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Concrete Flooring Options For Your Home Basement

by:Top-In     2020-08-01
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When a project has been widely valued for many years, there is usually a big reason.
This is the case with the concrete floor.
The concrete is durable and almost indestructible.
You will not find it shaped, rotted or eaten by nasty insects such as termite.
It also does not penetrate damage to water and is easy to manage.
In fact, the only two downsides people complain about are the lack of attraction, gray and the cold feeling of bare feet.
However, with the new development of concrete floor coverings, both issues can be alleviated.
The first step to improving this very good flooring material is to choose the type of coating you want.
Since certain options are better for a particular event than others, this decision will be decided by the end --
Use of space.
This is an example of a \"form following function\" that indicates that you decide what space will be used for, and then you choose a product that is exactly for that purpose.
Most people looking to seal the concrete floor are keen to improve their basement.
Because of the floor, they usually have this huge space that no one uses.
If you are part of this group of people, you can choose many options to make the floor look better and work for your family.
The carpet is a very popular covering.
If you intend to use this method, then make sure that concrete sealant is applied to the floor.
If moisture accumulates on the surface below these coatings, the carpet and laminate may be damaged.
To check for moisture issues, put a layer of transparent plastic film on the floor and tape it on the side.
Let it be placed for a few days to see if there is moisture below.
If you have moisture then you have to deal with this first.
Concrete paint is another popular basement covering.
Latex paint can be used, but it can not withstand a lot of traffic.
If you are going to use this space in large quantities then you should explore acrylic or epoxy floor paint.
Epoxy floor covering is easy to use, durable and can be colored to provide any color under the rainbow.
If you choose the paint option, whether paint with latex, acrylic or epoxy, make sure you apply a non-
After the paint is spread, slide the additive to the top.
These coatings can be very smooth and dangerous when wet, so it is essential to increase the grip.
Under normal circumstances, the floor paint in the garage has the longest service life.
People find it much cheaper to improve a house than to buy a new one, and they can really improve the availability of space rather than space that may not be used now.
If you have this feeling, then there will be a big difference covering your concrete floor.
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