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‘Crazy’ German indoor water park lets visitors spend the night

by:Top-In     2020-02-13
Recently, Kathy neista and his son Owen have caused a stir at the tropical island resort in Krausnick, Germany.
Their water Video-
Now the adventure in the park is going viral.
Tropical island is an artificial tropical resort, known for its \"largest single Hall in the world without interior pillars\", beaches and campgrounds.
Although the \"indoor\" can guarantee perfect swimming conditions for one year
Around, you still need to apply sunscreen.
According to the resort\'s website: \"The transparent foil on the top of the dome South House lets about 80% of the sun shine in.
So if you are exposed to the sun in a tropical ocean, say, you sunbathe-it depends on the weather outside.
Don\'t forget to bring sunscreen on cloudless days.
\"In the video, Casey and Owen seem to have their own position after --hours.
\"It is now 2: 21 in the morning.
\"We\'re still in the water park,\" Kathy told the audience . \".
At least nine people are not in line.
At 70 km/h, passengers are sent into the water slide of the swimming pool.
\"Can you believe they just let us hang out here?
\"No one said anything,\" Kathy asked his son . \".
Surprisingly, they did not break any rules.
The park is ready to open.
\"The only condition is that you pay for the night --
Accommodation fee-
Tourists who choose to sleep instead of slide can rent tents at Camp, book a cabin or park their own mobile House --
If you\'re still in the park at three in the morningm.
And, like any tropical paradise, the place is not as perfect as it was originally looked: there are cockroaches. Everywhere.
The only question my father didn\'t answer wasand-
The two sons left the park: \"Why is there a live chicken here?
\"We wanted to see other water parks: World Water Park at West Edmonton Mall.
This is the first and largest indoor water park in North America, with the largest indoor wave pool in the world.
Avalanche Bay, Michigan
Nothing can say \"ski trip\" like an avalanche\"
Theme water park with surf simulator, right?
The futuristic \"Happy Magic\", officially known as Beijing water cub water park, is part of the National Water center built for 2008 Summer Olympics.
The building is now the second most popular tourist destination in Beijing.
After the Great Wall.
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