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Considering portrait painters, pleasing the beholder

by:Top-In     2020-06-11
She wanted to try her skills in painting any kind of animal but what she specializes in is painting portraits involving dogs, cats, and horses. She is someone who lives in the Maplewood section of the borough and in her home she has a studio where she works in. Art and animals are her two passions and so it was five years ago when she thought about combining them. She used to paint only the animals' heads but now she paints them in their entirety and her newest project is of a horse running across a field. Making for interesting compositions are they even if the typical portrait is of a single animal considering that she made two or more of them. When her clients tell others of how she painted their pets they now become her new clients asking her to paint more than one of their pets. A woman with three wolfhounds commissioned a portrait for each of her dogs. Similar to people, there are differences here. Considering that she goes to dog and horse shows, she always has her business cards, camera, and portfolio. When it comes to animal portraiture, what is important is the knowledgeable use of a camera considering how you do not have a model that will not hold still and pose. She is able to paint the portraits of her subjects after she takes pictures of them using one or two rolls of film. In order to see the true color of its coat and to perceive its character, she finds it necessary to spend time with the animal and handle it if possible. It is also important to determine the relationship of the animal to the owner and vice versa. As closely as possible, she tries to capture their view and her personal view of the particular animal. When it comes to portraits, it is important to present the correct conformation of the animal and a key feature that conveys the personality of the animal is the expression in the eyes. What is important with show animals is conformation. You need to know what conformation is correct other than being familiar with a lot of animals. Great satisfaction can be gained from animal portraiture. He could not stop chuckling and shaking his head at the unveiling for he was so pleased. There are those who order them as gifts for animal lovers and there are some people who commission portraits of their own beloved pets. When the animal has died, experts have mentioned how the owners hold on to the portraits as special keepsake. When it comes to making these portraits, photographs that are good enough can be used by the artist and she has been able to paint a portrait of a deceased pet herself. What she makes use of are pencil, pastels, and oils. One project at a time is the way she works. Artists find it difficult to work under pressure and so she does not provide any specific time frames. In a month, she can do one or two portraits. She does not work on the weekends to give herself time even if she does try to paint everyday considering how painting can be exhausting for the painter and so she takes a break after finishing each painting.
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