthetic raw materials, non
PS hot label stock, coatedtag stock, laminated label stock, uncoated label stock, laminated film/tape Xante Corporation 2800 daust.
AL 100 mobile phone: 36606-251473-6502 / 800-926-8839 Fax: 251-473-
6503 mail: intsales @ xantecom Web: xante.
Com equipment: Computer hardware, proofing equipment, plate making equipment, Xeikon America Inc. 1360 N.
Wooddale Road, Wooddale IL 60191 Tel: 630-616-5600 / 800-898-5713 Fax: 630-616-
5651 Email: info @ xeikon. Com website: Sai Kang.
General packaging group equipment: Digital Press Xeric Web drying system PO Box 412, Neenah WI 54957 Tel: 262-275-8900 Fax: 262-275-
Network 6764: xeriweb.
Service: Pilot coating/laminated Xynatech Inc.
545 Vortex Road, Rio Rancho NM 87124 Tel: 505-891-3119 Fax: 505-891-
1976 mail: xynaflex @ aol
Com or order_xynatech @ qwest.
Jim Reid, president of consumables: Yaskawa Electric USA
Wau root IL 2121 Norman Avenue South 60085 Tel: 847-887-7000 Fax: 847-887-
7310 mailbox: webmaster @ yaskawa
Website: Yaskawa.
Mobile sales equipment, director of Com David Emory: press control, paper cutter, motion control Asia Factory Co. , Ltd.
305 Commercial Street
, PO Box 369, New Oxford PA 17350 Tel: 717-624-8993 Fax: 717-624-
4420, Email: Sales @ yazoomills.
Com website: yazoomills.
Com Sharon Smith, sales manager equipment: Chesapeake VA 800 USA Chesapeake o Court 23320 Yupo Corporation 888 Tel :-873-9876 Web: yupo.
Paul Kabam consumables: PS paper inventory, PS film inventory, PS synthetic inventory, PSthermal inventory, non-
PS paper inventory, non
PS movie inventory, non
PS holographic film, non
PS synthetic material equipment: coating machine, slitting machine/rewinding machine service: Richmond VA 4725 Jefferson Davis Highway slitting Zeller & Gmelin 23234 Tel: 804-275-8486 Fax: 804-275-
8638 mail: ink @ zeller-gmelin. Website: zeller-gmelin. com C.
Douglas Killian consumables, sales manager of the company: UV Flexo Ink, letterpress ink, offset ink, screen ink, special ink, waterless UV ink services: ink color matching, quality control laboratory recycling Zimmer industry, 200 Central Avenue.
Hawthorne NJ 07507 US Tel: 973-427-8000 Fax: 973-427-
7373 Email: Solution @ zimmerind.
Com website: zimmerindustriesinc.
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