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eastern european gangs use foil bags to bypass scanners

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
Eastern European gangs use specially made foil bags at smash-and-grab raids.
Detectives say before returning home with stolen goods, the gangs worked day and night for weeks in a fierce crime spree.
Gardáí yesterday showed samples of items they had recovered from a gang, including shampoo, jewelry, clothes and cell phones.
Investigators say long-distance transport worth more than 5,000 euros is all packed in suitcases ready for shipment to Eastern Europe. googletag. {});
After spying on the gang, officials at Garda Station on Pierce Street in downtown Dublin raided an apartment on the north side earlier on Sunday.
No one was in the apartment at the time, but garda said the arrest was \"imminent \".
Search is part of a specialized operation, code-
Aughrim was founded in Dublin\'s metropolitan area in 2012 after a surge in phone theft.
\"Our experience with these gangs here is that they steal things during the day and steal things at night [involved in]
Nightclub theft, cell phone theft, high
Terminal phones, \"said John Fordy, the officer in charge of the Aughrim operation.
He showed a brown foil.
The gang put the inner lining bag in a retail bag.
They bring these bags into the store and stuff them in. googletag. {});
Insp Foudy said that although there are still safety labels on these items, foil bags bypass the safety scanner at the exit.
He said that the Aughrim operation was established in the context of rising mobile phone theft.
It was reported that about 7,887 mobile phones were stolen in Dublin during 2012, but Insp Foudy said it was a national problem.
Gardaí\'s average value on each phone is about 400 euros, with a total value of more than 3 million euros.
Insp Foudy said that the goods seized on Sunday included: * clothes worth about 4,500 euros purchased from stores such as Gap, Zara, Marks and Spencer, Dunnes, TK Maxx;
* Mobile phones worth € 2,000 in the region;
* €450 in cash.
Insp Foudy said the jewelry has not yet been valued and some items are of emotional value. googletag. {});
While the owner of most stolen items has been confirmed, some people-
Including Jewelryhad not.
You can view the entire range on www. garda. ie.
Insp Foudy encourages mobile phone users to record their IMEI numbers.
This is on the back of the phone, under the battery.
Alternatively, if * 06 is dialed into the keyboard, the number will appear on the screen. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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