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Digital Super Sticky Anti-scratch Thermal Laminate Film

Digital Super Sticky Anti-scratch Thermal Laminate Film

Digital super sticky anti-scratch thermal laminate film offers superior adhesion compared to standard anti-scratch film. Its strong adhesive layer makes it particularly suitable for digital printing applications.


Thickness: 30mic

Length: 200m~3000m

Width: 200mm~1950mm

Paper: 1 inch, 2.25inch and 3inch


1. Exceptional adhesion
Due to it's strong bonding, super sticky thermal lamination film is especially suitable for the materials with thick ink and silicone oil.

2. Scratch resistance
Anti-scratch film is coated with a special layer that provides a high level of scratch resistance. It helps protect the laminated surface from everyday wear and tear, ensuring that the printed materials remain intact and presentable for a longer period.

3. Durability
The anti-scratch coating on the film enhances the durability of the laminated items, making them more resistant to scratches, scuffs, or damage caused by friction or rough handling.

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