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A new twist in the plastic bottle warI.
DuPont said yesterday it had filed a lawsuit in federal court in derwilmington last week.
Pepsi charges
And Hoover ball bearings, allegedly infringing DuPont patents for pet plastic bottles.
Since the ban on the use of acrylonitrile bottles
The widely used product of Col-cola GmbH is scheduled to take effect on December.
On the 22nd, Juzhi bottles will soon become the only variety available to soft drink producers.
Although beverage manufacturers only use plastic for large bottles, plastic bottles are the fastest growing part of the soft drink industry.
DuPont said the company\'s patent was released on May 15, 1973.
A company official said he could not immediately state the damages that DuPont sought in the proceedings.
DuPont said Hoover was accused of direct patent infringement for producing and selling plastic bottles.
The company said Pepsi was charged for using the bottle and selling its soft drink products in the bottle.
A Pepsi spokesman commented, \"We believe that the DuPont patent is invalid and we welcome the court to resolve this issue.
Hoover Bauer said it expected \"the problem will be resolved in a satisfactory way . \". \"Advertising. T. C.
The Federal Trade Commission yesterday accused Sears, Roebuck, of \"deceptive and unproven\" advertising allegations about the cleanliness of its Kenmore Lady dishwasher. The F. T. C.
The complaint states that adveitising misrepresents that the dishwasher will be completely removed without prior Flushing.
Or scraping, all dishes used for normal cooking and baking, all residues and film in the pan bowl pans basin.
The country\'s largest retail chain said it would challenge the complaint, which the company said involved \"confirming a small statement in the last broadcast of the dishwasher advertisement three years ago\"
\"Sears has 30 days to respond to the complaint. The F. T. C.
A hearing was held on January.
1978, at this point Sears can state why the order should not be entered and ask it to stop the claim for unconfirmed claims. The F. T. C.
A complaint is filed when there is reason to believe that the law is violated and that the action is in the public interest.
Commonwealth Oil says it seems unlikely that Ashland Oil will be called Puerto Rico\'s Commonwealth oil refinery.
Will buy it. Gary W.
Federal President Davis, who has financial difficulties, said Ashland management informally told him that Ashland believes that the acquisition of control over petrochemical companies for $50 million will not exercise its options.
This option will expire on November. 30. Mr. advertising
Davis had previously warned shareholders that the deal could fail because it failed to meet one of the main conditions for the sale.
This was purchased by Tenneco Inc.
A joint venture of the Commonwealth in Oxford. Mr.
Davis said the Commonwealth continued to discuss alternative deals with Ashland.
He warned that if Ashland\'s takeover fails, the Commonwealth may have to seek protection under the bankruptcy law.
South Jersey Gas Corporation and Elizabeth national utility and industry Corporation will be protested against the merger of Jersey GasJ.
, Plans to challenge New Jersey Gas Corporation\'s recent proposal to merge into public service Power and Gas Corporation.
The proposed merger \"could adversely affect the ability of other gas utility companies in the state to effectively compete for products, supplies, financing and customers,\" said nanzexi.
The national utilities and industrial sector said the proposed merger of the two utilities could \"have a significant adverse effect on gas customers in New Jersey and the economy in the state as a whole . \".
AMCA increased the offer of Amtel stock, AMCA International and Amtel
Jointly announced that AMCA recently revised the bid offer for any or all of Amtel\'s common stock to $16.
$15 per share, $50.
AMCA, a subsidiary of Montreal Dominion Bridge, bought 14 vehicles.
7% of 4.
Earlier this month, Amtel held 78 million ordinary shares in private transactions.
The revised offer is scheduled to expire on December.
Unless extended by AMCA.
Jerome Ottmar, chairman and chief executive of Amtel, has informed AMCA that he intends to acquire all of his common shares under the revised offer. AdvertisementU. S.
The New York trust will apply for approval to set up a holding company to control the bank as a subsidiary.
Although the holding company\'s organizational form will allow such concerns to engage in non-bank activities, the bank said that no negotiations or specific plans have been made to acquire other companies or form new subsidiaries.
S. Trust says shareholders must approve the new organization at its annual meeting on next March.
Disney announced that directors voted to double their quarterly dividend, from 4 cents per share to 8 cents per share, and announced 1 cent per share.
5% shares of dividends.
Both dividends were paid in January.
Holders of records from 6 to December. 12.
Rochester, November. 22 (UPI)—
Eastman Soda said 1,300 workers in its construction sector would be on vacation for two weeks during November.
28 and April 15
The company said temporary job cuts were necessary as it delayed several of its planned infrastructure projects earlier this year.
SCA reject stock offer services
A waste service company rejected the proposal from the waste management company.
Merge SCA into waste management by exchange 0.
Each SCA has 45 waste management.
The deal is worth about $72. 3 million. Dean L.
Buntrock, chairman of Waste Management, said the company was \"surprised and disappointed\" by SCA\'s rejection of its proposal \".
He added, \"We believe the offer is terminated and the matter is closed.
\"Bunker cuts zinc prices the Bunker Hill division of Gulf resources and chemical said that after action by most other metal producers, the company has lowered the price of certain grades of zinc.
The company said it will take effect from November.
Prices of Western and premium zinc have fallen to 30.
At 31 cents a pound, the new lead-controlled zinc price was cut to 30 cents.
75 cents per pound, 31 cents.
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